Chapter 161: An Unpleasant Forest Guardian Beast (4)

The Wu Ji Forest finally erupted in an uproar.

Mourning over the countless fallen innocent lives of both the herbs and animals of the forest, the surviving compatriots rushed towards the central region of the forest, towards the forbidden lake that housed the serene tranquility that protected their lives.

The suppressive aura released by the forest’s protector had removed a multitude of lives from the forest’s populace, leaving behind a trail of death and fear that exceeded that of the young girl’s tyrannical march that gladly ceased a few days earlier.

In perspective, the damage dealt to the Wu Ji Forest’s vitality and lifespan was not significant in the slightest, but perspectives were to remain as perspectives until the collapse of time.

Wallowing in their grief, the creatures who could move all migrated towards the central lake of tranquility and repose, wishing to at the minimum, exhort an explanation from the mighty flood dragon.


As they neared the perimeter of the tranquilizing lake immersed in the purest quality of the atmospheric spiritual qi within the forest, the deafening roar of an authentic flood dragon shook through the entire Wu Ji Forest.

The shockwave rampaged through the trees as they swept all existences aside, the imperial prestige of the dragon’s race chilling the blood of those present.

Their souls quailed in fear, trembling as they awaited the arrival of their hastened doomsday.

Be it animal or plant, all creatures within the Wu Ji Forest, the forest’s core included, kneeled with trepidation as they awaited the orders from the seemingly enraged guardian beast.

Perhaps the forest would be razed to the ground this afternoon, without requiring the arrival of one of their past enemies.

Just as their souls seemed to cave in on themselves in suspended fear, the ground wailed in agony as a tremendous force shook the earth.


A large pillar of water soared to greet the heavens, towering over even the peak of the tallest trees of the Wu Ji Forest.

The secondary shockwave of the impact seemed to render the nearby creatures into unconsciousness, their souls fleeing from their physical body from the shock.

Perhaps if they had remained to observe the source of the shockwave, the lake of tranquility that served as the central cornerstone behind the forest’s unending vitality, their souls would have shattered from disbelief.

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A massive stream of cobalt and black rushed towards the clear sky, each and every scale on its rippling body exuding a tangible aura of nobility and dominance.

The enormous dragon unfurled its body to its greatest length, a hundred twenty meters of pure strength causing the sky to nervously gulp down a century’s worth of its lifespan.

A Mortal Tribulation creature was not to be offended, for there would be great strife and death!

The flood dragon of the Wu Ji Forest suddenly veered towards the south, transforming into a stream of cobalt and black light that blazed through the skies.

As the terrified subjects within the forest kowtowed in respect, they all simultaneously frowned in an abrupt manner, their souls resonating with a tinge of bewilderment.

It was so far away… definitely out of reach from their discernable perception of hearing, but was that…


Instantly, trillions of creatures within the Wu Ji Forest clapped their foreheads with as much force as they could muster, their souls screaming with an unlimited exasperation and resentment.

A beauty’s cry, especially a delicate and tender one simply from the youthful and fragile voice?

Seriously, Lord Protector, to quarrel with a beautiful concubine, you slaughtered your own subjects with your aura unleashed to the fullest for a prolonged period of time!?

Men are truly obsessed over pretty women, regardless of their age or species, ah.

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“You – cough – why did you do that, ah!?”

An Fei howled at the large flood dragon in anger and disbelief the instant her feet touched solid ground.

Her vision had yet to recover from the unspeakable and horrifying experience, and the numbness coursing through her entire body proved that the remainder of her sensory abilities had yet to expose their visage as well.

Soon enough, the urge to vomit overwhelmed her thoroughly beaten consciousness, and the young girl fell to her hands and knees to empty the contents of her stomach onto the ground.

…it was unknown how the young girl found it within herself to curse at the dragon in between retch, for her eyes were desperately emptying themselves of tears to preserve whatever remaining dignity they were allowed to possess.

“You-you-you – argh – why, ah!?” the young girl spluttered, ignoring the flabbergasted expression on the flood dragon’s countenance.

“You could have at least – cough – let me know that you… you…”

The young girl weakly collapsed onto the ground after rolling away from her disaster, her fragile body heaving for breath.

The massive dragon’s head loomed over An Fei to thoroughly examine her physique, rolling an eyeball at her obvious fragility.

“Of all of the humans this protector has met in my lifespan, you are the weakest of them all, ah,” the jiaolong sighed with incredulity.

“Just how did you become this weak? Even trekking through my forest would guarantee a somewhat invigorated physique, but you…”

Maybe human males enjoyed their female counterparts as deliciously fragile and delicate as possible?

The flood dragon pondered in its heart, eventually turning its gaze away from the utterly defeated young girl to glance at the chaotic forest.

As it soared into the air to disappear into the depths of the Wu Ji Forest, the rumble of thunder conveyed a final message into An Fei’s ears.

“This protector has delivered you out of the forest as you requested, so don’t you come back unless it’s absolutely necessary, ah. This protector can’t lose any more of my subjects from your hideous toothpick.”

A broken wheeze escaped the young girl’s throat as her body rolled to her right.

There, An Fei could see the faint shadow of a forest shrouded in a dense mist, the sea of trees obscured in an impenetrable veil that was thinner than paper.

A roll to her left revealed the faint outline of an open plains, devoid of any towering trees or branches daring to blot out the existence of the sun.

The dull realization took several moments for the disoriented An Fei to compute, her eyes gradually widening as her mind jolted itself awake.

She had… she had finally left the forest.

A month with the dreadful monsoon, then an approximate amount of at least three months wasted on her journey…

“Oh, take this as well. Don’t chase after my daughter’s pelt, ah?”


A soft ball rammed into her chest, causing the little raven nestled in her arms to leap and scream in startled anger.

The little creature had suffered even more than An Fei during the ordeal in the sky, and had cycled through a series of blackouts and forceful awakenings throughout the entire flight.

When the soft ball coincidentally slammed onto its head, the little raven had experienced enough as it exploded with an aura seeking death and malevolence, not unlike that of the handle-less sword.

“Xiao Hei…”

The young girl murmured in a delirious haze, her consciousness hazy from exhaustion.

Her mind quickly gave in under the pressure of the accumulated sensations of having her internal organs jostled and resonated by an intense pressure, and An Fei fled to the safe confines of the Sanctum.

The idea of exploring her circumstances, and the mysterious present the dragon had hurled into her lap at the final moment… all were forgotten as the young girl merely sought a good rest.


The innocent intruder to the group of a young girl and little raven shrieked in panic as the warm body serving as its nest suddenly vanished, tears brimming in its hazel eyes.

Its numerous tails swung back and forth as it pawed its body in fear, directing a glance demanding pity towards the little raven only to be met by a pair of cold, vicious, and enraged violet irises.

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First the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Sword Sect, and now the Protector of the Wu Ji Forest... Nobody wants to volunteer to defend their honor?
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