Chapter 119: Nalan Ruyue

Hearing this young girl wearing priest robe speaking out his identity, Long Yi was shocked inwardly. But even after carefully searching the memory of Ximen Yu, he however didn’t find any such girl in his memory. With that fellow Ximen Yu’s character, after seeing such beauty, would he really forget about her?

“Princess, you…you are saying he is Ximen Yu? That beast that sullied Long Ling’er?” Little Cui asked exaggeratedly pointing at Long Yi. The saying you can’t judge a person by appearance seemed truth. Just now when she had seen this handsome leisurely youth, her heart had skipped a beat.

Long Yi frowned and endured without going into a fit of anger. Hearing this maid addressing this young girl as a princess, he wondered which country’s princess she was.

That young girl didn’t answer, merely looked at Long Yi face to face. Yes, this person and the portrait of Ximen Yu she had seen was exactly the same. Merely she was unable to determine because she had heard that Ximen Yu was ignorant and incompetent profligate son of rich parents. Moreover training in their clan’s Violent Dragon Douqi, he had reached merely Intermediate Fighter realm. But the person before her eyes however was Mage who could cast Rank 9 water magic Hailstones Roar. So how could this person possibly be that sex fiend Ximen Yu?

“Girl, who are you?” Long Yi and this young girl looked face to face for half a day, then Long Yi suddenly asked indifferently.

This young girl kept on looking at this calm and composed Long Yi who had expert’s demeanor while hesitating to speak.

“Who are you girl?” Long Yi asked once again, but different from before, this time his voice contained a bit of cold killing intent.

The heart of this girl palpitated, and her beautiful eyes flashed. If this person found her words unfavorable, then she would not be able to escape here, judging repeatedly, she said in her crisp voice: “Nalan Ruyue, don’t know who you are?”

Nalan Ruyue? After hearing this name, Long Yi was startled. If he didn’t misremember, then Nalan Ruyue was the princess of Nalan Empire, and also one of the three saintesses of Light Church. Why did she appear in this place?

“Don’t you already know my name? Why are you asking?” Long Yi lightly smiled, he didn’t plan to quibble with her as it was not necessary.

Seeing Long Yi had acknowledged, the complexion of Nalan Ruyue and Little Cui simultaneously changed, and involuntarily retreated back.

Long Yi was somewhat helpless, this Ximen Yu’s famous name truly was sufficiently resounding, even saintess couldn’t help but turn pale in fright if she heard his name.

“Princess Ruyue, I have a question I want to ask you, please answer truthfully.” Long Yi said.

Nalan Ruyue calmed down her alarmed and panicky heart and said: “Speak.”

“Recently within this year, have you seen Saintess of Proud Moon Empire Si Bi?” Long Yi expectedly looked at Nalan Ruyue, hoping Nalan Ruyue was able to tell him the whereabouts of Si Bi.

“Si Bi?” Nalan Ruyue strangely looked at Long Yi, didn’t understand why this world-famous sex fiend suddenly mentioned her. One should know that the terrifying appearance and bad temper of Si Bi were also well known under the heaven, so if he was Ximen Yu then he should be avoiding her, not searching.

“I haven’t seen her, merely heard that at this very moment, she had gone to seclusion to cultivate with great concentration. As for anything else, I don’t know.” Nalan Ruyue answered.

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Long Yi disappointingly sighed, and said: “Many thanks, Princess Ruyue. Goodbye.”

“Hey, Ximen Yu.” Nalan Ruyue suddenly called out.

“Is there anything else?” Asked Long Yi.

“I want to know why you are looking for Saintess Si Bi.” Nalan Ruyue asked quite curiously. Originally knowing the other party was Ximen Yu, she was very alert, but merely she truly was unable to find anything from the body of Long Yi that was even a bit similar to Ximen Yu outside of appearance.

Long Yi raised his head and indifferently said: “She is my wife, if you met her in the future, then say that I, Long Yi am looking for her. Goodbye.” Finished speaking, Long Yi jumped and rose in the sky, then as if arrow, he shot far away. Behind him, those five Seven Baleful Puppets and two pets also flowed, then instantly disappeared into the sky.

“Long Yi? Ximen Yu? Wife?” Nalan Ruyue was confused. In the end was this mysterious youngster Ximen Yu or not? How did Saintess Si Bi become his wife?

Waking up, Nalan Ruyue saw that her maid Little Cui had placed her both hands in front of her chest, and with the expression of a love-struck fool, she was looking at the direction where Long Yi had disappeared and muttered: “God, he’s too handsome.”

Nalan Ruyue playfully knocked her head and said: “Stop becoming a love-struck fool, he is Ximen Yu, aren’t you worried that he would suddenly turn into a big bad wolf and eat you?”

Little Cui said while rubbing her head: “I don’t believe that he is Ximen Yu. Ximen Yu is merely lame Intermediate Fighter, and he is a magician, so that is impossible.”

“No matter whether he is Ximen Yu or not, I only know that right now we must get to Mea Principality as soon as possible, and find Master Archmage Puxiusi. So let’s set off.” Nalan Ruyue held Little Cui and floated in the air, then flew towards Mea Principality.

In the high-class dormitory of Mea Holy Magic Academy, Long Ling’er was blankly looking out of the window. Today was the last day of three months’ time Ximen Yu that sex fiend had promised, but right now the sky was already dark completely, but he still hadn’t come.

