Volume 4 Chapter 205: The Bitter Defense of Fort Gibson

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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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The Allied Demon Army arrived at the mouth of the River Selma and began their assault on the defensive formations. Cannons fired wildly at the southern defenses and the Dark Humans also returned fire.

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Both sides of the Selma River rang with ceaseless cannonfire as the Demon Alliance Army split into two groups. One group, the landing group, launched off the northern bank of the river and went along the north end of Port Brent’s, attacking Fort Gibson by land.

The Bearman heavy infantry formed a defense line on the ground against wave after wave of heavy skeleton infantry. The Bearman warriors stubbornly held the lines, the battle becoming a frenzy of action.

Bella wore a set of Skeleton King heavy armor and mixed in with the skeleton heavies while pretending to be a miniboss. The Skeleton King heavy armor was made by piecing together a complete skeleton, and with Bella encased in the armor, it was impossible to tell she was a girl.

A couple of almost three meter tall Bearman warriors roared as the charged toward Bella as if they were shouting “For the Horde!”

The Bearmen’s armaments mostly consisted of heavy hammers and axes, and several of them raised heavy hammers and smashed toward Bella. However, Bella possessed a defensive barrier; when those hammer blows fell on the barrier, they instantly stopped. 

“A Holy Knight’s special defensive ability, this skeleton king is…”

Bella swung a fist, landing squarely on the Bearman warrior’s body. The massive force sent both the warrior and his weapons flying sky high. The warrior let out a howl of pain, his bright red blood drawing a brilliant splash of color across the sky.

The remaining Bearman warriors were just about to retreat, but before they could, several streaks of silver light flashed, leaving the warriors falling to the ground in pieces. Holy Swordsman Cynthia rushed to Bella’s side. She was still wearing a Radiant Church Holy Swordsman uniform, yet somehow looked very peaceful among the crowd of skeleton soldiers.

In order to prevent any friendly fire incidents, Cynthia had inverted the holy cross hanging from her neck, turning it into an “inverted cross”, showing that she no longer represented the Radiant Church.

“Bella… can’t you act a little more sophisticated! Let them die with a little less suffering!”

“Cynthia, you… can’t you change your clothes, those clothes are too concealing, I can’t see…”

Bella surveyed the ground littered with the Bearmen’s body parts, and had trouble reconciling these deaths with “less suffering”. The Radiant Church’s logic definitely did not follow common sense.

Bella was unsatisfied with Cynthia’s clothing. The Radiant Church’s Holy Swordsman uniform was extremely strict, she couldn’t see any of Cynthia’s assets.

The main uniform of the Radiant Church was both conservative and strict. Bella had already designed several new uniforms for Cynthia. However, due to their risky and exhibitionist nature, Cynthia had refused to wear them.

“No, Bella, haven’t you seen enough at home! Really, once we get back, you can do whatever you want, but nothing here!”

Cynthia saw through Bella’s “evil intentions” and her pair of golden pupils flashed with mischief. She brushed closely past Bella, continuing to fight. After such a long time with Bella, Cynthia had picked up some of Bella’s “bad habits”, enjoying this kind of light teasing.

Right as the battle appeared to reach a stalemate, the combined fleet stationed outside of the harbor sent in aerial support. Large packs of Hadyn wyverns, carrying explosive barrels, took off from the backs of Leviathan Beasts to assault Fort Gibson with an aerial bombardment.

Their leaders were Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea. They transformed into their human forms, as beautiful girls, and rode on the back of the Hadyn Wyvern King. As they surveyed Fort Gibson in the distance, their eyes took on a serious, as if they had discovered something wrong.

“Dorothea, did you find anything strange!”

“En, Amy Beth, I saw it, all troops halt!”

Dorothea waved her hand, calling the wyverns to a stop. She carefully inspected the skies above the distant fortress and saw several transparent shadows floating in the azure sky.

“How dangerous, we almost ran into an ambush. Everyone retreat. Amy Beth, help me out.”

“Okay, on the account that we all work under Bella, I’ll help you.”

Suddenly, a multi colored rainbow light began shining from Dorothea’s body. This was the buff magic “Moonlight Wheel”. Dorothea stepped behind Amy Beth and placed her hand on Amy Beth’s shoulder, buffing her.

A frozen scepter appeared in Amy Beth’s hands. She began spinning the scepter in front of her, the speed growing faster and faster. A blue-white colored tornado formed in front of her body, charging toward the air above Fort Gibson.

In the wake of the tornado, “Frozen Execution”, frozen bone dragon knights appeared. They were originally planning to ambush the Hadyn wyverns under the cover of stealth magic.

