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Chapter 134: Exploring the Abnormal Aspect of Kelifu Prison (Part 2)

After Miss Anna left, Clyde turned back to Kelifu Prison while hiding in the shadows.

The soldiers stationed at Kelifu Prison quickly relaxed because their supervisor, Miss Anna, had left. This large prison that could hold over 10,000 prisoners had 1,000 guards on duty; therefore, when guarding it, it was impossible to arrange for soldiers to guard every place. Many places were simply locked with large iron chains. Clyde easily found an unguarded entrance, and using dark energy, he destroyed the iron chains to sneak into Kelifu Prison.

The distribution of guards in Kelifu Prison was not reasonable. There were no patrolling troops in many places, and some passages were blocked by mere locked doors. Along the way, Clyde broke through several locked gates but didn’t run into a single patrolling soldier. Infact, he wondered whether using Shadow Magic had been a waste. The current situation was like boldly entering without any characteristics of sneaking in.

Clyde immediately sought out Head Warden Brown. Honestly speaking, looking for a person in such a big prison was not easy. However, Clyde had a way. Since Head Warden Brown had been heavily drinking, Clyde made a shadow monster follow the odor of alcohol. Soon, he found Brown’s traces. Following the shadow monster, Clyde took several turns and finally discovered his quarry.

In the depths of Kelifu Prison was another underground prison that was a highly secretive location. When Clyde and Miss Anna had initially strolled around in Kelifu Prison before, even though they had inspected the entire prison, they hadn’t noticed this hidden entrance. This time, the shadow monster found it through the smell of alcohol. When Clyde opened the cover of the underground prison’s entrance, the stench of alcohol assailed his nostrils before he saw a pitch-black entrance with a stone staircase in front that greatly resembled the mysterious basement of Third Young Master Hal. The only difference was that there had been no alcoholic smell in Hal’s basement.

Clyde cautiously walked down the flight of steps to underground prison. Despite the weak, red candle light, he could easily see the general situation of the underground prison due to his night vision. The essences between the prison here and the prison above vastly differed. Although the layout of prison cells was practically the same, here had implements of torture and a level of wickedness much more terrifying than above. Moreover, it was very difficult for others to not associate these tools with erotic ideas. The presence of crosses, X-shaped frames, wooden triangular horses, iron maidens, and so on couldn’t be explained any other way. Even in Hal’s mysterious wicked basement, such heavy wicked erotic tools had not been present. Just as you could’t judge a person by appearance, Head Warden Brown’s skills clearly exceeded the late Hal’s.

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Like Clyde had expected, all the prisoners here were female. Before, he hadn’t seen any decent beauty in Kelifu Prison, so it seemed that they had all been transferred to this secret underground prison. Even in the member nations of Victor Alliance that superficially banned slavery on the surface, it was difficult to avoid the dark issues of prisons. In fact, for female prisoners in this underground prison, their treatment was no different from the slave prisoners in Clark Alliance.

In those dark and damp prison cells, all the imprisoned female prisoners were bare while kneeling on the cold floor with their legs tied to iron rods that pressed into their heels from behind, forcing them to maintain their kneeling postures. With their hands stretched behind them and fixed to the same iron rods with heavy handcuffs, they couldn’t move around at all. Black metal collars around their white necks seemed especially conspicuous.

These white lambs were muted with iron-rod type wicked tools. With these erotic tools in their mouths, these white lambs couldn’t speak except for the obvious saliva stains at the corners of their mouths. Because of their black blindfolds, he could only see tear stains at the borders of the cloth.

Head Warden Brown along with his trusted subordinates did all kinds of indescribable things to these prisoners. In order to make things convenient, these prison officers were dressed in little clothes. They only wore black loincloths on their lower parts resembling what sumo competitors wore during their matches. Although the lighting of this underground prison was dim, and the visibility was very low, Clyde could clearly see countless evils held up by those black loincloths. This was a normal reaction, nothing strange. After all, all the prison officers were men. If they didn’t have such a reaction in this environment, that would be an issue. However, Clyde was so experienced that he could control such reactions unlike them.

