Chapter 46: Lucifer’s Warfare Plan Part 2

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, the center area of Steinbeck Fief, Stanley City

After Clyde discussed with Lucifer in a clandestine meeting, he decided to send troops to attack the nearby Barbarian Race as well as several neutral cities and towns to increase the population of his fief. Although this method was rather crude, it was more effective than Princess Saras’s recruitment methods.

To send a punitive expedition, they needed troops. Although Lucifer’s bloodkin familiars could fight and move about in the daytime, their bloodthirsty natures were hard to control, not suitable for subjugative warfare. One careless moment and the opposite side would be completely annihilated, leaving no one alive. This was one of the natural instincts of the Blood Race, so Lucifer had no effective methods to restrain it.

Therefore, Clyde intended to recruit an army. In Ximengsi Continent, there were many mercenary groups that accepted warfare missions. Usually, the price matched the mission’s difficult. The mission to guard a city cost five silver coins per person per day and could reach ten silver coins per day. In the case of offensive warfare, it cost one gold coin per person per day. If a person died in action, a commission equivalent to his predicted pay through the entirety of the mission had to be transferred to the Mercenary Guild that very day. All matters concerning the aftermath would then have nothing to do with the employer.

Nevertheless, although Clyde had a lot of gold coins, he didn’t wish to hire a human army. There were less expensive methods that didn’t need any commission. After all, he had to set aside those funds to build two cathedrals.

In the hidden space below the palace, a book floated in the air, emanating a chilly atmosphere. This book, the “Ghost Introductory Chapter,” had corrupted the former Suzerain of Steinbeck Fief, Duke Andrew. Attached to this Ghost Introductory Chapter was the soul of an ancient demon king who Clyde suspected could help him.

“Eh, what… What instructions does my lord have?”

The ancient Demon King immediately sensed the arrivals of Clyde and Lucifer and respectfully greeted them. One was a Great Old One, and the other was a supreme Bloodkin: their ranks were much higher than her own, a mere ancient demon king. Clyde planned to borrow this ancient demon king’s power to recruit an army just like former Suzerain Duke Andrew had. Since Clyde’s blood lineage was of a Great Old One, he would be able to control them much better than the foolish Duke Andrew.

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He, a Great Old One, could summon far more terrifying demonic creatures, but they were even more uncontrollable than Lucifer’s bloodkin familiars. In a war of subjugation, Clyde couldn’t use those extremely bloodthirsty demonic creatures. Thus, an undead army was his first choice. Unless absolutely vital, Clyde didn’t want to use his or Lucifer’s forces.

Now, there were even Light Church saintesses in Steinbeck Fief. If there were an undead calamity nearby, the other party was very unlikely to suspect Steinbeck Fief. After all, that would be equivalent to openly questioning Light Church’s ability. As long as he covered any signs, Clyde could conceal himself by being a too obvious target.

“Big brother Clyde, you can resurrect the ancient demon king and let her directly teach you how to do it!”

“Okay. Eh, Lucifer, you are…” 

Clyde looked at Lucifer strangely as her cute little fangs approached him.

“Big brother Clyde, I just need a small bite, okay? No need to worry; it won’t hurt.”

With Lucifer’s help, Clyde used his blood to draw a traditional master recognition array that would resurrect the ancient demon king attached to the “Ghost Introductory Chapter.” After Lucifer bit Clyde’s finger, she made his blood drip from that small wound onto the “Ghost Introductory Chapter.” Since Lucifer was from the Blood Race, Clyde had somewhat worried that this bloodkin Lolita would be addicted to ** and wouldn’t relax her bite, but it now seemed that he had been thinking too much.

Lucifer not only bit Clyde’s finger, but she also bit her own lips. This time, the dripping blood was a mixture of two people’s blood. After a brief flash of light, that blood droplet seemed to spread throughout the book and coalesce into a female. Through the power of a blood contract using two supreme existences, the ancient demon king slumbering in that book successfully returned to life. According to her original estimations, at least a thousand more years would have been needed to fully recover, but because of Clyde and Lucifer’s formidable strength that crushed her own by multiple magnitudes, she successfully returned to life far in advance.

The ancient demon king Andrisno examined Lucifer and Clyde with a complicated look. She had been one of the strongest Demon Kings in all of Demon Realm’s history. In those years, no Valkyrie of Divine Realm had been capable of fighting her one-on-one. At her peak, Andrisno had once even fought against three Valkyries at the same time alone. Nevertheless, the times had changed. Immediately after her resurrection, she sensed that the two people in front of her were supreme existences. Because she had come back to life through their blood, she had effectively signed a contract and become their retainer.

Clyde didn’t take note of Andrisno’s feelings. At this moment, he was still musing that Andrisno was the second Lolita from a non-Human race that he had met. A Lolita with silver-white ultra-long hair tied in a twin-tail hairstyle, she had a pair of blood-red demonic eyes, a pair of black demonic horns on her head, and an indistinct phantom of demon wings on her back.

Andrisno practically wore nothing. Although she had a Lolita’s figure belonging to the petite category, her cup size was not small. It seemed much larger than Lucifer’s. Feeling Clyde’s gaze, Andrisno subconsciously wanted to cover her chest out of a girl’s instinct, but her hands stopped halfway. Since she already had a contract similar to a master-servant contract, if Clyde wished to look, she couldn’t reject it. This made Andrisno fall into a big dilemma, should she cover her chest or not? After all, if she brought attention to it… She blushed, thinking of what Clyde might do.

“Andrisno, hereafter, you are Big Brother Clyde’s person. There’s no need to be shy! Big Brother Clyde, don’t you still have a matter that requires her help?”

Lucifer timely intervened to avoid the appearance of an awkward silence. This two-faced wicked Lolita who liked ero intentionally pretended to not understand the subtle undertones of this scene. Andrisno was helpless, so she could only discuss with Clyde with a red face while remaining in an alluring bare state.

The undead summoning was not at all simple. After hearing ancient demon king Andrisno’s explanation, he could directly unlock the level restrictions of summoning undead demonic creatures with his strength. Unfortunately, summoning demonic creatures needed materials. The skeleton warriors and other undead needed resources from corpses like those found in a graveyard; otherwise, the summoning would fail. If he directly summoned creatures from the Demon Realm or Ghost Realm, the demon kings and others would notice, which wasn’t the best choice. The inferior demonic creatures that could be summoned easily without a cost or being noticed were mostly goblins, demonic spirits and slimes. 

“Is that so? Only being able to summon goblins, those cannon fodders. This is too useless.”

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“Mister Clyde, don’t be so pessimistic. Many demon lords started with goblins. Also, there is a graveyard I know of. We can summon slightly higher level troops there.”



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