Volume 4 Chapter 204: The Imminent River Crossing War On The Selma River

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The flames in Brent Harbor seemed to almost light up the entire southern coastline of the Priestly Continent. The Dark Allied Forces as far away as the Sacred River Selma could see a red gleam on the southern coastline.

A giant black deep-sea demonic fish was quietly floating on the sea far away from Brent Harbor. On the back of the giant fish, Ocean Demon King Victoria knelt with one knee on the ground. Her blue armor had dissolved entirely, exposing a large area of fair skin.

Against the backdrop of rising flames in the distant Brent Harbor, Ocean Demon King Victoria looked particularly charming. That voluptuous figure made it difficult for anyone watching to stop.

Dark Night Demon King Aggy stood beside Victoria. She held out a hand as if to help Victoria stand up, but Victoria gave her a strange look and turned away from her.

The arm that Aggy had extended to let Victoria lean on froze stiffly in the air. The scene was very embarrassing. The Demon King of Death, who was watching nearby, looked puzzled. She couldn’t figure out what the two Demon King companions were doing.

If she remembered correctly, the relationship between Dark Night Demon King Aggy and Ocean Demon King Victoria wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t bad enough that they seemed like strangers. She wasn’t very close to Victoria, so it wasn’t right for her to say anything. The scene once again fell into an uncomfortable silence.

“Victoria, what do you mean by this… I don’t have any bad intentions!”

“Who knows if you do? Aggy, where is your contract necklace? Did you give it to someone? Show it to me.”

“Um… why should I show you my contract necklace. Stop making a fuss, will you?!”

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Hearing that Victoria wanted to see her contract necklace, Aggy couldn’t remain calm. Aggy hadn’t told anyone about losing to Bella and being robbed of her contract necklace. She didn’t want to mention such a shameful thing to others.

Who knew that the more Aggy didn’t want Victoria to see it, the angrier Victoria got. She was now sure that Bella had an “adulterous relationship” with Dark Night Demon King Aggy. Otherwise, where else did Bella’s Demon King energy come from?

Thinking of this, Victoria vomited a mouthful of blue blood. Bella’s “dark wave” looked like a typical move, but the dark energy contained within was higher than the dark energy waves of the average Demon King.

Ocean Demon King Victoria had fled under helplessness. Due to her carelessness, Bella’s “Abyss” version of the dark wave had caused her internal injuries, and she was forced to run away, pretending to be fine.

At the time, Bella was unaware of that. If found, Ocean Demon King Victoria would most likely have been captured. Victoria was lucky enough to dodge a bullet. She was very close to becoming the first Demon King in history to be captured alive.

“You two need to stop arguing. Didn’t I tell you not to come out and fool around if you’ve not fully recovered your strength? Both you and Aggy just won’t listen. She’s so silly to follow those male Demon Kings who blindly joined the war!”

In front of the three female Demon Kings, a new female Demon King appeared, and just by looking at her alone, her strength seemed superior to Aggy and the others. Upon seeing her appear, Dark Night Demon King Aggy, Ocean Demon King Victoria, and the Demon King of Death all showed fear in their eyes.

“I was tricked at the time. Who knew that rogue would have holy treasures?”

“I was also tricked. Who would’ve thought that she knew the Demon Kings’ ultimate move that uses dark energy? Please give me another chance…”

“That’s enough. Aggy, Victoria, you two isolate yourselves for a few days to reflect on the cause of this defeat. Now, your punishment will begin.”

“Wait, I have something else I want to say…”

“I don’t want to stay in isolation. I want revenge. Wait…”

Ocean Demon King Victoria and Dark Night Demon King Aggy had to explain before they were covered by circular transparent energy and disappeared. Only the new Demon King and the Demon King of the Death, who watched the whole play, were left on the scene.

“Don’t get too upset. Aggy and Victoria were just careless. What are we going to do about Brent Harbor? It has been taken over by those mysterious foreign demons. Are we… “

“Griffin can handle it himself. They’ve all made their way out of the lair. We’re way behind. This time Aggy and Victoria were overconfident and were ambushed. “

“This time, we’ll withdraw to the Demon Continent and set out again after arranging everything there. This part of the Beastmen Continent will be dealt with by them. “

The giant black demonic monster fish of the Demon Kings began to retreat. It was impossible to reclaim Brent Harbor. Among other things, the two big guys in the sea were masters that they couldn’t provoke.

The Abyss Demonic Kings of the Ocean, Disaster of the Seas Krakent, and Ocean Scavenger Abigail had been lurking in the waters outside Brent Port, watching these demons in the dark. The newly emerged Demon King had also discovered the existence of these two terrifying monsters, which was also one of the important reasons why she finally decided to retreat.

“Older brother Krakent, aren’t those young ladies gorgeous? Why don’t you present them as a tribute to the honorable Demon King?”

