Chapter 191: Bloodstained Calamity

In the Realm, a stunningly beautiful young girl suddenly sneezed in her husband’s arms.

She rubbed at her arms with a frown of distaste, before the pair of arms snugly wrapped around her waist gently released a pulse of affection.

“What’s wrong?”

Jun Meng Chen lowered his head to lightly nibble at the tip of the right ear of the young girl, causing a dainty fist to pummel his chest in mock anger.

The young girl puffed her cheeks in exasperation, adjusting her position in the chair to rest her head against Jun Meng Chen’s powerfully beating heart.

“I do not know,” Li Xiang muttered with the persistent frown.

Her azure irises flickered for a brief moment, before flashing with an unknown but non-conciliatory glint.

“I think someone is calling for my spear again.”

“Oh-hoh? That Dongfang brat you’re training is in serious trouble?”

Jun Meng Chen played with his wife’s soft body as he gently questioned, his hands roaming as they pleased.

Li Xiang struggled for a few breaths of time before her body capitulated on its own, and she directed a helpless glare towards the raucous husband.

“It’s not Yu’er’s aura, but someone different,” the young girl tapped her chin in thought.

“Someone… whose aura I think I used to know? It’s so familiar and yet so strange at the same time…”


The raucous young man withdrew his fingers after noticing his wife’s light pants and the flush on her countenance.

Blowing away her angered expression with a soothing kiss to the forehead, Jun Meng Chen airily waved his hand towards her concerns.

“If it’s a familiar aura, then why not let them borrow the spear? You could ask Xiao Zi to look after it, just to make sure that whoever is asking for it doesn’t cause mayhem.”

“I could do that… – hey!”

Li Xiang swatted away the pair of hands that had unleashed sweet torment after torment of pleasure and intense numbness, her azure irises flickering with fatigue.

Huffing with an angered pout, the young girl turned the back of her head towards Jun Meng Chen, a wooden comb shoved before his nose.

The young man raised an eyebrow of amusement, before taking the proffered comb and palming it.

Gazing at Li Xiang’s ankle-length hair, Jun Meng Chen hesitated for a brief moment before picking up a random segment to gently run the spokes of the comb in a smooth, rhythmic pattern.

“So, you’ll forgive me if I comb your hair, ah…?”

The young man joked with a wry smile, only to discover that Li Xiang had fallen asleep against his free arm.

Raising his hand to stroke the young girl’s head, the husband of the terrifying and cataclysmic Butterfly of Chaos continued his menial but rewarding task of combing a long trail of hair.

Soon after, a few complaints were issued into the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the residence, causing the air to rustle with schadenfreude and annoyance.

“Why is that brat called Yu’er, when we don’t even have a child yet, ah!? Good for that damned brat, he better get into some life threatening danger, so I can pummel some manners into his prideful brain!”

The wooden comb dove into its gleeful task once more, and the spear responsible for the countless calamities and tribulations of the Realm was dispatched to a measly mortal world.

The three-pronged spear hovered directly above the Peaceful Road, at the intersection that divided the four members of the Xiao Clan against An Fei.

The steel appearance of the handle-less sword had been replaced with a dull grey texture, and the length of the weapon had tripled.

As it hovered in the night sky, the moon and the stars seemed to be quivering with a deep-rooted fear and unease.

The scarlet inscriptions were replaced with blank surface, but the entire spear released a golden radiance that could faintly be seen amongst the cosmic bellows of the stars.

“A spear…?”

The members of the Xiao Clan mumbled with befuddlement, their minds struck with an uneasy sensation.

Their consciousness attempted to flee from the street as soon as possible, yet their bodies remained frozen on the cobbled stone ground.

As if responding to the elders and the young lady’s words, the spear hanging in the air quivered, and the golden radiance exploded forwards.


A sea of brilliance washed over the night sky, accosting the moon to rob its position.

The celestial lake hummed first with anger then fear, and it escaped beyond the horizon, vacating its seat to the sea of golden light without a single statement of defiance.

