Volume 4 Chapter 206: The Short-lived Tranquility before the Final Battle at the Fortress City of Gibson

On the banks of Sacred River Selma, the second generation Water Goddess had been cornered by a silver-white haired gorgeous young lady. An evil grin broke out on the beautiful girl’s coquettish face. 

“Pretty sister, get out of the way! The demons are catching up. Wait, this aura… you’re a demon…”

“Little girl, since you’re already here, don’t run away! Stay here and have some fun with us.”

Beads of sweat rolled down the Water Goddess Serna’s face. The magical aura emanating off this silver-haired maiden was too strong and almost overpowered her, who was a second-generation Water Goddess. If she could avoid it, she would not want to fight this girl as there was too much difference in terms of power. 

Serna thrust her hand out towards the silver-haired beauty. After summoning up a magical blue array, a giant wave that was dozens of meters tall surged out violently from the interdimensional door behind Serna and towards her opponent. 

 “Little girl, don’t be so fierce! It might be best not to use such magic so frivolously. If it hits the camp, you would be in a world of trouble.”

“Impossible! Wait, big sister, I was wrong. Don’t…”

With a wave of the silver-haired maiden’s hand, a “Wind Blade” instantly split the Water Goddess Serna’s high-level magical attack, the “Tsunami Strike,” cleanly in half. The powerful Wind Blade swept up an intense typhoon. Everything that the typhoon went past, such as the trees and rocks, were all completely destroyed.

Serna held up a layer of an azure magical defensive field in preparation to protect herself from the impending magical attacks. However, it was useless. Her high-level defensive field, the “Ice Guardian,” had been instantly blown apart by the silver-haired beauty’s simple “Wind Blade.”

The “Ice Guardian” was not the only thing that was destroyed by the “Wind Blade,” even the clothes on her back had been ripped to shreds. Serna did not expect that she would have her clothes “busted out.” At that moment, she could only wrap her arms helplessly around her chest and sat in the “W-position” on the ground.

“Hmph, when did my magic become so despicable? I blame Bella. I’ve been spending too much time with her, and she’s become a bad influence on me. Even I… Little girl, are you still thinking of running away?”

“Please don’t hurt me, big sister. I was wrong. Don’t beat me up…”

Serna was so frightened that she did not dare even to move a muscle. The only clothes left on her body were barely ribbons of fabric, which meant that she was practically naked. She knew that if this silver-haired beauty was for real, she could easily cut her to pieces as well. 

Serna’s clothes had been completely destroyed. She had nothing left on her body except for the Water Goddess’ divine artifact, the “Delicate Heart,” that was still guarding her. The Demon Guards from afar had already arrived at the scene. Once they caught sight of the silver-haired beauty, they knelt in all earnestness and formally greeted her. 

Has the Demon Race become so cruel now? A single, ordinary “Wind Blade” was sufficient to kill a God. Watching Serna tremble on the ground, the silver-haired beauty felt a little conflicted. The thought of killing Serna had never crossed her mind.

“Eh… hello, for a moment there, I thought there was a new pretty sister!”

“You’re here, Lolita. I plan to send this as a gift to Bella. Can you help me?”

“Do it yourself. The mistress has not seen you yet! I shall not participate.”

Lolita’s petite figure appeared, suspended in midair. It was as though she was seated on an invisible chair and floated around in the sky. Her pure black goth lolita outfit was especially eye-catching in the afterglow of the sunset. 

The silver-haired beauty eyed Lolita cautiously. This loli’s true abilities were undetectable. Although she was just sitting there, seemingly wide-eyed and innocent, the silver-haired beauty could feel an immense amount of stress just by being close to her. 

Fortunately, they were all on the same side. If they were enemies, the silver-haired beauty knew that she would not stand a chance in winning at all. The silver-haired beauty turned around and gave the slack-jawed Water Goddess Serna a wry smile. Even though it was a gorgeous smile, Serna had a bad feeling about this.

“Big sister, don’t come any closer… your smile is terrifying.”

“Little girl, come with me, there’s someone I want you to meet! Will you do it yourself, or shall I help you?”

