Chapter 20: Body Tempering

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Li Mo laid on his bedside at leisure, simple and relaxed, with nothing special about it, except for the item in his hand.

In Li Mo’s palm, the century old knotweed showed the first signs of a humanoid shape. Black tendrils seeped out of it non-stop and fell in Li Mo’s palm. 

The whole process took around five hours, resulting in a black pearl the size of a soybean as the black tendrils formed a cohesive unit.

“Barely one use.” Li Mo gave his evaluation on the soybean-sized black pearl.

To any kind of heavenly ingredient, the amount of essence they contained never was the entire ingredient. Taking the century old knotweed for example, all its essence was contained in that black pearl.

In the process of harnessing an ingredient’s essence, it couldn’t be avoided for many complicated methods to be employed. Fire, tools, time, luck; fail just one condition and the most essence one could draw, despite fulfilling all the other conditions, was 70%. 

Let alone 70%, even if just a third or half was extracted, then one could be called a 1st rate sacred master. 

This kind of method was commonly known as refining, and the person who grasped this art was called refiner.

Refiners existed since antiquity and had their mark in all the races of the universe. Almost every advanced race had refiners. 

Li Mo knew the refining methods of no less than a hundred races, but the one he just used, was no refining method.

What he used was humanity’s supreme cultivation method – Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art.

Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art wasn’t limited to absorbing just spiritual energy, but everything and anything in this world.

Capitalizing on this ability, Li Mo could draw out anything he could dream of. Making a quick work even of extracting the entire essence from the century old knotweed. 

This method came without losses, ensuring a 100% complete extraction of the essence. 

Any race’s member that aspired to be a 1st rate refiner one day, a century of toil was but the beginning, and talent, indispensable. A special flame was a must, and a treasure to handle such flame was also a given. To this was added secret formulas, secret magical arts, and so on. Every single aspect must be in perfect condition for a refiner to become a first rate refiner.    

As for what was a first rate refiner, not even the legendary divine refiners’ methods could extract 80% of an item’s essence.

Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art wasn’t a refining method but, in reality, it was still leagues beyond any of the world’s refining methods. 

Li Mo put away the black pearl he extracted from the century old knotweed and took out the two Dao Comprehending Tea leaves to begin extracting their essence with the Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art.

The most common way of extracting the leaf’s essence was through pressing. But pressing was also an art in its own sense. Too much force and the essence was ruined, too little and the essence wouldn’t be extracted. If Li Mo didn’t have Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art, he’d have to go through the process of finding a special flame, cast a divine furnace, learn ancient formula, and hope he had the fate to be walking the path of a refiner. 

In but three short hours, two drops of essence came out of the Dao Comprehending Tea leaves. When he turned to the leftover leaves, they were now withered.

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Li Mo laid on the bed and dripped the two Dao Comprehending Tea essence drops in his eyes, closed his eyes and operated his cultivation method.

To get the greatest benefit of an essence was to use it immediately after extraction. Otherwise, these two drops of Dao Comprehending Tea essence would only make one’s eyes shine a bit and done. 

Body Tempering was the general description. It could be internal, external, or a specific part.

But Body Tempering cultivation methods in this world were all mostly focused on refining one’s constitution. Like body strength, body toughness, fist, leg, body, and so on. Few methods refined internal organs, not to mention the eyes, ears and other sensory organs. 

Li Mo was now using the Body Tempering method in Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art’s manual known as Celestial Eye.

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Next to no Body Tempering method could refine the Celestial Eye ability. In the off chance it could, it would be but a crude imitation at best and of negligible use. To confirm this, in his past life, Li Mo absorbed the universe’s thousands of races’ cultivation methods, yet he never faced a situation where he found even one who could come close to Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art’s effect. 

The Heavenly Dao Tea leaves were the best ingredients when refining the Celestial Eye, just that the Heavenly Dao Ancient Tree laid on the Primogenitor Planet. And this planet was a hundred millions light-years away from Earth. It would take a century of traveling, even with the help of Transfer, if one didn’t had the magical art Space Walk.  

Since the Heavenly Dao Tea leaves were out of reach, the next best thing for refining the Celestial Eye were the Dao Comprehending Tea leaves, containing a hint of Heavenly Dao Tea Tree in their genetic makeup.

For three days and three nights, Li Mo stood still as a rock on his bed with his eyes closed. 

Li Mo cracked open his eyelids and his eyes seemed to flash. Compared to three days ago, his eyes were brighter and clearer, just like stars, without a spec marring their shine.

This wasn’t the real Celestial Eye though. For the true Celestial Eye he’d need the Heavenly Dao Tea leaves, lots of heavenly ingredients, as well as loads of time while using the world’s purest spiritual energy to refine it. A more apt comparison would be a difficulty higher than a mortal trying to scale the heavens. 

A true Celestial Eye refined in this perfect way would make all the effort worth it. One look would allow one to look into the future, nothing could hide and all would lay bare. 

A great man from time long passed trained the Celestial Eye to the Gaze Through Ten Millennia Stage. He could see how the world would be ten thousand years from then, its rise and fall.

Li Mo’s Celestial Eye was light-years away from the real deal, but even a 3rd rate Celestial Eye was still a Celestial Eye. Its power was not to be taken lightly.

Li Mo took a deep breath, focused on his eyes and his vision changed.

His vision passed through walls and could see clearly outside.

X-ray was the most common of the many abilities the Celestial Eye had.

Li Mo saw the people and cars going about their business on the streets, everything, from all different angles. 

Like that slim figure still wearing school attire yet unable to mask her beauty. Li Mo needed but flex his eye and his vision would pierce through her school clothes like they never existed.

At such a tender age yet with an exquisite figure. Big where it mattered and small where…


‘Wait, why does this school girl look familiar?’

‘Oh my, isn’t she An Yuxin?’

Li Mo recognized her suddenly.


His doorbell rang and Li Mo saw it to be An Yuxin behind the door.

“Li Mo, Li Mo are you there?”

Li Mo hesitated for a moment before answering, “Yes?”

“You’ve been away from school for three days, did something happen?”

“Ah? Ah!”

Li Mo opened the door.

“Something must’ve happened. Can you please…” 

An Yuxin saw her eyes and was transfixed that not even a word got out.

‘What charming eyes!’

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