Chapter 952: Wake up 

Upon hearing the news from Nan Zhuang, Xiao Qi Feng hurriedly started walking out. When he was halfway through the door, he remembered about the people that were still in the Imperial Study Room.

“I am going to see Qi Tian. ​​You guys…”

“Let’s go together.” Qiao Tian Chang would definitely not stay here knowing that Xiao Qi Tian was awake, so they might as well all go together to see how he was doing. They all hoped that there would not be any complications.

Xiao Qi Feng nodded and they walked towards Xiao Qi Tian’s room.

Xiao Qi Tian looked at Mu Xue, who was crying non-stop by the bed, and he could not help but feel a little annoyed.

“Princess. His Royal Highness has just woken up. Please do not be so upset anymore.” Chun Ya looked at Mu Xue and then looked at Xiao Qi Tian’s frowning expression. She knew that His Royal Highness must be annoyed by the noise the Princess was making.

Mu Xue wiped her tears and looked at Xiao Qi Tian sobbingly.

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“Qi Tian, I thought… I thought that you were going to leave me. I know I am wrong. Can you please forgive me?” Mu Xue cried.

These days, the fear she had felt made her loathe everything and she only wanted to take care of Xiao Qi Tian for the rest of her life.

When Xiao Qi Feng and the others walked in and saw that Mu Xue was crying and pulling on to Xiao Qi Tian, who had just woken up, they all frowned immediately.

“Bring the Princess out. His Royal Highness needs to rest.” Xiao Qi Feng’s bossy tone made Mu Xue unhappy.

“I am not leaving.”

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“Drag her out.” This time Xiao Qi Feng did not have much patience to bicker with her. He only wanted to check on Xiao Qi Tian now.

Xiao Qi Tian looked at Xiao Qi Feng in confusion. What was wrong with him? Why did it feel like he had become thinner?

“Just go out first. I have something to talk to my elder brother.” Xiao Qi Tian told Mu Xue while enduring his pain.

“But…” She really did not want to leave, and was there anything that she should not know about?

Even though she had many questions in her heart, she still listened to Xiao Qi Tian.

She looked at him one last time, before standing up to leave.

When she was at the door, she saw two men and one woman. Her sight fell on the woman, whose belly was already very big and when she saw her, she turned her head away as if she was a stranger. She did not even bother to show any respect.

She frowned as she was not happy seeing this woman.

Xiao Qi Tian tried to sit up but he was immediately stopped by Xiao Qi Feng.

“Why are you sitting up? Whatever you want to do, just order the servants to do it.” Xiao Qi Feng was displeased as he was very dissatisfied with his brother torturing himself.

Xiao Qi Tian was completely dumbfounded. What was going on? Why did it feel like everything had changed after he was unconscious for a few days?


“Qi Tian, ​​are you okay?” Qiao Tian Chang walked towards the bed hurriedly. He frowned when he saw his pale face.

Xiao Qi Tian was stunned once again when he saw Qiao Tian Chang. Why was he here?

“Tian Chang? Why are you here?”

“We will talk about this later on. How do you feel?” If they told him the truth now then they might disrupt Xiao Qi Feng’s plan.

“I am okay.” Other than feeling a little weak physically, the other parts of him were fine.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at him and a deep thought flashed in his eyes.

“Meng Yao, why are you here as well?” Xiao Qi Tian was a little shocked to see the big-bellied Ning Meng Yao standing at the side. Her belly was so big now, so how could she come all the way here.

“My children are very well behaved.” Ning Meng Yao gave a rather brief explanation.

Xiao Qi Feng was relieved seeing how Xiao Qi Tian had been asking so many questions.

He stood at one side and watched them chat and he did not join them. Sometime later, he felt a pain in his body.

“You guys chat. I still have some things to deal with.” Xiao Qi Feng endured the pain and tried to  look normal.

Qiao Tian Chang secretly looked at Xiao Qi Feng with worry.

Xiao Qi Feng did not say anything else and only smiled, after which he quickly left.

Xiao Qi Tian looked at his figure leaving and felt something was strange.

“Tian Chang, don’t you think he is acting strange?” Xiao Qi Tian asked with some doubts.

Qiao Tian Chang did not speak. He just stared at Xiao Qi Tian and that gaze made him a little stunned.

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