Chapter 47: The Visit to a Terrifying Cursed Graveyard Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, nearby Steinbeck Fief, Needham Plains

Clyde set out with ancient Demon King Andrisno to look for a suitable summoning place. However, Lucifer stayed behind to take care of things in Stanley City’s palace area. Just before they left, Lucifer finally found her conscience and gave Andrisno a single dress. 

Andrisno immediately changed into the dress that turned out to be something only a succubus would dare to wear. Although that dress still belonged to a revealing style, compared to her original completely bare state, it was much better. Lucifer’s wicked tastes had not changed. She gave just this dress to Andrisno. Now, this ancient demon king had a slightly red complexion because she could feel every slight gust of wind since she wore nothing below that dress. 

“Andrisno, how about we return to the palace first and look for another set of clothing for you?” 

“No, please don’t bother, Master Clyde. We should take action without delay!” 

Clyde suggested this with kind intentions, but Andrisno immediately politely turned down his wish. She didn’t wish to return to the palace because she knew Lucifer’s various past evil activities. After all, the “training” room was right next to the room where “Ghost Introductory Chapter” was stored. She clearly knew what wicked erotic means that bloodkin Lolita had used to turn those originally firm-willed mercenaries and adventurers into exclusive, docile maids.

If she returned to the palace without completing the mission, there was a very high chance that Lucifer would dress up this ancient demon king as a gift and send her to Clyde. Andrisno had no issues with Clyde, this handsome master. If he truly wanted to do bad deeds, she had no objections. However, as an ancient demon king, she still had her dignity, and she didn’t want to accept those excessively wicked methods that allowed the other party to completely dominate her. 

Clyde also didn’t force her to change clothes. He just followed her while looking for a suitable place. This ancient Lolita demon king’s body fragrance was very alluring. Although he had already come into contact with many women, he had to admit that the body fragrances of the other beauties around him couldn’t compare to this Lolita demon king Andrisno’s body fragrance. Even his younger sister Lucifer and Valkyrie Cynthia paled slightly in comparison. 

“By the way, Andrisno, you seem to be very afraid of my younger sister. Lucifer is not that terrifying.” 

“Please don’t say that, Master Clyde. If Lord Lucifer ever wanted to turn me into a blood-servant, please save me! I would rather be your… anyway, please!”

“So that’s how it is. I will make sure Lucifer doesn’t bully you!” 

“Master Clyde, you are the best. Come with me. There should be a suitable place in front.” 

Andrisno explained this to Clyde with a slightly red face. The blood-servants of the Blood Race were existences responsible for supplying blood to their respective masters. Sometimes, while supplying blood, they were also responsible for resolving their master’s physiological needs. Generally, the Human Race took up the positions of blood-servants, but higher-level Blood Race individuals sometimes required blood-servants of other races. However, blood-servants normally would be of the opposite gender. Male Bloodkin would need beautiful women as blood-servants, and under normal circumstances, female Bloodkin used handsome men as their blood-servants. 

Lucifer, however, was abnormal. She actually needed blood-servants of the same sex, which made Andrisno very nervous. If by chance, that bloodkin Lolita had some strange hobbies, then this ancient demon king definitely wouldn’t be able to protect her integrity. Just thinking of this made her want to give herself to Clyde in advance. Like that, she wouldn’t need to worry about Lucifer after returning since she’d have already been marked as Clyde’s woman. 

At present, the best place to summon demonic creatures was in the city ruins of Needham Plains. When Clyde had visited this place with Princess Natalie, this region had been filled with undead, making it brim with ready-made summoning materials. Andrisno took Clyde to the periphery of Needham Plain while seeking a graveyard. 

Demonic creatures summons were also divided into different levels. The former Suzerain of Steinbeck Fief, Duke Andrew, had not even crossed the easiest threshold. He completely relied on ancient Demon King Andrisno’s summoning powers, which lacked even the smallest connection to him. Clyde, however, possessed the identity of an Evil God, and his strength far surpassed the ancient demon king’s, so the issue of summoning level restrictions didn’t exist for him. 

Demonic creature summonings were generally divided into Initial Tier Summons, Mid Tier Summons, High Tier Summons, Transcendental Tier Summons, Restricted Tier Summons, and the legendary Forbidden Tier Summons. Altogether, there were six summoning levels. Because of Clyde’s strength, he could directly use the final level, the legendary Forbidden Tier Summon. 

However, Forbidden Tier Summons could only be used in special situations. Andrisno only gave a simple explanation of the final two summoning levels. The Restricted Tier Summon had restrictions on time and space. It could summon legendary magical creatures of myth, and also magical creatures that existed in particular time periods. The Forbidden Tier Summon, however, broke even the time and space barriers, randomly summoning magical creatures from different dimensions or even Demon Gods and Evil Gods. With Clyde’s special identity, it was likely that this summon tier would summon other Great Old Ones from Cthulhu Mythology. Perhaps, summoning external gods was also possible. 

Even during the peak of ancient Demon King Andrisno’s power, she could only use Transcendental Tier Summons, nothing more. Therefore, she had no way to teach Clyde the final two summoning levels. However, Clyde didn’t need them for the time being. Now, he just wanted to summon some low-level skeleton warriors to use as a temporary army. 

Skeleton warriors and other lesser undead also belonged to Initial Tier Summons, and their only requirement was a land that could supply corpses; otherwise, the summoning would fail. The method of directly turning living people into undead like what had occurred during the undead disaster was a rather extreme method. Clyde temporarily didn’t want to use that method. Now, he wanted to subjugate other people. If all his subjects turned undead, his objective wouldn’t be achieved. 

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Initial Tier Summons had many kinds of demonic creatures to choose from. Other than skeleton warriors and lesser undead, specters were also relatively common, which also required graveyards. Without restrictions, only goblins, demonic spirits, slimes, and other demonic creatures with very weak combat power could be summoned. Goblins and demonic spirits were shorties without powerful weapons. Without undergoing special training, goblins could only use wooden sticks or clubs as weapons. With their combat power, they couldn’t even defeat a relatively large brat of Human Race, let alone adults. 

Slimes were even weaker. It was not that there were no smiles similar to those that appeared in Hentai, but they were very rare. They needed a long period of time to grow, yet most slimes died violent deaths before they reached even one year. Not to mention that they were training-level monsters for even the Human Race, the high-level magical and demonic creatures also ate them as food. Scraping by with such a tough existence, very few could grow to become formidable.

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“Lord Clyde, this is the target. It is definitely the best corpse supplying land.” 

“Andrisno, you’re sure you haven’t found the wrong place, right?” 

In a remote area outside Needham Plains, Andrisno led Clyde to a massive abandoned graveyard. The resentful aura about this graveyard was dense. Even from far away, Clyde could sense a bone-piercing chill comparable to those graveyards in horror movies. Clyde momentarily thought of changing the location to escape this bone-chilling scene. After all, the many illusive shadows hanging about the graveyard slightly spooked him. 

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