Chapter 08: Bathing beauty


After his excitement slowly calmed down, he thought casting just an elementary magic certainly couldn’t represent anything, because every element mage could easily cast the elementary magic of other elements. And since he had never meditated and gathered magic elements within the body, therefore he couldn’t release the intermediate level magic. As a result, it was impossible to confirm whether he had four attributed magic physique or not.

The sun had set, and evening glow shined upon the clouds. The entire world became mild and also dim.

Because he didn’t know the circumstances over the Soaring Dragon City, Long Yi didn’t dare to walk on the public road, rather focused on the small trail leading to the Light City which was the northern big city of Violent Dragon Empire. Light City was northern trade and commerce center of Violent Dragon Empire. The flourishing degree of this city was comparable to Soaring Dragon City. It was said that previously a Light God had descended in this city, so it was named Light City.

Long Yi gave a snort of disdain at this god or something, as he sees it, those b******* god was purely a superstition for deceiving people. The major reason he had chosen this place was because Light City had the biggest mercenary guild of Violent Dragon Empire. And here you can get any ranked mission, from highest SSS-rank to lowest F-rank you have everything that one could wish for.

“*** I’m exhausted. It seems I have to sleep in the open wilderness today. My old man packed so many things inside this ring but I didn’t expect that he would forget to put something to eat?” Long Yi stopped running and muttered to himself. Currently, his internal energy was nearly depleted, and his stomach was really dreadfully hungry, as he had eaten nothing since he had arrived in this world. Ximen Nu was also really amusing, in the space ring he had placed all the items necessary for livelihoods, such as pots, ladle, plates, seasonings and everything one could wish for with the exception of foods. Long Yi didn’t know what he was thinking.

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When his stomach was growling, a small size pub, which looked like a rabbit flew out from the forest. Seeing this, already extremely hungry Long Yi became overjoyed. Without wasting any time he put a force in his legs and started to chase this animal, but because his internal power was already in critical condition, unexpectedly he was unable to catch it.

When Long Yi was about to give up, that rabbit suddenly stopped, quickly turned around and released a fireball from its mouth towards the direction of Long Yi.

Long Yi who was caught off the guard had to roll on the ground to dodge the attack. Then he searched his memory and knew that this rabbit was low-class magical beasts, and was called fire rabbit. It had the ability to instantly release a fireball magic, and the meat of this rabbit was quite tasty. But due to its extremely quick speed, only very few people has the ability to catch it. At a restaurant, a plateful of fire rabbit meat costs over 100 silver coins.

“Magic? Why am I so stupid? It can use magic, don’t tell me I can’t? Actually chasing it foolishly like this for a long time.” Long Yi hit his own head, then he looked at the direction of delicious food while drooling.

Seeing that its surprise attack had missed, fire rabbit raised its head then made an attack of three fireballs in quick succession towards Long Yi. But how was it possible for this attack to hit the already prepared Long Yi?

“Look at my water ball magic.” Long Yi called out a magic loudly. Because he had subconsciously used the internal energy of AoTianJue, the speed of water ball was remarkably fast, and it directly landed on the head of that rabbit.

Sure enough, it happened just as Long Yi’s expectation. Because the fire rabbit was fire attributed, it was naturally weak against water. Long Yi used two water balls and unexpectedly the fire rabbit quaveringly crawled on the ground, and not even had a strength to flee.

Carrying the fire rabbit and finding the small river, Long Yi skillfully stripped out the skin and internal organs, then wash it clean. Then he ran through a sharp stick and started a fire and began to roast the meat. In his previous life, when he was in missions, every day he had to live in open, so it could be said that roasting a meat was his specialty. In those years, Long Qi, that girl would always pester him to roast a meat to eat.

Remembering Long Qi, Long Yi released a dejected sigh. Perhaps she was already reincarnated at an earlier time.

Roasting the meat of this rabbit would take half an hour. Long Yi had not washed the face and rinse the mouth for several days and again he had run for a long time on this journey. So he went to the river bank to clean himself.

“What’s that?” All of a sudden Long Yi saw a pink colored cotton cloth strip slowly drifting down from upstream, then he just grabbed it with his hand.

“Underwear of a woman?” After he grabbed that cotton cloth strip in his hand, he was surprised. He was absolutely not mistaken, from the memory of Ximen Yu, he knew that this was a superior quality product of ‘Beauty Shop’ which was the most famous female’s product shop of Blue Waves Continent. An average person couldn’t afford this.

“Could it be someone is taking a bath upstream?” Long Yi guessed, just imagining this made Long Yi very excited. Just think about it, in this desolated place outside the town, a great beauty of ** taking a bath in the water……………

Long Yi didn’t notice a bit that compared to before, he was even more fond of women. In the previous life, during his mission, although every day he joined in the fun with various kind of beautiful women even to the extent of sharing the bed. Nevertheless, he never had hunger and thirst for women like this.

Long Yi caught the underwear and took a sniff. He inhaled a long breath up to his bottom of his heart and sniffed the light fragrant of the female. Suddenly he felt like a fine liquor spread from his heart, making it memorable.

“Highest grade, highest grade, delicate just like jasmine, and rich and mellow just like an excellent wine.” Long Yi muttered. Actually, the arguments he had uttered just a moment ago was from the memory of Ximen Yu. Unless he deliberately thought, he won’t know things in the memories of Ximen Yu, but with regards women, it was as if all the memories and habits were already carved directly at the bottom on his heart.

Even after looking at the fire rabbit meat which was just releasing a steam, in the end, Long Yi was unable to bear the temptation and dashed towards upstream. Several minutes later, Long Yi saw a 10 meters tall waterfall, presumably the place where the woman was taking a bath.

Taking advantage of the cover of the big trees on both sides, Long Yi quickly advanced towards the waterfall without making any noise.

Suddenly, the rapid steps of Long Yi stopped, watching ahead his whole body trembled, mouth opened wide, and then holding the female underwear in his right hand, he had an extremely lewd expression in his face.

Not far away, in the water pool, an extremely beautiful young girl was in the process of taking a bath, her wet dark green colored long hair was draped over her shoulder, her mellow and full shoulder was smooth and creamy, even the fine jade under the whole heaven paled into insignificance before her. Although Long Yi had only seen one side of that young girl, nevertheless he knew that compared to all the beautiful women he had seen before, her body emitted a holy and pure radiance, which was enough to make people yield, and prostrate themselves in worship.

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That young girl used her both hand to scoop water and gently wiped her absolutely beautiful body. Once in a while, when her arm moved upward, that firm and upright plump ** without any cover fell into the eyes of Long Yi and that rosy cherry at the top, directly caused his blood to roll over and over. His lower private part of the body had already become like a pillar supporting the sky.

Gulp, Long Yi swallowed a mouth full of saliva with great difficulty. His eyes were already red through and through, and just like a ravenous wolf, he stared at that beautiful naked body of that fairy maiden.

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