Unfortunately, before they could even attack, they were eliminated by Amy Beth’s “Frozen Execution”. This magic originated from Poseidon, and with the buff from Dorothea’s magic, its power drastically increased. It had the same power as when Poseidon originally unleashed it.

A gentle breeze blew past, and the frozen bone dragon knights shattered into pieces and fell to the ground. The bone dragons, after being frozen, became extremely brittle. A light breeze was enough to shatter them.

At Fort Gibson, there was an anti-demon ward, preventing flying demons from flying. Thankfully, Amy Beth and Dorothea reacted quickly, preventing the awkwardness that would have resulted if the Hadyn wyverns hadn’t stopped in time.

Unable to deliver their explosive payloads, the Hadyn wyverns flew back along their route, past Port Brent, and back to the Leviathan Beasts. They didn’t drop their explosives on the way back either, as the battle on the ground had already become a mixed mess, and they were afraid of hitting friendlies.

The Bearman warriors were gradually pushed back to Fort Gibson due to the almost never ending stream of heavy skeleton soldiers. Even the Bearman warriors, who specialized in wilderness battles, couldn’t compete with the skeletons’ numbers, and could only retreat to fight from the fortress.

Fort Gibson’s walls were over 100 meters tall, and bordered the Selma River. If they couldn’t take the fortress, then crossing the river would be extremely difficult. 

After the Bearmen retreated into the fortress, Bella’s landing army stopped their advance. Atop the towering walls of Fort Gibson fluttered the flags of both the Bearmen Tribe as well as the Dark Humans.

With this change of circumstances, she decided to temporarily halt the advances. Bella got on the Hadyn Wyvern King and flew toward the north bank, toward the Allied Demon Army camp and discussed things with Kriss and the others.

In the center of Fort Gibson, within the Bear King’s Palace, Bear King Peterson and Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster sat at the end of a large table. They were politely toasting the man who sat at the head of the table, Darkness Wizard God Kenneth.

“Master Kenneth, thank you for arriving in time. The safety of Gibson City depends on you, Master.”

“Nonsense, this underling is merely a nameless wizard, I wouldn’t dare take on such a huge responsibility. You guys still have the Demon Kings, there is no need to worry. In less than three days, the Demon Kings from Ancient Todd City will come support you.”

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Darkness Wizard God Kenneth “humbly” sipped his wine. Who knew when those two Demon Kings would come over from Ancient Todd City? He didn’t, but he said it anyways. It’s not like you had to pay a tax for lying.

Peterson and Beamon Webster knew that with the current situation, they could only cling tightly to Master Kenneth in order to survive, especially Beamon. Although Bella’s Allied Demon Army hadn’t surrounded the fortress, retreat was impossible.

Beamon had originally set out to make a show of “leading from the front”; if he retreated now, then he would be dragging his own name through the mud.

After Kenneth finished his wine, he went outside onto a walkway. Here, a dark haired beauty, a knight, was looking out into Fort Gibson in a daze.

This beautiful female knight was tall and slender. She wore a set of demon dragon armor, which boasted an eye catching design. Besides a plate skirt and a chestguard, the armor left large expanses of her snowy white flesh exposed. Her exposed skin was covered in a beautiful dragon tattoo. This tattoo was a magic tattoo which represented that this dragon knight was a demonic dual cultivator.

“Princess Murphina… your highness came!”

“Kenneth, you don’t have to call me princess, I’m not a princess of your empire. You should be calling those two stupid girls, Elsa and Erica, princess instead!”

“That… Your Excellency Murphina, Princesses Elsa and Erica are not stupid, please don’t slander us…”

“Hmph, the splendor of a knight is something you wizards who sit in the backlines rubbing out fireballs would never understand! Your defensive magic is worthless. The enemy will eventually break through.”

Demon Dragon Knight Murphina gave Kenneth a disdainful look out of one eye, her dark red iris radiating an extremely fierce fighting intent. Kenneth wasn’t able to meet her fiery gaze, and could only lower his head.

Murphina was the princess of a different Dark Human nation than Kenneth; their countries nations were basically part of an alliance.

In terms of power, Murphina was a demon dragon knight, immune to most forms of magical attack, including darkness magic. Due to this, Kenneth, Elsa and Erica were not her match. Murphina’s disdain was only logical.

The main thing was that Murphina hated Kenneth’s “gentlemanly dealings”. She had heard that Kenneth liked to turn beautiful girls into “human furniture”. In fact, Bella had firsthand experience with this when she rescued President Anya.