The silver-haired beauty tossed a bundle of red-colored ropes at Serna’s feet. Serna looked around and realized that Demon Guards already surrounded her. There was no other option but to give in to her fate, and Serna obediently picked up the bundle of red ropes.

Within a day, the demonic beings had managed to dig a hot spring for the Demon Gods’ recreational use at the temporary camp on the northern shores of the Sacred River Selma. This particular makeshift hot spring was quite extravagant. First, a pit was dug before a high-level demonic beast’s demonic core was buried deep within it. Once the pit was filled with water, the hot spring was complete.

Bella leaned against the edge of the hot spring, as she relaxed. She was feeling rather tired from drifting on the sea the past few days, and she could finally take some time to relax. There was no rushing war. Since a favorable result could not be reached, for now, she might as well relax at the hot springs. Who knew that a little rest might allow her to come up with a better idea.

Bella’s dorm mates, Lisha, Kriss, Elaine, and Noreya, had joined her in relaxing at the hot springs. Each of them had found a comfortable position and were resting their weary bodies. Dolores and the other Demon Kings were not here at the moment. They were currently handling some important matters and would join them later. 

Using Water Curtain Magic, this large hot spring had been split into different areas. The Holy Swordsman Cynthia, President Maria, and the others were resting in another area while Bella and a few others were at the high-level area. Other than Bella’s dorm mates, the kemonomimis, such as Vanessa and Trini were there was well, albeit in a slave’s capacity.

Bella was a little puzzled as Ariel was not in this area of the hot spring. When they had crossed paths earlier, Bella had caught a glimpse of her dorm mate. However, that girl had suddenly disappeared.

“Older Sister Bella, are you looking for Older Sister Ariel? I think that she’s coming back soon. She was at the pool that was closest to the perimeter. Why don’t you wait for her there?”

“Mmm, thank you for the heads up, Younger Sister Lisha… Eh? Alisha, why have you appeared again…?”

“What’s wrong, Mistress Sister Bella? I’m your younger sister too! Is there a problem?”

The Demonic Dragon Emperor leaned casually at the edge of the hot spring. She reached out and toyed with the White Cat Princess Savannah’s cat ears and tail as though she was teasing her pet cat. Alisha and Lisha clearly had different personalities. Alisha was obviously dominant, but she was more obedient when she was in Bella’s presence.

Savannah looked at Bella with pleading eyes. Initially, she had thought that Bella was the only one who liked to take advantage of girls. Little did she know that most of the other high ranking officials, such as Noesha and the Succubus Queen Aisha, within the Demon King’s Coalition were “S,” just like Bella. 

“Little Kitty, you’d better keep my younger sister happy. Otherwise, I will give you to someone else!”

Bella pinched Savannah’s little cheeks and snickered as she left this area of the hot springs. Before Savannah could let out a cry for help, the Demonic Dragon Emperor Alisha dragged her into the hot spring and began to ravage Savannah, who was being held tightly within her embrace. 

The White Wolf Princess Tania, Silver Fox Princess Vanessa, and the Snow Rabbit Princess Trini knelt fearfully at the edge of the hot springs. They watched Kriss, Noreya, and Elaine with terror in their hearts. The kemonomimi girls had no idea if those three gorgeous beauties were “S” like Alisha, and they felt that it was best to remain at a distance. 

Kriss was currently in the initial stages of her Dark Transformation. However, it was not as obvious. Unlike Lisha, there were no clear changes in Kriss’ appearance for now. Sneakily, she thrust out her hand and grabbed onto the Silver Fox Princess Vanessa’s small foot. With a shriek, the little fox was pulled into the water. Vanessa had become the second “prize winner” and was captured by the transformed Princess Kriss.

The White Wolf Princess Tania was so frightened that she wanted to run away. Before she could get away, countless puppet strings flew from behind, wrapped around her, and pulled her into the hot spring as well. Elaine had not gone through a Dark Transformation. This made Tania even more terrified of her, as this meant that she was an “S” at heart. It was much scarier than Lisha and Kriss as they would only become “S” after their transformation.

