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Title: Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul | Tags: Fighting, Xuanhuan, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm and determined protagonist
Synopsis: A mediocre, low-born beggar, he relied on only his firm and indomitable spirit to desperately cultivate but still could not exceed the masses. Then by fortune’s favor, he awakened a long-extinct ancient martial soul. Since that day, he soared like a comet on the path of cultivation. From his humble beginnings as an outsider in the Ling Clan, his name, Ling Xiao, would ring throughout the world.

Volume 4 Chapter 203: The Burning Brent Harbor

The largest port city of the Priestly Continent—Brent Harbor. It was a moonless night, and the city seemed unusually quiet and peaceful. The Bearmen were the main Beastmen troops that had been assigned to guard the harbor.

The Dark Humans did not place any soldiers at Brent Harbor. This was primarily because their commander did not deem it necessary. From the beginning, the Dark Human’s fleet had ruled the seas. After the Human empires’ coalition fleet had been defeated by the Siren King McMillan, no other human fleet had been organized since then.

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Meanwhile, a massive fleet was currently making its way towards the Brent Harbor, utilizing the cover of night. This force was a combination of many different troops. In addition to the usual Phantom warships, there were Dragon Turtles, Hadyn Wyverns, as well as many other horrors like the Leviathan Beasts.

There were no fleets standing guard over the Brent Harbor, nor were there any that were assigned to patrol the area. The only ships that could be seen were the cargo ones that were going to and fro from the port. The Dark Humans had enjoyed peace and stability for many years and were now complacent when it came to any potential threats on the ocean.

The Dark Human’s large cargo ships were dragged out into the ocean by one of the Abyss Demonic Kings, the Disaster of the Seas Krakent’s tentacles. Before the Dark Humans on board could make their escape, they were destroyed by another Abyss Demon King, the Ocean Scavenger Abigail. This deep-sea monster fish did not care if its prey was dead or not and would simply swallow them, digesting them whole. 

In the depths of the mystery forest on the Dragon Turtle King’s back, Bella was currently resting at the tallest watchtower. The Holy Swordsman Cynthia and the Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth were in charge of the mission to secure the skies above the Combined Fleet and had not returned to the watchtower yet.

“Older Sister Tina, General Una, what are you… damn, you baddie, let go of my sister! Otherwise, I’ll… I’ll…”

“Little lass, I’m not in a very good mood right now. Are you asking to be punished?”

Princess Tiffany of the Atlantis Empire, one of the four central empires of the Deep Sea Alliance, had been captured alive by the Abyss Demonic Kings Krakent and Abigail. Except for them, every one of the Deep Sea Fleet had been completely destroyed and killed during the battle of the April Sea.

As one of the fortunate few who had survived the battle, Princess Tiffany had been offered to the Demon King Bella as a trophy of war by the two Abyss Demonic Kings. Both of them were well aware of her hobbies and had “taken care” of most of the hard work before handing the girl over to her. 

Princess Tiffany looked similar to her older sister, Princess Tina. As both girls were siblings, they shared the same long navy blue hair and azure irises. The only difference was that Tiffany was a loli and had a more childish figure.

By now, Princess Tiffany had already been stripped naked by the two gentry Abyss Demonic Kings. Her arms and legs were bound tightly behind her with one of Krakent’s black tentacles. It could not be denied that Krakent was extremely practiced in bondage skills that might have been learned from the two experts, Slime and Succubus Queen Aisha. 

Tiffany sat on a soft sponge cushion, her eyes filled with defiance and resentment. It was absolutely humiliating to be captured alive by a demonic being. Furthermore, she was now naked and bound. If not for the fact that her older sister, Princess Tina, and the Navy General Una, she would have already committed suicide by biting off her own tongue.

Bella sat on a red coral throne while Princess Tina and Princess Una were seated on her left and right, respectively. She had one hand wrapped around each girl and was currently engaged in intimate acts with them. Tina and Una were in the same situation as Tiffany: the three girls were all nude and bound with transparent spider threads. 

There was a single contrast: Tina and Una were unable to speak as they had a small ball gag in their mouths. Presently, Princess Tina’s face was beet red. She would never have thought that Bella, that demoness, would play with her in such a manner right in front of her biological sister. She felt so humiliated that she wanted to find a crack in the ground and bury herself in it.

