Chapter 187: A Fight to Forcefully Cross Aldington River (Part 1)

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The troops of Steinbeck Fief in Antaur Town prepared to cross Aldington River. Clyde planned to break through Olm Fortress and directly penetrate into the center of the Needham Plains, before fighting a decisive battle against Marquis Charles who had forcibly occupied that place.

As long as Marquis Charles were defeated, the Needham Plains would be his. Strictly speaking, Earl Winissa blocking Clyde’s path couldn’t be regarded as a person of Marquis Charles’s clique. Those 30,000 troops under her were of her own army. Moreover, her supplies didn’t completely depend on Marquis Charles. Therefore, the tactic of breaking off the other party’s supply chain would be difficult. Clyde could only find some other means to breakthrough.

Now, Earl Winissa was uncertain of the circumstances on the other side of the river. She was also unaware that Joyce Fortress had changed owners. She only knew that the recent outbreak of the Undead calamity in Antaur Town had inexplicably disappeared. She guessed that the Judgement Light of the God Race had ended it. Merely, there hadn’t been any sign, so she was unable to confirm it.

In the headquarters of Olm Fortress, Earl Winissa met with the visiting Miss Yani. While chatting with her senior schoolmate about some amusing incidents from the academy, Yani’s pure appearance made Earl Winissa relax her vigilance, so Yani was able to record a lot of important information and military maps. Yani had received special training from Assassin Jenny before setting off and grasped many little tricks. By avoiding military matters, she prevented Earl Winissa from ever doubting her visit’s intentions.

“Senior Schoolmate Winissa, my giant eagle mount fell sick when I was coming here. Can you arrange a boat for myreturn? Antaur Town’s Suzerain, Baron Thomas is a bad fellow. He’s always forming petty schemes.”

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“No problem. I will arrange a boat or you. You have to stay away from that fellow; I’ve heard several bad rumors about him. That profligate son seems to enjoy crimes. There’s a rumor that girls often disappear in his Cook Hotel.”

Earl Winissa generously promised to arrange a boat for her on her return to Joyce Fortress. This boat would eventually become the key for collapsing Olm Fortress’s defensive line. As a caring senior, Earl Winissa never thought that this junior schoolmate with a pure expression was a senior spy sent by the enemy.

On the other side of Aldington River in the Castellan residence of Antaur Town, Clyde pondered how to break through the defense line on Aldington River. Princess Annie, who had controlled Antaur Town before, had no ability to command. Before Clyde had taken over, she had already wasted all Antaur Town’s boats. Now, even if he wanted to start a river battle, it would be impossible.

“Lord Clyde, I have surveyed the resource reserves of Antaur Town, Joyce Fortress, and Ferro Town. We lack wood. Moreover, it would take at least a week to make a boat. Even if we used those monsters under Andrisno, it can only be reduced to five days. With our available resources, we can only build 20 or so boats.”

“Saras, you’ve worked hard, but I’m not thinking about building boats. We have to start within three days. If we delay much longer, it will be too late. Earl Winissa will realize that something is wrong and re-activate the Sacred Magic Defense Barrier, which will be even more troublesome!”

In the Castellan residence’s private bathroom, Clyde plotted. As a profligate son, Baron Thomas had had good taste. This private bathroom was mixed gender without a separation between men and women. When Baron Thomas had built this large bathroom, he had intended for all kinds of indescribable things. Clyde had naturally inherited all these wicked facilities.

In the steamy bathroom, various female armor pieces lay scattered on the ground beside the common bathing pool. After Antaur Town’s capture, Paladin Alicia had led her female knight regiment to comply with Clyde’s arrangements. Now, they relaxed here for the time being. White figures completed the scene by the bathing pool. As the host, Clyde enjoyed this beautiful scenery while thinking.

Clyde sat on a particularly soft chair made by the female knights Aike and Ailu. Their faces were bright red as Clyde rested on their smooth backs. Not everyone could play this kind of role game. Among his women, only knight professions were suitable. Normally, Clyde wouldn’t make the other girls provide this kind of special service.

