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Chapter 135: Exploring the Abnormal Aspect of Kelifu Prison (Part 3)

Outside the innermost underground cell of Kelifu Prison, Clyde used his shadow magic to hide his entire body. After passing through many temptations and trials, the shadow monster finally led him to the target of this operation, Head Warden Brown.

The abnormally thick iron gate was unable to stop Clyde’s steps. In his current state, his body was like mist. As a shadow, he could ignore any physical obstacles and pass through them. Considering the wicked scenes and erotic environment everywhere in this underground prison, Clyde made some brief mental preparations before entering this final prison cell.

Brown, the Head Warden of Kelifu Prison, was here in this prison cell. As the head warden, he enjoyed many privileges. For instance, he had priority when choosing the lambs. All the most beautiful prisoners were imprisoned here and treated as Head Warden Brown’s private collection. He could do whatever he wanted. The female family members of the former mayor were also here.

Under the dim candlelight, Clyde could clearly see the situation inside. The level of wickedness here was a lot more stimulating than on the outside; moreover, the visual impact was too big. Fortunately, Clyde had made some brief mental preparations before; otherwise, he might not have been able to suppress his spear. The prisoners in these prison cells, no matter whether in attractiveness index or figure, were several grades higher than those outside being bullied by the prison officials. His privileges as Head Warden were truly enviable.

Like outside, the white lambs here were divided into maidens who hadn’t experienced human affairs and mature women. What was beyond Clyde’s expectations was that Head Warden Brown was truly a wretched man. He was employing neglect PLAY with the former and all kinds of shameful PLAY towards the latter.

In this dark underground prison cell, immature white lambs were in shameful, completely bare states. Their hands were bound together behind their backs with black ropes, and their white legs were parted, making them sit atop a thick rope with many knots. The ends of the thick rope were attached to special pulleys that slowly rotated. With each rotation, those knots would rub against their most private parts. The bullied white lambs had very red faces, and their white figures violently trembled as if they were being electrocuted while they continuously reached their pinnacles. Their writhing bodies, swaying bosoms, and strange water stains darkening the rope below formed a wicked picture.

The eyes of these white lambs were covered with black blindfolds, so they couldn’t see the knots approaching them. They were biting black rod-type erotic tools to prevent them from screaming in ecstasy. Clyde could only see saliva marks at the corners of their mouths. In addition, black leather collars with long iron chains were tied around their white necks. The other ends were attached to the ceiling of the prison cell, forcing them to raise their heads and receive this shameful procedure with their full weights mashed against the knots as their backs stood tall and straight.

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The wickedest thing were the triangular red candlesticks above each white lamb. The height and placement had been calculated so that droplets of wax would land around the alluring bosoms and elastic white buttocks of those white lambs. Every time the hot liquid fell on them, the white lambs would tremble in fear. Some even had salt crystals forming along their blindfolds, indicating that they truly had no more tears left to cry. Other than not having enslavement imprints, these white lambs were much worse off than their companions outside.

Head Warden Brown was not interested in these white lambs. He treated them as decorations and collected articles for a shameful display, nothing more. As a wretched man, he naturally bullied those mature white lambs instead.

There was a row of special wicked chairs, each with a mature-type white lamb. Their white legs were parted and tied to the armrests on both sides, making a shameful “M.” Their hands were also fixed with special iron loops to their lower thighs. These prey also had tightly-locked, heavy metal collars around their necks. A white number plate engraved with what seemed to be the respective lamb’s codename hung from each of those collars.

Because of the black blindfolds, Clyde couldn’t see their expressions. However, looking at those alluring red cherries pierced with dazzling silver R-rings, he judged that these white lambs had already been trained and had completely adjusted to their current situations. The clear enslavement marks on their white thighs proved Clyde’s judgment.

Head Warden Brown, that “Old Dirty Tortoise,” had found a special wicked drug from who-knew- where, and after forcing these white lambs to take that drug, their bosoms had become a lot plumper and increased in size by quite a few grades. Even a strange white liquid had begun to flow once more. If it were not for those wicked R-rings, this scene might have become even wickeder and more explosive, far exceeding even Clyde’s endurance.

