Volume 6 Chapter 332: Exploring the Secret Basement in Crom Cathedral’s Ruins in the Destroyed Cromwell Village Once More

The Manasvir Empire’s Capital, Macnadix City. In the eastern district’s Christian Hotel’s private reception room, Imperial Envoy Amy was hosting a feast for several of the Empress’s trusted aides, Palace Archmage Ronnie and the Empire’s Prime Minister Anne. Her most important aide, Great General Fanny, was not here. She was currently guarding over the Empress.

Unlike other human empires, the Empress of the Manasvir Empire did not bear any children. None of the princesses, such as President Isaman, Marionette Master Elaine, and Princess Pamela, were the queen’s descendants. Instead, they were all born from the other consorts. For an Empress without any offspring, she mainly relied on Amy and her other hand-picked female officers.

“Amy, what happened to you? You never responded to any of my messages. I thought…”

“It’s fine, Lady Anna. I have already gotten in touch with the girls from Olsylvia Academy. How are things on the Empress’s side? I haven’t seen General Fanny, either.”

“Not good. The Emperor… That fake thing is gaining strong momentum, and the Empire the Empress has been running for years is about to crumble. Fanny is currently protecting Her Majesty the Empress like a shadow. I knew those demon kings or whatever are all bad people!”

Amy socialized with Mage Ronnie and Prime Minister Anna with a smile while she and Time-Space Magic Demon Noesha, dressed as a maid, communicated through eye contact. Noesha was dressed in an alternating black and white maid uniform with long scarlet hair. Her extra-long pigtails were particularly striking, and she was secretly observing Mage Ronnie and Prime Minister Anna with a strange look in her eyes. These two big sisters looked pretty good, both their faces and their bodies a pass. They were worth being stripped down completely and bullied.

Outside the door of this room was Demon World Princess Diaz dressed in a similar maid uniform. She had come to support Noesha, but her bust was so excessive that her figure was a far cry from the loli’s body. In order not to reveal too much, Diaz could only wait by the door, ready to provide help to Noesha whenever needed.

Palace Archmage Ronnie and Prime Minister Anna were a little surprised to see the abnormally pretty loli maid. However, they did not notice any visible signs of corruption from Amy, so they did not mind it. Though, Amy’s soul had already been corrupted, which was clear to see with energy detection.

“Strange… Why do I feel so tired? Amy, your smile…”

“Prime Minister Anna? Amy… You betrayed…”

“How could this be possible! This girl…”

The three had just had a bit to eat and drink, so Prime Minister Anna was hit directly. Without any self-cultivation, she quickly fell onto the table. Archmage Ronnie was just about to try casting an emergency spatial flash magic when Time-Space Magic Demon Noesha reached out her right hand with a smile. Only a light press of her small loli hands, she broke Ronnie’s spatial flash spell.

Archmage Ronnie looked frightened at the loli maid Noesha. This girl was strong beyond common sense, to be able to stop spacetime magic that was generally unbreakable with such ease. Was… she still human?

“My, Big Sister Ronnie. Don’t look at me like that, okay? You’re pretty strong. Wait… Big Sister Amy. Please go and excuse the guards brought here by these two big sisters back to the imperial palace. Just say that they will be staying here from tonight…”

“Wait, Amy. Your neck… You actually betrayed the Empress…”

Archmage Ronnie finally saw the strange black collar around Envoy Amy’s neck. Even though they had no idea what it was, they could see demonic runes on it, proof of the demon race at a glance. This proved that Amy had betrayed them. Despite being sold out by their companion, Ronnie felt like a fool for not seeing through her at the start.

“Don’t worry. Soon, you’ll be just like Big Sister Amy. Diaz, come over here and help me take these two ladies somewhere fun.”

