Chapter 120: Heroically saving the little sister

Murong Bi lewdly smile while looking at the collapsed Ximen Wuhen, then said: “I already knew that you, this smug and self-righteous stinking woman will do so, but now obediently wait for this prince to ride.”

Ximen Wuhen despaired inwardly, but her beautiful big eyes however indifferently looked at Murong Bi, exactly as if looking at a self-searching and self-acting clown.

Murong Bi got mad seeing this kind of expression in the eyes of Ximen Wuhen. What he wanted to see was fear, and her voice of begging for mercy, only that could contend his that abnormal fetish.

“Stinking woman.” Murong Bi gritted his teeth and said. The way she looked at him caused him to have a kind of thought that he was very low and petty, this in result made him extremely unhappy.

On one side, Murong Bi took off his clothes and walked towards Ximen Wuhen. Today he must let her know how serious the consequences of angering him would be.

Ximen Wuhen didn’t even blink her eyes, and still used her ice-cold eyes to stare at Murong Bi, but no one knew that all of her internal organs had already tightened due to fear. Although she had a weak appearance, but in reality, she was many times more strong compared to other girls, including Long Ling’er. At that time when Long Ling’er was raped by Ximen Yu, she despaired and wished to die immediately. But although Ximen Wuhen was also afraid, but her appearance however was calm without any fear, and used her own way to express her heart’s disdain and sneer. This was the only thing she could do now.

Very quickly, Murong Bi arrived at the side of Ximen Wuhen, revealing his well-built chest muscles. All in all, he was also Advance Fighter, so inevitably there will be one or two muscles.

Ximen Wuhen gritted her teeth, and ice-coldly looking Murong Bi without any clothes, she felt like vomiting seeing that appearance. If she could move this moment, then she would have definitely vomited out all of her suppers.

“Cry, you whore pretending noble and virtuous, cry for me.” Seeing Ximen Wuhen was still using that kind of gaze, Murong Bi was driven mad, and he couldn’t help but flew into a rage, then his two big claws firmly advanced towards Ximen Wuhen’s those towering breasts to grab.

The lovely body of Ximen Wuhen trembled. She had never thought that after protecting her pure body from that scoundrel second brother of hers three years ago, today however would this shameless person rob her purity?

“Are you playing games?” Just when the wolf claws of Murong Bi was about to meet Ximen Wuhen, a strange laughter suddenly entered into the barrier. And simultaneously the hands of Murong Bi wasn’t able to advance even a bit. All people looked towards the origin of this laughter, then saw a youth with black hair wearing magnificent robe was sitting on a branch of a big tree and was watching them with a smile in his face.

Murong Bi and those four magicians behind him were startled. Right now they had people on a lookout in this surrounding of 100 meters radius, but this person however had silently appeared here now. Moreover his voice could actually pass through the dark barrier cast by these four dark magicians.

And Ximen Wuhen nevertheless was both startled and delighted. Never thought that at the key moment, her scoundrel second brother would actually appear like this. Instantly her strong will collapsed after seeing the hope, and glistening teardrops flowed out from her beautiful eyes.

“Who are you?” Murong Bi withdrew to the back of four dark magicians and asked.

“Who are you?” Long Yi asked a question in reply.

“Your father, I am the second prince of Proud Moon Empire.” Murong Bi somewhat proudly said.

“Heh heh, second prince of Proud Moon Empire? Good, very good.” Long Yi dangerously narrowed his eyes, as terrifying coldness appeared in his eyes. If this fellow hadn’t spoken, then he would have been lucky, but he had spoken which evoked the new hatred piled on old.

At that time, those four dark magicians began to chant an incantation, believing that Long Yi would definitely not be able to break through the dark barrier they had set up together in a short amount of time.

Long Yi poked with his finger, then with shattering sound, this dark barrier was scattered into pieces. And five shadows suddenly fell from the midair, then three magic and two sword qi from five Seven Baleful Puppets directly changed those four dark magicians into corpses without giving them any chance to let out even a groan.

Murong Bi was immediately so frightened that his gallbladder broke, then he tried to escape frantically. But Long Yi grabbed him firmly just like grabbing a chicken and threw him out. His body abruptly hit the tree trunk and bounced back, then he twitched on the ground in pain.

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“No, don’t kill me. I can give you a lot of money and a lot of beautiful women.” Murong Bi as if dog begged while lying on the ground.

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“**your uncle’s, trying to knock down your father, my little sister.” Long Yi ignored the begging of Murong Bi, and resolutely kicked his crotch.

Murong Bi gave out a horrible shriek, then curling up his body, he fainted. Blood came out from his crotch, it seems that thing must be broken.

Long Yi again mercilessly kicked him twice, then walked over to Ximen Wuhen. After that helping her dispel the dark restriction, he gentle said: “Little sister, now you are fine.”

“Second brother.” When she had given up all hopes, Long Yi had rescued her. And suddenly hearing his gentle voice, Ximen Wuhen felt her nose turned sour, and she made great effort to control herself, but was unable to bear. She threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi and cried.