To Clyde’s front left and right were Paladin Princess Alicia and Princess Natalie respectively. These two had ruddy complexions as they massaged their master’s legs. Because they knelt while seeing to him, their swaying, alluring, white bosoms looked especially conspicuous. Although they knew that Clyde’s gaze was focused on their bosoms, Alicia and Natalie found it silly to cover their chests, so they just pretended to not notice anything. In any case, compared to the person in the front, their service was easy.

Even though Sacred Moon Dragon Knight Princess Verly’s complexion was unusually red, her body could no longer refuse her master’s request. At this moment, this Dragon Knight Princess with a noble status was gently swallowing his source of evil. Her skill was a lot more proficient than it had been a few days ago. This was the difference between a novice and a veteran. Once the first’s vow of abstinence was broken, it would be less embarrassing for the others. With Princess Verly giving service in front of the other junior female knights, they basically gave up any thoughts of resistance after seeing even a dragon knight surrendering.

Princess Saras, the Suzerain of Steinbeck Fief, knelt in front of Clyde while reporting military affairs to her master. Among the girls present o, Princess Saras was relatively idle. However, Princess Saras also relaxed in the common bathing pool in passing. She didn’t even have a bath towel. This made Clyde openly goggle her while listening to her report, so Princess Saras became increasingly bashful with the passage of time. Feeling her entire body being scanned by a wicked gaze, she was unable to concentrate.

“Master, you… If you want, we can first…”

“Eh, Princess Saras, I apologize! What did you say just now? Continue!”

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“O, okay…”

Princess Saras lowered her head with a bright red complexion and quickly sorted out her thoughts. Even she couldn’t recall what she had just reported. A moment ago, Clyde had gently pressed the back of Princess Verly’s head. Princess Saras had clearly determined that Princess Verly was bearing the lashing of his crime tool. Once he released his hand, Princess Verly fell back gasping. Afterward, Paladin Princess Alicia took over Verly’s position with a red face in tacit understanding. When they switched positions, Princess Saras saw the special white liquid at the corners of Princess Verly’s mouth that had not yet been wiped, or perhaps Princess Verly had not felt like wiping it. In the past, she had been shy, but now, she was accustomed to it. 

The atmosphere of the common bathing pool was quite ambiguous. Baron Thomas, the original owner of this place, had been a gentleman, and Clyde, who had inherited this place, was a kindred spirit. He quickly adapted to this place. In the vicinity of the common bathing pool were those war trophies who the Baron had imprisoned underground. After control of Antaur Town had changed hands, these white lambs had become the war trophies of the new Suzerain.

These white lambs’ resistance had been wiped out by the wicked means of Baron Thomas; moreover, after they were rescued, the beautiful knights under Princess Alicia had bullied them further. Thus, they had quickly adapted to their new identities and master. Moreover, this new master was a lot gentler than their previous one since they only had to act like maids. Their current job was to sort out the clothing of these beautiful knights. It was easy. There was nothing to be embarrassed about other than that they had to remain completely naked.

“Master, I’m back. I wrote down the defense fortifications of Senior Schoolmate Winissa’s place. I also brought back a big boat in passing.”

While Clyde thought, Sky Knight Yani entered the bathroom. When she saw the armor scattered all over, her complexion became red. Nevertheless, after hesitating for a while, she made up her mind and walked to Clyde. At Clyde’s signal, Princess Saras snuck behind her and began to undo her belt’s knot.

“Eh, Big Sister Saras, you! I only came here to report.”

“Sister Yani, your armor is dirty. Take it off for it to be cleaned. Everyone here is one of our own people. There’s no need to mind it.”

“However, wait! Big Sister Natalie, when did you come over! Don’t… don’t do this! Hey! That knot should be untied like this, not like that. Like that, it basically won’t come off!”

Miss Yani put up a symbolic resistance. She soon followed the crowd and was completely stripped. She then told Clyde all the information she had garnered about Olm Fortress. She had even investigated Earl Winissa’s three sizes. Clyde was speechless for a moment. At that time, he had been joking, but Yani had taken it seriously.

“Oh, that’s right. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow is Senior Schoolmate Winissa’s menstrual period. She will definitely not command the frontlines. I pestered her for a long time before I learned this secret. This matter is truly a bit personal!”

“Menstrual period… It seems the time to start our battle is determined.”

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