Chapter 235: For Her

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Sang Wan found his gaze baffling but did not feel guilty at all. She tilted her head to the side and thought carefully about it before saying with a smile, “I really can’t remember! Was it because these peonies have yet to bloom at that time? How long has it been? They’ve grown too fast! “

“You didn’t see these peonies in the courtyard these past few days?” Shi Fengju finally asked.

Sang Wan tried to recall before shaking her head after a slight hesitation as she answered with a smile, “I spent most of my time upstairs accompanying you. Even if I went downstairs, I must have gone by them hurriedly, so I really didn’t notice them!” She continued, “If I saw them, I would have cut two fresh flowers and placed them in a vase upstairs!”

Disheartened, Shi Fengju said, “Did you really not see them? If I didn’t bring you here today, you wouldn’t have noticed them? Sang Wan, I intentionally made them look for these outside so that you can appreciate them! I thought you would’ve seen them long ago, but you didn’t!”

Sang Wan was suddenly taken aback. He had intentionally sent people to search for these peonies for her? Looking at his slightly disappointed expression, Sang Wan suddenly could not help but feel upset with herself as if she had done something bad.

“Fengju, these peonies are beautiful and I like them!” Sang Wan thought for a moment, then she took the initiative to hold his arm, and whispered shyly, “I… I’ve been worried about your injuries every day and was busy looking at those account books with you. Where would I have the mood to look at anything else? If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have expected the change in this courtyard! Of course, I like what you did for me. How could they not be pleasing to my eyes? So don’t be angry, alright?”

Shi Fengju was only disappointed for a while. Even if she did not mention it, he would have quickly reasoned with himself. After hearing her say that she liked them, he held onto her shoulder and said with a smile, “I spoke carelessly just now. I’m happy that you care about me. Why would I be mad at you?”

Sang Wan smiled sweetly. “Then that’s good. I was slow to notice; to think that I wouldn’t notice such a large change in the courtyard!” She even found it funny when she said it.

“I’ll accompany you to appreciate them. We’ll cut whichever ones you like and place them in a vase in the room.” Shi Fengju told her with a smile.

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Sang Wan nodded and they went ahead to enjoy the peonies for a while. However, she was worried that his wounded leg would become more unbearable the more he was out. As such, she picked a red and white one, instructing the servants to cut them before returning to the house together.

Glancing back at the beautiful flowers in the courtyard, there was a slight ripple in Sang Wan’s heart as she allowed Shi Fengju to lead her.

She had not expected him to do such a thing for her and she did not even notice them! She knew that he was really disappointed at that time. His slightly upset look made her feel slightly guilty. Feeling a little flustered and guilty, she quickly diverted his attention to other conversations.

He could be either good or bad to someone to the extreme. Therefore, she did not know whether she was fortunate or not as she seemed to have experienced both extremes…

Sang Wan was in a slight daze and was somewhat at a loss for a moment.

“Oh, before I forget. Sang Wan, I have something for you!” Shi Fengju gently slapped his forehead as if he had suddenly remembered something important. He quickly pulled Sang Wan upstairs. That shook her and she hurriedly threw her thoughts to the back of her head before saying anxiously, “Slow down! Careful or it’ll hurt again!”

“It has long recovered. I’m not that frail!” Shi Fengju laughed and pulled her into the room.

“Sang Wan, come. Have a seat here and wait for me!” Shi Fengju pulled her to the front of the dressing table and made her sit on the stool before he turned around to take something.

“Why are you being so mysterious!” Feeling somewhat puzzled, Sang Wan asked with a smile.

In a short while, Shi Fengju took out a red embroidered box that was two inches wide and an inch long. He opened the box and took out a hairpin before placing the box on the dressing table. He handed the hairpin to her and asked with a smile, “Sang Wan, this is a crystal lotus flower hairpin? Do you like it?”

Sang Wan looked at it carefully. The crystal hairpin in her hand was sparkling without any traces of impurities. No traces of joining the hairpin at its body or head were seen, which was evident that it was made from a piece of crystal. The chopstick-sized body of the hairpin was ingeniously polished into a hexagon, reflecting and refracting light on it to give off a resplendent and dazzling radiance. There were two lotus flowers on a stalk that were the size of a copper coin, with layers of petals, bringing out its elegance and thinness, its pureness and vividness. It was as if the hairpin would tremble slightly if the wind blew against it. A two-finger-sized crystal butterfly was on a flower and the wings of the butterfly stood high, with the silk feelers clearly visible and light as they swayed from time to time as though alive. The lotus stamen was made of golden silk which were threaded through the layers of crystal. From within, a chopstick-sized crystal chain hung down, one long and one short, that slightly hung at the ear level when worn. The back part of it was weighed down with a finger-sized drop of gem. A lustrous pure ruby. The brightly red luster reflected the clear-white crystal hairpin and increasingly brought out its exquisiteness.

