Chapter 07: Princess Olia’s Task with Sky-High Reward Part 1

In the southern part of Ximengsi Continent, Clyde, his sister Lucifer, and Owles Kingdom’s Princess Saras fled into the forest area. However, their luck was truly too bad since they had unexpectedly encountered Augusta Empire’s Black Knight Regiment here. In the past, Clyde had killed over a hundred members of Augusta Empire’s knight regiment, so they would definitely hold a grudge.

Clyde and Lucifer would be fine; they were strong enough to escape unscathed. Taking care of Princess Saras, however, would be troublesome. The blond princess had neither magic nor combat skill. If a conflict truly erupted, whether Princess Saras could escape unscathed was unknown. Now, Augusta Empire’s troops approaching from the front numbered more than two thousand, and it was impossible to avoid them.

“Lucifer, take Princess Saras and leave. I will be the rearguard.”

“Big Brother Clyde, no need to be so nervous. It doesn’t seem like that big sister is leading the opposite side, so we might be able to dupe them,. Big Sister Saras, can you help?”

“Yes, what is this? Eh, that rope is… Wait, I can do it myself…”

Fortunately, there was no crest of any kingdom on the carriage. When leaving, Clyde had personally erased both the crest and the imperial family of Owles Kingdom’s insignia. Like that, they wouldn’t need to worry about being recognized. As Clyde had predicted, their carriage was intercepted by Augusta Empire’s Black Knight Regiment. At this moment, the preparations of Lucifer finished, would they be able to conceal themselves this time?

“Halt, show proof that you all are not from Owles Kingdom!”

“Withdraw. There’s no need to be so fierce! I have something to ask them.”

“But, Her Excellency Princess Ophelia has instructed us to…”

“Are you all my big sister’s subordinates or mine? Speak out of turn again, and I won’t be polite.”

“Your Excellency Princess, pleas quell your anger. This subordinate wouldn’t dare. This subordinate overstepped.”

A black knight in the front had just wanted to interrogate them strictly, but a young girl’s voice stopped him. Clyde followed the sound and stealthily looked over. He saw a petite Lolita riding a pure white unicorn at the forefront. Like the knight’s around her, that Lolita also wore black armor. When she spoke to Clyde, she took off her helmet.

She was a beautiful Lolita with her hair in a black twin-tail and a face adorned with a pair of dark purple eyes. She resembled an exquisite western-styled doll. Her fair skin looked enchanting and lustrous in contrast to her black armor. This Lolita’s figure was excellent, comparable to Lucifer next to Clyde. Both of them belonged to an impressive type, all the places that should be curvy were extraordinary.

As it turned out, this beautiful twin-tailed Lolita was Princess Olia, the younger sister of Augusta Empire’s Princess Ophelia. Princess Olia had no real military power since many of her matters were controlled by her big sister Princess Ophelia, not because she was a flower vase, but rather that her big sister Ophelia was too strong. As a result, she didn’t have any chance to display her abilities. She could only idle away her time every day.

Clyde could clearly feel the dragon’s aura on this Lolita princess’s body. Either Olia was a Dragon Knight or had a contractual connection with a dragon. It seemed that in terms of individual combat power, Olia was not much inferior to her big sister Ophelia. However, he guessed that she didn’t have many chances to display her abilities.

“Hello, Princess Olia. We are merchants; we intend to transport some goods to a distant place.”

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Clyde’s current appearance didn’t resemble the appearance of the Human Race. It was inconvenient to communicate at close proximity with others. Thus, all matters related to negotiations were Lucifer’s responsibility. Lucifer was also a Lolita, so it was easy for her to find a common topic of conversation with other Lolitas.

“Merchant, your goods are… Eh, so that’s how it is.”

Under Lucifer’s direction, Princess Olia descended from her unicorn and looked inside the carriage before seeing Princess Saras with her back facing towards them. Princess Saras had already put on her restraining props again. The red rope bound her in a tortoise-shell style, a red ball gagged her mouth, a black choker gripped her snow-white neck, and a black cloth blindfolded her. Although only her back was visible, others could still easily discern this blond princess’s beauty.

Princess Saras sat on the floor with her back facing towards the carriage door. From the rear angle, she looked just like a slave ready to be sold on the market. Every member empire, kingdom, and principality of “Clark Alliance,” which Augusta Empire belonged to, practiced slavery. Clyde’s party having a slave in their carriage explained that they were merchants belonging to the alliance. They could be regarded as people on the same side. Therefore, Princess Olia’s complexion eased.

“This sister is so beautiful—worth at least 100,000 gold coins. Can you sell her to me? I don’t want her to fall into the hands of some bad men. Miss Lucifer, you don’t look like a person that lacks money.”

“Princess Olia, we are temporarily not selling her. However, you can rest assured since I can guarantee that we will not sell her to any bad buyers.”

After hearing the Lucifer’s reply, Princess Olia looked a little disappointed, but she also didn’t force them to make a transaction. This Lolita princess seemed very easy to get along with, or at the very least, she hadn’t displayed the haughty manner of a princess and forced them to sell to her by abusing her power. She didn’t seem to recognize Princess Saras, so Clyde’s party might be able to muddle past the Black Knight Regiment.

Princess Olia had come to Greenton Forest to hunt demonic beasts. Her big sister Ophelia was responsible for all the matters of the battlefield, and she hardly gave any leeway for other people to meddle in those affairs. Therefore, Princess Olia could only come here to hunt and relax. Clyde could see that Princess Olia was not particularly free. There were over 2,000 black knights on her side, but only a very few among them were her trusted subordinates. Perhaps, all of them were people to her assigned by Princess Ophelia to keep a close eye over her younger sister’s every action. Sometimes, having such a strong and overbearing big sister was very miserable.

“Do you two also accept tasks? If so, can I hire you two? Accompany me to hunt, and I will reward you ten gold coins.”

In Ximengsi continent, gold coins were the highest valued currency. A gold coin was enough for a common family to live off of for a week. Ten gold coins just to accompany the Lolita princess to hunt, without any additional requirements, was an easy job with a sky-high reward. Lucifer and Clyde didn’t hesitate to accept this task. Now, it was inconvenient for them to run away, so it was safest to stay beside Princess Olia. They could use Princess Olia’s identity as a shield to avoid other patrolling squads of Augusta Empire.

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After the end of their negotiations, both sides set out again. Princess Olia originally wanted to ride the carriage, but those black knights didn’t allow her to, so she could only give up.

There were no high ranked demonic beasts in Greenton Forest, so it ought to have been safe. Nevertheless, after boarding the carriage, Lucifer quietly came to Clyde’s side and whispered something.

“What’s wrong, Lucifer? You don’t want to truly sell…”

“No, Big Brother Clyde. Big Sister Saras is ours; I will not sell her to anyone. I just wanted to tell you that my cute kids reported that there are many people in the forest. You should consider making princess Olia pay up some extra gold coins.”


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