Volume 6 Chapter 333: The Demon King Bella’s Glorious Moments of Leisure At The Christian Hotel On The Eve Of The Competition

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The remnants of Crom Cathedral in the abandoned site of Cromwell Village, located at the outer border of Macnadix City, the capital of the Manasvir Empire. Princess Kriss and the Mage Ariel had been on standby for quite some time before they eventually met with the Dragon Knight Lisha, who had rushed over to provide reinforcement. Her armor was covered in splatters of Black Demon’s blood and looked as though she had just gone through an arduous battle.

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Lisha was surrounded by the sharp scent of blood. When Lisha arrived at the village, she bumped into Faun Demon reinforcements. While they were still trying to figure out how to break through the Forbidden Magic Barrier Enchantment, the “Iron Curtain,” she took advantage of the commotion and attacked. At that moment, she managed to assassinate many Faun Demons.

“Younger Sister Lisha, you’re here. I’m glad you arrived. My barrier enchantment was about to be breached.”

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“Just as I thought, this barrier enchantment was set by Older Sister Ariel. Other than you, I highly doubt that there would be any student who could execute a defensive barrier as insane as this one. By the way, where is Older Sister Bella?”

“Bella had gone in the basement with Noreya and Elaine. They have not resurfaced yet. I wonder what they’re doing down there, it’s been so long! Could they be doing something naughty?”

While Kriss was still rambling on, Bella and the other two girls walked out of the basement entrance. By the looks of it, they had settled everything down there. Earlier on, Bella had already set up a teleportation array that would take them to the Christian Hotel in the eastern part of the city. The other girls had already been sent to the hotel through the teleportation array. As the lower levels of the basement did not seem to hold any more girls, Bella decided not to venture further. 

“We have taken care of everything. Now leave, as quickly as you can. Use the teleportation arrays… and do not stop anywhere else.”

Bella’s instincts had always been accurate. When she sent the pretty girls away, the slimy substance on the walls seemed to ripple slightly with some magical vibrations. Those vibrations had a similar frequency as the magical communication crystals that they used. Bella deduced that her rescue mission had been revealed, and the mastermind already knew about it.

For safety’s sake, Bella chose to retreat using the teleportation arrays. In the last moment, Bella told Ariel to use her magic to destroy this end of the teleportation array. The mastermind would not be able to track them to the Christian Hotel this way. Not long after Bella and the other girls left, the Crom Cathedral was suddenly surrounded by a pitch-black swarm of demonic beings. Once the demonic beings noticed that one of its levels had been “looted” clean, they were so furious that they nearly destroyed the area. 

Inside the palace gardens, two handsome men were seated face to face. They were most likely twins as they looked remarkably alike. Both were wearing black clothes that had strange incantations embroidered in it. As this was a demonic language that only high-level demons could understand, regular humans could not read anything. 

The only difference between those two men was their hair color. One of them was blond, while the other had black hair. The garden was filled with demon guards patrolling the area as there were no imperial troops on sight. The plants grown here were extremely creepy as well. Other than the horrifying blood-red Hell Roses with human faces, there were also many other demonic flowers of various frightening varieties. When a breeze passed through the garden, all sorts of terrifying noises would emerge from the flowerbeds. Even though the garden was covered in sunlight, it would send shivers down one’s spine.

Two people… To be more accurate, two Gods were seated face to face in the garden and seemed to be sampling some tea and snacks. However, those refreshments did not appear suitable for human consumption. In terms of disposition, the black-haired God was cold and insensate. On the other hand, the blond God appeared more cunning and was much scarier than his counterpart. 

The Gods were surrounded by a group of stunningly beautiful palace maids. Each of those maids was well-groomed. They wore nothing as they knelt in the flowerbeds, carrying the cups of tea. The palace maids’ faces were extremely pale, probably from fright. Every single maid had a cursed collar around their necks. However, these were not normal collars. With a command from their master, the collar would tighten and instantly snap their necks. 

