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Chapter 136: Unexpected Secret Path of Kelifu Prison (Part 1)

In the innermost prison cell of Kelifu Prison, Clyde who had arrived under the cover of shadow encountered the scenic scenery created by Warden Brown.

Brown was clearly drunk and doing bad deeds by borrowing the strength of alcohol. After looking around, Clyde determined that only Head Warden Brown was in this prison cell. Then, he walked out from the shadows to appear beside this oblivious warden. At that moment, Brown had been preparing to mark those few young white lambs with enslavement imprints. No one noticed Clyde’s appearance.

“Stop! Sire Brown, your value is also nothing great!”

“You… aren’t you that fellow who was beside Miss Anna? Ah…”

Clyde snatched the red-hot searing end of the iron in the warden’s hands before turning it around and firmly pressing it between Brown’s legs. Brown shrieked like a dying pig, which reverberated throughout this underground prison cell. For men, this kind of attack was a deadly blow. Especially under these circumstances, it was like dropping to hell from heaven.

“Don’t… don’t kill me! If you want money or women, all can…”

“This has nothing to do with your life and death. You can disappear at any time. During war, a missing warden is no big deal.”

“No, you can’t!”

Clyde’s hand transformed into a black energy sword, and with a vertical chop, Head Warden Brown was cleaved in two. This fellow was completely bare without any weapons. A single slash was enough to send him on his way. Men and women were all the same to Clyde; all were just white lambs waiting to be slaughtered. After killing Brown, the shadow monster under Clyde split into multiple clones and dispersed to kill the other unguarded prison officials.

In the blink of an eye, the underground prison changed from a sinful heaven into a bloody hell. Those indulging prison officials didn’t even notice the arrival of their misfortune; all wore wicked smiles when beheaded by the shadow monster. After a short while, the underground prison became quiet. Along with Head Warden Brown, the prison officials had turned into ghosts, but those soldiers guarding outside were still entirely unaware of what had happened here. All were still patrolling at ease.

After killing Head Warden Brown, Clyde walked to those few white lambs. Deathly pale, they were so scared that they trembled violently from fear. At this moment, they were even more scared than before. No matter how brutal Brown was, in the end, he was a human. Clyde, however, was different. Although he was handsome, that black energy blade appeared to be something only a devil would wield, and devils made humans feel a completely different kind of fear than those of the mortal coil could cause.

“Your appearance is very lovely. That fellow Brown’s sight was not bad. Don’t be scared. I’m not a good person, so your fear is useless.”

“Don’t…, don’t hurt them! I beg you, Your Excellency Devil. I… I’m willing…”

“I’m sorry. I’m not good at speaking. Madam, pray tell me, where is the treasure?”

“There truly… truly is no treasure. I don’t know! Please believe me!”

After Clyde temporarily removed the small ball in her mouth, the mayor’s main wife immediately begged him to let off those few young ladies. Honestly speaking, because of their wealth being able to pay for personal care, the figures of these ladies were really good. Clyde could slightly understand the actions of Warden Brown.

Those young white lambs turned around with difficulty and looked at Clyde with fearful gazes.  They didn’t dare to move randomly and run away, instead kneeling in front of him. Now, Clyde was surrounded with a black energy mist. No matter how one looked at him, he seemed to be a devil. Facing a devil, they didn’t even think of resistance, surrendering completely.

“Then, let me change the question! Are there any secrets here? How did that fellow mayor slip away?”

“This… this! I don’t… don’t know!”

“Really? Are you sure? Madam, I don’t like liars!”

Her facial expression had a subtle change as if she were hesitating. This didn’t escape Clyde’s eyes. Now, he was sure that the other party was hiding something. Thinking of this, Clyde showed a disinterested and cruel smile. Then, he casually grabbed the nearest young lady and held up the other party’s smooth chin.

“Developed pretty well! Madam, your family’s daughters are very lovely. You should know my meaning!”

“Don’t… I… I will speak!”

After undergoing Warden Brown’s torment before, the psychological barriers of these prisoners had already collapsed. Combined with Clyde’s devilish intimidation, they quickly confessed everything. She didn’t know whether the mayor had treasure, but she knew something about the secret path he had taken to escape.

According to this madam, the mayor had disappeared after fleeing to this prison area. If there were any secret path, it should be nearby. Because Clyde had already explored the upper section of Kelifu Prison with Miss Anna, he judged that the mysterious passage should be somewhere underground.

