Volume 4 Chapter 165: Assassin’s Failure In The Mission To Infiltrate Duke Brandon’s Grand Residence

The southern border region of Gabriel Empire, Nolan City, the former capital of the Norlander Duchy, the former residence of Duke Brandon in the city center, outside Darkness Wizard God Kenneth’s room.

Bella looked at Annie’s sister, Princess Anya’s hand-painted portrait on her Alexis Academy student ID. According to the introduction on it, Anya was the third princess of Kristoff Empire and the vice president of Alexis Academy’s student union. Unlike Annie, Anya was an assassin.

It was the first time that Bella came across a blonde female assassin in the other world. Generally speaking, beautiful, blonde girls were mostly Holy Knights and priests. President Ivy had mentioned to Bella before that Princess Anya was in the top three of the Assassins’ Union, much better than Ivy, who was in the top five.

Since Vice President Anya’s student ID had been found, it meant that she was also here. Bella looked carefully and saw Vice President Anya in an eye-catching position. Earlier, Vice President Anya had turned away, so Bella didn’t find her.

As soon as she saw Bella looking at her, Vice President Anya wanted to turn away again, but the two girls held her face in place so that she could only look at Bella.

As expected of the sisters, Anya and Annie were similar in several aspects. They had the same long blond hair. Anya, who was sprawled on the ground, was used as a “table.” Her smooth, silky back made Bella unconsciously reach out one of her hands to touch her. Anya’s beautiful, dignified face flushed crimson, just like the other beautiful assassins, who had been captured. It wasn’t clear if Kenneth had given them some strange potion. However, Bella couldn’t be bothered, she only needed to confirm Anya’s real state!

What the hell was up with this Black Robed Witch? She couldn’t touch her there. Even if she were a girl, she couldn’t… She was already… Anya wanted to struggle and get up, but the red handcuffs on her hands and feet seemed to have some special magic. Anya was just about to move when she felt as if an electric shock had paralyzed her. She could only let Bella’s little hands wander all over her body!

This witch was too much! Anya felt more and more pleasure as Bella caressed her. ‘No, not here…’ Anya was about to cry. She had been locked up in here for some time and Darkness Wizard God Kenneth, the old “gentleman,” had stripped them and fed them water, drop by drop with a tube.

At first, Anya and the others didn’t know what this dirty old man was up to, but after a while, they realized something was wrong. They were currently being specially detained and couldn’t go to the bathroom at all. If they were fed water like this, they would have to “go” in front of so many people sooner or later…

Assassins had strong endurance, but even their tolerance had a limit. If Bella hadn’t shown up then, Anya and the others would be unable to hold back. Bella’s hand glided over Anya’s slightly swollen lower tummy and seemed to understand. She looked at Anya tyrannically.

“Vice President Anya, are you thirsty? It’s okay. I’ll help you increase the water flow…”

Anya was so scared by Bella’s words she almost… This witch must be the devil! She did it on purpose, didn’t she? Couldn’t she tell she was… close to losing it? Anya shook her head desperately, begging for mercy, hoping that Bella would let her go, but Bella picked her up and walked to the ensuite bathroom.

When picking up Anya, Bella removed the tube that had been torturing her this whole time. Anya revealed a sigh of relief, but soon, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Even without Bella’s interference, she couldn’t restrain her body’s natural instinct.

Bella had to admit that Darkness Wizard God Kenneth was deep into the “gentleman’s way.” He had even installed so many mirrors all over the bathroom. Bella seemed to understand what the purpose was, but she didn’t reveal anything and carried Anya to the place where she had been longing to go.

No way. There were so many mirrors. What a shameful scene! Anya wanted to die. The bathroom door was transparent. The other girls outside could clearly see the scene inside.

“Princess Anya, do you want to use the… If not, I’ll carry you back and continue to feed you water with the tube… What do you mean by shaking and nodding at the same time? Come, relax. We’re all girls! What’s there to be shy about?”

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Bella smiled mischievously and helped position Anya without a hint of courtesy. Anya’s beautiful cheeks were as red as a ripe apple due to embarrassment. This witch and Kenneth, that “great gentleman” weren’t in cahoots. There was a mirror in front of them. It was really… Then, wouldn’t she be….

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Anya looked at Bella with pleading eyes and begged her to spare her. The female assassins behind them were all elite members of Alexis Academy. They came with her, the vice president, to carry out the task of assassinating the Beastman commander. Unexpectedly, they fell into Darkness Wizard God Kenneth’s trap, and all of them were captured.