The two Gods were barely interested in those palace maids at all. The only reason why they were ordered to be naked was to prevent the maids from carrying any magical tools for detection purposes. After they replaced the Manasvir Empire’s emperor, the palace maids were all treated in this manner. The disobedient ones would be replaced by surrogate puppets and banished to the Cold Palace. The obedient ones would be left behind to live and serve in humiliation.

“Death God, did your plan fail again? I told you so. Of all things, you chose to scheme and play tricks. Aside from the loss of Cromwell Village, the items in Crom Cathedral’s basement were stolen by the people from the Radiant Church as well. What do you plan…”

“Dark Grace, don’t be radical. Someone like you who only knows how to use brute force would never understand the joy of scheming and planning. At this rate, you might just follow the footsteps of a certain Divine Creator God who lost the battle out of nowhere.”

“Please, the Divine Creator God failed, but he is still better than you. Forget it. If you can’t do it, then I’m going to take over. If you fail to attain control over the important students by the end of the rankings, I will step in and use my preferred methods to deal with this.”

The Darkness Creator God stood up and left once he was done speaking his mind, leaving the Netherworld Creator God alone with his refreshments. He narrowed his eyes as though he was thinking about something. The surroundings immediately fell silent as the trembling palace maids were so scared that they did not dare to make a single sound. They feared that if they were to attract his attention, they would become the next subject of his evil experiments. 

“That fellow places too much faith in brute force and violence. Forget it. That girl, the Empress, is responsible for the ranking competition. No matter what happens, all that matters is that the important students enter the Imperial City during the last few rounds of the competition. As long as that happens, I will succeed.”

“Men, I need you to keep a close eye on the Empress’ every move. Also, take these women to the Cold Palace and replace them with puppets. I need the arrangements for the competition to be fixed as soon as possible. Also, any non-essential personnel in the palace should be replaced by puppets as well!”

With the Netherworld Creator God’s command, the trembling palace maids were immediately grabbed by demonic beings and dragged off to the Cold Palace. After making preparations in secret for a long time, the Netherworld Creator God finally directed his evil plans towards the students of the Olsylvia Academy. 

When the girls arrived at the Christian Hotel, Bella temporarily parted ways with her dorm mates to speak with the beautiful Dragon Knight Ingrid. In this way, Ingrid could use her authority as a teacher to enforce a “temporary lockdown” and prevent any girls from leaving the hotel during the three-day break.

After realizing that the members of the Radiant Church’s branch at Macnadix City had been replaced with fakes, Bella had no choice but to use such an underhanded tactic to prevent those around her from being replaced. Now, all she could do was observe the situation and come up with an appropriate strategy after being sure of the other party’s intentions.

Naturally, the Dragon Knight did not know why Bella would have such a strange request. However, since Bella, that “bad student,” had a “special way” to deal with the beautiful female teachers, if the request were not too ridiculous, Teacher Ingrid and the others had no choice but to agree.

The girls who had gone for an early morning swim at dawn had already left the Christian Hotel’s pool area. Each of them basically left for their individual rooms with a new bikini-style swimsuit. Once the “lockdown” was announced, the only place where the girls from the Olsylvia Academy could engage in recreational activity would be the large indoor pool.

Bella walked into the secret pool room and opened the pink privacy screen in the middle of the room. Inside the golden cage, the Radiant Church’s holy maidens, two generations of female popes, the current Radiant Pope’s heir, the Holy Swordsman, as well as the captain of the church’s law enforcement team were entangled up with each other. Their writhing, creamy white bodies were wrapped around each other as the scent of female arousal permeated the air. 

This sight would instantly destroy every bit of faith the Radiant Church’s followers had in their religion. Bella was fortunate enough to enjoy it on her own as an evil smile spread across her face. It was times like these when Bella truly looked like a Demon King. She opened the door to the golden cage and placed every high-level priestess and warrior nun from the Crom Cathedral’s secret basement in it. 