Kenneth was extremely angry in his heart, but he couldn’t afford to show anything but a bootlicking grin. If he was able to defeat this arrogant woman, he would’ve turned on her long ago. Unfortunately, with the enemy at the gates, he could only endure.

“Murphina, your arrogance is the same as always! Although that man’s strength isn’t too great, he still has the Scepter of the Underworld. He’s at least tolerable…”

“Gamora, weapons and equipment is outside power; it can’t replace personal power. If it weren’t for his divine armament, Kenneth wouldn’t even have the power to step onto the battlefield.”

On the other side of the walkway, a small loli was leaning against the railing while talking to Murphina. The loli wore a set of dark red gothic clothing; she had a pair of black twin tails and dark red eyes. Next to her were several strangely shaped bear puppets that were spinning in place, giving off a sinister impression.

Murphina clearly had a much higher opinion of this loli than Kenneth. Dark Princess Gamora was the princess of the third Dark Human empire. She was a puppet master, the same as Bella’s roommate, Elaine. Her battle power was on the same level as Murphina, able to stomp Erica and Elsa with little issue.

“Murphina, this city’s defense magic isn’t invincible. It doesn’t seem like Kenneth has realized the problem yet, but an anti-flying array is a double edged sword. I don’t know if we can hold out until reinforcements from Ancient Todd City can arrive.”

Gamora stood up and appraised the black colored array hanging in the sky as if she had discovered a weakness, but couldn’t figure out if the enemy had discovered it too.

On the Selma River’s northern bank, in the Allied Demon Army’s camp, Bella had returned on the back of the Hadyn Wyvern King. Lisha, Kriss and her other roommates were already waiting for her. Seeing Bella dismount from the wyvern, Lisha was the first to throw herself into Bella’s embrace.

“Big sis Bella, you finally returned! I can’t believe you went to play in the sea without me. Also, why has the perfume on your body gained even more scents, you didn’t…”

“This… Lisha, let’s not talk about this now, there are more important matters to discuss.”

Bella awkwardly looked around but thankfully the expressions of Kriss and the rest remained unchanged, as if they had already predicted this would happen due to Bella’s bad habits.

Extradimensional Creator Alfreia and Interdimensional Demon Noesha, after completing the transfer of over a million people, would be unable to perform any more large scale transfer magic in the short term. They would be unable to transfer more troops to Fort Gibson via spatial magic for now.

That bastard Kenneth had used the Scepter of the Underworld to create an anti-flight array above Fort Gibson, removing the effectiveness of the demon army’s air superiority. If they were to only rely on cannons and trebuchets, this battle would likely become a stalemate.

Bella and her roommates talked for an entire morning without any results. Fort Gibson’s hundred meter walls that followed the Selma River gave Bella a massive headache. In the evening, a blue phantom floated up from the Selma River before sneaking behind a rock, secretly observing the Allied Demon Army’s camp.

“Strange, they’re all demons, why is there Lord Poseidon’s qi, did I make a mistake?”

The little girl stuck her head out, planning to look a bit closer. Unfortunately for her, this exposure caused her to be discovered by the roaming demon guards around the camp. Her Divine aura was too obvious, revealing her presence.

A group of over a dozen demon guards flew toward the girl’s hiding spot. On the verge of capture, Water Goddess Serna rushed back into the river to escape.

Much like Death Goddess Maureen, Water Goddess Selma was a second generation God. She was originally the disciple of Water Goddess Selma and although she was a disciple in name, she had always been a sister Goddess to Selma.

Long ago, the Water Goddess Selma had gone to war alongside Poseidon, and also fell with him at the hands of the old Twelve Demon Kings. Serna was entrusted with the protection of the Water Goddess’s divine artifact, “Delicate Heart”, and did not participate in that battle and thus, survived.

However, she could not go to the God World since it had already been destroyed by the Twelve Demon Kings. Since the Water Goddess was only a high-level god, her inheritance had become even more muddled than Death Goddess Maureen.

At least Maureen was an inheritor of the Twelve Gods and she had a little bit of private savings to fall back on. Water Goddess Serna, however, was broke. She had already fallen to the point of having to forage in order to survive.

The God Race still needed to eat, though they did not eat ordinary food, they instead consumed high energy products. Serna had barely managed to eke out her survival these thousands of years on ordinary food. 

Yet today, she discovered the aura of Poseidon, and thus risked her life to come ask her fellow God Race for help. Unfortunately, that aura was fake; it belonged to the corrupted former steed of Poseidon, Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth.

Suddenly, in the path of Serna’s escape, a silver eyed, long haired beauty blocked her way. The air around her resonated with an extremely strong magic aura, visible even and palpable even at a great distance. 

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