Chapter 162: A March Through A Tedious Plains (1)

“I left the forest.”

The words incessantly revolved around each other within An Fei’s mind, each cycle producing a roaring revelation that tugged at the base of her heart.

Her limbs tingled with a rushing sensation of numbness, as though she had completed a grave task.

The Wu Ji Forest that she had once stood within without any concrete dissertation of orientation, now acted as the background brushing against her back in tune with the gentle breeze.

Before her lay the scenery of a long stretching plains, a far cry from that of the forest.

The knee-high grass was still the same, but the lack of a single tree or winding branch arching over her head was oddly exhilarating.

The young girl released a heavy sigh of relief within the Sanctum, her lithe body aptly sliding under the comfortable blankets.

With a wave of her hand, the bedcurtains drew shut, and a warm darkness surged in to draw the single occupant to the fleeting land of dreams.

“I left the forest.”

The single whisper resounded throughout the boudoir of sky-blue crystal, the crystalline surfaces reverberating with a cheerful glint of gold and blue.

The next day, An Fei arose from her delightful sleep, freshened her conscious with a shower and a fulfilling breakfast, and departed from the safe confines of the Sanctum.

The young girl yawned and stretched her limbs whilst being bathed by the soft, golden rays of sunlight, her beautiful countenance brimming with a delightful complexion.

Of course, when she opened her eyes to greet her companions, she found a resentful pair of crimson eyes, and a tearful pair of hazel.

“Xiao Hei, when did I get a fox?”

A young girl casually remarked to the little raven perched on her shoulder as she walked through the grasses of the plains, her hands gently brushing the strands of her hair that were teased and tussled by the gentle breeze.

Staring at the bright sky, she wished that she had brought a parasol to block the blinding rays that seeped into her vision, or perhaps a wide-brimmed hat.


The little raven clamped on the straps of the leather bag in a discontented mood, refusing to glance at the young girl’s visage as it fired a noncommittal reply.

“The dragon tossed it to me?” the young girl raised an eyebrow, an amused tinge seeping within the base of the pair of scarlet irises.



An Fei mused in interest, unaware that her cheerful heart caused the little raven’s mood to plummet by an equal magnitude.

The young girl even patted her cheeks, her countenance blooming with a delightful smile that stretched from ear to ear.

The giant dragon had given her a seven-tailed fox!

Given as the protector of the Wu Ji Forest was most likely annoyed with her regarding her series of wanton slaughters, the seven-tailed fox was probably nothing special within the mysterious forest.

From an analytical perspective, even An Fei with her suppressed cultivation could squash the creature with her finger, much less utilize the sword.

But the fur was the exact same quality as the nine-tailed fox that she had fought with in the forest!

The exact same – no, it was even better!

The young girl couldn’t help but eagerly swallow, her right hand rubbing away the trace of drool that threatened to seep from the corner of her lip.

Ignoring the rustling of grass as they brushed against her legs protected only by a pair of pants, An Fei even nursed the urge to whistle a tune.

She had a little raven on her left shoulder, and a little fox on her right.

Grabbing the little creature and nestling it in her arms, the young girl extended her index and middle fingers to gently rub at the silken fur, her eyes closing in utter satisfaction at the blissful sensation that throbbed at her fingertips.

An Fei even paused to continue her indulgent action, completely ignoring the dissatisfied glare stabbing at her cheek from her left shoulder.

The heavenly bliss!

She could only describe the sensation as though rubbing warm cream, the texture and consistency refined to the ninth heaven.

Furthermore, the little fox quivered with each stroke, producing a new and utterly tantalizing experience for the young girl.

Addicting! It was completely addicting for –


The little raven shrieked towards the sky, its crimson eyes blazing with anger.

The sudden cry caused An Fei to snap back to her senses, and glance down towards her unmoving feet.

With an embarrassed flush, the young girl shrugged her shoulders, deigning to continue her journey to disguise her flustered state.

“Ahem, that wasn’t intentional!” the young girl shook her head towards the little compatriot glaring at her from the side.

“Right, it wasn’t intentional, I just got lost in my thoughts…”

They were within a large, expansive plains.

After leaving the Wu Ji Forest, An Fei found herself in a sea of green grass, the strands reaching up to her waist, if not to her chest in certain areas. As far as her eyes could perceive, the young girl found a similar stretch of land in every direction – covered with grass, and devoid of anything else.

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No trees, no creatures, just a quiet sea of grass.

“The old dragon mentioned to continue walking in a straight line until I encountered a town…” the young girl kneaded at the faint drops of sweat on her brow.

“After that point, I should have returned to human society? Although, I don’t know why he only labeled this area as a wasteland; the grass is so green and brimming with vitality, what could be the problem?”

“Xiao Hei, do you know?”

The young girl tilted her head and glanced back towards the little raven, an inquisitive expression on her countenance.

The soft and charming voice and a pair of scarlet irises locked with two crimson beads, and the little creature hopped on her shoulder with its wings spread to the sides.


“I see, you don’t know either…” An Fei sighed with puffed cheeks.

“After all, you merely grew up in a forest – how would you know where humans live?”


Little lass, where did you obtain such a conclusion!?

The sentient immortal within the raven cried with an anguished expression, his countenance distorted by his disbelief.

Alas, the little raven’s continued cries merely caused the young girl to become further assuaged in her deduction, causing a rather ruffled immortal’s annoyance to surge to the sky.

“Xiao Hei, do you detect any fierce creatures around?”

The young girl suddenly spoke, her eyes carefully roaming through her surroundings. An Fei’s brows furrowed into a deep frown, but the young girl elected to continue walking, albeit her vigilance surged towards the sky.


It seemed that something… was nearby.

Due to the world brutally suppressing An Fei’s cultivation endowed by the spiritual essence of the Sanctum, she was unable to discern what exactly the disturbance was, but the discomfiting sensation at her heart was sufficient to raise her vigil.

The little raven braced itself on the leather strap, its wings prepared to alight the instant it detected any trouble.

The young girl, little raven, and a small fox tread through the plains, their hearts weary as though laden with heavy stones.

The grass rustled with its usual unhurried sway, the breeze brushing over the tips of the strands to coil around the young girl’s body. Overhead, the sun continued to ruffle its pulses of blistering heat, the golden rays basking over the fertile land.

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The large plains cast a scenic environment, one that exuded a natural aura of tranquility and peace from a single glance.

The lack of bloodshed, the picturesque sunlight, and a comforting breeze – compared to the brutal environment of the Wu Ji Forest, the plains were simply a paradise on earth.

Even An Fei had to agree with such an assessment. The sunlight wasn’t obstructed by branches or leaves, and fierce creatures were not present, thus guaranteeing her safety.

She had disengaged the handle-less sword, fearing that the steel blade with its ever-present aura of malevolence would heavily distort the environment.

The serene movements of the grass, the tepid yet playful breeze, with warm sunlight bathing her body in a soft, comfortable glow – what else would calm the heart?

Only, why could she not remove the shadow of unease in her heart?

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