“Is it pretty?” Shi Fengju placed both his hands on her shoulders and asked with a smile as if he had presented her with a treasure.

“It looks pretty. It must’ve been expensive!” Sang Wan exclaimed with a smile. The hairpin in her hand had a full sense of weight. Its quality was probably of great value, let alone the workmanship.

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“I got it specially ordered for you, so it’s naturally more valuable. Do you like it?” Shi Fengju asked with a smile again..

“How can I not like such a lovely hairpin!” Sang Wan smiled, but the smile on her face was somewhat stiff. The more he deliberately tried to please her and treat her well, the more she felt guilty without a reason.

“It’s a relief that you like it! Come on, I’ll help you put it on.” Shi Fengju smiled and took the crystal lotus hairpin. He looked at her hair bun for a brief moment before inserting it for her. Holding her shoulders, he admired her reflection in the mirror before he praised her, “ Sang Wan, you are so beautiful wearing this! I did not get this in vain! I was very anxious when the boat caught fire that day. Luckily, I managed to rescue it…”

“What did you say!” Sang Wan’s body trembled suddenly and her eyes widened. She took the red brocade box placed on the dressing table and saw the scorched marks on it. It was obvious that it had been rescued from the fire. She recalled the situation on that day when Zhang Huan spoke halfway with much consideration. He mentioned that he was at fault for not taking good care of his Young Master. They obviously came out together, but his young master…. he did not pay attention and the pillar fell onto his Young Master!

“You…” Sang Wan suddenly stood up. While holding the embroidered box in her hand, she questioned Shi Fengju, “You went out of the boat. Was it because you later entered the boat again to look for this? Then… Fengju, is that the case?”

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju was a little frightened by her expression and felt nervous for no reason. He reached out to force her into his embrace before leaning over her shoulder to answer, “Am I not fine now! Have you forgotten? Back then, when my elder sister took away the jade hairpin that I gave you, I told you that I would find a better one for you. Look, this crystal lotus hairpin is better than that one, right?”

“But you shouldn’t put yourself in danger for this. If something bad happened to you, I would only feel sad and guilty everytime I see this hairpin. Why would I still want it then!” Feeling bitter, Sang Wan had no energy to lean in his arms and she grasped his clothes. “Fengju, you don’t have to be so good to me, really!”

She was bewildered by how well he treated her, causing her to be at a loss. She was unsure how to repay him and she wanted to avoid such a feeling as she did not like it. She did not know what she had that could repay him! The better he treated her, the more afraid she was. He said he liked her, but every time she heard it, she would feel even more unnatural. But really, wasn’t mutual respect between husband and wife good as well? That way, everyone could be calm, comfortable, and at ease!

But not him!

Shi Fengju lowered his head to kiss her gently on the forehead. When he heard the sound of her weeping, he let go of her slightly and lifted her face before he gently caressed the corners of her eyes to wipe away the traces of tears, “Sang Wan, don’t cry! You are my wife and the woman I like. Who will I be good to besides you?”

“Fengju…” Sang Wan’s unbearable tears streamed down her face. She shook her head and lowered her gaze. “Don’t say anymore. In the future, don’t do this again. You have to promise me!”

“Okay, I promise you, I won’t do it again! Don’t cry, hmm? Look at you, I gave you something and you cry like this. Those who aren’t aware will think that I bullied you!” Shi Feng coaxed her with a smile and wiped off her tears.

Sang Wan sniffled and took out her handkerchief to wipe her tears before forcing a smile, “Fengju, I really don’t care about these. I just want you to be safe, that’s all! And Mother won’t stand being frightened again!”

What she said was clearly virtuous with a laudable filial piety. But for some reason, Shi Fengju felt a little disappointed and at a loss. Just what exactly was he looking for? He himself was in a little daze.

“Don’t worry, I will pay attention to that in the future and won’t let you worry!” Shi Fengju smiled and suddenly held her shoulders and said, “Sang Wan, tell me. Do you like me?”

Sang Wan froze and raised her eyes slightly. Her gaze met with his, and she could see the little nervousness in his eyes that he tried to hold back.

Sang Wan blinked slightly to avoid his gaze. Her heart was in a mess, and although she did not know why he had suddenly asked her, she intuitively felt that she would only offend him if she answered incorrectly.

She subconsciously nodded her head and responded with a yes.

Shi Fengju’s eyes lit up as though they were the brightest stars in the night sky. He held her shoulders with great strength and asked, “Sang Wan, you really like me, right?”

“Yes!” Sang Wan nodded but was too afraid to look into his eyes as she leaned against him. He was her husband, so she could not leave him and they were going to be together for their entire lifetime. So naturally she liked him, didn’t she?

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