Chapter 948: Unusual Sweet Nothings

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Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine also looked at him; she used her gaze to ask him, “What would you do if you were?”

“I’ve thought about it for a week. I was thinking about you at that time. I was thinking; I need to find a girl like Ye Jian. I need to find someone who knows and understands me, someone I also can understand and know her. Or else, it would really be shocking if I appeared covered in blood in front of her one day.”

Ye Jian laughed, she thought about herself. If one day she appeared in front of her other half covered in blood, he who was living peacefully might be scared to death.

Who was willing to find a girlfriend whose hands were stained in blood and couldn’t be seen from the beginning to the end of the year? Even if they could accept it at that time, as time goes by, they would be annoyed and tired of it; they won’t want to carry on. Breaking up was a foregone conclusion.

For a boyfriend who didn’t understand her and was unable to tell him about the usual hardships and dangers, such a love was not strong; it would crumble at any moment.

She can only find a boyfriend who completely knows and understands her, experiencing the flames of war, refining each other until they cannot be distinguished, I have you in me, you have me in you…… Only such a love was considered true love.

Out of a sudden, Ye Jian understood what Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon wrote in his love letter: They say the romance of special forces soldiers is the most bitter kind of romance, it’s the darkness that cannot be seen in daylight, only struggling in the dark and cold corners, yearning is also painful deep to the bones.

It was because nobody understood them; nobody could truly empathize with them; nobody knew how dangerous their profession was.

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All kinds of factors, as a special forces soldier, they had no way to tell the people they love that they were special forces soldiers.

Therefore, they can only struggle painfully at the corner of love, yearning painfully deep to the bones.

A romance that cannot be seen under the sunlight is like a tiny beansprout that is sprouting in the dark, so delicate that it would shatter from a light touch. It’s too tiring trying to take care of such love, the heart will feel really exhausted.

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That veteran was feeling tired; he also didn’t want to implicate a girl and felt unworthy of her youth. People in their field of work might not return after leaving. Since the other party had no way of understanding him, it was better to let go and respectively have peace of mind.

 “I won’t be scared. Look at you, you’re covered in blood right now, your face, the tip of your nose, your eyebrows and forehead are covered in blood,” She removed her hand from his grip and used her clean hand to stroke his face, she finally stopped at the corner of his eyes, the corner of her lips curled up, “Also, I can see myself in your eyes, my face, the tip of my nose, my eyebrows and forehead that are also covered in blood.”

“The current you is also the current me; we are the same. We do not need to be afraid of each other; we also don’t need to carefully cherish each other. I grew up with you; I’m following your footsteps; this is the romance between the two of us.”


This is the romance between the two of us……. Deep in his heart, all of his blood was boiling due to her words, in the span of twenty-three years, Xia Jinyuan finally knew the feeling of hearing sweet nothings.

Like a fire burning in his chest, he was even willing to turn into ashes in the sea of flames because of her single sentence.

It was not over yet, Ye Jian’s sweet words had not ended, she smiled as she looked at him, staring intensely at him, her soft voice seemed to have merged with the wind and fog, whispering softly beside his ear, “We will not struggle in the dark, nor would we weep in the corner. The love that I want, the love that you want is the love we have right now.”

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