Chapter 52: Flames of War Rage Everywhere Around Steinbeck Fief (Part 2)

Ximengsi Continent’s southern region.

The flames of war shrouded the territories in the vicinity of Steinbeck Fief. The undead legion roamed everywhere. After fighting for several days, the undead army only increased in size, from several hundred to over ten thousand. Most of the defending troops killed by the Corpse Generals turned into footman undead.

The dozens of originally independent neutral cities were completely destroyed. In order to flee from the calamity, those residents had no choice but to migrate to Steinbeck Fief. After receiving those residents, Steinbeck Fief smoothly transformed into a fief with over ten thousand residents. Under Princess Natalie’s strong management, those who were disobedient among the refugees were subjugated through sheer force.

Since the manpower had arrived, the construction work on Light Church’s cathedral finally started. As for the matter of the undead outside, when Light Church’s two saintesses, “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria, learned of it, they sorted the data and used a carrier pigeon to report the incident to the nearest Light Church branch. Light Church’s Grote Cathedral was responsible for handling all these matters within Adrian Empire.

After the undead army cleaned up all the nearby forces, they turned around and retreated to Needham Plain without remaining in the time. By the time the responders from Light Church arrived, those undead had disappeared. All the cities that suffered attacks were independent cities who hadn’t accepted the emissaries of Light Church before. Therefore, when they were attacked by undead, Light Church had simply laughed and intentionally arrived once the incident had resolved itself. Basically, they had never even considered helping them recapture their homelands; instead, they felt that this result was the best.

In Stanley City, Clyde welcomed the special envoy from Light Church. Responsible for the Adrian Empire branch, Grote Cathedral’s Bishop Nichols wore pure white priest robes that symbolized his White-Robe Bishop status. This old man didn’t resemble an ordinary old man and lacked a kind expression; instead, he had an indescribable shrewdness and seemed to be a crafty, cunning fellow.

“Cough, cough. Your Excellency Clyde, thank you and Her Excellency Suzerain for incorporating those Barbarian Races into your forces. Those barbarians have never accepted our church’s emissaries for over a hundred years. They have simply forgotten God’s grace.”

“Bishop Nichols is polite. The Saintesses needed cathedrals, and I needed people to build them. They will definitely be completed in a month.”

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Clyde and Bishop Nichols chatted alone beside a table with several wine bottles like they were bosom friends of many years. Clyde didn’t let the girls beside him observe. There were several dark existences usually beside him who would be unsuitable to present in front of Light Church’s bishop. Only Clyde who could conceal his evil status attended this meeting because it was likely that this trifling bishop could detect his identity as an Evil God.

Bishop Nichols was also a wily old bird who had mixed in Light Church for a long time. His eyes were sharp; unfortunately, because of the special contractual relationship between Clyde and Valkyrie Cynthia, he couldn’t see through this youngster who was secretly of the side completely antagonistic to the Light Church.

“Oh, that’s right. Bishop Nichols, I am thinking of taking control over Needham Plains. I wonder if Light Church can help me negotiate with Adrian Empire. Since we are just a vassal state, it’s not good us to open our mouths.”

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Clyde changed the topic of conversation, planning to delegate Light Church as a middleman in negotiations with Adrian Empire over the ownership of Needham Plains. The periphery of Needham Plain, lost Murmans Regal Pyramid, and the entrance to the Ghost and Demon realms sealed in the Suzerain’s basement needed even stronger dark existences to subdue. If Clyde didn’t step in and allowed them to develop, they would soon threaten Steinbeck Fief’s safety due to its close proximity. Therefore, it was best to act now.

“Your Excellency Clyde, our Light Church never participates in the political affairs of other nations. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Your Excellency Bishop Nichols, I understand. This is a token of my regard. Please accept it and think of it as a friend’s gift.”

Bishop Nichols leisurely sipped his tea as Clyde opened up several big trunks that had been placed in the drawing-room in advance. Filled with neatly arranged gold bars, they glittered, practically illuminating the hall. The hand of Bishop Nichols that held the teacup slightly trembled, and greed filled his eyes. He didn’t conceal his intentions at all.

“Your Excellency Clyde, you are truly a most sensible young man, perhaps the most talented that I have ever seen. Compared to those few iron roosters (cheapskates) of Adrian Empire’s imperial family, you are a lot more understanding. I will help you deal with this matter. When the time comes, as long as I declare Needham Plain cursed, Adrian Empire will definitely look for a person to buy it up.”

“Bishop Nichols, aren’t only archbishops able to declare this?”

“I have some friends above. There is no need to worry.”

“Then, to our happy cooperation!”

The secret meeting of Clyde and Bishop Nichols lasted for a long time. After sending off this bishop, he met “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria who had come to pay a visit. These two saintesses wore golden priest robes, and Clyde could easily make out their fine figures. They sent a rather disgusted gaze at the direction to which Bishop Nichols had left. They seemed to be very familiar with this bishop’s behavior.

“Clyde, Bishop Nichols is unworthy of having a deep friendship with; you have to pay attention! Be careful, or you will suffer losses. That fellow is a businessman.”

“Maria is right. Bishop Nichols is from Archbishop Edmund’s faction. They are not devout light believers.”

Tiffany and Maria weren’t afraid of spreading this family scandal and bluntly told the circumstances to Clyde. Within Light Church, there were a few factions, but as neutral forces the saintesses didn’t belong to any faction and were usually just symbolic. However, among the larger factions of Light Church, the faction led by Archbishop Edmund liked to interfere in the political affairs of other nations from behind the scenes. In addition, they secretly traded with every nation. To them, as long as there was money, religious doctrines were just decorations.

Clyde could only smile. He expressed that he clearly understood and that he would be careful hereafter. These two saintesses belonged to the pure type and lacked the ability to harbor any complicated schemes. They had never expected for Clyde to have already known of Bishop Nichol’s matters, causing him to intentionally contact this corrupt bishop. If Bishop Nichols were a good person, Clyde wouldn’t have gone to look for him for a secret talk.

“Okay, I will pay attention hereafter. By the way, why are you two looking for me? If it is a matter related to building the churches, you two should go look for Princess Saras.”

“No, no, it’s not a matter pertaining to the cathedrals. Adrian Empire is holding a banquet, and we were invited. We need a male companion. In this palace, it seems that you are the only gentleman here, so…”



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