“Abigail, are you stupid? She has found us. It’s too difficult to catch them alive. Slime said that as long as you remember them, even the most difficult prey will show its flaws. Let’s go back and report to master Bella first!”

“Older brother is wise. Whether I get promoted or not depends on you.”

On the dawn of the next day, sunlight lit up Brent Harbor, which had been burnt to the ground overnight. The flames were so ferocious that Bella couldn’t find a place to rest temporarily. Therefore, Bella returned to rest in the forest on the back of the Dragon Turtle King.

Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea drew a magic spell deep within Brent Harbor, preparing for their next move.

Bella was now reclining on a chair made specifically for sunbathing on the beach, enjoying the morning sun. Holy Swordsman Cynthia sat on a similar chair beside Bella, looking at her in the sun. She didn’t know what to feel right now.

“What’s the matter, Cynthia? Are you thinking of happy things? Share it with us so we can all be happy together!”

“No, Bella. I don’t even know what to say! You, a Demon King, came all the way here to sunbathe!”

“What?! Cynthia, you’re unfair. I’m not a vampire, and I’m not afraid of the sun. Besides, who dictated that a Demon King can’t bask in the sun? This is my territory now, and I have the final say.”

Bella stretched out her tired arm, and a maid in pink bikini served her fresh juice. When Bella received it, she didn’t forget to pinch the beautiful girl’s chest, making her blush.

The current situation seemed to be in favor of the Demon King Coalition, but there was one problem that was worrying Bella, that was the question of time. According to their latest intelligence, the imperial army of Gabriel Empire had inflicted heavy losses on Duke Brandon’s three hundred thousand-odd allied troops who led the “revolution” along the southern border of Gabriel Empire.

Duke Brandon had gone too far in “taking advantage” and had been hit by the chief commander of the imperial army, Marshal Krisman’s fist. The imperial army had surrounded his three hundred thousand allied troops. It was a tragedy. They defeated Duke Brandon, and with more than a hundred thousand defeated troops, they retreated from Sarnia Duchy and hid.

Despite Marshal Krisman’s opposition, Prince Daniel, heir to the throne of Gabriel Empire, took two hundred thousand imperial soldiers and more than two hundred thousand mercenaries to destroy the Sarnia Duchy under the banner of “pacifying the rebellion.”

As a result, the army of hundreds of thousands of imperial soldiers and mercenaries led by Prince Daniel suffered a disastrous defeat at the gates of Sarni City, the capital of Sarnia Duchy, just like the Beastman allied forces that had attacked the city.

The ingenious cooperation of cannon, arquebus, and copper guns decimated tormented the invading army of Gabriel Empire into a sorry state. Prince Daniel was in a hurry when leaving and didn’t bring any mages. It was a tragedy.

Duke Brandon was indeed a fierce fighter. He took advantage of the fact that the imperial army had left without a mage and attacked with more than one hundred thousand allied forces. Outside Sarni City, they joined forces with the soldiers of Sarnia Duchy and defeated hundreds of thousands of troops led by Prince Daniel.

After this battle, Prince Daniel was defeated so badly he couldn’t even find his way. In the chaos, he ran to the outskirts of Sarni City and was captured by the soldiers of Sarni City who had arquebus. Not many of the imperial army died, but their prince being detained by Sarnia Duchy was embarrassing.

Back to the southern defense line–after sending tan emissary, Marshal Krisman personally wrote a letter to Duchess Bellina, saying that everything had been a misunderstanding. Gabriel Empire’s Emperor Alfred the Third couldn’t stay still any longer. He sent emissaries to Sarnia Duchy to redeem Prince Daniel.

The victorious Duke Brandon had little military forces left and no money to continue fighting. Now, he sent a messenger to Duchess Bellina to elect her as the leader of the Duchy Alliance in the southern border region and continue to bargain with Gabriel Empire!

Not only was Bella depressed, but she was also currently enjoying herself in the Beastmen Continent, Priestly Continent. How would she have the time to go back and deal with those stupid matters in Sarnia Duchy?! But those things needed to be handled personally by Duchess Bellina, so Bella had to show up.

The three parties sent messengers and emissaries who were waiting to meet Duchess Bellina in Sarni City. Bella delayed the meeting time with them under the name of “official leave.” Delaying them like this wasn’t a solution either. It looked like she couldn’t continue fighting the war here.

“Daniel, that fool! What the hell is he doing?! Now, it’s over. He has delayed my holiday. I should just… “

“Bella, don’t be impulsive. Go back and talk with them! You don’t have to worry about the situation here.”

Seeing that Bella was about to burst into rage and leave, Holy Swordsman Cynthia came to comfort Bella. If this female Demon King really got angry, just sending this bunch of sea demons to the coastline of the Human Race would be enough to destroy their entire defensive line.

