Chapter 48: The Visit to a Terrifying Cursed Graveyard Part 2

Continent’s southern region, nearby Steinbeck Fief, outside Needham Plains

Clyde, together with ancient Demon King Andrisno, arrived at a discarded graveyard. This resentment about this graveyard was very strong. From far away, he could sense that terrifying resentment. Almost shrouding the entire horizon, the resentment formed smoky shapes that radiated outward. 

He wondered what was going on with those Valkyries in Divine Realm. Even after such a long period of time, they hadn’t discovered any issues with this graveyard. There was such a dense resentment here, but Divine Realm hadn’t dealt with it. In addition, Light Church had also not sent anyone to resolve this. According to normal trends, the outbreak of an undead calamity should have already occurred in this graveyard, but to date, there had been no outbreak. It seemed that something here suppressed those resentful spirits.

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After Clyde approached that graveyard, he noticed a strange point. This graveyard didn’t appear here to belong to this different world. Before when far away, because it had been shrouded by resentment spirits, Clyde hadn’t clearly discerned the features of this graveyard; thus, he had thought it an ordinary western-style graveyard. However, upon a closer inspection, he realized this graveyard had a completely different style.

This was an ancient Egyptian-styled graveyard covering a humongous area. From the great pyramid to the Sphinx, everything typical of such a place was present. In the vicinity of the pyramid, similar to the ancient Egyptian Valley of the Kings on Earth, wrapped mummies lay in small alcoves. These mummies emitted that terrifying resentment. Perhaps, because of some environmental change, these mummies felt disrespected. Although these mummies did not move at all, even from far away, one could feel the resentment from these mummies.

“Andrisno, you haven’t found the wrong place, have you? This graveyard…”

“Lord Clyde, this graveyard actually is…”

It turned out that Andrisno had accidentally summoned this pyramid long ago. At that time, after she had triggered a legendary Forbidden Tier Summons by a fluke and summoned this special graveyard area from Clyde’s own dimension. Because Andrisno’s strength was limited, she had been unable to finish the entire summoning ritual, leading to this one-fourth completed summons. This graveyard had not completely manifested in this world, so those mummies couldn’t move.

In the God Race’s divinations, this graveyard did not exist because it had not fully formed. Only Clyde, Andrisno, and a few other supreme dark existences could see it. Although the Divine Realm’s Valkyries had sensed the terrifying resentment, they had discovered nothing in this graveyard even after investigating. After fruitlessly investigating many times, they had given up exploring.

The existence of this special graveyard had led to the large accumulation of resentment here. Over two hundred years ago, Princess Sigrid’s ability to open gates leading to Demon and Ghost Realm had had a big connection to this resentment here.

Andrisno wanted to make Clyde complete her previous summoning ritual and deal with this awful mess. The main step of the ritual was already completed. Now, he only need to pour a large amount of dark energy to fully materialize this graveyard. Afterward, the summoning ritual would be complete. The corpses in this area were for sure enough because all those preserved mummies were intact and could definitely suffice for summoning undead.

Moreover, the civilization that had built this graveyard mirrored ancient Egypt, but they seemed to have worshiped darkness. In the religious shrine near the pyramid, only Evil Gods were enshrined, suiting Clyde’s Evil God attribute. Other than corpses, like a real emperor’s graveyard, a large number of valuable offerings were buried. Gold, silver, treasure, and jewels piled up like mountains.

Although the style of the gold coins did not match those used by this different world’s Human Race, as long as these gold coins were melted, refined, and recast, there would be no problems. Only looking at the wealth here, the reserves of this graveyard completely crushed the riches in the basement of the Suzerain residence in Needham Plains. Clyde estimated that this was the treasury of an entire dynasty.

The only thing that required attention was the pyramid’s owner. Clyde had not yet entered the pyramid, but he could sense the evil aura within. It seemed it was a peer of the same side. From the dark energy alone, the pyramid’s owner crushed ancient demon king Andrisno. At that time, Andrisno had failed the summoning ritual because the energy gap between the two sides had been too great. 

Inside the pyramid, a passage led to the main burial chamber. Entered the pyramid with Andrisno, Clyde sought to confirm the identity of this necropolis’s true owner. Both of them weren’t tomb robbers; thus, they couldn’t recognize the mechanism traps defending this ancient grave. However, the pyramid’s owner, as if welcoming their arrival, removed the traps, allowing Clyde’s party to travel to the main burial chamber without hindrance.

The main burial chamber had riches piled up in a mountain as well as many golden coffins. The coffins’ styles matched the coffins used by ancient Egypt’s pharaohs. Even the relief sculptures portrayed on the surfaces were the same. At the center of this main burial chamber was a particular coffin forged of black gold that glinted even in the dim light within the pyramid. On that coffin, a wolf-headed person’s relief sculpture stared back at Clyde. Tapping his lips, Clyde guessed that this was the Death God from ancient Egypt’s mythology, Anubis. The evil energy came from inside this coffin.

Because this coffin was located at the center of the main chamber, the fellow inside this coffin was without a doubt this pyramid’s owner. Above the coffin were several golden chains intertwined to prevent the fellow inside the coffin from emerging. Those golden chains emanated a sacred aura, representing a powerful seal left behind by the God Race. The God Race that sealed this place must have been that different dimension’s God Race and had nothing to do with the God Race of this world. Clyde knew this because there was a clear difference compared to Valkyrie Cynthia’s aura.

“Lord Clyde, it’s here. Eh, you are…”

“Andrisno, I think the outside stuff is enough. Those corpses are enough for our use.”

As long as Clyde poured his dark energy here and helped this peer inside the coffin break the God’s Shackles, this graveyard would resurrect. However, at the last moment, Clyde balked from looking for trouble and temporarily decided to only use those mummified corpses outside for materials.

“Wait, friends! Considering that we are from the same dark side, I beseech you to help me one time! I’ve been imprisoned in this hateful casket for countless years. Just help me, and all the money and valuables buried here are yours.”

“Sorry, we didn’t come to rob a tomb. We just came to steal corpses. Those outside are more convenient to use than those here.”

“I don’t care about what you came to steal. Can you help me first?”

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After detecting that Clyde wanted to leave, that dark existence sealed in the coffin was somewhat anxious and immediately called out to stop Clyde, desiring to make a trade with him. Originally, Clyde had wanted to turn around and leave, but after hearing that the other party’s voice belonged to a girl, his footsteps paused.


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