Chapter 33: The Treasure Hunting Record in Needham Plain’s Ruins Part 2

City ruins of Needham Plain, Castellan’s residence

Clyde and Princess Natalie discovered the former Castellan’s basement treasury. Originally, Natalie had wanted to directly enter, but Clyde had stopped her. Clyde could sense many undead creatures below. If Natalie went down, even if she were powerful, she would be easily plotted against.

The visibility within the underground treasury was very low. There were no illuminating tools at all. A person entering could only depend on the faint glow from his or her candle as well as the faint glitter of gold coins to judge his or her position. However, this didn’t affect Clyde at all. As an Evil God, he had night vision that transcended anything the Human Race could aspire to. Even if it were so dark that even a hand in front of one’s face couldn’t be seen, he would be able to see clearly, no different from when he was beneath the sun.

This underground treasury was the size of three standard football fields. In this open and spacious area were piles of gold and silver coins as well as various kinds of valuable treasures. The locks on the treasure boxes had already long decayed, and he could see treasures inside those boxes via small cracks. Most of those boxes were filled with gold and silver bars. They seemed to be the military reserve since every human nation generally transported military funds in this way. Compared to the riches in those treasured boxes, the piles of gold coins and silver coins lying about were not so significant.

The gold coins should have been deposited by the rich, and the other silver coins should have been deposited by former residents. Although it had already been over a hundred years, these gold and silver coins could be taken back, melted and recast for modern use. As for the gold bars and silver bars, they could be used directly, saving a lot of the troubles associated with gold and silver coins.

Facing this huge wealth, Clyde was still very calm and carefully observed his surroundings. There were many undead in this underground treasury, and all blocked the path in front. Wearing valuable armor, these undead were obviously not normal corpses. Even after over a hundred years, the luster of those armors still shined like their old selves. The severe test of time had not left any marks on those armors, marking their quality.

Examining those armors, he realized that they bore the logo of Adrian Empire’s imperial guards. In the past, these undead had been members of the Adrian Empire’s Imperial Guard Regiment. Their combat power had been fearsome, and after transforming into undead, they had not forgotten their martial skills. They were still able to freely use martial skills from their lifetime. Unlike most zombies who would not be able to use the skills of their lifetimes, these exceptions were far more dangerous.

After detecting Clyde’s intrusion, the imperial guards surrounded Clyde in a formation. Clyde, however, didn’t attack. He was puzzled by the appearance of this Imperial Guard Regiment. Although Needham Plain had once used to be Adrian Empire’s prime economic region, there was no record of the Adrian Empire’s imperial family appearing here. Why did this Imperial Guard Regiment come here? That was truly suspicious.

 “Leave this place; this is not a place you should have come toh!”

“Eh, you all can speak. I just came here to transport something.”

“Leave this place! This is not a place you should have come to!”

“So that’s how it is. Sorry, I must disturb you all.”

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Initially, Clyde had thought that these undead still had intelligence, but after attempting to communicate with them, Clyde discovered that the other party had no intelligence at all. They simply repeated a recorded phrase and couldn’t converse back and forth. After learning this truth, Clyde was no longer polite. He emitted a black energy radiance that spread into a ring of black light with Clyde at the center.

These undead imperial guards of Adrian Empire were sent flying by this black energy ring. Since they all had a warrior class profession, they didn’t have any long-range attack means. Thus, they had no means to counter Clyde. They could only accept being pushed into a corner and helplessly watch Clyde casually use a storage ring to take away the treasures of this underground basement.

The storage ring Princess Natalie had given Clyde only had a storage space equal to a standard football field in size. It was not enough to take away all the riches here. Fortunately, Clyde had another storage ring that he had borrowed from Witch Ista. As a high-grade storage ring, it had a storage space of over ten standard football fields in size. It was more than enough to store all the riches here.

“Clyde, are you alright? Is there any danger?” Natalie’s voice drifted down the stairs.

“I’m fine, Natalie. It is very safe. You don’t need to come down; just wait for me above.”

It had been a long time since Clyde had entered the underground basement, and Princess Natalie was naturally somewhat worried. Other than her, Clyde, this companion, was the only other person here. After the other soldiers had separated from her, she didn’t know what had happened since she hadn’t heard any sounds of their activity once they’d left the shopping district. It was as if this ruin had swallowed all of them up.

In the end, Princess Natalie was still a girl. Even though she was powerful, in this kind of desolate and uninhabited strange ruins, it was hard to avoid her being scared. When Clyde finished storing all the treasures, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be an even deeper layer. On the innermost wall, there was a hidden door covered with stuck-on paper seals that had been revealed once he had moved the stacks of gold away.

Clyde didn’t particularly understand the magic of this different world, but he knew that the characters on those paper seals should be used for sealing evil spirits. As an Evil God himself, Clyde could faintly feel a subconscious sense of discomfort from those paper seals. At that moment, those undead Adrian Empire’s imperial guards had already been suppressed by Clyde’s black energy ring and were laying on the ground unable to move.

Clyde felt a strange kind of feeling as if a person were standing on the other side of that hidden door and observing him. That was a strange feeling, especially since this was such a dark space. If he were his past self from. before he had crossed into this world, Clyde would have run away, but his current true status was a Great Old One, one of the Evil Gods. He was not afraid of whatever fellow hid on the other side of this door.

In the brief moment of silence, Clyde watched the hidden door with hesitation. He was completely unaware of what was on the other side of this hidden door because he didn’t have any perception abilities, but he didn’t want to take the risk of opening that hidden door. What exactly was the background of the fellow who had been sealed here? There were basically no records in Adrian Empire’s annals according to what he knew.

 “Clyde, you… Don’t come above; wait below…”

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At that moment, Princess Natalie’s somewhat flurried voice came from above, accompanied by the clangs of fighting. Clyde no longer thought more about this conundrum, he immediately rushed to the surface, ignoring the fellow on the opposite side of the hidden door.




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