Chapter 34: The Secret Sealed Below Needham Plain Part 1

City ruins of Needham Plain, Castellan’s residence site

Once Clyde had finished plundering the gold coins and treasures in the underground basement, he heard Princess Natalie’s alarmed voice. Princess Natalie was a Berserker Swordswoman, so her combat power was not poor. Normally, she wouldn’t have had any issues if she had encountered the attacks of normal undead. Although she ought to have been able to defend herself, Clyde sensed a restlessness in her voice.

When Clyde rushed out of the basement entrance, he saw a large group of demonic creatures besieging Princess Natalie. Countless distorted shadows surrounded her, preventing her from breaking out of their encirclement. Those black shadows were each over three meters tall and looked very horrifying. They had no facial features and were just fearsome shadows, nothing more. In addition, their bodies twisted in unimaginable forms. Clyde vaguely felt that those black faces without facial features could see their surroundings.

Princess Natalie’s beautiful face dripped with sweat. Clearly, she was having a hard fight. Using all her strength, she brandished her huge sword, desperately hacking at those besieging shadows. However, the huge sword just passed through those shadows without causing them any injuries. Even if she cleaved a path in the midst of those shadows, other shadows would quickly fill the gap before she could escape. She was helpless.

As it turned out those shadows were in an immaterial state. They were immune to physical attacks, clearly countering Princess Natalie. Her profession was based on pure strength, without even a bit of magic, so she couldn’t inflict any substantial damage on those shadows. However, the troublesome matter was that those shadows weren’t in an immaterial state when they attacked. They used their immaterial states to directly pass through Princess Natalie’s douqi protection before materializing to strike her mortal form. 

When Clyde finally arrived, Princess Natalie was already almost unable to hold on. Wounds covered her body. Those shadows seemed to be deliberately playing with their prey. It was obvious that they could have already attacked her vital parts. Even Princess Natalie also knew this, but they unexpectedly wanted to attack the prey’s dignity, little by little. Her armor was already tattered. It was no different from scraps. Her huge sword had also suffered damaged all over. With a bit more damage, it would shatter into pieces. 

No one knew whether these shadows had such bad tastes since Princess Natalie had been beaten to this ruined cloth state. Not to mention that her armor was already in scraps, even her undergarments below were also torn. Her snowy white skin was completely exposed to the air. Clyde could even see her fiery red bra and panties. Although he hadn’t really wanted to peep, he still clearly saw her state; there was nothing he could do about it. With its bold fiery color, Princess Natalie’s underwear was of good taste. In contrast to her snowy white skin, it appeared especially eye-catching. It was almost impossible to ignore it.

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“Clyde, quickly run away! Bring the gold coins back to Prince Gruz. Ignore me!”

Although Princess Natalie knew that she had been exposed, she didn’t have the time to be shy. Gravely speaking these words as if they would be her last, she asked Clyde to quickly retreat with the gold coins while she stalled. Those shadows took advantage of this moment when Princess Natalie was not paying full attention to launch a sudden attack. Several ruthless attacks landed on Princess Natalie, and she was sent flying.

Princess Natalia fainted and fell to the ground. It was unclear whether she were dead or alive. Due to her Berserker Swordswoman attributes, her endurance was higher than that of normal Human Race’s. If a normal human were in her place, then he or she would have already been killed. These shadows had great strength. Just the last attack alone would have smashed a human into meat pulp.

“Really! Are you guys bullying a girl?”

Clyde didn’t turn around and leave. Instead, he ignored the danger posed by these shadows and directly walked over. The shadows saw that another person wished to court death, so they immediately surrounded him and extended their claws, wanting to tear this foolish extra to pieces. However, their sharp claws hit a brick wall this time around and stopped a distance away from Clyde as if there were an invisible barrier they couldn’t pass. Their attacks never even touched Clyde.

“If you don’t want to die then step aside. I don’t have time to waste on you extras.”

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Clyde grabbed the claw of the nearest shadow and twisted it. That shadow immediately let out a miserable scream as its claw cracked and broke off. Their immaterial forms were useless in front of Clyde; after all, these shadows belonged to the family of existences immune to physical attacks but weak against magic attacks. Facing magic attacks, they lacked any advantage.

However, those shadows didn’t want to give up the prey in their hands. They gathered together to block Clyde’s path while another group of shadows tried to carry Princess Natalie away. This thoroughly enraged Clyde. Kidnapping a person in front of him was truly not giving him any face. If they truly succeeded, Clyde’s dignity as a Great Old One would reach rock bottom.

Clyde’s entire body emitted black flames, and he quickly rushed forward. All the shadows blocking him were engulfed by the black flames and burnt to ashes. Observing this scene, those shadows around Natalie realized they were not Clyde’s opponent in no time, so they could only choose to flee in defeat, leaving behind their prey.

Clyde walked over to the side of Princess Natalie and picked up this red-haired beauty. Although he felt like he was currently taking cheap advantage of Princess Natalia, he also didn’t want to abandon her. After all, she had given him a storage ring and covertly given him a lot of benefits. If he walked away just like this, that would certainly hurt his conscience.

“Cough. Cough. Clyde, are those shadows gone?”

“Those shadows are a group of fellows who bully the weak and fear the strong. I have already driven them away. Don’t speak; your injuries…”

After holding Princess Natalie, Clyde discovered that her injuries were more serious than he had initially expected. Her entire body was nearly paralyzed, and her cultivation was also completely ruined. She was a step away from death. Until now, she had been supported by her fighting spirit, but in this state where she had already lost a large amount of blood, she had already long passed the stage where she could be healed by normal means.

This time, Clyde found things rather difficult. He didn’t know any healing magic spells. As an Evil God, a Great Old One, he had no healing-class magic spells. In addition, the beauties around him didn’t know any healing magic spells. Princess Saras was a common person, nothing more. Witch Ista relied on magic treasures, and he didn’t think she had healing class treasures. As for his younger sister, Lucifer, she would just convert a person into a Bloodkin, which was unrelated to saving a person and would certainly not restore them to being a member of the Human Race.

The only person who might have healing magic spells would be Valkyrie Cynthia, but she had already returned to the Divine Realm. It would be difficult to find her within a short time. By the time Valkyrie Cynthia would return after receiving the summons of the Valkyrie Idol, Princess Natalie would have already grown cold. At that time, he would need an even rarer resurrection magic spell. Just as Clyde felt vexed, an ethereal voice emerged from the underground treasury below.

“If you help me a little, I can help you save her. It’s truly a small task. Please help me!”




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