However, Tina knew that she must not pass out. If she were to lose consciousness, who knew how that demoness would torture her younger sister? Although Bella claimed that she did not have a Loli complex, yet the expression on her face when she looked at Tiffany was extremely weird. Only a fool would believe her words. 

Almost as though she could tell what Tina was thinking, Bella draped her across her lap and began to trail kisses along Tina’s body as Tiffany and Una watched. She paid close attention to every inch of Princess Tina’s snow-white skin, as though she was tasting the most delicious cuisine in the world. 

Princess Tina trembled as Bella licked and nibbled her body while she tried her hardest to resist Bella’s teasing administrations. That demoness was the worst! Wouldn’t this cause her to make a fool of herself in front of her younger sister? Despite Tina’s frantic efforts, Bella was an “old hand” at this and was an expert at using her mouth for pleasure. In addition, a strange immoral feeling began to wreak havoc in Princess Tina’s heart, prompting her to lose all sense of control. 

“Older Sister Tina… hey, you golden-haired demoness, stop! Stop torturing my sister! If you have anything against me, take it out on me instead. I… you’re serious about this? Wait, don’t you come any closer! Older Sister Tina, Older Sister Una, help me!”

Princess Tiffany flushed slightly as she watched Bella lick Princess Tina into the throes of ecstasy. Out of an instinctual urge to protect her older sister, she taunted Bella in an attempt to divert her attention. Little did she know that Bella, that demoness, would take it seriously and get up to walk towards her.

Bella had the habit of “granting wishes”, especially when the request was made by a beautiful young lady. Since Princess Tiffany had personally invited her to “give her a taste”, it would be letting go of an amazing opportunity if she did not accede to her request.

Bella did say that she did not have a Loli complex. However, that was a long time ago. Moreover, Princess Tiffany was a loli with an “ample bosom”, just like the Demon World Princess Diaz. It did not count unless the loli was flat-chested. 

Bella had been feeling rather moody lately. The fact that she had let the Ocean Demonic King Victoria slip out of her fingers had been tormenting her, and she had been fretting about how she had no way to vent her frustrations. Since Princess Tiffany took the initiative to taunt and challenge her, Bella decided to make full use of the opportunity. 

Princess Tina’s eyes were still a little unfocused. She had wanted to stop Bella from making a move on her sister, but she could barely save her skin at the moment. In bad taste, Bella removed the ball gags from Tina and Una’s mouths and “pushed” Princess Una right onto Princess Tina.

“Tina, how could you… please, stop it. Aren’t we friends?”

“Una, I’m really uncomfortable. Help me out, will you? We’re still friends, right? If we are, then stop moving…”

Bella had teased Tina right to the edge of extreme pleasure. As Princess Una fell onto her body, she couldn’t take it any longer and pressed her lips onto Una’s mouth. Una’s eyes were filled with confusion as her friend began to kiss her. 

It was one thing to be violated by this female demon king; however, this was her best friend that she had known for a very long time. Could she not trust friendship anymore? No, Tina must not be allowed to have her way!

Una pushed aside her principles as well. Like Tina, a peculiar, instinctual feeling stirred within her. Since the Oceanic Dragons were physically stronger than the Merpeople, it did not take much for Una to turn things around and pin Tina under her instead. As she kissed her in a lust-filled frenzy, the scent of pleasure emanated from the red coral throne.

“Little lass, don’t be afraid. As your Older Sister, I will be very gentle with you. Just relax.”

“No, let go of me. I… I’m not going to interfere with what’s going on between you and Older Sister Tina. Take advantage of her instead! I’m still a little…”

“Little? My darling princess, you’re such a naughty girl, lying to me! Nothing about this is small; rather, it’s obviously very ample! It seems like you need some punishment and education…”

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“Stop rubbing, please! This feeling… Don’t do that; it makes Tiffany feel weird…”

In the end, Tiffany could not escape the inevitable. Bella’s hands pressed and kneaded Tiffany’s chest as she teased her until the younger girl’s face was flushed red. Afterward, she plunged Tiffany onto the soft sponge and pressed her body on top of hers.

Tiffany’s pleas were too late. Without hesitation, Bella forced her lips onto her dainty mouth and took control as they kissed, her eyes blazing with dominance. Tiffany could only watch helplessly as she gradually submitted to Bella’s whims.