“White Wolf, why are you running away? Believe it or not, I’ll turn you into a puppet! I’m sure Bella would not object. In fact, I think that she might be as excited as I would be!”

“No… please, mistress. I was wrong, have mercy! You can do anything you want. I just don’t want to become a puppet.”

The final one that remained was the Snow Rabbit Princess Trini. She walked meekly to Noreya’s side, reached out her small hands, and began to give this gorgeous assassin with an icy exterior a shoulder rub. As an assassin, Noreya seemed cold and aloof. However, at this point, she was the “mistress” who was the least difficult to deal with.

Noreya did not make things difficult for the obedient bunny girl and simply left her to massage her shoulders. At this sight, the other three kemonomimis were utterly regretting their choices. If they had known this earlier, they would not have used Lisha and the others’ appearances and demeanor to judge if they were good or bad. Right now, they were being entirely taken advantage of by Lisha and the others inside the hot springs.

Bella had already left the area. It was not known how long it took after Bella left before her dorm mates began to reveal their inherent natures. There was a possibility that Lisha and the others had shown their “true colors” once they saw that Bella was not in the vicinity anymore.

Bella arrived at the area at the hot spring that was closest to the perimeter. Kriss’ younger sister, the second princess of the Gabriel Empire, Princess Khalifa, was currently resting here. Compared to the other girls who had been abducted by Bella, Khalifa was one of the more adaptable ones. She did not show much resistance, and thus Bella did not use any of her tools to bind her.

“Duchess Bella, what are you doing here… Don’t come any closer. Wait, damn it, can’t you show some respect? After all, I am a princess…”

“Long time no see, Khalifa. You’ve been naughty again.”

Bella snuck into the pool, wrapped her arms around Princess Khalifa, and her hands roamed frantically all over her body. Khalifa knew that this area was full of Bella’s subordinates, and there was no use in resisting. After a bit of symbolic struggling, she gave in and allowed Bella to do anything she wanted. 

Right at this moment, Ariel appeared at the edge of the pool. Behind her, there was an azure haired beauty who was completely naked, and the girl’s hands were bound behind her with red ropes. On her neck was a red collar that was attached to a piece of red rope, and Ariel held the other end in her hand.

“Ariel… This is… Are you Ariel? Or…” 

Bella put down Khalifa, who was dizzy from her teasing. She got up and stared curiously at Ariel. Somehow, she looked a little strange. Even though she still had her silver-white hair, but there was a dark red lightning-like energy floating around her. In addition, her eyes were much deeper than usual.

“Bella… don’t make a fuss. Seriously, that lass, Ariel, is too prideful. This is the first time she has allowed me to surface. Lisha, Kriss, and the others had already snuck out. Anyway, you’re not wrong for calling me Ariel. As for my name, I might consider telling you after you’ve gained more power!”

“By the way, this lass is a gift to you. It’s one of the God Races! You should pay more attention to Ariel in the future! She is a magical idiot and has no idea how to express her feelings positively.”

Bella was right. Ariel did have a Dark Personality within her, similar to the ones that Kriss and Lisha had. It was highly likely that Ariel had been too timid to say anything that was on her mind. Thus her Dark Personality could not take it any longer and decided to come out to help her.

The Water Goddess Serna wanted to voice her objections. However, there was a little ball gag in her mouth, and she would not say a word. Also, the Water Goddess’ divine artifact, the “Delicate Heart,” had been taken away from her by Ariel the Demoness. Right now, she did not even have the essential abilities to resist.

Dark Ariel left immediately after giving Bella her “gift.” Bella was filled with regret. She thought that Ariel would remain behind and take a bath together. Basically, any beauty who had gone through a dark transformation meant that they would be much more flirtatious than usual.  

Bella tugged on the red rope and pulled Serna close to her. The beauties of the God Race were definitely high quality, both in terms of appearance and figure. They were much stronger than typical human beauty as well. 

Most importantly, God Race had incredible self-healing abilities. As long as the wound was not fatal, they would be able to heal themselves, leaving no trace of ever being hurt at all.

Bella was an experienced “Lady,” and knew that this meant that she could have more extreme fun with a beauty from the God Race. Previously, the Death God Maureen had been a Loli, and Bella did not get to play some of her more exciting games with her. 

