Chapter 08: Princess Olia’s Task with Sky-High Reward Part 2

In the southern part of Ximengsi Continent, there was a place called Greenton Forest within which a Princess unknowingly traveled with a mighty being.

Clyde accepted Princess Olia’s commission and entered her employment together with his sister Lucifer. Then, they went together to Greenton Forest to hunt. Princess Saras understood Clyde’s intentions, so she continued to disguise herself as a captured slave.

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There were no strong demonic beasts within the Greenton Forest area. The most dangerous beasts only reached the rank of a wild-beast. Those black knights brought along by Princess Olia were more than enough to deal with these wild beasts. Most of the time, she opted to stay in Clyde’s carriage. Once there, she would often chat with Lucifer. Both of them were Lolitas, so it was easier for them to find common topics of conversation. Soon, they began chatting happily together as if they had been close friends for many years. Over their travels, the two became increasingly amiable.

“Lucifer, is he really your big brother? How come I feel that you two aren’t of a similar type?”

“Olia, of course, we are! That is your misconception. Don’t pay attention to those particulars!”

Clyde didn’t dare to relax. In the Greenton Forest ahead, over 10,000 soldiers hid behind various trees. Those soldiers used trees and thick bushes as cover while aiming lethal arrows at the Augusta Empire’s Black Knight Regiment that had just entered the forest. They were well hidden. Had it not been for their detection by Lucifer’s bats, Clyde alone might not have noticed them.

Just when Clyde was hesitating about whether to tell Princess Olia of the ambush waiting in the front, the hidden troops launched an attack. Over ten thousand arrows were simultaneously released, and countless arrows flew out from the dense forest. Like a thousand wasps, the black streaks caused havoc among the knights. Yelping in surprise, the members of Augusta Empire’s Black Knight Regiment were unable to control their panicking war-horses. In addition, the penetrating power of those arrows was too powerful. Although the members of Black Knight Regiment wore heavy armor, in front of these powerful arrows, their fearsome protection instantly became like paper. Soon, black knights fell to the ground, never to rise again.

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“Poisoned arrows, they truly are sufficiently prepared!”

After the two horses pulling Clyde’s carriage of Clyde were shot by the arrows, they foamed at the mouth, collapsing and dying on the spot. Those arrows, however, were unable to puncture the protective energy surrounding Clyde’s body. He just stretched his hand and grabbed one. Afterward, he returned that poison arrow the same way it had come, and a blood-curdling scream resounded from behind the trees. An archer had been killed on the spot.

The army attacking Augusta Empire was not composed of Adrian Empire’s troops. The soldiers hailed from Saxton Empire, another important member of “Victor Alliance.” This empire was well-known for its defensive might. Crossbows and archers were mainstream there. This time, it was unknown where they had gained this courage from: they had actually given up their consistent defensive counterattack tactics and taken the initiative to attack.

“You two, leave! Alas, the other side came prepared, but the alliance will not make things difficult for mercenaries.”

Princess Olia looked around for a while to judge her situation. The other side had completely surrounded this place. The over 2,000 knights under her leadership had already suffered heavy casualties. Many had been killed by those poisonous arrows. Only the area around the carriage where they were staying hadn’t receive a direct attack because of Clyde’s mysterious power. Those arrows couldn’t penetrate through Clyde’s mysterious protective screen.

“Princess Olia, I have accepted the commission. Thus, I will protect you no matter what. Please wait until everything is over, but please keep everything confidential!”

“This… fine.”

Originally, Princess Olia had wanted to leave the carriage to separate herself from Clyde, but, Lucifer stopped her. At this moment, the final remaining black knights were also shot down. Augusta Empire’s over 2,000 soldiers were annihilated just like this. After determining that only a small number of people remained, the other side walked out of the dense forest and surrounded the carriage.

The soldiers of Saxton Empire wore silver armor. They were equipped with just a dagger at their sides, a crossbow in their hands, and a quiver filled with arrows on their backs. They cautiously trampled over the corpses of Augusta Empire’s soldiers and surrounded Clyde’s carriage. Clyde made Olia hide within before standing outside the carriage.

“Leave voluntarily if you are a mercenary. We are just looking for Princess Olia!”

The leader of Saxton Empire’s troops was a handsome blond guy. He seemed to be a sunshine type. Unfortunately, Clyde didn’t accept his advice. He carefully considered them, and after determining that the army of Saxton Empire was close enough, he gently stamped his foot. Immediately, those dead black knights rose, their corpses coming back to life. They brandished their swords towards the soldiers of Saxton Empire. Their eyes were red as if they were devils who had returned from hell.

Saxton Empire’s troops were wearing light armor and weren’t equipped with many melee weapons. Soon, many were unable to fight back and were beheaded. Their deaths were very tragic. Because they were in a melee battle, their crossbows didn’t have any advantage at all. In addition, the remaining archers in the distant forest were unable to provide long-range support without risking friendly fire in the midst of this already chaotic warfare. The Saxton army was quickly being overwhelmed.

The war situation directly reversed, and the resurrected black knights chased and killed Saxton Empire’s soldiers. Soon, those killed soldiers also transformed into death entourages, standing up despite their grievous wounds, and beginning to attack the living Saxton troops. Saxton Empire’s archers hiding in the distant forest were also not safe. A large number of bats and blood wolves with red eyes attacked them from behind. Now, Saxton Empire’s Archer Legion was surrounded. Their certain victory had disappeared, leaving them only to stare at the jaws of defeat.

From within the carriage, Princess Olia peeked outside with a tense complexion. She finally realized what Clyde’s request to maintain secrecy meant. Before, she had always believed that Clyde and Lucifer were normal mercenaries, and she had never expected for their identities to be far higher. Lucifer hugged Olia from behind and appeased the princess’s nervousness.

“Lucifer, who exactly are you two…”

“Princess Olia, we are friends. We would never harm you, not to mention that Big Brother Clyde would never bully a girl.”

The bats and blood wolves in the distance were Lucifer’s summoned bloodkins. They had nothing to do with Clyde. Clyde had just used his evil power to resurrect Augusta Empire’s soldiers. After a little while, the troops of Saxton Empire suffered heavy casualties. The thick odor of blood hanging in the air didn’t dissipate even after a long time. When the screams finally stopped, Clyde was the only living person standing beside the carriage.

As for that blond handsome guy, after seeing Clyde’s face, he had immediately died a violent death on the spot. All his blood vessels had exploded. Fortunately, this gruesome scene had saved Clyde’s time. If one ignored the attractive index, the abilities of the Great Old Ones were truly very convenient to use. Just watching whoever was not pleasing to the eye would directly kill him or her.

“Princess Olia, the task is complete. Remember our agreement.”

“Of course. I will increase your remuneration. How many gold coins do you want?”

“Princess Olia, I don’t mean that. We are ethical mercenaries. Please stick to our original contract. For us, ten gold coins are enough to use for a month.”


In the frontline military camp of Augusta Empire, Princess Ophelia read over a report with a look of disbelief. It was a report pertaining to the fierce battle in Greenton Forest. Shortly after Clyde had ended the battle, members of Augusta Empire’s knight regiment had quickly sealed off the battlefield and discovered the matters enclosed within the report.

“She actually won. The troops I gave to Olia were reserves and new recruits. Even if she sacrificed all of them, how did that girl Olia wipe out over 10,000 elite soldiers of Saxton Empire?”

“Your Excellency the Princess, Princess Olia is on her way back.”

“I guess there’s nothing I can do nothing about it. I will report this to father emperor and give Olia military merit.”


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