The Atlantis Empire’s Deep Sea Fleet had taken up quite a bit of Bella’s Mystery Fleet’s time, resulting in a delay in its reinforcement mission. The fleet’s tardiness caused the Phantom Fleet to lose many of its warships as the Black Fleet continued its attacks.

The blame was supposed to be put on the Ocean Demon King Victoria and her Black Fleet. However, she had escaped and was nowhere to be found. Thus, Bella had no choice but to do the despicable thing and pin the blame on the Atlantis Empire. 

The main culprit, Prince Dierka, was already on the run. This meant that Princess Tiffany would have to remain behind as compensation. These two princesses were extremely valuable. If Bella were to ask for a ransom, the Atlantis Empire would not hesitate to pay a high price at all. However, all she wanted was the girls; after all, she was not lacking in gold coins.

After some time, the three loli type demonic girls, the Hadyn Wyvern King, the Leviathan King, and the Dragon Turtle King, appeared within the watchtower. As they had something important to report, the trio had no choice but to enter the building. The regular demonic beings would not risk their heads by interrupting the Demon King Bella while she was playing with her girls. Hence, they could only entrust the task to the demonic beings who could assume the shape of a beautiful young maiden.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Mistress Bella, the Combined Fleet is now approaching the Brent Harbor. So Cynthia sent us to seek your opinion on how to proceed.”

“Go with our original plan to disembark and prepare for battle. I will head out later; you may leave.”

Within the observation room at the top of the watchtower, Bella was currently occupied: she was busy doing naughty things to Princess Tiffany’s snow-white figure. This loli’s skin was incredibly soft and felt much more delicate than most beautiful young maidens.

With respect to Bella’s affectionate caresses, Tiffany could only use her eyes to raise her objections; she was essentially helpless. An evil expression broke out on Bella’s face as she suddenly picked up Princess Tiffany’s petite figure and carried her over to the red coral throne. 

“Older Sister Demon King, the look on your face, it’s frightening. Please stop teasing me; I’m begging you. I’ll give you anything you want…” 

“No, you have not fully given me your heart. Little princess, do you wish to do some unspeakable things with your own older sister? Things that will allow both of you to feel happy?

“Yes… I mean, I misspoke. I don’t want to do anything like that; it’s wrong. Older Sister Demon King, I was at fault…”

Bella carried Princess Tiffany over to the red coral throne and placed her onto Princess Tina, who was clouded by ecstasy. She did not care that the loli in front of her was her little sister. Tina pinned the younger girl underneath her and began to assault Tiffany. Earlier on, Princess Una had played with her until it was too much for her to bear. Now, she must regain some of her dignity from her sis.

Princess Una, who was taking a break, leaned against one of the red coral throne’s armrests. Bella’s hands reached around her body and pressed lightly on Una’s chest.

“Stop kneading, I’m tired. Bella, you are absolutely horrible. How could you let the sisters, Tina and Tiffany, do something like that…”

“Una, your body is reacting. Are you getting excited while watching both of them act so intimately? I believe you need to learn to be more honest!”

“Wait, not again. I’m already… no…”


Una’s resistance was futile. It did not take long before she allowed Bella to hold her on the red coral throne to continue taking advantage of her. Since there was no use in resisting, she might as well give in! Left without a choice, Una opened her mouth and welcomed Bella’s affections with open arms.

While Bella was preying on Princess Una, the Combined Fleet began its attack on the Brent Harbor. It had stopped at a part of the ocean some distance away from the perimeter of the Brent Harbor. 

Countless Hadyn Wyverns rose up from the Leviathan Beasts that had been transporting them. Each of the wyverns had a demonic knight on their backs that were responsible for carrying and tossing the exploding barrels. After getting a little taste of success during the battle at the April Sea, Bella decided to continue using the same strategy. 

General Giotto was the commander-in-chief of the Bearmen forces that were stationed at the Brent Harbor. Due to his voracious drinking habits, he was nicknamed “Drunk-to”. At this moment, he had been drinking for a while and was already sloshed, an occurrence that happened every single night. 


