Chapter 07: Magic genius?


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From the space ring, Long Yi took out a set of embroidered clothing, then he wore that clothes and threw the suit of armor inside his space ring. Only after that, he started to think which path he should take. It was clear that he shouldn’t stay in this Violent Dragon Empire anymore, so where exactly should he go? Go to the Proud Moon Empire in the north or go to Nalan Empire in the south, or just run to the small countries at the borderline of these big empires? In addition, what should he do hereafter, just living his whole life depending on this 10,000 Amethyst coins was not the nature of Long Yi.

After thinking for a long time, Long Yi was still unable to decide, so, for the time being, he decided not to think about these things and just go to a nearby town first. And then register himself at a mercenary guild and become a famous mercenary. After that take some risky missions, and temper his abilities. As his Ao Tian Jue [1] could be refined and consolidate through only actual combat.

Blue Waves Continent has a lot of profession guilds, such as mage guild, mercenary guild, warrior guild, thief guild and so on. Every town of each country possess the strongholds of these guilds. But each guild of each country have self-control system, furthermore have a hostile relationship towards the similar profession guild of another country.

Long Yi touched the ring on his left hand, suddenly he remembered that this ring had the ability to amplify the douqi by 30%, so why not give it a try? And know in the end what the difference between douqi and Chinese internal energy was.

Long Yi took out a huge sword whose length was half the height of the human from the space ring, and with a low shout, he released Violent Dragon Douqi. Then he performed a Violent Dragon Chop, after that Long Yi sensed the energies in the air quickly poured towards his body. Together with light blue colored dragon shaped sword slash violently advance towards the big tree on the opposite side.

A few seconds later after the sword slash entered into a big tree, with a rumbling sound the big tree burst open from inside. The power was extremely terrifying.

‘It seems like douqi of this world is not devoid of any merit, at least it comparable with my level 1 Ao Tian Jue, eh, that’s not right, from my memory, Ximen Yu was merely an intermediate warrior, however how can he have the ability to release the light blue colored douqi of swordsman?’ Long Yi thought, but luckily many strange things had already happened to him, so he was not that surprised.

Long Yi recalled the principle he used to release his douqi, then he discovered the biggest difference between douqi and internal energy. The internal energy was from inside then outside, but douqi was just exactly opposite. Like this, although the internal energy was inferior to douqi in the initial stages, along with the increase in the layers of internal energy, douqi won’t be able to compare with internal energy. In the end, the power of this mysterious secret cultivation skills of Chinese and douqi was one at the heaven and other at the earth.

‘Can I mix together Violent Dragon Douqi and ‘Ao Tian Jue’? If successful then the internal and external power will be far greater.’ Long Yi thought so, but currently, he didn’t have any time to research. Because he had already bumped into even more mystical and magnificent skill in this world, that was magic. After knowing about this magnificent and also powerful skill, Long Yi was extremely interested in it. He was already unable to hold himself back to find the magic introduction book from the bookshelf in the space ring and read it.

Long Yi didn’t know how fast he was reading the book now, saying he was reading ten lines at a glance was not sufficient. Nevertheless, he was already completely immersed in the world of magic. So he himself didn’t realize how fast he was reading.

Before long, Long Yi closed the book and sighed. The major principle to release the magic was using the spiritual power to arouse the magic elements in the air, thus giving rise to different effect and power. But arousing the number of magic elements in the air depends on the strength of spiritual power and also the amount of various kinds of magic elements that could be gathered within the body. So mages mediate daily to cultivate the spiritual power and to gather the magic elements.

The first condition to practice magic was to have the magic physique. It was said every kind of magic element is mutually corresponding to the physique. Such as person with fire attributed physique could only specialize in fire element magic, and can only remain at the elementary stage in other element magic. Generally, the person having a magic physique was only 1 in 1000, and the quality was also not that good, so the standing of the mage in whole Blue Waves Continent was high. Duel attributed magic physique was even rarer, basically, they can be regarded as a national treasure level figure. Long Ling’er who was raped by Long Yi possessed this rare duel attributed physique, i.e. fire and earth element.

Long Yi didn’t know whether he possessed magic physique or not, but he knew that his spiritual power was absolutely not weak.

“Maybe I can give it a try.” Long Yi muttered, then he recalled the primary magic spells from that magic introduction book.

“Let’s try fire element first.” Long Yi started to chant a magic spell for fireball Magic which was elementary fire element magic inside his heart. “Great God of fire, heed………….. hik…………” [hik—–hiccups]

The chanting of a magic spell came to an abrupt end, as he stared at the big fireball that appeared above his finger, he was completely shocked and speechless. He obviously had not completed the chanting of the spell, and also the books say that it was very good if you can produce a small flame at the beginning. But why can he produce this big?

Thanks to the losing the support of the spiritual power of Long Yi, the fireball disappeared in the thin air, and the little bit remaining spiritual power released by Long Yi was only able to sustain the smoke which curled upward in the air.

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After withdrawing his spiritual power, Long Yi thought, ‘Could it be it is enough to only think the spells in the mind?’ He again thought the spell on his mind, and yelled, “Fireball Magic.”

Not surprisingly, yet another football sized fireball appeared at his finger. This time he learnt from experience and aim at one of the big trees and threw it. The fireball made a graceful pitch arc and hit the big tree. “Bang!” spark flew in all direction, fireball left behind a burned mark at that big tree and disappeared.

“Contrary to what I expect, it can be used only to kill a chicken, and is quite inadequate to kill a person.” Long Yi simply laughed, after all this was only elementary magic and its power was quite limited.

After the test, Long Yi was considerably satisfied with his magic talent, so happy that he again thought to try other magic too.

“Water ball Magic.” Long Yi simply said while thinking the spell within his mind, then he felt that the water element in the air rapidly gathered, then a bowl sized water ball appeared.

“Illumination Magic.” Long Yi thought the elementary magic of light element, a milky white ball emitting a soft light appeared at his finger.

“Earth Shield Magic.” From the ground bubbled forth a layer of thick earth to block in front of him.

Magic introduction book didn’t have the dark element magic and undead magic. It was so because both of them were taboo magic. And if discovered that someone was using these magic, they are chased to kill throughout the whole continent by the member of every professional guild. As for rare spirit magic and space magic, there was only a line or two about it, there were not any spells.

“I can use the elementary magic of these four elements, don’t tell me I possess four element magic physique.” Long Yi thought in his heart. He thought that it might be possible for him to be the first four element mage of Blue Waves Continent. Thinking about this, he roared with excitement.

[1] AoTianJue is the name of internal force cultivation method of Long Yi.

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