Chapter 05: Princess Saras’s Special Gift and Remuneration Part 1

Although the Owles Kingdom’s capital city had temporarily escaped the crisis, the shadow of war still shrouded this small city located in the southern part of the Ximengsi Continent. Everyone but the most naive optimists knew that Augusta Empire had not let them off; they had merely concentrated their entire strength to completely defeat Adrian Empire first. Afterward, they would have enough time and energy to deal with Owles Kingdom, this small fish.

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Clyde and Lucifer stayed in the plain and simple imperial palace of Oran City. The current situation of Owles Kingdom was still unfavorable unless Adrian Empire somehow defeated Augusta Empire; otherwise, their Owles Kingdom would be destroyed for sure. Adrian Empire had already been defeated by Augusta Empire before, all while suffering heavy casualties even though their number had been ten times greater than the “Extremely Dark Empire.” Clyde estimated that the Augusta Empire would be defeated unless a miracle occurred.

“Big Brother Clyde, my cuties brought back information. Dimwit Adrian Empire was defeated again. This time, their entire army was wiped out. It looks like we’ll have to work again.”

“Stupid Adrian Empire lost too quickly. Couldn’t they stall for even a few more days? They didn’t even last three.”

A small bat rested on Lucifer’s shoulder, and its alert red eyes, full of intelligence, looked straight at the bloodkin Lolita Lucifer. Speaking in rapid clicks, they used a bloodkin language which Clyde couldn’t understand to communicate. Not long ago, Adrian Empire’s Michelson Fortress had been breached by Augusta Empire. There, Princess Ophelia had used less than 20,000 soldiers to wipe out over 50,000 defending troops of Adrian Empire.

In this war, all the deployable troops of Adrian Empire had been completely defeated. Adrian Empire had no choice but to concentrate its entire remaining troops in the capital region after this disastrous loss. Thus, they had given up a large number of small and mid-sized cities, which had been Augusta Empire’s ripe targets for plundering. Fortunately, the expeditionary army of “Pure White Empire” Winifred Empire had already arrived at the border region, so Augusta Empire couldn’t capture Adrian Empire’s capital city and take advantage of this favorable situation without risking themselves. Their offense could only stop at this point.

However, all this had nothing to do with Owles Kingdom. They were still in imminent danger of perishing. As long as Augusta Empire attacked Oran City in passing while withdrawing their troops, their kingdom would perish. It seemed that this place was not suitable to stay at over the long term. Thinking about this, Clyde had a headache. He had only just settled in during the past few days, but now, he had to rejoin the vagrant life. He had seen Princess Ophelia before. According to his observation, this princess was a militant person. It was very unlikely that she would let Owles Kingdom off.

“Eh, how come there’s a box? Strange. There was nothing before.”

“Big Brother Clyde, I suddenly have an urgent matter that I have to handle. You should rest first!”

“Lucifer, it’s late. Where are you going?”

When Clyde returned to the repaired imperial bedroom, he noticed a black wooden box beside the bed. The box was unlocked and half-covered by a white sign. On the sign, the word “gift” was written. It was already night now, so who had sent the gift in the middle of the night? In this imperial palace, there was no one else other than Princess Saras, himself, and Lucifer.

Lucifer took a glance at the wooden box and sniffed the air before immediately discovering what was inside. However, Lucifer didn’t intend to tell Clyde. After flashing Clyde a mysterious smile, she turned around and left. As she left, she intentionally closed the bedroom door, leaving behind a confused Clyde. Although Clyde was one of the Great Old Ones, he was not omnipotent: he couldn’t guess what was in this Lolita’s mind.

Clyde helplessly walked over and opened the wooden box. When all was said and done, he was still a Great Old One. If he didn’t even dare to open a wooden box, he would damage the awe-inspiring dignity of the Great Old Ones. The moment he opened the box, Clyde smelled a faint aroma—the unique fragrance of a beautiful woman’s body. Pondering on the familiar scent, he realized that he seemed to have smelled it somewhere before.

After seeing the circumstances within the box, Clyde was dumbfounded. Precisely speaking, it was beyond his expectations. There was no dangerous item within. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It was Princess Saras. She was stark naked. Her snow-white skin dazzled in the darkness. Both here hands were crossed and bound by red rope behind her back. She was sitting on her knees inside the wooden box, and her entire body was bound by red rope in a standard tortoise-shell binding.

Princess Saras’s long hair, wavy and gold, hung loosely on her back. An elegant black silk-cloth blindfolded her piercing eyes. On her snow-white neck, a black iron choker encircled her throat. Her alluring cherry mouth was gagged with a small red ball, and he could clearly see water marks at the corners of her mouth as a bit of drool leaked out. Princess Saras’s face was bright red, and that pair of plump fruits on her chest trembled because either nervousness or rapid changes in her breathing pattern. In addition, her two alluring bright red buds were clearly visible.

In any case, Clyde had seen ** in his previous world. After examining the scene, he knew that Princess Saras had bound herself and had not been kidnapped. Everything had been orchestrated by herself. Now, Clyde finally understood what the word “Gift” written on the sign had meant. If any other men had been in his place, they would have accepted this big gift without any hesitation; after all, only a fool would reject such a gift delivered to his doorstep.

However, Clyde hesitated. Although he was not a gentleman, he now had the body of a Great Old One. It was unsuitable for this kind of job since he could easily go overboard. If he accidentally went overboard, Princess Saras might be broken or even die. That damned girl Lucifer—she had already noticed this problem but had intentionally avoided it.

After a round of intense psychological struggle, Clyde reached out and quickly removed Princess Saras’s blindfold as well as the small gag-ball. After that, he quickly stepped back, opening the distance between them, in order to avoid Princess Saras seeing his face and dying on the spot due to the effect of his mysterious power. Princess Saras blushed upon seeing him. Dressing up in such a shameful look had challenged her limits even before she’d actually gifted herself… When the box had been opened, she had actually been quite nervous. In fact, she had worried that her heart would pop from its intense palpitations. If the person who opened the box was not Clyde, rather some other person, especially a man, then that would have certainly been a tragedy for her.

“Princess Saras, what are you doing like this?”

“Clyde, I have no money to pay your mercenary costs, but you seem to be a S-ranked mercenary, which I could never afford. Since you could beat Augusta Empire’s elite force, Black Knight Regiment, to such an extent, you definitely have the strength of a S-ranked mercenary, so I can only pay your remuneration like this.”

“Cough. Cough. Princess Saras, even in that case, you don’t need to dress up like this, do you?”

“Is this not good? Many aristocrats seem to like this kind of play. I just wanted to follow their preferences. You… you don’t like this?”

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Princess Saras’s face went bright red, but she inquired Clyde about his preferences with a pure expression. This question made Clyde helpless. He didn’t know how he was to answer. If he said he didn’t like it, that would definitely be a lie. This payment method was a huge profit. After all, Princess Saras was worth 100,000 gold coins. If Clyde directly sold her, he could…

Not far from the room, Lucifer looked very annoyed. Surrounded by several small bats, she impatiently listened as they reported to her about the situation nearby. Now, a large group of people had surrounded the imperial palace. Those fellows truly couldn’t tell good from bad, daring to disturb her big brother’s important private matters!


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