Chapter 04: Ximen Wuhen


AoTianJue was obviously not easy to train, merely it was comparatively easier to cross the threshold of the first layer. Average people could reach the first layer after training for two to three years. But the later layers were comparatively harder to achieve, the higher the layer, the harder it was to achieve. Some talented people could reach the first layer but might not reach the second layer throughout their life, this shows the difficulty in the training of AoTianjue. In his previous lifetime, Long Yi was a heavenly genius who had reached the fifth layer when he was in his early thirties. So he naturally knew that even though his current body’s aptitude was even better, it was impossible to reach the legendary ninth layer in such extremely short period of time. The reason why he thought so was just to regulate his state of mind, nothing more.

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“Void Splitting Palm.” Long Yi shouted as he concentrated his qi on the palm and then he shot it towards the metal wall covered in electric current.

A surge of intense palm wind along with his true qi heavily collided with the wall, giving out a muffled bang sound. Then the lightning wandering about the wall crackled, and the entire room shook.

Long Yi was so shocked that he jumped. How come this power of the first layer in this world is comparable to the power of the second layer in the previous world? Moreover, it was not affected by the restriction of the barrier. He was delighted, but he knew that now however was the time of emergency, if others knew that he had already struggled free from the imprisonment of spiritual shackles, then even his vague chance of escaping will go down the drain.

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After a good while, as expected, no one came to investigate and interrogate about the disturbance of before, everything was still so quiet that it could drive people crazy.

“Perhaps, Forbidden Heaven Prison is a prison for death row inmates. Can it be that they plan to starve me to death?” Not hearing anything even after a good while, Long Yi couldn’t help but think. It should have already been a period of time since he was thrown into this prison, but no-one came to visit him and also no-one come to give him food or drink. Now, his stomach was already rumbling with hunger.

At that time, for some reason, seeing the electric current wandering about the metal wall, Long Yi unexpectedly felt a cordial feeling.

“Cordial my ass, I was struck by lightning and died without leaving any remaining, and here I am actually having this kind of feeling, could it be that I have gone crazy due to hunger?” Long Yi muttered, but his legs however couldn’t help walking over.

Seeing these crackling terrifying electric current, Long Yi unexpectedly felt as if it had a spirit with life. It seemed to be infinitely overjoyed and were acting like a spoiled child towards him. Long Yi was puzzled, but he unconsciously reached out his hands, wanting to caress this lovable spirit. However, when Long Yi’s big hand was about to touch this electric current, he suddenly sobered up, and his hands abruptly stopped a few centimeters away from this electric current.

“Strange, could it be that someone hypnotized me? Impossible, if that is the case, then I should have already noticed it.” Long Yi muttered to himself. But just when he was about to retract his hands, something odd happened. The electric currents flowing on the wall flew towards the hands of Long Yi as if his hand was a giant magnet.

Long Yi hastily retracted his hands, but that electric current still flew towards him. When that electric current touched his hands, he didn’t get electrocuted, instead, he seemed to have absorbed it.

Long Yi was dumbfounded looking at his hands, and then he stretched out his hands towards the wall with electric current once again. After that, he discovered that the silvery electric currents were cheerfully entering his body, as if a lost child that had suddenly found a home. Although he didn’t know why he was feeling this, Long Yi truly had such strange feeling.

More and more electric current flowed into his body, but Long Yi didn’t feel any discomfort. He didn’t know where the electric current which flowed into his body had gone. Gradually, Long Yi began to feel warm all over his body, furthermore also a kind of ** pleasant sensation. He indistinctly felt as if his consciousness seemed to have returned to that woods in the outskirts of the city, where a ** young man was stirring up a peerlessly beautiful young girl.


In the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City, Long Ling’er was sitting blankly inside the pavilion beside a rockery with four or five imperial maids standing far away. It had been hard for them to serve this Her Highness the Princess for these past two days. She didn’t beat or scold them, but those lethargic eyes however made these imperial maids feel as if they were inside the frozen cave.

Long Ling’er had become a lot thinner, and her heart was already frozen. Now she used cold indifference to build a dense cocoon, making herself believe that everything that had happened that night was just a nightmare. From then on, she absolutely hated night, as long as it was dark, she would recall that perverted evil smile of Ximen Yu, that beast, this disgusted her as if she had just eaten a fly. But once in a while, she also recalled his struggling and suffering look before he had stabbed her, moreover also that overbearing sentence: ‘You are my woman, so I will not kill you.’ And whenever she thought of this sentence, she would unusually become so irritated that she would use advance magic Hellfire, burning everything within the radius of several meters around her. This endlessly worried Emperor Long Zhan, and he decided to end this bastard Ximen Yu who didn’t know the height of the heaven or the depth of the earth without any delay.

When Long Ling’er was sitting there blankly, an imperial maid cautiously walked over to her and said softly: “Your Highness the Princess, Miss Ximen has come.”

“Let her in.” Long Ling’er coldly said. Ximen Wuhen had come here several times before to see her, but was restricted from entering. Even though she was her best friend, she still was the younger sister of Ximen Yu, that beast.

A beautiful person wearing spotlessly white priest robe walked in. she had a long black hair hung down to her waist which fluttered when she was walking, this made her appear as if she was dancing in the wind. Looking at her closely, she possessed a great beauty which could intoxicate countless men. Her eyes were like autumn waters, she had a jade nose and a louts mouth, and her skin was snow-white. And especially that gentle and warm temperament she unintentionally emitted, that could make people feel as if they were cleansed by a spring breeze.

“Wuhen, if you are here to plead for that beast, then you don’t need to say anything, I will never let him off.” Long Ling’er said right away before Ximen Wuhen could say anything. She really was afraid that if her close sister was to plead on the behalf of that beast, then it would be rather difficult to refuse her.

Ximen Wuhen softly sighed: “Ling’er, I am not here to plead for him, he has to bear the consequences for doing such things to you. My Ximen clan let you down.”

Hearing the gentle words of Ximen Wuhen, the misery and grievance of Long Ling’er welled up in her heart, then she tightly held Ximen Wuhen and wept.

Ximen Wuhen gently patted the back of Long Ling’er while consoling her softly. Honestly speaking, she was disgusted with her second big brother from the bottom of her heart. He truly was the shame of Ximen clan. She really couldn’t understand why father would let him indulge like this, could it be that because his mother was the Miss of Dongfang clan?

“Wuhen, what should I do? What should I do?” The strong front Long Ling’er was putting on broke apart in front of Ximen Wuhen. The chaste of a woman was regarded extremely important in Violent Dragon Empire. Even if it was any other woman that had experienced this disaster, then she would have been frightened out of her wits and her spirit would have collapsed, let alone herself who was a noble princess.

Seeing Long Ling’er was getting more and more agitated, Ximen Wuhen quickly held the little hand of Long Ling’er, then infused a soft white light into the body of Long Ling’er. This was priest’s basic magic, Spirit Guardian, which would ward off evil spirits, making people feel calmer.

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