Chapter 06: Super-space ring


“Evil creature, still dilly-dallying and not hurrying over here?” Seeing Long Yi who was walking sluggishly, Ximen Nu could help but shouted angrily.

Long Yi secretly sighed, since things have already reached this stage, he had no choice but to pretend to be Ximen Yu. Out of nowhere, he got parents and siblings, so as an orphan child, Long Yi felt awkward inside his heart.

He quickly walked into the pavilion, then he took off his helmet and towards Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan, he performed a courtesy. As he was in the prison for several days, he had no chance to wash and dress, so his hair was in a mess as well as his face was full of stains or spots. Seeing this appearance of her son, immediately the tears gushed out from the eyes of Dongfang Wan.

“You dumb idiot, I hope you learn the lesson this time. Don’t be this bold and act foolishly or recklessly again next time. You really suffered this past few days.” Dong Fangwen stand on her tiptoes and used the sleeves of her garment and rub the face of Long Yi, and her tearful eyes were full of thick affection.

As if he was struck by the lightning, he was dazed and stood there motionless. From childhood, he was always alone and was the knife of the nation for many years. Every time he received an injury, he had no other choice but to stay quiet and hide in a dark place. There was no other human who showed this much loving care towards him.

“Mother.” Long Yi was emotionally touched and said in a deep voice. Is this the affection of blood relative which many people often speak about? As expected it really make people warm in their heart.

“Well, you mother and son don’t dawdle. We don’t have much time. Yu’er, come here.” Ximen Nu somewhat impatiently said.

Long Yi walked in front of Ximen Nu and said, “Is there anything to say, Father?”

Ximen Nu took out a sheet of amethyst card and hand it over to Long Yi and said resolutely, “This is your new proof of identity. Inside this card, there are 10,000 amethyst coins. If you properly economize, then it will be enough for you for your lifetime.”

“Thank you, father.” Long Yi took the amethyst card. He knew that this was the commonly used identity card of Blue Waves Continent, and in addition, it was also a bank card. 10,000 amethyst coins was a large amount of wealth, calculated as 1 amethyst coin is equal to 1000 gold coins, 1 gold coin is equal to 1000 silver coins, and 1 silver coins is equal to 1000 copper coins. And average income of a moderate family was just 10 gold coins per year. From this you can as well imagine the worth of 10,000 amethyst coins.

Then Ximen Nu took off a simple and unadorned ring from his finger, which he had worn for a long period of time. Then he grabbed the left hand of Long Yi and put on this ring on his ring finger.

“Father, isn’t this space ring you are giving to second younger brother really important to you?” Seeing the space ring which he had coveted for a long period of time was given to this trash, Ximen Tian immediately felt unfair inside his heart. Although space ring was precious, with the financial resources of Ximen clan, buying a couple of space ring was still not a single hair out of nine oxen. The main issue was the ring on the hand of Ximen Nu was not an ordinary space ring, as its storage capacity was ultra large beyond comparable with other similar storage rings, and even more, it can increase douqi by 30%. It was a priceless item.

Ximen Nu glared at Ximen Tian but said nothing to him, rather said to Ximen Yu, “I have stored things inside this ring that you may find useful. I hope you look out for yourself. It’s already getting late, so set out on your journey.”

“Second younger brother, take care of yourself. Without the shelter of the clan, for everything, you better think thrice before you act.” Ximen Tian patted on the shoulder of Long Yi. He had an excited expression as if he cannot bear to wait any longer from Long Yi to go. Actually, inside his heart, he was eagerly looking forward to this day. For so many years, although he was regarded as the eldest son of Ximen Clan, and from childhood was known a genius, but he always felt that his father cared more towards this stubborn and stupid second younger brother. Now, this idiot would be gone, he also felt ease in his heart. And he felt like the seat of the patriarch was already in his hands.

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“Second big brother, take care throughout the journey.” Ximen Wuhen indifferently said. Regarding this second big brother, she didn’t have a single bit of sentiment, even to the extent that, it could be said she extremely detest him. Within her heart, Ximen Yu was undoubtedly a beast, she would never forget that night of two years ago. This so-called big brother intruded her room while he was drunk, and threw himself on her while she was sleeping, and shout loudly about the dirty matters. If it were not for her attending female catching him, her purity would have been destroyed by him.

Seeing the excited expression on the face big brother and indifference looks on younger sister, Long Yi felt unhappy inside his heart, but even after that, he made his move. He stepped forward with large strides and gave a bear hug to Ximan Tian, and using the internal force in his palms he patted the back of Ximen Tian and said, “Big brother, second younger brother is incompetent, and hereafter Ximen Clan will depend on you. Please take good care of father and mother.”

From this hug of Long Yi, Ximen Tian felt his blood and vital breath roll over and over, and he also felt that the air within his lungs was being squeezed out. And a round of burning pain spread all over his body, and his face changed into a color of pig liver. And in front of his father, he didn’t dare to use his douqi to let loose himself from this definitely not with the best intention hug of his second younger brother.

After a while, he released Ximen Tian, and Long Yi again as sudden as a flash of lightning hugged Ximen Wuhen. Then he pinched her fragrant perk buttocks without letting anyone see with his hand and quickly let her go.

“Father, mother, I’m leaving.” Long Yi waved his hand. Then he turned around and started to run quickly towards his unknown journey.

The beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen became red for one moment and white For the other moment, and used her oppressive vision to stare at gradually getting further back of Long Yi and firmly thought in her heart, “Don’t let me see you again, don’t ever let me see you again, otherwise………………”

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Long Yi ran wildly all the way, thinking about his own behavior towards Ximen Wuhen just a moment ago, he couldn’t help but become somewhat puzzled.

Don’t tell me this is the residual problem of the Ximen Yu’s soul? Long Yi thus thought, but very quickly his attention diverted towards the space ring in his left hand, from the memory of Ximen Yu, he knew how priceless this ring was. It can amplify the douqi by 30%, tsk tsk, with this he can challenge the person who is a rank higher than him. It seems Ximen Nu was also very concerned about this worthless son.

Seeing the things inside this ring, Long Yi couldn’t help but become speechless inwardly. In the first square there were several big bookshelves, and inside them, there were piles of every kind of books. Among them, the vast majority were magic, douqi and so on books. The second square was filled up with various kinds of ore materials. The third square was filled with every kind of articles necessary for living, it actually contained even a bed, seems like it was the bed from his bedroom. In addition, there were still two empty squares, these five squares added together have 100 cubic meter space inside it. It was simply too extravagant because the average space rings have only 2 or 3 cubic meters of space inside it, even the highest ranking space ring have barely 10 cubic meters of space inside it.

“Wealthy families are certainly different, even running away is this comfortable.” Long Yi whispered, and suddenly recalled the time when the younger brother of Long Zu and in addition ** organization had chased him to kill for 100 days and night, that was really miserable. He felt that the experience of these few days was simply a dream. First, he was struck by lightning and sent to this another world, then his soul was attached to the body and after that, he raped a princess. This was simply too unfathomable.

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