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“Coming! Seriously, I waited for so long. I can finally…”

“No… I won’t go… You nasty girls, let go of…”

Archmage Ronnie and Prime Minister Anna were quickly taken away by Noesha and Demon World Princess Diaz. The team of guards they brought with them had already been tricked into returning to the palace by Envoy Amy. These two trusted aides of the Empress were also taken away by Bella’s ladies. Besides General Fanny, three of the Manasvir Empire’s Empress’s four trusted aides were now fallen.

In the Empire’s capital, Macnadix City, the ruins of Crom Cathedral in the destroyed Cromwell Village. This place had already been sealed off by a curtain of darkness, the forbidden magic, “Iron Curtain”. The result of it is to cut off all contact to the outside world in a certain area. Everyone in there was on her own, so Mage Ariel did not have to worry too much and just tossed out forbidden magic right away.

Bella and her roommates were fighting a team battle here, with the occupying demons numbering close to a thousand. It was not too difficult for them to clean up the place as a demon god bringing along a team of four Dark Saviors. Bella and the rest had a clear division of the labor: Mage Ariel provided long-range medical support, Bella stood at the front, Swordsman Kriss provided cover not far behind her, and Marionette Master Elaine controlled the field with her silk puppet threads from a distance. Meanwhile, Assassin Noreya was in charge of flanking.

The demons were probably here for a cameo from a hentai OVA. They were the standard demon types with a pair of black goat horns and black demon wings on their backs, as well as goat hooves for legs. The skin on their bodies was rough and dark, and they used red demon forks as weapons. Even though they didn’t have the strange raised structures down below, the shape of the pair of tails behind them was a little too erotic. Bella felt that they had other uses.

Holding a round shield with one hand and a knight’s sword gripped tightly in the other, Bella was engaged in a death battle with the demons at the front. It was a little embarrassing, but she was often used as heavy infantry even though she was a knight. Dragon Pearl Princess Laceman might be her steed, but she wasn’t suitable for every sort of terrain, such as the ruins of Crom Cathedral that they were in now. She needed more mounts.

Their original infiltration plan wouldn’t work. Bella only had two invisibility suits in total for her and Assassin Noreya. But now that there were three extra ladies with them, they’d just have to go in the hard way. Based on the information they got from Assassin Noreya, there was a large group of suspicious demons here on the move. As for how exactly they were suspicious, Assassin Noreya did not state it in her message, so Bella could only come to find out by herself.

The faun demons pounded their forks at Bella’s shield, and the great impact caused Bella’s shield-bearing right hand to feel a little numb, almost shattering the shield. While her opponent had not recovered from its attack, Bella slammed her sword down at full force, chopping off the faun demon’s horns in one swing. It screeched out in pain.

Assassin Noreya took this opportunity to flash behind the faun demon and landed a magnificent backstab, instantly dealing with the injured foe. The greatest threat to these faun demons was Marionette Master Elaine. She could completely control the field using her silk puppet threads and tangle up the nearby faun demons together to provide either Swordsman Kriss or Mage Ariel to make a long-ranged attack.

The faun demons could also attack with magic, but they had been restricted by Mage Ariel’s forbidden magic, “Iron Curtain”. It would only restrict the movements of magic with darkness properties and not any others. Naturally, they were completely suppressed by the “Iron Curtain”.

In order to break this level of forbidden magic, they had to be stronger than the mage who cast the forbidden magic. Clearly, none of these faun demons were stronger than Mage Ariel. Thus, they naturally would not be able to get out of Mage Ariel’s forbidden magic.

“Quickly disperse. These girls aren’t… They aren’t even human…”

“That, up in the skies… Quickly, back to the basement…”

“This thread is… Damn, I can’t move…”

A rain of striking meteorites was approaching from above the sky. This was the large field magic, “Doomsday Descent”. After casting forbidden magic “Iron Curtain” again, Mage Ariel cast another wide area of effect magic. This was already the downsized version. The original version was a supreme forbidden magic spell that could bombard an entire continent. If the full magic was cast, the whole human continent would be baptized with meteorites.

