Chapter 52: Lust Management

As we walked past the stubby stalls littered along the sidewalk, their orange and pink lights flooded the streets bringing with them a cacophony of strange fragrances.

An equally stubby set of dense foliage covered the front doors as if they were the standard form of entrance, giving the already complicated mix of fragrances a dank and indescribable quality.

A bunch of opaque curtains covered up the ongoings within the stalls, leaving only the door as a window to the world within. Stationed at the door were a few women of varying shapes and sizes with beauty being their only common feature.

They each wore a skimpy set of clothing that left almost nothing to the imagination.

Whether it was their age, bodies or curves, each was specifically chosen for their enchanting qualities. Placed together, they were like an exquisitely crafted flower arrangement, eye-grabbing and intoxicating.

These women barely had to speak a word, with their scent, perfect skin, or voluptuous bodies, all it took was a single glance to send a passersby spiralling into a fantasy that they could not escape from.

Everything was like a well thought out conspiracy, designed to entrap the men who came here.

If I was still unable to discern the true purpose of this street, even after seeing all this, then my 16 years of life had been spent in vain.

Only allowed on

Mhm…this definitely wasn’t a proper place for an underage kid to be in!

In that case, what did that make of the three of us who were currently touring said establishment?

Oh sh*t…this isn’t just a violation of school regulations, it’s also a violation of the law isn’t it…

Di Qi Ju: ……

Ah! I reverted back to highschool mode again. Right now, I’m neither a student nor underage and I don’t think this country considers this industry illegal.

In that case…

—-No no no, exactly what am I thinking of right now! I haven’t even had my first love, and even my first kiss was taken without my knowledge…this sort of behavior that’s worse than drinking…no way, no way…

Besides, what am I even fussing about…with just one look, I can tell that the fee won’t be cheap, in terms of “playing”, it probably won’t involve a minor character like me.

Come to think of it, isn’t Breman actually a female, what is she thinking…

Breman: ……

Breman: Master Three’floral, excuse me for a moment.

He split off from us and went into what looked like a public toilet. A short moment later, he emerged once more.

Di Qi Ju: …Breman, you…

Breman: Hmm? Did you notice anything different?

Di Qi Ju: It feels like your scent has gotten a bit strange.

Breman: That’s perfect. I sprayed on some men’s cologne just in case that same problem ends up revealing my secret.

Di Qi Ju: Aren’t you a cautious one…

Three’floral Dawn: …oh? What are you guys talking about over there? Count me in as well.

Breman: My apologies—Master Three’floral, have you chosen your “flower girl”? (prostitute)

Three’floral Dawn: Oh, if all we’re doing is touring the streets, this old one can’t really discern whose tongue will satisfy me.

Breman: That’s true, the “flower girls” working this stretch of road mostly “accompany” people through the night. If what you’re looking for is companionship, it would be pretty difficult to pick one out from here.

Three’floral Dawn: Mhm…even if it’s all fake, this old one wants to have a female lover who will sweet talk him.

He gave a bland smile as he said that, his drunkenness masking the veracity of his lonely expression.

Breman: In that case, I’ll accompany you on this search for a suitable partner, we mustn’t let your drunkenness affect your merrymaking.

Breman: Your hands control the fate of millions of lives after all.

Three’floral Dawn: Ah ah, I’ll have to trouble you to support me then.

With one hand supporting Three’floral, Breman beckoned for me to come close, after which he quietly snuck in a wad of cash into my pocket.

Di Qi Ju: …this is?

Breman: The common currency of the Divine Hall’s neighboring countries. Given the smoothness of today’s operation, I’m sure you deserve at least this much.

Di Qi Ju: Alright…I’ll take it as compensation for that hole you dug me into just now.

Breman: However, I have a request.

Di Qi Ju: Hm?


Breman: Make sure to spend all the money here before we meet up at the entrance of the National Fragrances, roughly around when a quarter of the sun is left.

Breman: I’m sure you’ll have enough time to E-N-J-O-Y yourself.