The priestesses and warrior nuns were embarrassed as they were being hung from the top of the cage. They did not know what was happening around them. However, they could hear some familiar voices. Bella had replaced the little black metal ball gag with a metal collar so that the beautiful priestesses and warrior nuns could move their tantalizing mouths.

“Bella… what strange, horrible things are… are you thinking about again? Quickly, let go of the priestesses and warrior nuns…”

“Older Sister Goldsmith, it’s no wonder that you’re the first generation Radiant Pope. You’re not intoxicated yet! Well, these priestess and warrior nuns are here for your pleasure. Haven’t you thought about how it would feel to be the ones taking advantage of other girls?”

“Bella, you’re too… don’t fall into temptation! Wake up.”

Under the allure of Bella’s demonic language, combined with the fact that everything was now out in the open, the Radiant Church’s four holy maidens and President Maria’s eyes grew unfocused and dreamy. They did not bother about morality anymore. Each of them went and picked a priestess or a warrior nun to embrace and began engaging in all sorts of “intimate contact.”

The beautiful priestesses and warrior nuns never expected that they would be violated like this by other girls. The most exciting thing was that the girls taking advantage of them were members of the church and wore the church’s cross. When both parties made skin-to-skin contact, they could feel the outline of the necklace around their necks.

As they still had black blindfolds on, the priestesses and warrior nuns had no clue that the ones playing with them were high-level members of the Radiant Church, such as President Maria. If they knew the truth, it would destroy every ounce of faith they had in the church and the religion. It did not take long before every single one of them was “corrupted.” As they were facing those of the same gender, their defenses had come crashing down.

“Bella… If the Goddess of Light were to know…”

“Older Sister Goldsmith, if you do not wish to take advantage of them, you can take their place later. Then, they would be the ones taking advantage of you!”

“Well… I… I can’t do this. Bella, please have mercy on me…”

Bella dragged Goldsmith over to one of the hanging warrior nuns and pressed the two girls tightly together. At that moment, Goldsmith’s convictions in her faith collapsed. She did not wish to be hung up like those female priests and warrior nuns.

On the other side, the fifth generation Radiant Pope Roxanne had entirely given in to the darkness as she was currently taking advantage of a beautiful priestess who was making all sorts of strange noises. Unknowingly, Goldsmith began to feel that doing things like this was extremely normal. The look on the warrior nun’s delicate face made her feel tempted to see how it would look with tears streaming down her face. 

“My Goddess… I’m so sorry, I did my best… However, I still could not resist the temptation of the darkness. I seek your forgiveness…”

Goldsmith pressed her lips against that warrior nun’s alluring lips as tears of repentance streamed down her cheeks. She finally admitted defeat this time. Goldsmith, like the holy maidens, had given in to the Demon King Bella’s temptations. From being staunch believers of the Radiant Church, they had been “bent” into becoming fallen nuns.

Bella closed the pink privacy screens. Three days should be a good amount of time before she would return to open the cage. In the meantime, she would arrange for her personal demonic envoy, the Demon World Princess Diaz, to send food. One dozen or so beautiful priestesses and warrior nuns should be enough for Goldsmith and the others to “pleasure” themselves for three days.

“Older Sister Bella, you’re truly an expert. If only you had been this enlightened back then, those Older Sisters would not have… Anyway, those pretty sisters from the Radiant Church would not have to be restricted by the church’s annoying rules now. This is truly something to be happy about.”

“Younger Sister Noesha, what are you doing here? Is something the matter?”

“Of course, there is good news. There is a present waiting for you, Older Sister Bella. Please come with me. At the moment, Angel and Mia are cleaning the rooms together with Older Sister Kriss and the others, they will not know that you were doing something naughty here. This means that Older Sister Bella should not worry about it.”

