Chapter 49: The Resurgence of a New Evil Force in Needham Plain Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, in the vicinity of Steinbeck Fief, the outskirts of Needham Plains

In the Lost Murman Pyramid, Clyde and ancient Demon King Andrisno cautiously approached the sealed Anubis coffin from which a person trapped inside had requested their aid. 

“Don’t hesitate, I… I am no match for you. Don’t tell me that you are afraid of a weak girl?”

“Weak? The divine power of these shackles is at least on the level created by a Main God. You… are you sure you are weak? Forget it. Andrisno, let’s go somewhere else!”

“Don’t, don’t go away! What exactly do you want from me?”

“Telling your story is enough. After you finish speaking, I will decide whether to help you.”

Under Clyde’s demands, the existence sealed in the coffin finally confessed her identity. She had been the last queen of Lamina Dynasty, Lafania. In her dimension, Lamina Civilization was similar to the ancient Egyptian Civilization and built many pyramids. In the final moments of the dynasty, because of an enemy state’s plot, she had fallen out with her elder sister. Because this enemy had sowed discord, both sides had suffered losses, and this enemy state had taken advantage of the occasion to exterminate her dynasty. 

Out of resentment, she had cursed herself and turned into an immortal cursed queen, dragging down the enemy state by relying on the curse. Because the curse was truly too vicious, the Main God of that different world had sealed her corpse. The treasures here were all cursed, and the average person couldn’t take them away; however, since Clyde and Andrisno were from the same camp, they were unaffected.

At that time, Lafania and her younger sister had cooperated and degenerated together. In that different world, they had caused havoc and almost overturned the Divine Realm, forcing the God of Creation to appear. That world’s Divine Realm had lost 80% of its combat power. After such a disastrous price, these sisters had been sealed. However, the weakened Divine Realm had allowed other evil horrors to escape from their confines and rampage throughout the dimension. At that time, the ancient Demon King Andrisno’s summon had transferred their entire graveyard.

If she had been a little slower, then the other forces of darkness would have arrived, releasing the sealed sisters. After learning this truth, ancient Demon King Andrisno awkwardly stared at her feet to conceal her blush. She had never expected that as a Demon King, her careless actions had accidentally saved a different world. According to a Demon King’s professional ethics, Andrisno was absolutely disqualified. She didn’t complete the job of a Demon King and had, instead, become a Savior. If by any chance other Demon Kings learned of this scandal, she would be mocked to death.

“In other words, this seal was set up by the Main God. This is troublesome. If I forcibly break it, will there be any unusual effects?”

“I also don’t know. I can’t see the outside world; I can only feel the existence of your power.”

Lafania was an undead queen. It had already been over six thousand years since she had first been sealed in this coffin. Because she had cultivated throughout all those years, her current strength crushed the Valkyries of this world’s Divine Realm. Now, even if she faced the Main God who had sealed her long ago, he might lack the ability to seal her once more. However, compared to Clyde in front of her, Lafania felt that she was far inferior, and her tone didn’t contain any arrogance.

“Lafania, is your younger sister also here?”

“Yes, Mephis, that silly girl, is in the underground graveyard below, but it seems she is angry with me since she hasn’t talked to me in a long time.”

“How about this. Lafania, please trust my words and wait here. I will look for this plane’s Main God and ask whether she can help you undo this seal. I know some people, so she shouldn’t refuse.”

“Fine. I have already waited here for several thousand years. Waiting a bit more again is fine. Merely, I hope you aren’t deceiving me. If you need corpses for summoning beings, there are many in the outside wastelands.”

 Lafania agreed to the suggestion of Clyde. She had no other choice, she could only leave everything in Clyde’s hands. Clyde planned to ask Valkyrie Cynthia to lend a hand since the possibility of her refusal was practically zero. Even though they had not taken the final step, they’d already shared a bed and had practically reached the final culmination. 

There were two great existences in the Murman Regal Pyramid. One was the Undead Queen Lafania, and the other was her younger sister Mephis. Both of them had turned into terrifying existences after cursing themselves, and Clyde was in no hurry to release them. He planned to have all his allies with strong combat power beside him before releasing them so as to avoid any unforeseen events. At the very least, Lucifer had to be present. She was a supreme dark existence second to only Clyde.

According to Lafania’s directions, Clyde’s party found a wasteland that was the historical remains of an ancient battlefield with many mummified corpses. Before their deaths, these corpses had been fearsome soldiers. They also retained their old weaponry, so a summoner wouldn’t need to prepare anything for them. At first glance, anyone could see that their armaments were not ordinary items. Even after undergoing the baptism of several millennia, they still dazzled without a trace of any rust.

“Master Clyde, do what I say. First…”

Ancient Demon King Andrisno began to prepare for the summoning ritual by engraving a six-edged star on the ground and dyeing it dark red using a dye. Although it was unknown whether it was blood, its odor, appearance, and consistency greatly resembled blood. After she recited something in the demonic language, the magic array emitted a dark red light, and many demonic character runes floated about it. 

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Clyde was not very good in this aspect of the summoning ritual. According to Andrisno’s directions, he walked over to the summoning magic array and copied her recitations in the demonic language. As the summoning progressed, the weather above the entire Murman Regal Pyramid abruptly changed. Black clouds covered the sky, lightning flashed like writhing snakes, and a cold, bone-piercing chill cut at the skin. In the midst of the gale, the wails of resentful spirits burst at the ears.

Among the dark clouds, strangely built shadows floated, and those mummies on the ground, began to resume activity. Clyde had ignored a problem: his special attribute, Andrisno’s attribute, and the special environment of this place represented three distinct dark civilizations. Thus, this summoning ritual mingled together three dark civilizations, and this scene of three different dark civilizations blending together manifested.

In the God King Hall within Divine Realm, the seven Valkyries were all present. Other than Cynthia who bore a strange look, the complexions of all other Valkyries were deathly pale and quite unsightly. The dark aura soaring from Needham Plain almost punctured a hole through the Divine Realm. Even the God King had clear blood traces at the corners of his mouth, having been injured by the impact of that dark energy just now.

“This is an unknown aura. It seems to be emitted by some kind of undetectable demonic creature. What do you all think?”

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“Your Highness the God King, I think we should dispatch everyone. Otherwise, we might… Eh, Cynthia, you…”

“Ai, everyone, don’t argue. Let me go alone and investigate. There shouldn’t be any problems.”



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