“Okay, okay, it’s alright, your second brother is here, so no one should dare to even think about bullying you.” Long Yi gently patted the shoulder of Ximen Wuhen and consoled her.

After venting off in the bosom of Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen suddenly cried out in alarm and suddenly pushed him as if she just recalling that her this second brother was not much better compared to this Murong Bi. Moreover, he once had such idea towards hers too. And in fact, even beasts were not inferior to him, but just now she actually threw herself into his bosom.

Seeing this little sister who was weak as if kitten just now suddenly making such chilly indifference expression, Long Yi couldn’t help but made a wry smile in his heart.

“Weren’t you already here long ago? You were just looking at the show, isn’t that right?” Ximen Wuhen suddenly said coldly.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched, and he didn’t reply Ximen Wuhen. He knew that Ximen Wuhen had a deep-rooted very bad impression of him, and it was very difficult to instantly change it.

Just when Ximen Wuhen was about to curse again, Long Yi suddenly said: “There are snots on your face.”

Ximen Wuhen’s little hand subconsciously reached to her face and felt. Sure enough, she traced out snots on her face, then her beautiful face instantly became very red. She felt that she had never lost so much of her face like this time, and her cold temperament dispersed subconsciously.

Long Yi took out a piece of beautiful silk handkerchief from his space ring and said while giving it to her: “Little sister, don’t you feel disgusting to wipe them with your hands?”

Ximen Wuhen hastily took the silk handkerchief from the hand of Long Yi, then turning around, she carefully wiped clean her beautiful face. Right now her heart however was somewhat embarrassed and was somewhat hateful too, furthermore, there was also a trace of gratefulness.

“Why on earth did you run alone into this woods late at night?” Long Yi asked.

“Isn’t this all your fault, if you had come early, then I wouldn’t have come here.” Ximen Wuhen turned around and said loudly. Also, for some unknown reason, but now she wasn’t able to control her anger. As a light magic cultivator, they required their heart to be indifferent and calm like water, and her temper was also indifferent. And she was even more so towards outsiders.

Long Yi was stunned, what is this logic ah, what does him coming early or late had any relation to her coming into this woods alone?

Ximen Wuhen calmed down her state of mind. And seeing the sullen expression of Long Yi, her mood couldn’t help but loosened. She asked: “How did you find me?”

“Don’t call me ‘you’, it’s impolite, call me second brother, weren’t you calling me like that before?” Long Yi discontentedly said. Before although Ximen Wuhen scorned him, still on outside she nevertheless was very polite, but that feeling was very alienated. Now this way instead felt very close.

“No.” Ximen Wuhen temper rose again, then she again said: “You still haven’t answered my question, how did you find this place?”

“Well, you also know that we’re brother and sister, just like the saying blood is thicker than water, we naturally have a rather marvelous connecting with each other. Just when I arrived at the entrance of Holy Magic Academy, my heart suddenly felt nervous, and unknowingly I arrived at this place, resulting in me seeing you being bullied by those people. So as your big brother, I naturally came to heroically save my little sister.” Long Yi talked nonsense with a smile. As a matter of fact, when he was asking for the direction to girls’ dormitory, the blood skull mark in the center of his palm had suddenly vibrated, so Long Yi had come to watch. Fortunately he was not late, otherwise, his little sister would’ve been defiled.

Looking at grinning cheekily Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but somewhat be at loss. Was this familiar and again unfamiliar man before her eyes really her that ignorant and incompetent second brother, Ximen Yu? He really had changed a lot, his temperament and style of conversation were completely different from before. Now he seemed not that hateful.

Just then, Ximen Wuhen saw five Seven Baleful Puppets covered in the black robe behind Long Yi, and asked: “Who are they?”

Long Yi complacently said: “They are my servants, how is that, awesome right?”

“Really a servant? Didn’t you pay money to invite them?” Ximen Wuhen didn’t believe him. Just now she had clearly seen that, among these five people, three were magicians who had at least reached Archmage realm, and the remaining two possessed dark blue sword qi, which meant they were Great Swords Master. How could such experts accept to become the servant of other people? Even if one paid a huge amount of money, they might not necessarily accept ones’ request.

“Don’t believe me, then forget about it.” Long Yi chuckled, then waving his hand, he took all of them inside his dark dimension space.

Ximen Wuhen saw those five experts disappearing into a thin air, so couldn’t help but asked in wonder: “They are?”

“Hidden, perhaps they are beside us, who knows?” Long Yi chuckled. He exactly couldn’t say that they were soul puppets to this excessively righteous little sister.

“Being secretive?” Ximen Wuhen snorted. And she suddenly recalled that Long Ling’er was alone in the dormitory. And since she was out so long, Long Ling’er must be worried about her.

So, Ximen Wuhen didn’t say anything and hurriedly run back. As for Long Yi, he helplessly shook his head, then looking at fainted Murong Bi, he laughed. After that turning around, he chased after Ximen Wuhen.

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