He gave a roguish smile before turning around to leave without waiting for my answer, his hand still supporting Three’floral Dawn.

Di Qi Ju: …

Di Qi Ju: ……

Di Qi Ju: ………

How should I describe my feelings right now? I guess it’s kinda like when an old taxi driver brings you to the destination, but flings you out of his taxi with a swift u-turn, all the while still maintaining his speed.

—that’s just not right!!



Flower Girl A: Excuse me…are you lost?

Di Qi Ju: …!!

My body tensed up like a like taut bow as my feet stopped in spite of my intentions.

Within less than a minute of aimless wandering, I was approached by my first flower girl.

Flower Girl A: Hmm, are you alright?

Di Qi Ju: Ah…no, nah…

Flower Girl A: It’s rare to see such a young customer, did you get lost because of your nervousness?

Di Qi Ju: Err…I guess I am a little…nervous.

Flower Girl A: Don’t worry. If you’ll allow me to, I’ll be the relief you seek…

Flower Girl A: …hmmm?

Before I could even reply, a pair of slender arms wrapped around me in a warm, tender embrace. My arm was immediately buried in what felt like a plume of feathers but with a certain spring to it.

That soft, sinking feeling had a certain bewitching quality to it that made me want to bury myself even further within.

…huh? Why? Why is a female who I had never seen in my entire life hugging me?

I awkwardly turned my head, anxiously trying to escape that bewitching sensation. Like a fleeting cloud, she quietly followed me, preventing me from escaping.

Flower Girl A: It’s alright…don’t worry…

Flower Girl A: No one will hurt you here, you can show us everything here without any worries. Even if it isn’t me, the others will also accept everything about you without reserve.

Flower Girl A: …everything.

Di Qi Ju: ……

Ah ah ahhhh…don’t say those words in that soft, delicate voice that makes me tremble subconsciously! It almost felt like a feather was tickling me with its unbearably soft body.

My wish ability…what happened to my wish ability? Why isn’t it acting up? Even my mind was screaming that something’s wrong; are you saying that this still doesn’t fall within the scope of my wish ability?

Not good…

If Miss Poppy’s seduction was like a slow poison that slowly ate its way into your heart, then this flower girl’s seduction was like a sword that sliced right through.

Reject it…I should reject while I still can…

Instead of satisfying my lust, I rather experience the ups and downs of a normal romance.

If I accept her invitation now, it’s like I’ve somehow lost in life!

Think…Di Qi Ju, think!

After over ten years of studying, don’t tell me you can’t even solve a problem like this?

You can solve it for sure! Use all the knowledge you’ve learnt since young, use whatever social skills you’ve picked up so far!

You can definitely escape the sweet temptations of her debauchery!!




At night, in the Checkered Path Inn, having finished a full day’s operation, it was now time for closing.

The once packed dining room was empty save for me, Breman and Alvin who was in charge of cleaning.

The pair were seated facing each other across the counter, in a serious tone, discussing the events of the day.

As for me, I was staring at the wall of the inn with an expression of one who just had his beliefs and principles destroyed. I squatted there wordlessly, my mind completed devoid of thoughts…

Breman: …and then, I gave Di Qi Ju a sum of money and told him…

Breman:  I’m sure you’ll have enough time to E-N-J-O-Y yourself.

Breman: A short while later a flower girl approached him, and after dilly dallying in the flower district for a while…

Alvin: …then?

Breman: —he just gave the money to the girl and ran off without doing a thing!

Breman: —ahahahaha!! Have you seen a sillier reaction, Alvin?

Breman: I’ve never seen such a silly reaction! Not even in the virgin squad! He even told me “I used the money to solve an unsolvable problem” Ah, hahaha—

Alvin: ……

Alvin: Di Qi Ju…exactly what were you thinking?

Di Qi Ju: …what’s wrong with that…money is omnipotent…

Alvin: But this—

Di Qi Ju: Say no more…please.

Alvin: …alright.

Alvin: If I had that money, who knows how much alcohol I could’ve bought.