Anya felt that the girls from her school mustn’t see the image of her losing control. Otherwise, her prestige as the vice president of the student union would be lost entirely. Bella looked at Anya, who was struggling and felt excited. Kenneth, that old “expert,” must’ve tied them up like this without enjoying their bodies just for this moment.

“Vice President Anya, your body is much more honest than you. Don’t worry. They will go through the same thing. No one will be spared! So, you should be… more honest with yourself.”

As she spoke, Bella buried her head, stuck out her tongue, and licked Anya’s ear. Anya couldn’t stand the stimulation. Her dignity, which she had been upholding this entire time, fell away wholly…

After a while, Bella put aside Princess Anya, who seemed like she was looking back in hindsight. Then, she went to the other imprisoned assassins with a wicked smile and carried those shocked and embarrassed girls into the bathroom, one by one. Perhaps it was due to the fact they had seen their vice-president “taking the lead,” the other girls didn’t hold back any longer.

Awhile after Princess Anya had settled down, Bella carried her again. Bella looked at Princess Anya with a strange gaze that made the princess shiver all over for fear that the witch would come up with some new tricks to tease her.

The blush on Princess Anya’s face didn’t fade but grew redder. The witch and her classmates had seen her most shameful side. She didn’t know how to face them after such an embarrassing incident.

“Princess Anya, I’d like to invite you and your classmates to visit my residence. Stay with me for a few more days. Now that the border is unstable, you girls should stay like this!”

Bella planned to let Princess Anya and Princess Annie meet in her bed. It was such a waste to leave them here as “furniture” for Kenneth. Bella would treat them much better.

Of course, Princess Anya was utterly unwilling to go, but she had no other choice. She could either stay here and wait to be killed by Kenneth, that perverted “gentleman” or go with Bella, the devil. Both options were dead ends. Was there a third option?

“Princess Anya, if you don’t answer, that means you agree. Don’t worry. I won’t bully you. I want to have a good talk with you!”

Princess Anya was embarrassed and angry at the same time. How was she to say no when tied up like this?! Bella said she wouldn’t bully them but had just bullied her so badly. Anya was powerless and could only close her eyes indignantly, signaling her acquiescence to Bella’s proposal. She had no other choice, but at least falling into the hands of a girl was better than a perverted gentleman!

Bella could see the dissatisfaction in Princess Anya’s blue eyes, but she didn’t mind it. Didn’t all those beautiful girls who were dissatisfied with her eventually lay under her, begging for her to stop?

Although Princess Anya and Princess Annie were sisters, Princess Anya’s breasts were obviously a cup larger than Princess Annie’s. Perhaps they should switch birth orders…

At the door to the bedroom in the former Duke Brandon’s Grand Residence, Noreya and Elaine were keeping watch. They already knew what was going on in the bedroom. To avoid more embarrassment, they didn’t go in. Even if Bella were terrible, she wouldn’t hurt the girls, so they didn’t have to worry about this.

“Elaine, come in! I need those puppets and your help.”

“Alright, I knew you would… not be able to control your hands. Here you are!”

“Elaine… can you not speak to me like that… Do you feel like you have too many body double puppets? Want me to break a few?”

“No, it’s alright. I was wrong. My puppets are very expensive.”

After Elaine entered the room, Noreya helped close the door. All of a sudden, she felt someone’s eyes scanning her from afar. The lights in the corridor were very dim. In the dark end of the hallway, a pair of red eyes were faintly discernible. Looking at them made her uncomfortable.

Noreya immediately crept to the top of the passage for an ambush after covering the bedroom door with black camouflage cloth. It was a special camouflage artifact for assassins to disguise and hide, which could fool most eyes.

The owner of the blood-red eyes soon appeared. It was a three-meter tall Demonic man with dark skin and thick, sturdy limbs. Its hands were equipped with heavy weapons that resembled axes and meteor hammers.

Its facial features were distorted, so it was impossible to see the whole face. Only those blood-red eyes were visible. As it moved, there came a heavy sound of footsteps in the quiet passage.

Noreya remained motionless. She was a very professional assassin and wouldn’t rush to attack her opponent without first observing any apparent openings. The strength of this humanoid demon was at least equivalent to the S-class demonic beast. After it drew closer, Noreya could smell a bloody scent on it. God knows how many people it had killed to have such a dense murderous aura.

Since Noreya was currently holding her breath in the stealth state, the demon didn’t discover where she was hiding. Its red eyes passed Noreya’s hiding place and looked into the distance.

Just as Noreya was wondering what it was going to do, the demon waved its four arms at the same time. Four blacklight spheres with varying shades flew out from its limbs.