Previously, there were many Dark Human troops stationed as guards at the Brent Harbor. Thus it did not matter how drunk Giotto got since nothing would go awry. This time, however, it was different. The battle at the Holy River Selma had been an utter disaster, and both parties were thoroughly engaged in war. To support the frontlines, the Dark Human troops that were stationed here had all been transferred over to the southern banks of the Selma River. 


“How great is it for that bunch of Dark Humans to not be around anymore? Back then, they kept on disrupting me while I was drinking. Now, I can indulge to my heart’s content. Why are there wine barrels falling from the sky? Could it be that I’ve drunk too much…”


“The Beast Emperor has already decided to make a personal appearance. It would not be long before he arrives at Todd Ancient City. By then, the four traitorous beastmen tribes would be dead for sure.”


Giotto raised his head and realized that there were countless wine barrels pouring rapidly from the skies. This Bearmen commander even fancied that it was raining wine barrels. As a drunkard, this was the best thing that he could ever ask for. 


Before Giotto could jump up in celebration, though, an exploding barrel crashed right into his body. An ear-splitting boom broke the peaceful silence of the night at the harbor. The highest-ranking commander of the guards at the Brent Harbor, the Bearmen General Giotto, became the first to be killed by the explosives. 


As their highest ranking commander was the first to be shot down, the remaining Bearmen warriors, the entire platoon of them, that had just lost their head instantly plunged into chaos and panic. There was no way that they could have been organized enough to formulate a suitable retaliation plan. 


With the constant barrage of bombings by the Hadyn Wyverns, the entire Brent Harbor instantly became a sea of fire, the dazzling flames illuminating the whole southern shoreline. The Bearmen’s groans and screams of pain could be heard everywhere. As the Bearmen warriors typically wore heavy armor, their speed was severely impeded, so most of them were unable to escape the sudden explosions. 


“There are enemies in the sky. Quick, get to the blockhouse…”


Some of the Bearmen warriors were able to react much faster and managed to get to the blockhouse in time as they had been stationed nearby. Those soldiers rushed up to the top of the tower and turned the magic-guided cannon towards the sky. The plan was to shoot and attack the low flying Hadyn Wyverns. 


At this point, the Phantom Fleet’s initial strike team and part of its warships had already entered the docking bay at the perimeter of the Brent Harbor. Taking advantage of the situation where the defenses at the blockhouse were directed towards the sky, the Phantom warships made the first move. They used their own cannons to bombard the fortifications at the edge of the harbor. 


Those unfortunate blockhouses did not even have a chance to defend their skies before they were reduced to rubble by the warship’s cannons and were taken out of the fight right at the beginning of the battle. The deadly combination of the Phantom warships’ cannons and the bombings from the Hadyn Wyverns in the sky had destroyed all the defenses that the Brent Harbor had on offer. 


Large numbers of wooden landing warships departed from the giant “reinforcement” turtle island. Since the invading fleet currently had the upper hand in terms of firepower, they made full use of their advantage and sped towards the burning Brent Harbor. Those touchdown warships carried huge amounts of heavily armored Skeleton infantry soldiers.


As the landing warships approached the shore, large batches of heavily armored Skeleton soldiers exited from the docking rafts. They sped towards the harbor in formation, ready to attack. The remaining Bearmen heavy armored forces began to pull back towards the depths of the Beastmen continent. They had already lost their courage and the will to fight against the heavily armored Skeleton infantry soldiers that were currently making their way ashore. 


In the region behind Brent Harbor, there was a fortress city named Gibson, which was right at the end of the harbor. The Bearmen forces that had abandoned their posts planned to retreat to Gibson to seek reinforcements before attempting to take back the Brent Harbor.  


When Bella was finally satisfied and walked out of the watchtower, the Brent Harbor had already been taken over by the Combined Fleet. Once again, as commander-in-chief, Bella managed to score yet another easy victory with the Holy Swordsman Cynthia as part of the commanding authority.


With the retreat of the Bearmen, the invasion battle for the Brent Harbor had ended before the night was over. Using their strength in airborne strategies and usage of explosives, Bella’s Combined Fleet had wiped out nearly one hundred thousand Bearmen soldiers with minimal death or injury on her side. 


The victory of the battle for Brent Harbor became the turning point of the entire war on the Holy River Selma. The Demon King’s Coalition that had gained control of the harbor had just stepped onto the southern territory of the Holy River Selma for the very first time. 


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