Chapter 06: Princess Saras’s Special Gift and Remuneration Part 2

In the southern part of Ximensi Continent, Oran City, a hooded figure faced a gorgeous naked girl. While Clyde was considering how to deal with Princess Saras within the imperial bedroom of Owles Kingdom, sounds of commotion rang outside. It seemed that a large number of soldiers were invading the palace. Unfortunately, this imperial palace didn’t even have a single guard. It was siimply a public lavatory where anyone could enter as they pleased.

“Where is Princess Saras!? Quickly capture her and offer her to Augusta Empire! Then we will be rich!”

“Isn’t that not right? After all, she is still our princess.”

“The kingdom is already perishing, and you still care about this? If you don’t want money, then leave!”

Princess Saras’s complexion suddenly became very pale. She had never expected to be betrayed by the citizens she’d sacrificed her body for in order to hire mercenaries to protect them with. Clyde saw that Princess Saras wanted to berate these vile commoners, but in order to prevent her from making any sound and attracting the attention of these people, he immediately rushed behind Princess Saras and gagged her with the small ball again. After that, he also put the blindfold on her that he had removed before.

“Princess Saras, I’ve offended you, but please be quiet for awhile. Wait for me to take you away.”

At the very beginning of his actions, Princess Saras had felt a spike of nervousness, but she quickly relaxed. After all, she had willingly entered this state at the beginning. Clyde closed the box again and removed the sign where the word “Gift” was written. Because he couldn’t find a lock, he directly sat on the wooden box. Just after he had sat down, a large number of people burst in. Originally, these people had been the defending troops of Owles Kingdom, but because of the issue of the lack of soldier’s pay and provisions, they had directly rebelled. Grimly wielding their makeshift weapons, they tore through the sparse palace furniture to find the princess.

“Where’s Princess Saras? We’ve searched throughout the imperial palace, but only found some pieces of tattered clothes. She couldn’t already be captured, could she?”

 “It’s hard to say. After all, even her bra and panties were laying around. Perhaps, she was truly captured by someone else first. In any case, it wouldn’t be hard since she doesn’t have any fighting skills and magic.”

“But, those clothes were neatly folded, Princess Saras must have taken them off herself. She was not forced… Perhaps, she went of her own accord?”

After the rebelling soldiers entered the room, none dared to confront Clyde. A few days ago in the battle of Oran City, Clyde had killed dozens of members of Augusta Empire’s elite force, Black Knight Regiment. In their eyes, he was an existence with at least the strength of a S-ranked mercenary. In addition, Clyde’s younger sister Lucifer was a magician. This made them have certain misgivings. They didn’t dare to trouble him for a moment; therefore, both sides fell into a silent confrontation.

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Clyde was too lazy to speak superfluous words with them. With the brute force of a Great Old One, he easily carried the wooden box and walked toward the door. At that time, the rebelling soldiers finally reacted. Gritting their teeth, they stepped forward in unison and blocked Clyde’s path. It seemed that this matter would not be peacefully solved.

“Buddy, what’s in your box? It couldn’t be the remuneration given to you by Princess Saras, could it? Why don’t you let us take a look? Ah!”

Clyde directly sent the rebelling soldier blocking his way flying with a kick. That unfortunate fellow broke through the wall and flew out of the imperial palace, his scream echoing throughout the city. During his flight, an arc of red-blood trailed his path the entire way. This scene appeared unusually bloody, successfully frightening those rebelling soldiers. With an audible gulp, they stepped aside on their own: no one dared to block Clyde’s path anymore. Even while carrying a box, he could kill them with a kick, so the disparity in fighting power was enough to make them give up. Their lives were worth more than any amount of gold.

Anything in the imperial palace of even the slightest worth had already been seized by the rebelling soldiers. They even burned Princess Saras’s clothes to vent their anger at not being able to capture the valuable hostage. With the defeat of Adrian Empire, Owles Kingdom was doomed to become the next sacrificial offering. The retreating Augusta Empire’s army was very likely to take advantage of this easy target and capture Oran City.

