Chapter 53: A Gentry Banquet Held in Adrian Empire’s Palace (Part 1)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region, Adrian Empire’s capital Samuel City, palace area

At an upper-class banquet, the host, Adrian Empire’s heir to the throne, First Prince Joseph waited at the front of the palace to greet his guests. All the upper-class nobles of every nation in “Victor Alliance” had been invited to celebrate Prince Joseph being formally appointed as the heir to the throne.

In a luxurious carriage, Clyde, along with Light Church’s saintesses, “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria, arrived at this social engagement banquet. The carriage they used was exclusive to the Light Church. Above the carriage, Light Church’s exclusive golden cross flag and light cross crest were suspended. Drawn by six pure white unicorns, all handpicked by Light Church, it smoothly flowed down the road.

Light Church’s name was indeed powerful. Unimpeded by the empire’s soldiers, it roamed without fear. Besides the royal carriages, if even the big aristocrats’ carriages encountered Light Church’s carriage, they would step back and make way. In Light Church, saintess were top-level figures. Their special carriage only respected the emperor and could directly ignore princes and princesses. For instance, even the carriage of Prince Joseph who was hosting the banquet tonight would make way if he encountered the carriage of Clyde’s party.

Light Church’s power was exemplified by its alternative name of Light Country. In terms of overall strength, among Human Race’s nations in Ximengsi Continent, even the first and second ranked empires didn’t quite match up to Light Church. When considering financial resources, they were no match at all for Light Church. Depending on Light Church’s strength, the dispatched clergy all had aloof statuses.

“Clyde, thank you for accompanying us. All right, follow us to the end of the banquet.”

“Maria and Tiffany, are you two looking for a dance partner or a bodyguard? I don’t know the dances of those aristocrats.”

“Don’t mind these details. Rest assured. We won’t treat you unfairly.”

Clyde was somewhat embarrassed. He felt like a pretty boy kept by a wealthy woman. The costs of attendance were all borne by Light Church. Clyde didn’t need to pay anything, simply accompanying these saintesses was enough. Even the rare platinum formal attire he wore now had been sponsored by these saintesses. This platinum formal attire had Light Church’s exclusive symbol, the golden cross, embroidered on it, which proved his identity as a member of Light Church.

Clyde’s public identity was a mere official of Steinbeck Fief. He didn’t have even a basic aristocrat status. Saintess Maria and Tiffany were worried that he would suffer losses when running into other aristocrats; therefore, they had helped him pass as one of  Light Church’s high-level members. Like this, at least when meeting those aristocrats, he didn’t need to act like a common person and could greet or avoid them as he pleased.

Clyde accepted the good intentions of the two saintesses, but he felt somewhat awkward about wearing this attire. As an Evil God with the identity of a Great Old One, he felt like he was betraying his faith. Fortunately, there were no other Great Old Ones who had crossed over to this different world, avoiding all kinds of embarrassment and their ridicule. If by chance, he were treated like a traitor and persecuted, that would be a true tragedy.

Maria and Tiffany rested on Clyde’s left and right. From the moment they descended from the carriage, they intimately hugged Clyde’s respective arms and joined the dance hall like female companions accompanying an illustrious aristocrat family’s young master. The religious rules of this different world’s Light Church were not strict and there were no compulsory commandments. There were no rules forbidding saintesses and other female believers from participating in this kind of aristocrat banquet. Even if the female believer didn’t wear a priest robe or nun attire, there were no problems in participating.

Clyde originally believed that Light Church was open and generous. Later, he would learn that this practice was unrestricted in order to make things convenient for some wicked trades, nothing more. The soft and tactile feeling along with amazing elasticity pressing into his arms pulled Clyde’s attention back to the banquet. Both Maria and Tiffany wore very open formal evening wear. Their fragrant smooth shoulders and exquisite collarbones were clearly exposed. In addition, large swathes of their snowy white skin were visible. A section of their soft and white breasts rested on Clyde’s arm without any defenses.

Maria wore golden formal evening wear and a necklace with a very large gem resting on her chest. Tiffany wore purple formal evening wear in the same style, down to the gem necklace she wore. They must have chosen their formal evening wear together.

Clyde could smell distinct perfumes from their bodies. Maria had a simple but elegant fragrance, different from the perfume Tiffany used, which was a stronger fragrance. From the moment they emerged from the carriage, Clyde sensed many envious gazes. Alas, he could do little about them. Who asked him to have such beautiful saintesses beside him? It seemed that Maria and Tiffany planned to let other men have no more illusions about them by heavily implying that they shouldn’t be disturbed since they were already were intimate with Clyde. Such  close contact was comparable to sweethearts passionately in love.

After their initial test in the carriage, they had determined that Clyde wasn’t that kind of scoundrel who took cheap advantage of others, so the guards of these two saintesses against Clyde had lowered. They absolutely didn’t feel like their current actions would tempt the other party to commit a crime. Clyde also didn’t have any particular thoughts about them. After his intimate contact with Valkyrie Cynthia and Princess Saras for several days, he didn’t care much about these kinds of matters.

Although he was a law-abiding white-collar worker before crossing into this world, now, he didn’t completely restrain himself according to his previous ideas. Moreover, his current identity was already not good. As a Great Old One, he was a thoroughly evil existence. Maria and Tiffany were still entirely unaware that this person beside them was very dangerous.

“Saintess Maria, Saintess Tiffany, welcome to the banquet. This gentleman, how should I address you?”

“Your Majesty Joseph, Clyde is… is a bosom friend of Bishop Nichols, one of our Light Church’s high-level members.”

“Ho, he turns out to be a bosom friend of Bishop Nichols. Welcome! Please come over here please. The reserved seats for Light Church are over there.”

Prince Joseph, refined and courteous, was a handsome blond guy. Smiling, he greeted guests at the entrance of the palace. After seeing Clyde’s party, the prince was somewhat surprised. According to his impressions, Maria and Tiffany, these two saintesses had always claimed to be single so intimately hugging a man’s arm like this was truly unexpected.

However, Prince Joseph didn’t concern himself with Light Church’s internal affairs. Since Clyde was a bosom friend of Bishop Nichols, the person in charge of his empire’s Light Church branch, he didn’t continue to question them. He directly pointed out the Light Church’s section reserved for Clyde’s party.



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