The faun demons were in disarray. They wanted to escape into the basement, but the team fighting demon Marionette Master Elaine already had her eyes on them. Countless silk puppet threads stopped the faun demons in their tracks. Unable to escape, they were all hit by the falling meteorites before quickly turning into ash from the raging flames.

Bella’s heart palpitated as she watched the charred corpses on the ground. Mage Ariel’s wide-ranged magic attack was passable. At the very least, there was no accidental friendly fire. The faun demons were very poor, and they didn’t leave behind anything precious after they were killed, so Bella’s new target was the basement inside Crom Cathedral.

“Bella, it’s fine if you and Elaine go in, but Princess Kriss and Princess Ariel… I suggest the two of you stay here!”

In the ruins of Crom Cathedral, Assassin Noreya discouraged Princess Kriss and Princess Ariel to go inside with Bella and the others. However, Marionette Master Elaine was different. Elaine had also been “friends in crime” with Bella in the past, so she was already used to certain scenes. But things were different with Kriss and Princess Ariel.

“Well… We’re all princesses. It’s fine for you and Elaine, but not me and Ariel?”

“Bella, why don’t you make the decision? I wouldn’t mind having two more accomplices in crime.”

Bella went to the basement’s entrance and listened attentively for any noises. Very quickly, she was able to hear those extremely familiar sounds. Could it be, down there… Bella took a look at Assassin Noreya. After receiving a confirmation from her eyes, she could pretty much guess what sort of “no good” scenes were happening down there. Finally, Bella still decided to have Kriss and Mage Ariel wait outside. She didn’t want to ruin the pureness of these two ladies just yet.

“Kriss…You and Ariel should wait outside. If anything were to happen after we go inside, you guys could still provide support. I’ve already sent a magical contact message to Little Sister Lisha, so please wait for her outside, okay?”

Kriss and Mage Ariel ended up accepting Bella’s proposal. There was no way around it; Bella was the only person they could not refuse. The longer they stuck around with Bella, the harder it was for them to reject her requests. Her Little Sister Lisha had just woken up. After receiving Bella’s magical contact message, she immediately rushed over and needed someone to pick her up.

Bella, Assassin Noreya, and Marionette Master Elaine opened up the entrance to the basement together. There were no locks here, and based on what Assassin Noreya said, a large group of faun demons had come out after sending a group of people in previously. They didn’t have time to lock the doors. When Bella and the others rushed over, they finished off that unlucky group of faun demons. 

This is a hybrid of a dim underground prison and demon lair. It was even darker here than the underground cells of Starbell Prison Bella had visited before. It was rather cold and damp, with the sounds of dripping water everywhere.

This basement was separated into different floors, and Bella and her group were currently in the first level of the captivity zone. Many Maiden Priests were kept here, and without a doubt, they were all of the Radiant Church. They were completely stripped, and it seemed the demons who captured them had the same naughty tastes as Bella, for the crosses in front of their chests still remained and were not taken off. They were hung around the Maiden Priest’s necks.

The hands and feet of the Maiden Priests were tied together behind their backs by a black demon rope and then hung in the air. Their bodies were manipulated into a shameful “four horse hooves” shape, and whip marks could be found all over their fair dainty bodies. From the looks of it, those marks should have come from being whipped by the tails of those faun demons from before. Bella had long felt that those faun demons must have come out of an erotic film set, and now it seemed her guess was correct.

The Maiden Priests all had the same alluring appearance that was covered in sweat, with various drops of liquid dripping onto the floor. They all had a small black metallic ball with holes inside their little mouths. As priests, if they couldn’t use magic, they’d only be fluffy white sheep left on top of the butcher’s table. The Maiden Priests had their eyes covered with a black blindfold, and one could see traces of tears on their faces. Being kept captive in such a humiliating way must have made them wish to die. Yet, the black magic collars around their necks had completely sealed their powers.