This time, Augusta Empire’s main force consisted of over 30,000 soldiers. However, the total population of Oran City was just over ten thousand people. In addition, there were only over a hundred old, weak, sick and disabled defending soldiers who had no motivation since they fought without pay and provisions. Many defending troops had no loyalty to this broken kingdom, and most of them had thought to reap some profits and flee. Thus, they had gathered together to rebel. If Princess Seras had not made such a bold decision tonight, her ending might have been different.

In Clyde’s view, Owles Kingdom had already ceased to exist except in name. Both the king and prince had swept away all the money and valuables within the national treasury and fled to Adrian Empire for asylum. The remaining Princess Saras had a pure character without any magic and fighting ability. She was basically a gift to the enemy since she lacked the strength or guild to survive their onslaught. Outside the gate, he saw Lucifer waiting. This silver haired Lolita stood beside a carriage with a smile. There were puddles of red liquid on the ground. It seemed that she had killed many just a moment ago.

Nevertheless, there was not a single drop of blood on her dark gothic dress. All the killings must have been performed by the bats serving her. Clyde reflected that it made sense since she was too lazy to make a move herself. This carriage had also been robbed by her. Now, the entire Oran City was in chaos. Burning, killing and looting filled the streets. Many houses were on fire as the people rebelled and tried to take everything they could. The burning watchtowers were especially eye-catching, a fire shining high over the city.

“Big Brother Clyde, the carriage is ready! Get in first. If we are late, we might not be able to pass through the city gate without encountering some trouble.”

“Mmm, then Princess Saras…”

“Of course, we are taking her away. Since Big Sister Saras is already dressed up like this, do you really want to give her to those rebelling soldiers?”

Under Lucifer’s urging, Clyde didn’t hesitate anymore. He brought Princess Saras into the carriage with him. If Princess Seras who was in such an alluring costume was left behind for those rebelling soldiers, the consequences would be unimaginable. Princess Saras trembled thinking about the possibility. Now, Princess Saras was not afraid of Clyde and Lucifer, but rather felt helpless and sad for Oran City’s chaotic situation.

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After Adrian Empire had been defeated, many small kingdoms in the surrounding area had also fallen into this unfavorable situation, so this problem was not at all isolated to Owles Kingdom. It would be risky no matter kingdom they went to. Quickly rolling along, the carriage bearing Clyde and Lucifer left the Oran City just before the city gate was engulfed by flames. They left with Princess Saras who had nothing on her name: she didn’t even have any clothes. Now, Clyde had a headache. He had not a single cent in his pocket, but he still had to take along two beautiful girls while looking for a place to take shelter. 

Unfortunately, Adrian Empire was not within the scope of consideration for possible places to stay. This empire had already lost all other areas except for its capital. In addition, the entire nation was in chaos, no better than Oran City. In the carriage, the restraining props binding Princess Saras had already been removed. Because of her lack of clothing, she felt very shy and blushed. Fidgeting around to try to conceal her most private parts, her face burned red like a ripe apple. Clamping her snow-white legs tightly shut, she used her hands to cover those unusually plump fruits on her chest while she sat on the carriage bench on her knees.

“Cough. Cough. Princess Saras, please wait first. Lucifer’s clothes are not large enough for you to wear, but when we arrive at a town, I will go and rob a set of clothing for you.”

“No, never mind all that. Sir Clyde, your remuneration…”

“Put off the matter of my remuneration for later. You are tired. Rest well first!”

 Princess Saras leaned back with a doubtful look. She was very confident about her figure, but Clyde unexpectedly didn’t touch her. This made her wonder. She cast a subtle glance at his expression. Perhaps… she shook her head slightly, banishing that thought. Not long after Princess Saras fell asleep, Clyde noticed a group of Black Knights approaching from not far away. They bore the flag of Augusta Empire. He sighed. They had truly been unlucky enough to encounter Augusta Empire’s army when fleeing. He smirked. Perhaps he would soon gain a way to solve their funding problems…

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