Chapter 210: The dangers of a protagonist-Esque partner (3)

The young girl, youth, and the middle-aged man as well as his family were all sent flying into the air.

As the screech of the wind pounded at her eardrums, the world whirled and revolved before An Fei.

A horrendous vomit of color distorted her vision as the heavens and the earth interchanged locations numerous times in the span of a single second, before her feet touched the ruffled grass of the expansive plains.


A horrid, bloodcurdling cry slashed apart the turbid atmosphere of the plains with the sharpness of a heated knife, filled with both pain and dread.

Soon after, numerous impacts of flesh against earth numbed the abused soil with a massage that was a degree too intense, creating cavities that bore deep into the ground.

The young girl, once her zero-gravity experience within the air had concluded, landed stably onto the ground without sinking into the already moistened and softened earth.

Instead, An Fei had to retreat backwards for several meters, her body automatically completing full moon sweeps with the guidance of a godly hand.

Still, it was much better than smashing into the ground and creating a human-shaped hole; she had already experienced that once, and it definitely wasn’t pleasant.


The little raven screeched with anger after its world had stabilized, the black wings spread to their fullest length as a violet aura was prepared to be unleashed onto the world.

However, the little creature’s offensive tactic quelled the next instant, the violet eyes flashing with a glum distaste.

Shen Haoren and his family were all cultivators to a certain degree – thus, the shockwave generated from the Earth Giant’s stomp didn’t disintegrate their bodies, only slamming them against the ground with the force of a cannonball assisted by a full charge of gunpowder.

Tang Shiqi was of a similar state; three meters to An Fei’s right, a small cavity burrowed into the earth, with the figure of a pained human faintly visible underneath the disturbed soil.

The carriage and the horses… had transformed into a pile of corpses and dust.

“Damned giant…”

Shen Haoren cursed as he climbed out of the crater transformed from the impulse of his own body.

The middle-aged man’s heart sank as he discovered that save for their lives, the leather bags inside his carriage had been transformed into a powdery substance – the precious materials and artifacts held inside was no exception to the fate.

At the same time, his mood had sunk to the depths of the bottomless abyss known as despair.

Fierce creatures did not possess a considerable intellect compared to spirit beasts and practitioners, hence they would not actively seek out prey or take aggressive actions as the initiative.

However, when it did…

…ahem, those who managed to crawl out of such a circumstance were rare and renowned amongst the legends, especially if they weren’t an excessively staffed army of a prominent nation.

“Lord Shen…”

Tang Shiqi similarly dug himself out of his temporary grave, his hands clawing away at the sods of earth that threatened to cling to his clothes.

The youth only displayed a solemn expression on his countenance, the innocence of youth eradicated to reveal a mature aura.

“Lord Shen, the Earth Giant took the initiative to attack… do we have any countermeasures we can adopt? If it becomes necessary, I can… ah?”

The youth’s voice trailed off into an uncomfortable silence, for his gaze had locked onto a certain figure.

To his shock and astonishment, Tang Shiqi discovered the young girl crouching besides the wreckage of her carriage, her head lowered as incomprehensible mutters escaped from her lips to dissipate into the turbid atmosphere of the plains.

Compared to the middle-aged man and the youth whose countenance was akin to those who saw death peering from either doorway, An Fei merely had a bored expression decorating her face.

“They said a peak Core Formation Realm strength at best…” the young girl played with the drowsy small fox in her arms, her eyes lowered towards the pile of brown and scarlet powder.

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“I guess the old man and that youth can take care of things? But… there’s no carriage nor are there any horses…”


The little raven’s body twitched as it pondered whether to glare at the young girl or not.

In the end, the little raven could not resist the temptation, and a fully malevolent gaze thoroughly inspected An Fei’s figure for damage.

En, a figure that was immensely damaged, since he couldn’t see anything worthy of appreci-


“Enough, you want to be perverted now?”

An Fei mocked as she slapped the little creature on its feathery head, ignoring the momentary tears that nearly trickled down its beak.

The young girl raised her head to glance at the dust storm that shrouded the massive figure from view, her lips wrinkling into a sigh.

The towering figure that roughly constituted that of a man stood at least half a kilometer in height.

Furthermore, from Tang Shiqi and Shen Haoren’s not so secretive war discussion, the giant before them could easily stomp them into their next lives without a problem.

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“This is where you know when the world is completely messed up… hah?”

The young girl’s fingers twitched as they rubbed against the snow lotus petal hidden in her hair, a subtle and playful thought swimming in her mind.

As An Fei continued to dreamily gaze at the shadowed figure that eliminated the shadow of the sun, the thought increased in magnitude until it reached the boundaries of dangerous and extraorbitantly lacking in intellect.

The second lotus petal had successfully terrified the jiaolong that guarded the Wu Ji Forest until it offered a peace treaty, perhaps the Earth Giant that stood a kilometer away would do the same…

Mhm, extraorbitantly lacking in intellect.

The little raven sneered as it guessed the thoughts of the young girl with dreadful accuracy.

The sentient immortal behind the violet eyes mocked An Fei in his heart, before musing on the tempting notion of egging her into action.

Mhm, the little raven was similarly lacking in intellect, sometimes even more so than the young girl.

“I guess I don’t have a choice…”

Behind, Shen Haoren darkly muttered as he glared at the shadowed figure of the Earth Giant in the distance.

Due to the dense veil of dust that shrouded its figure, the middle-aged man could not discern what treacherous actions the fierce creature was about to undertake.

However, from the fact that it took the initiative to strike from afar represented that it had no intention of letting them go.

“Besides, a distance of a kilometer…”


A bolt of lightning flashed from the skies to strike the ground besides Shen Haoren, and the menacing appearance of a double-headed war hammer screamed its might into the world.

The hammer was a frightening length of two meters, and was forged from a single block of gold.

The two heads that protruded from either side of the shaft were shaped in a hexagonal format and hauled a massive three hundred jin each, the surface crisscrossed with numerous lines of black etched on the weapon.

Down the shaft, the black lines converged onto a mysterious spiral at the base of the pommel, upon which the faint outline of a symbol could be found.

An ordinary man would never possess the ability to wield such a war hammer as imposing as the one grasped in Shen Haoren’s right hand.

Furthermore, the middle-aged man sighed as he withdrew a silver coin from his pocket, flicking it into the air with an angered puff of air.

“Lord… Shen, what are you planning –“

“I can hit from three kilometers, much less one!”


The coin spun as it fell from to embrace the ground, the symbol of Yong flashing through the air as it graced the gazes of everyone present.

Releasing a massive roar, Shen Haoren dug his heels into the ground as he executed a full moon sweep, the war hammer clenched in his hand soaring out to smash against the flimsy coin with a blurry and fearsome velocity.


The small coin that was the size of An Fei’s thumb transformed into a streak of grey light as it roared through the empty plains, ripping apart the air and atmospheric spiritual qi alike as it rushed towards the Earth Giant’s left kneecap.

Before the astonished gaze of both Tang Shiqi and An Fei, the massive giant stumbled as it lurched forwards, as though it had lost its balance.

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