“Do you think I care about that fool Daniel? I’m worried that school will start soon. School starts once the war is over, and I have to send Caroline and the others back. Damn it… “

“Hey, Bella, you’re not going to imprison them forever?!”


“Am I so evil? My secret chamber hasn’t been repaired yet… Wait, Cynthia, do you want to experience imprisonment… “


“No… I’m just spouting nonsense. Ignore me!”


Once school started, she would have to go back to school for a while. Most people who spend a long time outside would have some anxiety towards school. Bella just remembered that she hadn’t written a word on the holiday homework assigned by Olsylvia Academy.


In Ancient Todd City, on the southern bank of the Sacred River Selma, Terror Demon King Griffin and Bone Demon King Trollope looked uncertain. Earlier, they had learned the news of the fall of Ocean Demon King Victoria’s entire fleet.


Although she was a female Demon King and her defeat wouldn’t embarrass male Demon Kings, the Black Fleet carrying all their war supplies sank. What a disaster! Without the material support, it was very unfavorable to the development of the lair.


“Griffin, I think we should make peace with the other side! We are all from the dark camp. Maybe we can make a deal.”


“Peace? None of the leaders, on the other side, are men. Trollope, I will not bow down to women. If you want to make peace, go yourself!”


Terror Demon King Griffin obviously didn’t agree to make peace. In his opinion, all their failures were caused by the useless Dark Night Demon King Aggy and Ocean Demon King Victoria. He will not admit defeat until the last moment.


“Honorable Demon King… Something has happened. The demon army on the other side… has disappeared.”


“Don’t spout nonsense. Think before you speak again. How can a few million demon soldiers disappear just because you said so.”


“It’s true. I would never lie to the two honorable Demon Kings. If you don’t believe, go and see for yourself.”


Terror Demon King Griffin and Bone Demon King Trollope, who didn’t believe this sudden situation, came to their defensive positions on the southern bank of the Sacred River Selma according to their subordinate’s report. The demon and Dark Human soldiers at their defense positions were staring dully. The other side had attacked and fought and suddenly disappeared. This was in broad daylight. How terrifying.

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Griffin looked out towards the northern bank of the Sacred River Selma. The demons’ defense positions were still there, but the demons themselves had disappeared. What remained was a group of gloomy shadows. The scene was frozen as if everything were a mirage, continuously displaying all sorts of frightening images.

“What a powerful curse. What the hell did those guys across the river do? They’re more horrible than us. Don’t go over; it’s an ancient curse. I can’t remember its name. Anyways, just don’t go there!”

Terror Demon King Griffin wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. This was a big move made by the Creator of Darkness Mystica, and Extradimensional Creator Alfreia called the “Afterimage of The Abyss.” It was a unique move that could easily kill a Demon King. Even Griffin felt threatened.


“S***! Griffin, I think our colleagues on the other side are crossing the river somewhere else. Our lair is in Ancient Todd City. The other side knows that they can’t defeat the lair and wants to make a detour!”


In a large area in the rear of Brent Harbor, there was a fortress city Gibson. Gibson was the largest fortress city in the southern coastal area of the Beastmen Continent. This was also the capital of one of the eight Beastman Clans, the Bearmen. Bear King Peterus has operated here for decades.

At present, the Beastmen Emperor Beamon Webster was visiting the fortress city, Gibson. Although he said that he was personally taking part in the war, he actually moved to a place far away from the main battlefield and put on an act.


The Beastmen Emperor never dreamed that the place where he visited would soon become the main battlefield. On the other side of the Selma River, a huge shadow was floating in mid-air. This was the demon lair that was currently moving. It looked like a honeycomb from outside.


With the super-strong space transmission capability of Extradimensional Creator Alfreia and the assistance of Interdimensional Demon Noesha, the Demon King Coalition forces completed the feat of a large-scale transfer of eight million troops.

Under the guidance of the magic instructions drawn by Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea, the Demon King Coalition forces regrouped on the northern bank of the Sacred River Selma. They were preparing to break through the defense line on the Sacred River Selma from here and target the fortress city, Gibson.


The Bearman soldiers in the garrison of the fortress city Gibson couldn’t at all compare to the soldiers of the Dark Human Coalition defending Ancient Todd City. There were just a few Dark Human defensive positions along the Sacred River Selma.


Beyond these defensive positions, there were no other fortifications deep within the area. The Demon King Coalition, who occupied the harbor, had two advantages when attacking the Beastman soldiers in the fortress city of Gibson.


Before the Dark Coalition forces in Ancient Todd City could react, Bella’s Demon King allied forces launched the “real” Selma River crossing war, deciding to fight the chaotic decisive battle of Priestly Continent in the area where the Selma River meets the sea.

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