Chapter 946: Whisper Sweet Nothings To Each Other, So Sweet

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Although it was just a joke, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon didn’t dare to really treat it like a joke. He answered seriously: “Absolutely not. You are the only girl I wish to hold hands with; you’re also the only girl who dares to hold my hand when my hands are stained with blood.”

His reaction caused Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine to purse her lips and laughed, “Not even when you’re young and frivolous?”

“……” Xia Jinyuan pretended to think; when her gaze turned cold, he spoke slowly: “When I was young and frivolous and did many bad things, I was thinking of how to go against my father, how can I have other thoughts?”

“After I was no longer young and frivolous, other people were busily awakened by love, I was busy revising to enter the military academy,” Xia Jinyuan said slowly, his low voice was like a music beat, soft and cheerful, “I was assigned to Fujun Town after graduating from the military academy and there were only male soldiers in the army. Before meeting you, I can only hold hands with a male soldier.”

“One day, I suddenly held a girl’s hand; I only had one thought on my mind…… How can it be so soft, so soft that……”

Ye Jian, who was initially listening attentively, realized he was talking about her; she immediately said, “Alright, alright, I believe you, no need to explain!”

If he explained further, she would blush instead and feel uncomfortable!

“No way, it’s about my innocence, I need to explain clearly to you,” Major Xia said seriously. Ye Jian looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. There was an ambiguous expression, her face remained calm, but her heart was like boiling water.

Related to his innocence!

Not listening, not listening, she didn’t want to hear!

She wanted to cover her ears, but her hands were still held by him; she wanted to run…… but how can she outrun him!

Most importantly, he likes to tease her into embarrassment. The more she acted like that, the more he would be excited!

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“I was really shocked the first time I held a girl’s hand. It was so soft; it was so soft that I would break it if I squeezed hard. Little fox, why is your hand so soft? So soft as if it’s boneless, soft all the way to my heart.”

“Later on, when I hugged you, I was thinking, it’s no wonder why people say women are made of water. Just hugging like this, I really don’t want to let go. But you were still young at that time. I placed you down, and you jumped up again…… And directly sat on me. How tall were you at that time, It should be less than 1.6 meters, like a lolita…”

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Ye Jian wanted to dip her head into the water. The time he mentioned was when she and a few soldiers were receiving close combat training within thirty meters; the opponent was a real sniper in the army. It was not known why Xia Jinyuan appeared; she faced him when she wasn’t paying attention……

Thinking about the time she was pressed under him, Ye Jian blushed a little afterward. Her voice seemed to be overflowing with water and squawked: “You rogue!”

She was only fourteen at that time! He……. He…… He already had wild thoughts!

“You’re right; I also felt like I was a rogue at that time,” Xia Jinyuan, who had been upright when handling things, admitted clearly that he had indeed been a rogue at that time. “You were also too bold, sitting on a male soldier in an instant. When I was scaring you, I was wondering whether to kiss you……”

“Fortunately, you yelled that I was an old man….. And I was splashed with a jar of cold water, waking me up, or else……” As he continued talking, he leaned closer to Ye Jian’s cheek and quickly kissed her, the lofty and handsome major laughed, causing Ye Jian to be unable to hold herself back from kicking him.

Major Xia leaned to the side to evade, he happily finished his sentence along with the morning breeze, “Or else, I would’ve really kissed…… Right now, I can’t help but wish to kiss you.”

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