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Clearly, the faun demons did not show any pity for the fairer sex. These Maiden Priests had only been given small bits of food after being starved for days, as they are all very weak. Feeling a little pity, Bella went up to them to check the crosses hanging around their necks. All the crosses worn by the Radiant Church’s members had messages to the church members written on the back.


Turns out these Maiden Priests were members who had been sent to the Manasvir Empire’s capital, Macnadix City, by the Radiant Church a year ago. More than a decade ago, for some unknown reason, the Emperor found a reason to disperse the clergy stationed at the capital by the Radiant Church and had since refused to allow members of the Radiant Church to enter the city.


Two years ago, the Manasvir Empire finally could stand the pressure from the Radiant Church and the other empires no longer and agreed to allow the Radiant Church’s members to enter. However, this was limited only to Maiden Priests and Nuns, and they did not accept church fathers or members at the bishop rank. They also did not allow any accompanying knights to enter. After recognizing these conditions, the Radiant Church sent more than a dozen batches of high-ranking Maiden Priests and Warrior Nuns to settle in. Now, it seemed like they’d all just come to “offer their heads”.


If they were talking about the Warrior Nuns, there were some here too. Even though they were strong, they were done in miserably. Besides being strung up like the Maiden Priests, their bodies were also coated in a sticky pink liquid that sapped the power through their skin each day, immobilizing them.


Since all the Priests and Warrior Nuns here were the real deal, the Priests and Nuns in Macnadix City… Bella thought of something terrible. There might be a large number of fake humans inside of the capital, Macnadix City. The Radiant Church had failed to monitor that area and had instead pointlessly sent in a good amount of their members up for slaughter, costing them a bunch of beautiful Priest girls and Warrior Nuns.


Assassin Noreya and Marionette Master Elaine, two of Bella’s close young lady friends, were clearly sadists, and they were all very used to the erotic scenes found in this place. Hence, they looked calm. It was right of them to not have allowed Princess Kriss and Mage Ariel in. The two of them were still too pure. She had no idea whether they would be able to handle such a naughty and erotic scene and eventually turn bad.


Besides the Maiden Priests and the Warrior Nuns that were kept here on the first floor, there were also many beautiful young prisoners. They were also not covered by a single thread. By the gorgeous jewelry Bella saw on them, she guessed that they must be noble young ladies from the capital. It was easier to deal with them since they had no combat abilities. They had black chains cuffing their hands and feet, and they were imprisoned in a black cage with their eyes covered with black blindfolds. Most of the restraining equipment on them was the same as those on the church’s Maiden Priests and Warrior Nuns.


The lady prisoners here of the capital’s aristocracy had, for the most part, looks of horror on their faces. They could not defend themselves, and they did not dare to struggle once they were captured by the faun demons. They just stayed here obediently. There weren’t any whip marks on their fair bodies, so it seemed the faun demons didn’t treat good girls that badly.


However, Bella and the others didn’t see any other faun demons. It was reasonable to think that this place should have tons of those faun demons! Bella headed for the entrance to the second floor, but she stopped. She heard the strange moans of men. Through the doorway, after Bella had a clear glimpse of what was inside, her face instantly paled, and she was so shocked that she stepped backward.


“Bella, what’s wrong? What’s down there…”


“Noreya, it’s… better if you don’t look. There’s nothing down there. Let’s go! Let’s just save the girls upstairs. Elaine, you follow as well. Don’t look in there!”


Pulling Assassin Noreya and Marionette Master Elaine, one in each hand, Bella quickly escaped the entrance to the second floor. Dark things were happening there, and the scene was too shocking. Even an “old-timer” like Bella couldn’t handle it.


In the second-floor basement were a bunch of handsome men that the faun demons had captured. They were held just the same way as the church’s Maiden Priests and Warrior Nuns of the first floor—nude. They were currently in the midst of experiencing all sorts of hardcore “philosophical” explorations. Only then did Bella realize that these faun demons were all the “gay” type. In order to not blind herself, Bella chose to run away for once.

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