Arc 9 Chapter 162: Equipping the armies

“I Still can’t get used to this, my body is always hurting,” said Klyn.

“Ha! I have been doing extra training and found a new way to use my new battleax! Thanks to the gem getting embedded into the ax. I can use the new attack I call ‘Spin to win’!” said Varbu as he stepped forward and to demonstrate the new skill.

He hefted the large battleax and started to swing it around quickly and as he did so he used the gem to create fire on the metal head of the large battleax making him look like a burning whirlwind.

“Impressive!” said Akira as he watched the very strong looking attack.

Over the past two weeks the warriors of each of the three demon races trained every day. The village guards joined them once a week and the differences between the two groups’ training could be clearly seen as they trained side by side.

“I have to go and talk with the other Orc chieftains now that today’s work is over,” said Varbu as he waved to Akira and Klyn.

“I also have to go back to the city and continue with my duties as the sub-head shaman,” said Klyn before leaving as well.

Akira headed for the castle keep to meet with the Grand elders who had sent a messenger earlier wanting to speak to him after the day’s training was finished.

He hoped it wasn’t anything troublesome since he still had a few more hours of work to do at the forge today.

They had already finished making all of the swords and were now quickly churning out shields.

As he reached the front doors of the castle keep the guards standing guard let out a loud shout and saluted him with their weapons held high.

Akira had grown used to the same thing happening every time he left or entered the castle keep so he only half-heartedly acknowledged it as he passed by.

He walked through the maze of hallways and doors before reaching the grand elders’ main office.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

“Come in,” said Hegir from behind the door.

“Ah! You came earlier than expected. The others are not here right now since they had to take care of some small matters that popped up in the village,” said Hegir as he saw Akira enter the room.

“I hope it’s nothing serious,” said Akira as he sat down into one of the chairs that Hegir had offered him.

The Office was quite cozy with wooden desks and numerous bookcases that were starting to be filled up with books and paper.

On the ground between the desks was a large fur rug.

“There are only a few minor disagreements between some of the villagers. They went to make sure that everything was settled peacefully. How’s the training, weapon, and armor production going?” asked Hegir.

“For training, we’ll be moving onto formations and tactics as soon more shields are produced. We have already finished equipping each army with new swords. All of our warriors will be receiving one of two types of shields we are currently making.

With these shields, everyone should be able to guard against any ranged attack and hopefully skills as well. I am not sure what the Orcs and Goblins are doing as they didn’t order enough shields for each of their warriors to have one,” said Akira.

“When can we expect you to be finished with training?” asked Hegir.

“Things like this can not be rushed, if we skim on the training and equipment we’ll not only be putting the warriors in danger but also the village and the villagers they are supposed to be protecting. The shields and armor are being made as fast as possible.”

“How are the blacksmiths we sent to help the Dwarves?”

“You know the Dwarves’ stubborn ways when it comes to blacksmithing. They ignored them for the first few days treating them as if they were not there. It took me some time to warm them up to the idea of accepting their help and now they are at least letting them help out on the minor things but are still treating them as if they are apprentices. With their help, we’ll be able to produce everything much faster.”

“That’s good but I urge you to do it faster. We, grand elders, have been working on making sure that there are enough houses built so that everyone can own a home. Of course, family’s have been prioritized first,” said Hegir.

“So what is the reason you called me here?”

“Ah! I almost forgot about that! We wanted to know if you would agree with us setting up a detective force for the village. They would be in charge of taking care of investigating any crimes that happen in the village which would allow the guards to focus on protecting the city.

We wanted to use the warriors that were wounded and maimed during the past wars and fights with the demigods. Since there are not many jobs they can do with the wounds they received seeing as some of them lost different body parts.”

“I have no problem with that. But we can’t be adding more and more jobs that we have to pay for as we have such a small budget right now,” said Akira.

“Noted, but this is very much needed to keep the city running smoothly,” said Hegir.

“If that is all, please let the Grand elders that I thank them for all the help you have given me and all that you do to keep the village running smoothly,” said Akira as he stood up to leave.

“It is nothing much. We are just doing what is best for the clans,” said Hegir before waving Akira goodbye.

“Wulfric, your grandson is really well suited for his role as the village chief and head of the Darkmoon clan. It is a shame that you had to endure so much pain in your life and are now unable to see this bright moment,” said Hegir quietly to himself after Akira had left.


“When will Burkin return!” grumbled Delgar as he hammered out the last of the shields that needed to be created for the three small armies.

“I want a hard drink but all your wife serves at the tavern are teas, milk, and juice!” complained Stone deaf.

“It is an insult to call it a tavern when it has no ale, beer, or wine!” said Three toes.

“Hey… I know you guys are sorta right… and I want some ale and wine as well but… If my wife hears you insulting her tavern like that…” said Delgar, not finishing the last part of his sentence.

“What? Something happened to your wife’s ears?” asked Stone deaf who did not quite hear what Delgar had said.

This was not the first time that this conversation had happened; it was almost an hourly complaint over the last few days.

“They should be here soon,” said Akira for the hundredth time as he placed his hammer down.


