Chapter 05: Escaped days

Although the Emperor had ordered to seal off the news of Ximen Yu raping Long Ling’er, nevertheless, this news still leaked out, and was spreading to the whole Soaring Dragon City. Furthermore, this news simulated the wrath of many people, and many common people already jointly made the petition demanding severe punishment. And Emperor Long Zhan had declared the punishment to be a capital sentence. Many people had already predicted the end of the Ximen Yu, as raping a princess was a great crime, enough to induce the extermination of one’s entire family. But the Ximen clan was the largest clan in the entire Violent Dragon Empire, and its influence was also not that simple. Even if Long Zhan couldn’t make a move against this clan, nevertheless, there was no chance for Ximen Yu to successfully escape from his fate.

“Lord, I beseech you, please save Yu’er. He is our only son!” With tears flowing out of her eyes, Dongfang Wan begged Ximen Nu.

“Save? How should I save him? If not for your pampering, how could this unfilial son of yours fall into this wretched situation, and even more, he almost implicated our clan.” Ximen Nu shook Dongfang Wan off and roared. A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cub, even though Ximen Yu was bad, he was still his son. He would never wish to see his son beheaded before his very eyes.

“It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have pampered him. Lord please save him, he is not even 18 years old.” Dongfang Wan wept; she was regretful. If she had known earlier that it would turn out this way, then she would not have intervened when his father was strict towards him. All this had happened because she loved her son too much.

“Ai, how can I also have the heart to watch Yu’er die? But the emperor doesn’t want to meet me, so I don’t have any measures.” Ximen Nu sighed, and all of a sudden, he seemed a lot older.

“Then how about we rescue him and send him off far away, never to come back again.” The eyes of Dongfang Wan had lit up, as if she had seen a bit of hope.

The expression of Ximen Nu changed irregularly, depending on the power of the Ximen clan, it was not that difficult to rescue his son, but just like a tall tree facing the wind, the Ximen clan was always subjected to the suspicion and jealousy of the emperor, and Ximen Nu was afraid that the emperor would use this as an excuse and try to weaken Ximen clan.

“So be it, I hope he learnt his lesson this time and realize his error and show some repentance.” Ximen Nu decided to save his son, after all, he was his own flesh and blood.

“Many thanks Lord! Yu’er will definitely change.” Dongfang Wan released a sigh of relief. Although she may never see her son in this lifetime, at least his life will be saved.



After a long time had passed, the limp and numb sensation on Long Yi’s body had completely disappeared. Then he woke up from his pleasant and romantic dream of that night.

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“How can it be like this?!?” Lang Yi exaggeratedly sighed and slapped his face. And with his both hands, he casually touched the metal wall, and unexpectedly discovered that the electric current had already disappeared.

“Don’t tell me…….. don’t tell me, I absorbed it all? Fantastic.” Long Yi muttered while watching his both hands. With the exception of their white and delicate skin, he didn’t see anything particular, but him absorbing the electric current was certainly a fact.

He didn’t know whether he could use that absorbed electric current as an attack or not, so thinking about it, he raised his hand at once. BZZZ!!! A thumb sized lightning was released from his palm, and it left behind a shallow mark at the metal wall.

Seeing this, Long Yi got excited. And he wanted to release the lightning with his palm, however this time, nothing came out from his palms.

Long Yi was puzzled and stubbornly thought deeply about how to release the lightning. After the while, he finally he sensed some kind of resonance within his body. “Could it be these are the electric current? Do they really have a life?”

Long Yi calmed down his mind, and slowly, he started to recall the feeling of the electric current within his body for a long period of time. Now all that is left was to obtain that life-force. Suddenly, he felt limp and numb all over his body. Long Yi sensed the existence of electric particles. Then he immediately waved his hand, ‘BZZZ’ a thick lightning was released. “This sensation is………… so damn cool!”

Just when he was still thinking to do more research, he heard ‘kacha kacha’ metal clinking sound from outside the prison. This sound was just like a sound made when someone walks while wearing a metal armor.

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“Eh?! The electric spirit stone is opened? It will save our time.” A low-spirited voice came from outside the door.

After hearing some few noises, the metal door slowly opened. And a group of soldiers wearing thick armors emerged before the eyes of Long Yi. They had a dense murderous aura surrounding them, only a person who had experienced countless battlefield and survived, will have this aura. And they looked very strong, so after seeing them, Long Yi couldn’t help but became alert.

“Young master Ximen, we got the order from the patriarch of Ximen Clan, so please come with us.” The leader suddenly revealed a metal plate, this plate was used for identification in the Blue Waves Continent. And above the plate, a large character of Ximen was written in a flamboyant style of calligraphy. Even though his words were respectful, his gaze was clearly filled with disdain.

From his new memory, Long Yi knew that this was supreme command plate of Ximen clan, also only the clan master have the authority to use this plate. It seems the father of Ximen Yu had sent them here to save his son, but it was unlikely for him to know that his son’s soul was already annihilated a while ago.

Regarding the disdain in the eyes of this leader, Long Yi really didn’t care, since the target of this disdain was that damned Ximen Yu. He put on the armor which was exactly the same as these armors worn by these soldiers, then he mixed together with these soldiers and followed them. Till now, he didn’t know the scale of this prison. This prison was built underground, and it contained many prison cells, and the end of the length and breadth of this prison couldn’t be seen. But there was only 5 special prison cells that was similar to the prison cell where he was locked up. It can be assumed that these cells were only for the terrifying criminals with powerful destructive power. He had never expected he was also locked up inside this special prison cell by the Emperor.

Finally, they arrived at the surface of the earth, Long Yi blatantly followed the group of soldiers to outside of the town. Regarding Soaring Dragon City, although he had the memories of Ximen Yu, nevertheless, he was very impressed inside his heart after personally seeing it. This city was flourishing, the buildings resembled the buildings from the Chinese Tang dynasty. The construction was imposing but at the same time, it was delicate.

After a long way out of the city gate, the team leader waved his hand and signaled to stop. Then he turned towards Long Yi and said, “Young master Ximen, patriarch and the madam are waiting for you in the front. Please go ahead yourself.”

Long Yi nodded his head and walked towards the direction the leader pointed at. After a short while, he caught the sight of a pavilion. Within that pavilion, there were 4 people. One of them was a majestic middle aged man wearing a purple colored fur robe, and his beard was fluttering in the air; another one was extremely beautiful and elegant woman with a beautiful smile on her face; another one was an aspiring youth general wearing a black armor with dashing eyebrows; and finally a young beautiful woman wearing a pure white robe. She looked like a goddess herself.

That must be his parents, brother and sister. Unconsciously, his steps slowed down, as he didn’t know how to face them. They were the important parents and siblings of this body, but they were complete stranger for Long Yi.

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