“You naughty little girl, you’re always full of ideas. Fine, I shall take a look. However, if it’s not a good present, then Noesha, you shall become my new present!”

The Time Space Magic Demon Noesha had appeared out of nowhere inside this secret area. She had an expression of adoration and excitement on her face as she was obviously very interested in the “erotic performance” that Bella had put up earlier on. This erotic loli with two long blood-red twin pigtails was dressed in a dark red gothic loli outfit. She had a black leather whip that was customized for her small stature looped around her right hand.

Noesha led Bella to a secret sub-level on the Christian Hotel’s third floor. This was a separate region that Noesha had single-handedly created out of time-space barriers. Any outsiders who did not know time-space magic and were not led here would not be able to enter this space. 

Along the sub-level, there were many beautiful girls locked up in the corridors. Those were the young ladies from prominent families that Bella had “saved” from the basement at Crom Cathedral. As they were currently being impersonated by puppets, it was far too dangerous to put them back with their families as there was a high chance that they would be permanently silenced instead. Bella had no choice but to send them to the Christian Hotel and place them in Noesha’s care. 

Noesha, that erotic loli, had obviously misunderstood Bella’s intentions. When Bella had told her to take care of them, she had mistaken her instructions for something indescribable. When those pretty young ladies arrived, Noesha did not remove their restraints. Instead, she had secured them here. Many of the young ladies had various beautiful whip marks on their bodies. Their faces were beet red as they were being trained using a method that treaded lightly between the line of pleasure and pain. 

“Noesha, you… forget it. Just don’t injure them. Human bodies are quite fragile…”

“I understand, Older Sister Bella. It’s just that, when those pretty sisters arrived, they looked so tantalizing. I could not help myself! Subconsciously I…”

After speaking with Noesha for a bit, they quickly arrived at the location of the present that Noesha had mentioned. It was a nicely decorated bedroom. Noesha left Bella at the door with a smile on her face. She had only escorted Bella up to that point as she intended to go back to the imprisoned young ladies outside. 

“Mistress Bella, you’re here. Let me introduce you. This is the Palace Archmage Ronnie and Prime Minister Anna. They are my closest friends. Like me, they are responsible for the arrangements of the student teams.”

“These two Older Sisters are really gorgeous. That’s amazing. Older Sisters, I wish to make some changes to the order and the groupings, I hope you don’t mind!”

At the side of an ornate bed, the Imperial Envoy, Miss Emi, knelt obediently as she waited for Bella to arrive. She was wearing nothing except for a red collar, which was attached to a thin metal chain. Two mature beautiful ladies were on the bed. Prime Minister Anna was the one with long blond wavy hair and light red eyes while the Palace Archmage Ronnie had dark blue hair that grazed her shoulders and had black eyes. 

Both Ronnie and Anna were the mature, beautiful, older sister type. They had been stripped bare and were sitting naked on the soft white bed. Their arms were tied behind their backs with red ropes, and they had a collar around their necks that matched the one Emi was wearing. To prevent them from escaping, each of them had a red belt tied around their slender waists that kept them firmly secured to the bed.

Both Ronnie and Anna had voluptuous chests. Bella felt that she would not be able to hold them with one hand. When Bella appeared in front of them, a look of fear appeared on the two strong female political figures. They had assumed that the person who had captured them and placed them in these humiliating positions was a man. Instead, a pretty young girl was standing in front of them. What was wrong with students these days? How did they know so much at such a young age?

Bella ambled towards the bed with a strange expression in her eyes as she stared at the two gorgeous Older Sisters on the bed. Ronnie and Anna had red cloth stuffed into their mouths and were currently making futile attempts to struggle against their restraints. This was the first time they truly felt fear. Didn’t she just want to cheat in the rankings? Why did she have to make it seem as though she was going to force herself upon them?

This strange, beautiful young girl scared them more than any ferocious man. After this, they would experience something that would change their lives forever, just like their companion, the Imperial Envoy Emi.

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