Chapter 98: Atad City’s Offensive and Defensive Warfare in the Rainstorm Night (Part 2)

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Under the command of Princess Natalie, the attacking Steinbeck Fief army advanced towards Earl Harrison’s residence from the city gates while fighting intensely against Adelaide Kingdom’s defending troops in the streets. It was a large chaotic warfare in the midst of a rainstorm. Due to the intensity of the rain, the collisions of cold steel blades were completely covered. The grunts and struggles of the mortals below were denied even the right of exclaiming their anguish for others to hear. Instead, blood spurted, cut by steel, and mixed with the cold water that slid down slippery soldiers.

“What went wrong? How did Steinbeck Fief’s people reach here? Force them back for me!”

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“Big Brother, the weather is too abominable now. It’s hard to force them back. Because the rainstorm, it is hard to clearly see the number of enemies. Our old man has already given orders to fully defend the inner city. Keep them off the palace and wait for reinforcements, a request for support has already been sent out via communication magic.”

“Our old man has already grown old enough to fear the approach of the reaper. Even if he fears death, there are over 10,000 defending troops on the city walls who are still fighting. Don’t tell me that we are to abandon them and let them fight without support?”

“If nothing unexpected happens, Earl Hamm, the highest commanding officer at the nearby Forte Fortress, will lead over 15,000 troops to support us. Viscount Peter, the Suzerain of nearby Vernon City, will also bring over 6,000 troops. At that time, we can encircle Steinbeck Fief’s army!”

On the palace walls of Earl Harrison’s residence, Earl Harrison’s eldest son Harman disagreed with Second Young Master Harriet, arguing about whether or not to leave the palace to support the city walls. Among these two, one was a boorish fellow while the other was a profligate son. In reality, they had never commanded over a battle. Harman liked direct attacks; however, Harriet had perfectly inherited Earl Harrison’s defensive theories and wanted to defend the city to the death. As a result, they were in disagreement and endlessly argued.

The height of the periphery palace walls of Earl Harrison’s residence was not much less than Atad City’s city walls’. The palace walls similarly had Magic Chemical Cannons along their length with arrow towers. In fact, its defenses were even more intensive than those found on the external walls. When Earl Harrison had built this palace, he had planned dual defenses. After the external wall, the palace walls could be regarded as an internal wall of last resort.

If by chance the external walls fell into enemy hands, the defending troops could still rely on this interior barrier as a final stronghold while counterattacking. Earl Harrison’s palatial residence covered roughly half of the overall surface area of Atad’s city proper. Even if the outer city were completely defeated, the defending troops wouldn’t necessarily face the plight of utter failure. Furthermore, there would be various chances to retrieve lost ground; after all, they would only lose half of their territory. The other half, with all its resources, would still be in their hands.

“Earl Hamm, that fellow is even more afraid of death than our old man. By the time he comes, we will have already turned cold. As for that fellow Viscount Peter, he can’t even ride a horse. Harriet, you understand fart about war. Scram to one of your drinking parties with female entertainers. That would at least decrease the chance of your giving contradictory directions. You actually expect two rookies who are even weaker than our old man to reinforce us.”

“Harman, don’t be too excessive! Considering that you are my Big Brother, I’ve been giving you some face. Otherwise, I…”

“Otherwise, what would you do? Tell me!”

“Big… Big Brother, I was just joking. Ouch, I have a stomach ache. I will leave first.”

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Harman belonged to the violent type. When Harriet spoke a sentence that didn’t conform to his liking, he had pulled out his saber and directly placed it at Harriet’s neck. Immediately, this profligate son had been so scared that he’d turned deathly pale. After that, Harriet had changed his tone and begged for mercy. He had zero combat power. If this saber moved even a bit, then he would be done for. Fortunately, it was a rainstorm and also night; thus, other people didn’t see that Harriet had been so scared that he had pissed his pants.

“Truly a coward. How can my old man make that fellow the main inheritor? As for Hal, I don’t see him now. Forget it. I will have to rely on myself to settle everything.”

Harman looked at the running away Harriet with a contemptuous look. That Second Young Master who was frantically fleeing appeared as if he couldn’t bear to stay near the battle at all. After he left, Harman looked at the 2,000 troops he could control and marched towards the city walls to assist the defending troops. He wanted to render some meritorious services via this war so as to take the initiative on the issue of Earl Harrison’s successor and change Earl Harrison’s choice.

In Clyde’s exclusive room, those ladies were still appreciating the many treasures, entirely unaware of the changes in the palace. After that prior round of playing boisterously, these ladies had shed all outerwear and were just wearing the gem undergarments that corresponded to their hair colors. They treated Clyde’s room as the site of a close girlfriends’ gathering. Those gem undergarments they wore belonged to the openwork appealing type. If they were seen by men, there was a ninety percent chance that bad things would immediately result.

“Princess Halisi, Mister Clyde still hasn’t returned. Did he encounter some kind of accident?”

“I don’t know. His treasures are still here. With so many valuable goods here, he will definitely return very soon.”

“Big Sister Sophie, you think too much. This is the Earl’s residence. What accident could happen here? Our old man once said that even if over 100,000 troops invaded, they wouldn’t be able to seize Atad.”