“Is this everything you know?”

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“Yes, truly, Your Excellency Devil. I am not lying! I beg of you: please don’t torment them!”

“Well then, I won’t disturb you all.”

“Don’t go, Your Excellency Devil! Can you…”

“What’s the matter? Madam, can’t you stay here at ease?”

As Clyde was about to leave to find the secret passage, the madam bade him to stop with a pleading tone. Even though the wicked Head Warden Brown had been killed, their predicament remained unchanged. At most, the head warden would be changed. The new head warden and prison officials might not be any better than the old. They would still be white lambs on the chopping block. Only their owner would be changed, and their treatment would likely remain the same. Therefore, the madam whose psychological barriers had already been broken begged the handsome devil before her for help.

“Madam, conduct yourself with dignity. I am not Brown. I’m not interested in you all!”

“Your Excellency Devil, I beg you to help us! No matter what the price will be, I will not object. If I am insufficient, then they should stimulate Your Excellency’s appetite.” She eyed her daughters.

When those few young ladies seemed about to protest, the madam stopped them with her stern gaze. They lowered their heads in shame, accepting this insane proposition. Now, there seemed to be no other choice. Submitting to a devil could truly save themselves.

“Are you sure you want to make a trade with a devil? Perhaps, these few ladies will be sacrificed later!”


The madam nodded her head with difficulty. Now, in this situation, she could only gamble. Even if she were unwilling, if this devil truly wanted to, he could sacrifice them at any time. After all, the one who controlled Kelifu Prison now was this devil in front of them. They had no power.

“Mas… Master, what are your instructions?”

After Clyde undid the ropes and small balls, those few young ladies squatted in embarrassment with red faces and moved their hands, wanting to cover themselves. However, after thinking that the other party had already seen them bare, they judged such actions meaningless. Their hands stopped midway. Placing them behind their backs again, they looked at Clyde with dread. After all, in the legends of Human Race, all devils were cruel existences. Even though this devil had a handsome human face and had indirectly saved them, they couldn’t lower their guards. The split corpse of Warden Brown was a reminder of Clyde’s true identity.

“You all should take off these useless clothes. Wearing them is awkward. What? Do you have a problem>”

“This… no, no problem!”

Seeing his somewhat wicked expression, the complexions of those few young white lambs rouged. Now, they wore only silk stockings and gloves. By taking them off, they would be completely bare without a thread. Still, they didn’t wait for Clyde to repeat his command. Under his attentive wicked gaze, these proud white lambs took off everything and personally tied red leather collars around their necks and knelt in front of their new master, expressing their allegiance.

Now, the underground of Kelifu Prison was completely controlled by Clyde and his shadow monsters. However, Clyde himself was not a person of Clark Alliance. He didn’t have the ability to discreetly handle so many goods like the slave owners over there. All the white lambs in their iron cages looked at this devil making arrangements for them with tearful eyes. Now, in this circumstance, they could only gamble. If this devil wanted to use them as sacrifices for his wicked ceremony, then they could only accept their fates.

“Master, say something! I beg you! By not saying a word, we are afraid!”

“Eh, I was thinking of what to do. By the way, will you all truly accept my arrangements?”

“Truly! Don’t test our loyalty!”

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“That’s good. I’ll make good arrangements for you all.”

Clyde quickly thought of a way to settle this issue. Naturally, he couldn’t let his younger sister Lucifer, that wicked bloodkin Lolita, deal with this. If he let her, he could guess that she would turn them all into blood-servants. After considering for a while, he had remembered those ten thousand soldiers of Steinbeck Fief. All of them seemed to be “well-off bachelors.” As a Suzerain, he had to think of a way to resolve this problem in order to avoid unrest. As long as they performed well, giving them each a wife was not impossible. Although the resources of Kelifu Prison was clearly insufficient for ten thousand soldiers, this was just the beginning. Clyde believed that it would gradually improve hereafter.

Just when Clyde was about to announce his decision, a shadow monster returned and reported that it had found a secret passage. However, that place was somewhat difficult to access. Considering their master’s face, they didn’t recommend for Clyde to personally explore that place. Clyde felt entangled. Even below Kelifu Prison’s underground prison, there was another secret. This location of the secret path was truly bitter.

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