In the prison cells, the officers did bad deeds with wicked smiles to those white lambs. They whipped those white lambs’ beautiful faces and their plump bosoms or elastic, white buttocks. The most wicked prison officers directly used their claws to make their plump ** form all kinds of alluring shapes while pinching and twisting their alluring red cherries.

 The faces of those white lambs were filled with ashamed expressions, but because they couldn’t make any sounds nor move, they could only let these men do as they pleased as they vented their dark desires. Above their white legs and on the floor were traces of strange water stains. Crisp slapping sounds reverberated throughout the entire underground of Kelifu Prison. Just listening to these sounds alone could make the hearts of others ripple. Clyde felt that this place was much wickeder than his residence back at Steinbeck Fief. After all, his younger sister Lucifer was a girl. In a few aspects, she could never surpass men.

The treatment of the prisoners inside prison cells could be regarded as comparatively better. After all, they were just imprisoned. The ones facing real tests were those prisoners outside who were bound to wicked erotic tools while undergoing various shameful interrogation methods. It didn’t look like the prison officials were focused on interrogation. From the very beginning, they had gone for all kinds of obscure things.

In the underground prison, white lambs tied to various kinds of wicked erotic tools were everywhere. All the cross and X-shaped frames had white lambs tied on them in the same states as the prisoners in the prison cells: they wore black blindfolds and black collars with long iron chains. The only difference was these the white lambs outside bit special rings that prevented them from closing their mouths while affixing their fragrant tongues outside with special frames. They were prepared to swallow the prison officials’ sources of evil at any time.

While Clyde was passing, he discovered that all the triangular wooden horses also had white lambs riding them with prison officials whipping them. They could only let out strange sounds and sway on the wooden horses, forming a wicked erotic scene. The female prisoners in the outer area belonged to the group that hadn’t previously experienced human affairs. These erotic scenes were just a light taste. The real heavy tastes were deeper in the prison cells. The mature women were on a completely different level from these inexperienced chicks. After all, they had experienced human affairs.

This kind of place clearly tested “men’s spears.” Clyde felt that this place could test endurance more than a battlefield. However, he couldn’t turn back halfway since he had not yet found Head Warden Brown. With the guidance of the shadow monster following the alcoholic smell, Clyde endured erotic scenery and delved deeper into Kelifu Prison’s underground prison.

The degree of wickedness in Kelifu Prison’s inner underground prison far exceeded that of the outer edges. The white lambs here had been completely trained. All were mature prey. Prostrated in front of the prison officials with charming expressions, they swallowed the officials’ evil tools. In addition, strange gulps could be heard, and white marks could be clearly seen at the corners of their mouths. With expressions that only men could understand, the prison officials grabbed the chains attached to the collars around those white lambs.

The white lambs in the depths of Kelifu Prison’s underground prison were marked with wicked imprints. They were already like the slave market goods of Clark Alliance. Their elastic and pert white butts had clear enslavement marks, and the alluring red cherries of their well-developed bosoms were pierced with golden R rings. The wicked slave imprints were not only on their soft behinds, but also on their soft bosoms. Looking at the angry, red traces, they seemed to have just been marked. These white lambs had already completely submitted. Lash marks along with red welts from wax drops marred their smooth backs.

Clyde seriously believed that Head Warden Brown and his trusted subordinates were in the wrong camp. This talent was wasted in Victor Alliance. The patterns of those enslavement imprints were no different from Clark Alliance. Clyde had seen similar imprints before, so he recognized them at a glance. Filled with complicated emotions, Clyde finally arrived at the location of Head Warden Brown with the shadow monster. He was in the innermost cells of Kelifu Prison’s underground prison; no one knew what kind of evil was hidden behind those thick iron gates. 

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