Chapter 947: Thinking Is Not Upright

Major Xia had always started with a strong attack mode when thinking of how to get along with Ye Jian. If he didn’t take the initiative, he will definitely not move forward a single step with this girl who had a hard shell.

Only with his strong attacks would she approach him instead.

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It was normal to be shy; he was shy too!

“Xia Jinyuan, why are you evading? You said so many roguish words, and don’t allow me to kick you!” Ye Jian was only shy and not irritated towards his actions. Her eyes were like water; it was bright and radiant even when she swept her glance, “You already have such thoughts when I was just fourteen, your thinking is not upright!”

His thoughts were not upright; he had long realized it, but realizing it and wanting to change were two completely different matters!

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However, he wanted to celebrate for not having upright thoughts; that’s why he didn’t miss such a good girl.

“Only acting like a rogue and being irresponsible can be considered as not having upright thoughts. Mine is not considered, upright thoughts, serious attitude, and can stand the test,” Seeing Ye Jian, who was so shy that there seemed to be a tint of blush on her face, there was gentleness deep in Xia Jinyuan’s eyes that he laughed. He held her hand tightly and stared at the girl he liked; he slowly said word by word: “Ye Jian, you are the only girl I want to keep holding hands with, you are the only person who bravely holds my blood-stained hands without disdain.”

“As for other girls, they would have already fainted from fear before I could speak once I passed my pair of blood-stained hands over.”

Ye Jian could tell some helpless bitterness in his serious words, who would dare to hold a pair of hands stained with blood?

She lowered her head and looked at her own hands. They were also stained in the blood; there were even blood stains hidden at the seam of her fingers. A lot of courage was indeed needed to hold such a pair of hands that had such a strong stench of blood.

A few hours had passed, the blood-stained at the seam of her fingers were difficult to wash off, she needed to rinse meticulously. Ye Jian looked sideways at the man with a gentle expression while talking to her, the invisible coldness in her eyes slowly wore off, there was a hint of affection in her eyes.

“Let me tell you a true story. J5 said something while chatting after training; he said there was a retired veteran from our unit, he returned to the unit after completing a mission one time. He had just changed his bloody shirt when a comrade said that there was a young lady looking for him outside. It pleased the veteran, and he ran out excitedly, he could see his girlfriend standing at the camp entrance like a flower from a single glance.”

“When the veteran held his girlfriend’s hand and was about to speak, his girlfriend furrowed her brows and asked why he had the stench of blood on his body. After that, she saw the blood on the seam of his fingers, and she instantly retracted her hand.”

“Later on, that veteran said, he was unable to forget the expression on her face at that time, it was disdain, strong disdain. She disdained the stench of blood on him; she disdained the bloodstains on his hands; she was disgusted how dirty he was.”

After the bloodstain on all ten fingers was gradually cleaned and then rinsed with water, Xia Jinyuan held her hands, which also had the stench of blood. He slowly lifted his gaze and stared at her; his cold voice was clean and trickling like the flowing stream, “Later on, the veteran proposed to break up, he took the initiative to end the two-year relationship. Later on, the veteran also retired; it’s said he found a nurse, a nurse who also needed to deal with blood.” 

“I heard this story on the fourth day after joining the unit, a really sad story. I’ve been wondering, what would I have done if it was me?”

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