The white lambs on the chairs were also ornaments. Since they were similarly biting black wicked rod-type erotic tools, they were unable to speak even a single word. Brown was in a large cage at the center of this prison cell. The scene there was even wickeder. The hands of the white lambs imprisoned there were bound together above their heads with iron chains, maintaining half-suspended in midair states. Only the tips of their toes touched the ground, and even then, they had to lean and could only stand on one leg. They also had black iron collars with iron chains attached around their necks and had also been force-fed that wicked drug. Although they also had the R-rings and enslavement marks, they were not wearing black blindfolds or gagged by those special balls. It seemed that Head Warden Brown had intentionally made such arrangements to increase the stimulation.

From the expressions of those white lambs, Clyde judged that these white lambs had not completely fallen yet. They were right at the edge of the cliff, which was the most amusing state. Head Warden Brown played with his once noble prey. A white lamb hung in midair with iron chains hogtying her. Often, a white liquid droplet would fall from her plump bosom that already had R rings. The scene was especially wicked. Because she was biting a specially made ring, she couldn’t close her mouth, and due to Brown’s movements, she was forced to swallow his erect tool of crime while emitting strange noises. No matter how much they resisted, over a period of time, they would be forced to become habituated until it became second nature.

Beside Brown’s legs were a few mature white lambs prostrating on the ground. Clearly having already been trained, they licked water from red plates in front of them. Some of them were wearing black animal ears on their heads and had black furry tails stuck in their **. They had fawning looks. Seemingly, they had already forgotten their original identities. They also had black furry paws on their hands and legs as if they were in a shameful role-playing game.

Although Clyde didn’t recognize anyone, he could roughly guess that the one being suspended and bullied was the main wife of the former mayor. Those beside Brown’s legs should have been his consorts or concubines. That mayor of Benson Town was truly unlucky; he had fled by himself without taking his wives and concubines. Now, he had to wear a green hat. Clyde was witnessing a large-scale NTR scene.

Head warden Brown stood there with one hand pulling an iron chain, controlling their necks, and another brandishing a black whip to lash at the white lambs’ smooth backs and elastic butts. Strange moans accompanying the cracks of the whip formed a sinful melody that tempted people to commit crimes in this underground prison.

Not far away from Brown, there were several young white lambs. From Clyde’s estimations, they were probably the golden daughters of the mayor. The complexions of those white lambs were red while watching Brown’s wicked deeds from the side. They wore long, silk stockings and gloves, nothing else. It was little different from being in a completely bare state. Forced to kneel on one knee with their hands tied together behind their backs with red ropes,  they were unable to move at all.

This binding method was quite filthy since the red ropes passed through their enchanting gullies, outlining their smooth and round bosoms. It was a simple variation of the tortoise-shell binding method. Because each girl’s ability to speak was sealed with a small red ball, they would only watch in humiliation while only being able to fidget a few centimeters at most. Their enchanting flower gardens received continuous assault from the scene around them and were very wet. No matter how conflicted they felt, after continuously watching those scenes, their bodies instinctively reacted.

“Madam, to be honest, your family’s darlings are going to suffer… Heh heh, do you understand what I mean?”

“Wu… don’t touch them. I beg you! I… I truly don’t know.” 

“This answer is unsatisfactory. I have said this many times before, so it seems that I will have to mark them.”

“No, I truly… wu!”

A cruel smile appeared on Brown’s face as he casually gagged the white lamb in front of him with a small red ball. That white lamb shed tears but could only beg, shaking her head in vain. She saw Brown walking over to a nearby furnace and taking out a branding iron that had been heated red hot before walking towards those young white lambs. Those white lambs were so scared that they paled in fear of being marked with the permanent symbol of slavery. Even if they could run, iron bars blocked their escape.

Head Warden Brown pushed those white lambs to the ground. After forcing them to stick their bosoms on the ice-cold ground, he forcibly hoisted up their white butts. As the red hot branding iron neared her fair skin, the first-in-line could feel the scorching temperature. The white lambs all looked deathly pale and were drenched in cold sweat while glancing at their sister from the corners of their eyes. In addition, because of their fear, they violently trembled. They were so afraid that they ** themselves.

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“Truly a lovely shape! Unfortunately, you are… I will give you a final chance. Where is the private collection and treasure of that old man mayor hidden? If you say you don’t know one more time, then these darlings will be…”

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