Di Qi Ju: I just knew you would say that…

Di Qi Ju: I’m heading up to the room to rest…you guys can continue if you wish…

Alvin: Ah hah, alright then. I still need to inform Sir Breman about Princess Naysis Ferne. It’s something I should’ve told you before you guys left.

Breman: …oh?

Ignoring their conversation, I shakingly made my way up to the second floor.

I initially wanted to collapse onto my bed and sleep, but the moment I saw the bed, I was reminded of that flower girl and her words.

Di Qi Ju: …..

My body immediately had a reaction. A reaction that I was taught not to have towards a stranger during my morals class.

Ah ah…humans…especially men…are so weak towards “sex” by nature…

All it took was a bit of pheromones, some sweet words plus a bit of skin to skin action and I nearly fell into temptation.

Come to think of it, the issue of sex hadn’t crossed my mind since I transmigrated to this world.

Those of my age tended to be particularly interested in this area and so I had paid special attention to knowledge regarding this during my biology lessons.

It was there that I learnt that merely suppressing my desires was harmful, so I slowly figured out a way to manage my desires.

For example, cleaning my rifle, greasing the pipe and exercising one’s right.

If you’re a man, you wouldn’t shy away from these explorations. Mhm.

However, all that changed when I transmigrated.

Ever since I regained consciousness, my mind had been preoccupied with thoughts of “living”, as for sex, that had been put on the backburner ever since.

Today’s overblown reaction must’ve been a result of my newly implemented sexual management system being disrupted so abruptly.

It’s time to re-implement these measures.

The first thing I have to do is take care of this abnormal blood flow to my lower half.

Mhm…in that case, it’s time for a trip to the toilet.

Plus…I had better preserve the image of that flower girl in my head…but then, why didn’t I just—

—ah forget it, forget it. What’s done is done.

Then, who should I use…

Di Qi Ju: …

Di Qi Ju: ……

Di Qi Ju: Poppy……?

Should I? I shouldn’t? Should I? I shouldn’t?

Wait…all that arguing ended up making me picture her in the end.

That image of her feeding me with her mouth, the image of her conscientiously teaching me the history of this world, and the image of us walking along the side of the lake…

Her unguarded figure as we snuggled on the bed, and that farewell we shared in Honor…

Unknowingly, my mind became filled with memories of her…


Should I really?

I shouldn’t, should I?

Ah…forget it.

Just let it be…



Di Qi Ju: Err….

Having finally overcome my sense of guilt, I realized that things weren’t as simple as I had thought.

Even though my rifle was being thoroughly cleaned, in fact, it had probably never been cleaner…


There wasn’t the expected reaction.

Eh? What’s happening?

I exercised my right once more. It was definitely there but somehow I didn’t feel the least bit excited.

If it hadn’t been for my upright rifle, I would’ve honestly thought that I was impotent or that I had become indifferent.

Di Qi Ju: ……

After careful consideration, I left the toilet with my tent pitched and returned to my bedroom in search of all the clean and soft objects I could find. I then snuck back into the toilet.

Di Qi Ju: ……

Why isn’t it working?!

It feels normal but why don’t I feel a shred of excitement??

Di Qi Ju: Don’t tell me…

In a sense, sex or behavior simulating sex had some negative effects on a male’s body.

Doing it too often, while in a sufficiently weakened state or while afflicted with the relevant sickness could lead to death.

Don’t tell me…my wish ability has determined this to be an external force that could potentially be fatal?

What the f*ck Westrealm!? Don’t you know that sex is a completely natural phenomenon!



Why am I even assuming that a God from a different world would understand such a basic scientific fact…

What should I do now? Fork out another million wish points to rein in my wish ability?

Pains my heart just thinking about it…even though I have a lot of them…it still hurts…

In that case, there’s only one option left…

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Calm it down, calm it down, control it, ignore it, don’t let it sprout by itself…


I guess this’ll have to do for now. I’ll consider using my wish points when things worsen to that stage.

…you unscientific bast*rd of a god, Westrealm!



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