“Ling’er, we should go out to eat dinner, it seems that scoundrel second brother of mine will not come today.” Ximen Wuhen lightly sighed.

Long Ling’er didn’t answer, still as if a puppet blankly stood motionlessly beside the window with an apathetic expression.

Ximen Wuhen lightly shook her head and laughed at herself. How could I’ve believed in that kind of person’s words? I mistakenly thought that he would abide by his promise, but the result……

“Ling’er, then I will go out to purchase food and come back, eat a little bit okay?” Even after Ximen Wuhen finished speaking, Long Ling’er didn’t have any reaction. After that Ximen Wuhen walked out of the room,

In the beginning, she thought to go to the dining hall of the academy to purchase some food and return back to eat, but Ximen Wuhen again thought about the mood of Long Ling’er, so decided to go to Charming Love Residence to purchase some foods Long Ling’er loved to eat and return.

Charming Love Residence was on the street from the back door of the academy, and from the dormitory where Ximen Wuhen was living, she had to take a long detouring path, but to save time, Ximen Wuhen decided to traverse from the small path in the middle of woods.

The path inside the woods in the dim light of the night was very dark, and Ximen Wuhen wished she could cast two light balls to illuminate this path but she couldn’t. In the Holy Magic Academy, this piece of woods had been named Lovers Woods. In the night, as long as it didn’t rain, there would be pairs of intimate lovers hiding inside.

Ximen Wuhen quickly walked, all along the way, she heard those strange moaning sound. Ximen Wuhen was really not a not understanding ignorant girl, so all along the way, her face was bright red.

“These people truly don’t know shame, actually doing this kind of dirty matter here.” Ximen Wuhen cursed inwardly with a red face. How would she know that having an intimate fight out in open had limitless pleasure? if you are not fish then how do you know the joy of the fish?

After walking past nearly the half of woods, the quick steps of Ximen Wuhen suddenly slowed down. The surrounding was too quiet, she couldn’t hear those sound of intimate couples’ teasing and moaning, and even the rustling sound of tree leaves due to wind was missing.

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Ximen Wuhen stopped, her intuition told her that she had entered a trap.

“Come out, sneaking fellows.” Ximen Wuhen didn’t show any panic expression, just shouted indifferently.

Pa pa pa, sounds of clapping resounded, suddenly accelerating the heartbeat of Ximen Wuhen.

Five figure came out from the dark, and the leading youngster was the one clapping. After that he said with a sinister smile: “Worthy of being eldest Miss of Ximen clan, you’re sufficiently calm, merely I don’t know when your father, I ride you after a while, will you still be so clam? Hahaha.”

“Second Prince, after you finished eating, then can we too……!” One of the youngster magicians behind whose entire body was covered with black robe lewdly said.

“You can rest assured, wait until this prince finishes playing, then I will allow you all. Today if it wasn’t for you all magician’s help, then I also wouldn’t have been able to catch this holier-than-thou stinking woman.”  This youngster generously said, while his eyes shining with lewd light was scanning Ximen Wuhen’s that exquisite charming body.

“Murong Bi, you’re very despicable.” Seeing those four magicians in the black robe behind Murong Bi, the complexion of Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but change.

“Despicable? Heh heh, I’m despicable, but why are you pretending to be so noble and virtuous? Your that second brother Ximen Yu is a world-famous pervert, so you whore is also not much better, perhaps you brother and sister might have already done that illicit matters.” Murong Bi laughed wildly and said, while slowly walking towards Ximen Wuhen.

Ximen Wuhen was angry, but she did her utmost to calm herself down. Seeing Murong Bi walking towards her, she waved her jade hand, and from her ring strong white light attacked towards him, but while that white light was still halfway, it was silently swallowed.

The charming body of Ximen Wuhen trembled, as she felt a trace of dark aura. If her guess was correct, then those four magicians behind Murong Bi should be dark magicians.

“Don’t waste your energy, how about nicely attending this prince, until this prince thought of a way take care of that girl surnamed Long. This prince will always obtain any women this prince take a fancy to.”Murong Bi insolently laughed.

“You are actually in cahoots with Dark Church, Light Church will not let you off.” Ximen Wuhen clutched her sweaty palms, but her face however was indifferent as before.

“Light Church, hehe, wait until they know.” Murong Bi laughed, while his eyes fixedly staring at Ximen Wuhen.

At that time, Murong Bi stopped his steps, then slightly turning his head, he said: “Respected magicians, this woman has many things with sealed magic within her body. So for safety, it would be comparatively better if respected magicians could first make her lose her attack power, but do make sure that she is clear-headed, this prince wants to let her taste the flavor of wishing she was dead.”

The complexion of Ximen Wuhen tuned pale, never thought that this Murong Bi was actually this cunning. It seems it’s very difficult for her to avoid this calamity of today, and death was unavoidable if she wanted to retain her innocence.

Ximen Wuhen stroked the bracelet of her right hand. A super strong magic ‘Holy Light Violent Rend’ was sealed within this bracelet, which was the last resort she had to use either for perishing together with the enemy or to commit suicide to avoid being humiliated.

Just when Ximen Wuhen wanted to release the seal, suddenly she felt her whole body went soft, and she collapsed on the ground. Now she felt as if she didn’t have any energy within her legs, even to the extent that she couldn’t even move her finger.

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