The night was replaced by day, but the sun did not hang in the sky to dispatch its blistering rays of light.

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Before the stunned and speechless residents of Bone Spirit Town and the terror-stricken Peaceful Road, the three-pronged spear that was responsible for the world-shaking phenomenon descended from the sky.

Its downward velocity was not anything significant, for it travelled at a speed that could easily be matched by a falling apple.

Unaffected by the urges of gravity, the spear descended at a leisurely and constant pace – as though it were talking an evening stroll in a wonderful garden.

For each meter the spear descended, the golden radiance increased in intensity by a sharp degree.

The skies transformed from their dull, darkened blanket to a clear day, the sun’s employment forcibly seized by a spear.

From what was soon to be just after midnight to morph into a brilliant afternoon sky… left the experts of the continent terrified and speechless.


Under the silent worship of the residents’ gazes, the three prongs of the spear contacted the stone surface of the Peaceful Road.

The world remained still for a breath, then the entire Shattered Star Continent erupted with a pained bellow.

“That spear… why!?”

The roar wrenched from the core of the mortal world’s throat caused the earth to shake with an intense quiver, and many towns, cities, and sects all raised their protective mechanisms to retain stability to their foundation.

Soon after, many natural disasters occurred throughout the continent.

Deserts suddenly found themselves completely parched of groundwater; mountainous regions were buried under by countless landslides and volcanic eruptions; and those of extreme climates found their miseries exacerbate by an exponential amount.

As for the plains in which Bone Spirit Town was housed… the afternoon ‘sun’ released death-suffused rays of golden light.

The citizens of the town, upon being struck by the seemingly harmless rays of light, suddenly discovered themselves in need of a limb.

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Some were bereaved of their bones, others of their capillaries, and an unlucky few had even lost their brain.

For those who had been daring enough to stand onto open streets of Bone Spirit Town, their chances of survival had been reduced to zero.

Each strike of the golden rays of light removed a significant complement that formed their physique at random, and the rays were smaller than a tiny embroidering needle.



The citizens howled as they sought shelter from the mysterious and perplexing light that showered onto the streets and the large plains.

As the slightly naïve and less self-centered citizens of Bone Spirit Town opened their doors to welcome in the struggling victims, the casualties within the town were surprisingly reduced to a minimum.

However… such a sight was enough to terrify the four persons of the Xiao Clan that stood across from An Fei.

For an unknown reason, the elderly men and the pretty young lady could not be touched by the golden rays of light that rained from the artificial afternoon sky.

Nonetheless, the terrifying howls echoing from the streets of Bone Spirit Town as victims found their bodies in need of various bones and limbs were sufficient to crumble their resistant minds into ash.

“That threat…”

Was too much, ah!

The elders screamed in their hearts as they fiercely gazed at the three-pronged spear loosely touching the ground of the formerly tranquil Peaceful Road.

The spear with three blades protruding from its shaft appeared to be a mighty treasure of a supreme expert, but they couldn’t even muster the greed necessary to rob it.

Who could ever cause such a powerful artifact to forcefully capitulate to a new owner, especially when it could enact such devastating damage over a large radius!?

As the elders painfully closed their eyes and clapped their hands over their ears to bade farewell to their arrogance, the three prongs on the seemingly ordinary spear stretched backwards, the blades primed to jab into the earth if released.


A soft whisper, inaudible to the mortal ear, echoed across the Shattered Star Continent.

The whisper seemed to have transcended the limits of both the mortal world and the Realm, unable to be heard by anyone, but influential to all.

Immortals paused in their actions, be it forging, fighting, studying, writing calligraphy, or playing with their wives and family.

Mortals similarly ceased their tasks, be it a powerful practitioner, scholar, or emperor.

The three-pronged spear hummed with a tinge of discontent at the suppressed command, but gradually vanished into a storm of silver granular light that merged into the atmosphere to travel back towards An Fei’s bosom.

At the quiet removal of a grave threat, the Shattered Star Continent’s core heaved a great sigh of relief, sweat soaking its existence.

Just what kind of calamity had it provoked?

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