Chapter 60: A Nasty Little Joke of Epic Proportions (4)

“He’s truly gone…”

Bai Xing murmured in surprise after scanning the area of which Deng Lan previously stood. Pondering as he stared at the fragments of sky-blue crystal scattered across the ground, the green-robed immortal sighed before directing a heavy glare at Dongfang Yu.

“Even if Deng Lan abruptly left for the coordinates contained within the pearl for some inexplicable reason,” the youth glanced at the opaque pearl hovering in the air, causing the remaining immortals to stare at him as Bai Xing himself glanced at the violet-robed youth.

“Earlier, the old man and you both had a conversation that none of us could comprehend the contents of. Care to share the details?”

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Dongfang Yu raised an eyebrow, the pair of violet irises examining Bai Xing from head to toe in silence. Before the awkward immortal could respond or Mu Rong Yuan to interrupt, he opened his mouth to speak.

“Just some information my Master imparted to me before I left,” the youth barely concealed his cynical amusement as he observed Bai Xing and Mu Rong Yuan’s countenances distort with a sliver of disbelief.

“Of course, I could tell you the detailed concepts and explanations, but then you’d have to join the Skybreak Spire as an ordinary member. That’s not… a rather worthwhile deal for you, no?”

“Hmph!” Bai Xing snorted.

“As if you would tell us anyway, given your shrewd and cunning nature. Forget it, let’s see how that old man will react if I conquer that girl in the worst fashion imaginable, that expression will be worth all of this useless effort.”

Pocketing a handful of the sky-blue crystal scattered across the ground, the green-robed youth’s figure vanished amongst a cloud of green lights, the savage expression on his countenance creating a devastating and alluring sight.

Mu Rong Yuan similarly followed suit after contemplating in silence for a brief moment, his aura thickening with an arrogant demeanor by the second.


“What, you haven’t left yet?” Dongfang Yu smiled at the golden-robed youth standing across from him.

“With your character and appearance, just a little coaxing would easily cinch the victory for you, no?”

“You’re joking, as if I would be that lascivious. Three is already more than enough, no need to add another,” Jun Mo rolled his eyes in exasperation, glaring at Dongfang Yu.

“Furthermore, as a Shattered Soul, she would probably never agree to being one of my wives. Forget it, it’s much better handing her over to Elder Brother than watching that Mu Rong Yuan wreck a pitiful, delicate flower to shreds.”

“What if I were to mutilate that flower into smithereens? You wouldn’t feel sad then?”

“Hah! As if Elder Brother has ever touched a woman before, much less interact with them. How would you even explore the wild grasses and beautiful flowers if you’re unable to inspect them in the first place?”

Slightly disgruntled yet amused, Dongfang Yu reached over to lightly whack the youth on the forehead, a leering expression on his handsome countenance. Patting the aggrieved immortal on the shoulder, the violet-robed youth turned to inspect the monoliths once more.

“…do you want me to do something?” Jun Mo quietly asked while rubbing his slightly sore forehead.

“If any of the rest succeed, that would be quite the shame.”

“Just leave my spiritual imprint on her,” the violet-robed youth chuckled after a moment.

“Rather than brashly rushing into things, it’s much better to relax and observe.”

“Alright then.”

Nodding his head, Jun Mo inspected the opaque pearl for a long time before disappearing within a pillar of golden flames. Watching the gold blaze slowly ebb into tranquility, the youth narrowed his eyes as he stared towards the end of the corridor, the pair of violet irises attempting to pierce through the obscured unknown.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell anyone what exactly the corridor and An Xiang Yang’s words entailed, not even Jun Mo, his younger brother.


One of the hidden secrets of the Immortal Realm, a remnant of the era of the Progenitors.

A sanctum of eternal peace and repose, the manifestation of time itself.

A legacy comparable with that of the Forsaken Goddess.

Within the sigh of the violet-robed youth was anticipation, excitement, and fear as he began walking down the corridor, his vision guided by the illumination provided from the glowing sky-blue crystal floor.