However, the Water Goddess Serna was different. She had a typical beauty’s figure that the Death God Maureen could never match up to. Breaking out of her thoughts, Bella reached out, cupped Serna’s chin, and stared meaningfully into the Water Goddess’ bright azure eyes.

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“I surrender, please don’t torture me… Mistress Demoness, I am just an incompetent second-generation water goddess and definitely not suited to be an offering. Look, I haven’t even managed to recover much of my power yet.”

Bella did not know whether to laugh or cry. The Water Goddess Serna actually submitted to her. In fact, she had surrendered much faster than the Death God Maureen. As soon as Bella removed the ball gag from Serna’s mouth, she immediately threw in the towel without hesitation. This was the first time someone had pledged their loyalties to her this quickly. 

Bella had her own set of morals. If the young maiden were to surrender of her own accord, she would not use any of her tools to train her. Since Serna has already submitted to her, there was no need to train her at all. At least, now there was no excuse for Bella to use force on Serna. 

The Water Goddess Serna was terrified that Bella would be just like the Demon Kings as depicted in the legends and use her as a live sacrificial offering to summon a powerful demonic being. In some dark legends, some of the Demon Kings had the habit of using the people of God Race as offerings to summon the likes of the Demon Gods, Evil Gods, and other powerful beings. 

To survive, Serna could only tell Bella everything she knew about the God Race. The population of the God Race has only declined, but not yet extinct. Back then, although the Twelve Gods had perished in battle, many of their descendants had continued to survive. 

The most powerful amongst the fortunate survivors of the God Race was the daughter of the Radiant God, who was also known as the God Princess. Unfortunately, while protecting some of the other survivors, the God Princess had been pushed off a cliff by the Demonic Beasts that had been chasing then. Until now, no one knew if she was dead or alive. 

“That’s all I know, Mistress Demoness. Please let me go. I will not go up against the Demon King’s army. I swear.” 

“You’re right. However, I refuse. Aren’t you aware of your own value?”

Bella pulled Serna close to her and held on to the bound second-generation Water Goddess tightly in her arms. This was not the first time that Bella had defiled God. Even if it were one of the Twelve Gods, Bella would not hesitate to recruit them at all. Naturally, she would not care too much about the status of this follower of the Twelve Gods.

A terrified expression appeared on Serna’s face as she helplessly allowed Bella to pull her into a french kiss. As part of the God Race, she was clearly a novice at kissing. Before long, Bella’s kissing had caused her to feel so dazed that she did not feel the other girls’ hands groping her body. 

The figure of the Creator of Light Vianne appeared at the edge of the hot spring. As the personification of light, it was not appropriate at all for her to appear within the camp of the opposing Demon King. However, she was here with her own matters. 

Although the Demon King’s camp was heavily guarded, it did not mean anything to Vianne, who was at the level of a Creator. Even if she was discovered, there weren’t many who would be a match for a Creator, and it would not be much trouble if Vianne broke in by force. 

Furthermore, no hint of holy light could be found around Vianne. Instead, a dark golden ominous light hung around her. As Vianne moved, the various demonic beasts that were near her got so frightened that they fell to their knees. They were so scared that they did not even dare to lift their heads. 

“Seriously, that Bella. At this point, she’s still… well, she’s definitely a Demon God since she shares that common hobby. In fact, she’s not too bad at it either.”

With a slight wave of her hand, Vianne gestured for the demonic beings kneeling around her to leave. Almost as though a weight had been lifted off their shoulders, the demonic beings left as quickly as their legs could carry them. The invisible pressure that Vianne had been causing them to feel was too much. If they did not take this opportunity to leave, there was a chance that they would lose it forever. 

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“Seriously, I don’t really like to appear in this form. Fortunately, Mystica is resting right now. I’d better get on with my business swiftly. Otherwise, if Mystica were to see me in this form, I’d be the butt of my nemesis’ jokes for sure.”

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"The aura of an ancestral artifact!" Someone's voice rose in surprise.
The Great Galactic Era had begun.

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