“Jenny, our old man was just bragging. For over ten years, no one has ever attacked this place. He naturally felt complacent, nothing more.”

While the ladies chatted, the clear sound of a door opening came from the room’s entrance. The originally locked door suddenly opened, and a dozen or so shadows flashed through, using the agility of assassins. Since the entrance door had been so quickly pried opened by the assassins without even having to wait for a key or the sounds of lockpicking as warning, Princess Halisi and the others didn’t have any time to react.

After Princess Halisi and the others realized they were under attack, they panicked. Because they were only wearing gem undergarments, they had no weapons with which to defend themselves. In addition, because of the assassins’ surprise attack, they were flustered. The gem undergarments’ special defensive powers were directed against those of magic professions and almost completely useless against assassins, this kind of martial combat profession. Now, they were in a completely defenseless state.

Miss Sophie was a priestess. In such a short distance, she could only use holy light type elementary magic; she had no time to launch any offensive or defensive magics. Second Miss Rebecca had almost no combat power. As an alchemist, without medicaments nor magic wand, her combat power was even lower than an Apprentice Magician who could only use fireball magic.

The only people who had the ability to counterattack were Princess Halisi and Third Miss Vignia. They were an Advanced Fire Magician and Intermediate Water Magician respectively. Those who had become magicians could use magic attacks without a magic wand or any other supplementary items unlike Apprentice Magicians who had to rely on the help of magic wands.

Just as Princess Halisi prepared to launch a flame attack, and Vignia’s ice thorn was about to fly out, something unexpected happened. The gem undergarments they wore suddenly intensely vibrated as if they were a certain kind of wicked erotic massage item. Because the gem’s position happened to be right above the most sensitive position, Princess Halisi and Miss Vignia who were caught unguarded felt a round of inexplicable stimulation starting from their sensitive place that quickly spread all over their bodies.

Under the stimulation of this mysterious **, Princess Halisi and Miss Vignia’s magic attacks failed. They immediately fell to the ground and sat with their knees on the carpet and used their one hand to cover their large bosoms and the other to barely cover-up their mysterious flower garden areas. Because there were dangerous strangers at the scene, it was inconvenient for them to act. If there had been no assassins, they might have already started using their hands to relieve themselves.

Sophie and Rebecca also fell to the ground like Princess Halisi and Miss Vignia. The vibrations of their gem undergarments had made them fall in an extremely awkward position. When they had wanted to take them off, the beautiful knight Aike and Ailu who had hid in the bedroom for a long time finally appeared, and according to Clyde’s previous instructions, they tied Sophie and Rebecca’s hands behind their backs with red ropes.

“You are… Isn’t that item…! Wait…”

“I’m sorry, Miss Sophie, Miss Rebecca. Please be quiet for a bit. This was our master’s instructions.”

The complexions of Sophie and Rebecca turned bright red as small red balls prevented them from speaking. Those red balls happened to have been worn by Aike and Ailu before and came from Young Master Hal. Speaking from a certain perspective, it could be regarded as indirectly returning them to their rightful owners. As for Princess Halisi and Miss Vignia, they were also quickly dealt with by the assassins. After coming into contact with those assassins, they noticed that all these assassins were women. This gave them a little peace of mind. Since they were not men, at least their chastities would be ensured for a bit.

“Princess Halisi, Miss Vignia, we have offended you. You two cannot participate in the following battle.”

“Miss Jenny! Aren’t you…”

Upon hearing Miss Jenny’s voice, Princess Halisi recognized Jenny. After all, Jenny was the Miss of the nearby Cromwell Principality, and they had had previous dealings. Jenny had small balls on her that she used to seal Princess Halisi and Miss Vignia’s abilities to speak. By the time Clyde entered the room, Jenny had already finished dealing with them.

Princess Halisi, Eldest Miss Sophie, Second Miss Rebecca and Third Miss Vignia, all were restrained. The four beauties lay on the bed with their snowy white legs tied together using red ropes, making them unable to move. Their hands were also tied up with similar red ropes behind their backs. Because black blindfolds covered their eyes, Clyde couldn’t see their expressions. From the red complexions, he could guess that they were embarrassed, and all of them wanted to look for a hole to bury themselves. Their current appearances were not much different from female slaves.

Halisi and the others were still wearing those wicked gem undergarments that still vibrated even now. Under the continuous stimulation, their snowy white bodies shivered in aroused states. Since red small balls sealed their mouths, they could only make strange noises. Aike and Ailu looked after these ladies on the bed. They carefully used a cotton roll to plug their ears, making them unable to hear the incoming discussion.

Clyde sighed in relief, seeing that everything had already been dealt with. These magician ladies could have had big effects on the battlefield, but he didn’t want to personally destroy these flowers, so this had been the best choice. Like this, Princess Halisi and others would not be able to intervene in the following warfare. After seeing Clyde, Jenny was somewhat nervous. She was also wearing gem series undergarments like Princess Halisi and the others. If Clyde activated the switch, then she too would become like these ladies.

“Jenny, sort out the manpower. We are going to that mysterious basement. There’s no need to be nervous.”

“Then… Master, can I?”

“Nope, you can’t take them off. I forget to tell you something. If you try to take them off, the device will automatically activate. Do you understand what I mean?

“I… I understand.”


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