Chapter 41: Considering Everyone Beneath One’s Notice

“Secret Technique——Soul Stirring Technique!”

While holding Ling Xiao’s arm and chatting, a strange luster flashed in Ling Yu’s eyes.

This instantaneous change stunned the audience.

Although many people knew that such secret techniques existed in the Library Pavilion that could charm others and prevent them from thinking clearly, not many cultivated such secret techniques.

Such secret techniques could only be cultivated by women; furthermore, those women required an innate charm.

No one had expected for Ling Yu to successfully cultivate such a secret technique.

“Ling Xiao is finished!”

Getting his mind shocked by Soul Stirring Technique at such a close distance gave him no possibility of resisting.

Honestly speaking, even the judge thought that Ling Xiao had lost.

If Ling Xiao had taken the initiative to attack, the results might have been different.

This woman was too terrifying. She was so young but could already seduce men like this. What would happen when she grew up?


However, an unbelievable scene appeared next.

It wasn’t Ling Xiao who flew off the stage!

Ling Xiao coldly snorted before Ling Yu screamed as if she had seen a ghost and frantically jumped off the martial stage. After that, she squatted, unable to control her trembling.

Ling Xiao also felt a lingering fear. If he hadn’t cultivated <Bull Demon Technique-Condensed Balefulness>, with its baleful aura that restrained secret techniques that confused the mind, he might have truly broken his streak.

However, Ling Yu had ultimately harmed herself. Perhaps, she wouldn’t dare come seek trouble with him for a long while.

“Number 9588 wins. 91 wins in a row!”

The dazed judge suddenly remembered to announce the result.

Not even these judges understood what had happened.

Ling Xiao hadn’t made a move, but somehow, Ling Yu had lost.

“Ling Xiao, you dared to injure my Sister Yu! You and I cannot exist together!”

No one knew when the seeded contestant Ling Feng appeared beside Ling Yu. Looking at her trembling form, he angrily roared. 

“Is it worth it for that kind of woman?” Ling Xiao indifferently asked.

“You have no right to comment! As long as we meet, I will definitely make you pay a great price!” Ling Feng angrily retorted.

“Is that so? I fear you don’t have the ability!”

Ling Xiao indifferently smiled before leaving the stage.

The current Ling Feng was no longer his opponent. He only cared about the Genius Hall’s top ten, Ling Yihang, and Ling Yixue.

“Big Brother Feng, Big Brother Feng! That fellow is a devil! A devil! You must avenge me!”

Ling Yu acted like a frightened rabbit. She gripped Ling Feng’s arm and cried nonstop.

“Relax! I will!”

Ling Xiao didn’t care about Ling Feng’s words.

His matches continued as usual.

92 wins in a row!

93 wins in a row!

94 wins in a row!

After so frightening Ling Yu, no one dared to battle him in the next three matches.

All three people immediately admitted defeat.

Not everyone was a fool. Since they knew that they couldn’t win, why should they waste any energy?

In any case, they wouldn’t be eliminated from losing a single match.

Perhaps, Ling Ziran was stimulated by Ling Xiao as he became more and more ferocious. Almost no one was willing to fight him.

Therefore, Ling Ziran smoothly achieved a great feat of 94 consecutive wins due to several of his opponents forfeiting.

“After 100 consecutive wins, I can rest. I wonder whether the Medicine Hall has refined the gang qi pills yet? I’m truly looking forward to them!”

Ling Xiao’s thoughts were no longer on the matches. He only looked forward to making a breakthrough.

He wanted to walk far in this competition, and the most certain way was to break through to Rank Four Martial Vein!

95th match: again a forfeit.

96th match: again a forfeit.

It seemed there would be no suspense in his charge toward 100 consecutive wins.

Just as many people thought this, the situation changed.

“Number 9588 vs. Number 20!”

“Ling Xiao vs. Ling Ziran?”

“This will be truly exciting! Both of them were close to achieving 100 consecutive wins, but now, one of them will have his winning streak end here!”

The audience seethed in excitement.

Those disciples who were not qualified to enter the finals or had no chance to achieve 100 consecutive wins enjoyed this excitement.

“Guess: when Ling Xiao meets Ling Ziran, will he still dare to only use a basic martial art?”

“Haha, don’t joke around! Ling Ziran isn’t a waste like the others. If he uses a basic martial art, he will definitely lose miserably.”

Although many people didn’t think that Ling Xiao would use a basic martial art against Ling Ziran, they nurtured a secret anticipation in their hearts.

After all, this anticipation could not be considered overboard.

“Sister Yu, I will teach Ling Xiao a lesson for you! I will prove that I am better than that kid Ling Feng!”

Ling Ziran was somewhat excited because he had been looking forward to fighting against Ling Xiao.

He did not want to simply defeat Ling Xiao; he wanted to beat Ling Xiao so badly that he would be unable to continue fighting and, thus, eliminated!

Like that, he would be rewarded by Ling Yu.

He never believed that he could lose. With an advanced martial art coupled with a Peak Rank Three Martial Vein cultivation, how could he lose to a martial artist who had broken through to Rank Three Martial Vein not long ago?

“Ling Xiao, don’t use your movement technique if you truly have any ability!”

Ling Ziran’s only worry was that Ling Xiao wouldn’t fight him head-on and would rather avoid him, which would be a bit troublesome.

“Rest assured. Not only I will not use my movement technique, but also to deal with you, just a basic martial art is enough!”

Ling Xiao glanced at Ling Ziran before indifferently responding.

Ling Xiao disdained idiots whose intelligence had been muddled by a woman.

Not use his movement technique?

Moreover, only using the basic martial art?

This Ling Xiao took Ling Ziran too lightly, didn’t he?

Now, the scene boiled in excitement because no one had expected Ling Xiao to act so arrogant and consider everyone beneath his notice.

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“Heh, heh! It must be a bluff. He will definitely use his movement technique; otherwise, he must have a hole in his brain!”

“That’s not necessarily the case. We can’t yet say that he is too arrogant!”

“It’s possible that he only knows that basic martial art and can’t use anything else even if he had wanted to.”

“It’s too difficult to win against Ling Ziran with only a basic martial art. It’s practically impossible.”


“Ai, this kid is too impulsive. He was spurred into action by a simple taunt!”

Some judges shook their heads in pity.

Even these judges felt that Ling Xiao would definitely lose if he only used a basic martial art.

They believed that Ling Xiao had fallen for Ling Ziran’s prodding.

In fact, Ling Ziran had had no clever scheme; he only wanted to humiliate Ling Xiao and show his strength.

However, he had never thought that Ling Xiao looked down on him to such an extent. 

How dare a beggar act like this! As an external disciple, he dared to look down on him, Ling Ziran!

He thought, “Daring to look down on me, a true Ling Clan disciple!”

Ling Ziran felt insulted!

In fact, many clan disciples were insulted.

“This beggar is truly bold and reckless, daring to not put us, true clan disciples, in his eyes!”

“Senior apprentice brother Ziran, cripple him!”

They clamored for Ziran to cripple Ling Xiao!

Not defeat!

They were truly furious.

The clan disciples who set themselves high above the masses… How could they tolerate a provocation from an external disciple?

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