Compared to the destructive bombshell that had thrown the Immortal Realm’s younger generation into a temporary spiral of chaos, the Flowing Wind Residence of Jiang’an was relatively peaceful and tranquil.

The aggravating snowfall had finally ceased on the day the Pagoda of Sun and Moon opened to the public, and the servants were now busy restoring the courtyard into the previous, presentable appearance.

Clearing the snow and ensuring that structural damage did not remain in any of the buildings and that the shambles of a razed bathhouse were completely removed, the servants could be seen moving from one end of the courtyard to another with cold sweat dripping down their necks.

The snow had stopped, but the outside was still too darn cold!

And what was their master thinking, to make them clear the courtyards before the Fourth Young Miss and the Second Young Master returned!?

That was snow piled up a meter and a half in height, covering the entirety of the manor! A mere estimate would account for a few tons of snow in itself, such a task was far too daunting and formidable!

…and where were they supposed to deposit the snow, the snow-filled streets of Jiang’an?

Thus, the servants truly experienced serving a hellish monster of a master for the day as not only did they transfer the thick, hardened layer of snow and ice covering the ground to a location better left unmentioned, they had to then melt and refine the snow in numerous large vats.

Furthermore, when An Fei, Wei Chang Luo, and the two maidservants finally returned, they were quickly ushered to the study by a pair of smiling servants.

Escorting the Young Master and Young Miss at a pace brisk enough to disguise the fatigue and discomfort gnawing at their body, the servants finally heaved a smile of relief before promptly fleeing to their respective housing units.

“You’ve returned!”

Wei Xuan carelessly placed the book in his hand onto the drawing table upon noticing An Fei’s arrival.

Wrapping his daughter into a tight hug despite her struggles and protests, the minister gazed at Wei Chang Luo for a moment.

“Little Luo, how did it go?”

“Everything went fine!” The Second Young Master of Wei hastily nodded his head twice, before withdrawing a pair of books and placing them on the drawing table.

“<Myriad Transformations of the Sword> and <Dragon’s Fury>, I managed to snatch the original manuals from underneath the elder’s expired nose. I wanted to obtain the original of the <Twin Dragons> martial arts technique, but…”

“Hehe,” Wei Xuan snorted while tossing the two books back to the slightly embarrassed youth and turning to the young girl besides him.

“So what if you’ve managed to snag a technique capable of supporting the Realm of the Nascent Soul? Fei’er has a better yield than you little brat – don’t you give me that look – Fei’er, Father was correct, right?”

Blinking in surprise, An Fei stared at the gloating look on Wei Xuan’s countenance for a brief moment.

“…how did you know?” the girl finally opened her mouth to ask, not expecting to be disappointed the next instant.

“…hm?” Wei Xuan stiffened in surprise, before gazing intently at the young girl’s confused eyes.

“Fei’er, what did you get from the Pagoda of Sun and Moon? I was just pushing Little Luo’s ego down a little, did you get something good? Of course, Father will give you something better!”

The young girl glared at the minister with her mouth agape in anger and astonishment, and the two maidservants giggled with amusement before hastily consoling the Fourth Young Miss with quiet coos and croons.

Hearing the lighthearted taunting from Xiao Ying and Xiao Wen, An Fei swore to herself to punish the two maidservants a little in the future.

Sensing the disappointment and anger exuding from her body, Wei Xuan quickly panicked as cold sweat trickled down his back. Before the minister could quickly step forward and pacify the young girl, soft thuds could be heard from behind him distracting his attention for a brief second.

When Wei Chang Luo and Wei Xuan finally turned around in curiosity, they suddenly didn’t exactly know what to say, their minds frozen in shock.

“…and… done!”

Thirty-four books of various sizes and thickness, stacking into a precarious pile at the center of the drawing table.

Wei Xuan couldn’t guess the contents hidden within each book, yet he could easily garner one thing with a single glance. Furiously whirling around to face An Fei, the minister’s countenance was a splendid mixture of amazement, joy, and worry.

“Fei’er, just how did you get so many?”

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