A muffled sound echoed in the passage as if the demon’s attack had hit someone. Noreya looked into the distance and ran past the figure in a flash. While looking at those garments, there was no doubt it was an assassin. The strength of an assassin who could lurk so close behind her without being found was worthy of recognition.

As seeing success, the demon rushed past Noreya and tried to catch up with the runaway. Noreya saw that it was the right moment and launched a surprise attack from behind. She jumped onto the demon’s back with a dagger in each hand and inserted them directly into the demon’s back.

After being ambushed, the demon’s entire body was paralyzed at once. Noreya’s stab had been directly aimed at its central nervous system. Its four arms were paralyzed and were temporarily unable to move. Suddenly, Duke Brandon’s bedroom door was opened, and Bella rushed out, pushing the demon a few steps back with her elbow.

Then, many puppet strings emerged from the bedroom, entangling the demon. Taking advantage of the time while it was still trapped, Bella drew out her special Savior weapon, Great Evil Slaying Sword, from her storage ring. She swung it in a downwards motion, slicing off the demon’s head.

The demon’s body didn’t crumble due to its head being chopped off but struggled even more ferociously instead. Dozens of Elaine’s puppet strings were almost torn off by it. Its head that had fallen was still alive, and its red eyes fiercely glared at Bella.

Bella gave the head a flying kick. The head flew far into the distance like a football, where it escaped. The demon’s body broke away from Elaine’s puppet strings at once, running to the depths of the passage as if trying to find its head.

“Bella, that thing can’t die. Let’s get out of here!”

“Bella, I’m sorry. My surprise attack was unsuccessful.”

“Let’s go now, Noreya. You’re a good assassin. There’s no need to doubt yourself.”

Even during an emergency evacuation, Bella didn’t forget to comfort her best friend. For assassins, not being able to kill their target brought great shame. Noreya was upset at failing at her surprise attack.

The girls, including Princess Anya, who were initially held in the bedroom, had been packed away by Elaine’s puppets. They were put away in crates that were originally used to hold treasure. Breathing vents for air had been created in the crates. Following Bella and Elaine’s instructions, the puppets put away a bunch of treasure into the crates with the girls.

Then, a large group of puppets carried dozens of special treasure crates outside of the residence. Bella, who couldn’t find the target of the assassination, planned to take the girls away first. Wolf King Springhall wasn’t here, so the assassination had been called off.

Earlier, Noreya and Elaine’s instructions about the target had provided her the location to collect these girls. Bella had obtained the most significant advantage and didn’t blame them. In a sense, this task wasn’t a complete failure. At least Bella made substantial gains.

Bella took her entourage of puppets outside Duke Brandon’s Grand Residence. It was Bella’s habit to run away after stealing. In case that undying demon came back, rushing back to reclaim the site wouldn’t be easy. It would be a problem if a large troop of Beastman soldiers came due to the large commotion.

On the way out of Duke Brandon’s Grand Residence, Bella found fresh blood left on the ground of the passage. She guessed that it had been left by the assassin who had helped them attract the attention of the demon.

After being hit by the demon’s dark magic, the assassin had managed to escape, which proved that the assassin’s ability wasn’t much worse compared to Noreya’s but had worse luck. God knows how the demon had discovered the assassin.

The assassin wasn’t completely unlucky since they were able to escape. Earlier, the Babbit magic vines in the passage had been destroyed by Elaine’s exposing puppet. If the magic vines were still in place, the fate of the assassin wouldn’t be any better than Princess Anya’s.

“Stop there, what are you… transporting?”

At the gates of Duke Brandon’s Grand Residence, the team transporting Bella’s treasure crates was questioned by the elite Wolfman guards led by White Wolf Princess Tania. Seeing that there were more than a thousand people, the Wolfman elite guards looked as if they were facing the enemy.

“What’s the matter? Princess Tania, we’re following Master Kenneth’s orders. Are you going to frisk us?!”

The crates carried by Bella’s transport team contained Princess Anya and the female assassin captives, and a large amount of treasure looted from Duke Brandon’s bedroom. At this moment, it was as if Bella were a smuggling ringleader from the previous world who was just about to successfully smuggle out the goods only to be hit by a customs raid. Tania must not discover the contents of these crates.

“Um… I’m hoping you will cooperate with my inspection. I don’t mean to offend Master Kenneth. Just now, an assassin infiltrated the place and assassinated several elite guards of our wolf clan. I must catch the assassin.”

Seeing that Bella and the others were unwilling to cooperate, White Wolf Princess Tania was also caught in a tight spot. She couldn’t do anything to Darkness Wizard God Kenneth’s people. However, if the assassin hid in this pile of goods and ran away with the transportation team, Tania would miss the chance to catch the other party.

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