Blacksmithing has reached intermediate lvl 7

Akira closed the notification and inspected the last of the 50 special heavy square tower shields that would be used by the front line heavy shock troops.

With Delgar’s constant guidance he was able to raise his Blacksmithing skill faster than if he was just tinkering by himself. If one small detail was off, Delgar would throw a hissy fit if Akira did not redo the whole thing.

He had learned a lot from each of the Dwarves as they had their own quirks when working on things.

“Now that we have finished with the shields, I would like you to focus on creating the chest armor for warriors first,” said Akira.

“That will be no problem. Once we get into the groove of things we can start to Hammer out armor like crazy!” said Delgar.

“Hey you apprentices, make sure you watch us closely as we create the first few chest armors, you can help us later after you feel you are ready,” said Three toes as he started to work on heating up the Korium ore.

Akira watched as well to see if he could improve on his own skills as he still had an unfinished project of his own that had been put on the sidelines. He had been working on a new set of heavy armor to replace all of his old armor.


Several days passed by and After working on several chest pieces he had finally completed a heavy chest piece and a large shield for himself using both Korium, Icium ore that he had gathered himself.


Koric chest piece has been created!

Koric chest piece (Rare): Durability: 160/160 Defense: 65
(-10% stamina usage while transformed)

Icikor Shield (Rare): Durability: 160/160 Defense: 75
(Harden+: When the Icikor shield is equipped Harden skill will last for1 minute longer.)


The Koric chest piece and Icikor Shield can be upgraded with a magic stone in your possession!

Akira took out several magic stones from his bag and found two that were black and were both glowing with a dark light being emitted from them.

He placed the two magic stones on top of the shield and chest piece and watched as they melted into the armor and shield, dyeing them a dark blue.


Only allowed on

Koric chest piece and Icikor Shield have been upgraded!

Midnight Koric chest piece (Rare): Durability: 160/160 Defense: 80 (-10% stamina usage while transformed) (+10 Stamina)

Midnight Icikor Shield (Rare): Durability: 160/160 Defense: 75 (Harden+: When the Icikor shield is equipped Harden skill will last for1 minute longer.) (+15 Vitality)

“Ohhh? You sure do have an interesting secret blacksmith technique of your own,” said Delgar as he walked over and inspected the finished products.

“Are these for you to use?” asked Delgar pointing at the Midnight Koric chest piece and the Midnight Icikor Shield.

“Yes, I know it is not on par with your skills but I wanted to create it myself,” said Akira.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” said Three toes after he came over and inspected the armor as well.

“What are you talking about? He doesn’t look short at all,” said Stone deaf who had also finished what he was working on and had come over to see what the other two were doing.

“Three toes is right, compared to the armor you made in the past this quality is 100 times better but it is still lacking something. If you would allow us to, we can engrave some runes onto your shield and chest piece to make it truly fit for you, the lord and commander of Kodria’s army,” said Delgar.

“I do indeed still know how to engrave runes. Do you want me to engrave some on your armor?” asked Stone deaf.

“Please do. I would be more than happy to receive something like that,” said Akira.

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“While we work on it you can go deliver the finished armor and shields to your soldiers,” said Delgar.

“You guys help him deliver everything,” said Three toes as he pointed to ten of the ‘apprentice’ blacksmiths.

Akira had his own bodyguards help gather all the shields and heavy armor. They loaded them up onto several sleds that had been prepared earlier.

Akira and his bodyguards headed to the barracks while the ten blacksmiths split from them and went to deliver the rest of the shields and armor to the Orcs and goblins.

When the warriors that were on guard duty patrolling the barracks walls saw Akira and his guards, they quickly opened the wooden gates allowing him to enter the small training courtyard that was surrounded by several buildings.

A short howl summoned the warriors who were currently resting inside the warm barracks.

In less than a minute everyone had rushed out of the barracks and lined up in front of Akira in 20 neat rows of ten warriors each.

“When I call your names, step forward!” shouted Akira.

“Calo, Hugh,….” Akira listed off 50 names, 30 of them were from the Madmane clan while the last 20 were from the Darkmoon clan.

“After watching you for the last few weeks of training I have found each of you to have what it takes to be given the specialized role of front line heavy shock troops. Step forward one at a time and receive your shield and heavy chest armor,” said Akira.

The 50 warriors all received their new heavy armor and large square tower shield from Akira’s guards one by one.

“From tomorrow onward you are to wear your new armor and carry your shield all day only setting it down when you sleep. Not just anyone can do this since you need to have high stamina and strength to be able to wear and carry such armor. You may return back into line.”

“The rest of you may come forward and receive your shields,” said Akira.

The shields that the rest of the warriors received were circular shields that were smaller and far less heavy than the tower shields.

“As I have said before. The swords, shields, and armor that you receive must be treated with great care as these will be your most important tools. It must become one with yourself, as it will keep you alive. If you do not take proper care of your new armor and weapons you will be fined and depending on the severity of the negligence punished severely,” said Akira.

“We understand sir!” the warriors shouted as one.

“Tomorrow after morning exercises I will be sorting everyone into your new units. We will begin training in formations and other maneuvers. You are dismissed!” said Akira.

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