Chapter 121: Fulfil the promise

“Men Stop!” Long Yi rather melancholy looked at that striking sign on the main entrance of girl’s dormitory, and couldn’t help but mutter inwardly, could it be that no matter which world, girls’ dormitory is this type? Really is too impersonal.

“You can’t enter, see that aunt over there, she is very strict. I will go up and call Long Ling’er. She has been waiting for this day for a very long time.” Ximen Wuhen turned around and indifferently said.

“Who said I can’t go in, this small girls’ dormitory cannot stump your second brother.”  Long Yi chuckled.

“Then do as you please, but when aunt pinches your ear and drive you out, don’t blame me saying I didn’t warn you.” Ximen Wuhen somewhat gloated, as if she had already seen the embarrassing appearance of her this scoundrel second brother when he was thrown out by the guard aunt of girls’ dormitory.

After walking two steps, Ximen Wuhen suddenly turned around again and said with a smile: “I forget to tell you, this aunt is not an ordinary person, her strength is unfathomable. They said she is Great Swords Master.”

“……” Long Yi just remained silent while looking at Ximen Wuhen who politely nodded her head towards amiable looking aunt and slowly entering the girls’ dormitory.

This aunt has the strength of Great Swords Master? Isn’t that too much of a nonsense, which Great Swords Master have nothing to do and come here to guard the entrance ah? This girl is definitely lying to me, but even if she really is Great Swords Master, I don’t care about it.

Long Yi shook his head while smiling, then looked left and right. And seeing no one around, his figure flashed, and as if a light breeze, he rushed into the entrance of girls’ dormitory. Basically, no one was able to clearly see his figure.

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The eyes of that amiable looking aunt suddenly shone, but it instantly disappeared again, merely her expression became complicated. Only after a while, she lightly sighed and continued to do her assorting work.

Ximen Wuhen just walked upstairs and saw Long Yi leaning against the wall while smiling at her. Ximen Wuhen just snorted, then passing Long Yi, she arrived in front of the door. Then opening the door, she said: “Ling’er, I’m back.”

But very quickly, Ximen Wuhen found that there was not a soul in sight in their apartment. She was startled, and as if whirlwind, she rushed out nearly colliding head-on against Long Yi who was following behind her.

“What happened?” Long Yi asked.

“Ling’er, she is gone, let’s search her quickly.” Ximen Wuhen said and impatiently ran downstairs.

Long Yi was startled, and just when he was about to follow behind Ximen Wuhen to go and search Long Ling’er, from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw a letter pressed down on the writing desk. He waved his big hand, and that letter automatically flew to his hand. Words were written in pretty and delicate handwriting in this letter: “Wuhen, I feel somewhat stuffy, so I’m going to the roof of the library to have some air. Don’t worry.”

Long Yi flew out, and quickly caught up to Ximen Wuhen who had lost her mind due to anxiousness, then handed over the letter of Long Ling’er.

Ximen Wuhen sighed in relief. Just now she was only worried about Long Ling’er, and ignored the letter on the desk. She led Long Yi to the library of Holy Magic Academy. This was the tallest building of this academy, had seven floors, and was also Blue Waves Continent’s tallest building.

“You go up, I’ll not go. No matter what she asks you to do, you are not allowed to refuse, what you owe her is something you can’t repay throughout this life.” Ximen Wuhen indifferently said while looking at Long Yi. And her sight became somewhat ice-cold, obviously recalling the matter that would arouse the great indignation of both men and gods done by Ximen Yu to Long Ling’er.

Long Yi’s that black eyes that could make people’s heart palpitation also looked back indifferently towards Ximen Wuhen, then said: “At that time, Long Ling’er put forward the condition of me marrying her, I will not reject this, but just this and nothing more, all others will vary according to my wish.”

“You……” Ximen Wuhen angrily looked towards Long Yi. She had mistakenly believed that her scoundrel second brother had truly changed, thought that he was atoning for his crime, but she had never thought that…… Really angering her to death.

Long Yi no longer argued with Ximen Wuhen, he just sighed lightly. After that his figure as if roc flew straight to the roof of the library.

An extremely beautiful figure was standing at the other end of the library. Her pitch-black beautiful hair was messily fluttering in the air, and gorgeous silk clothing was also lightly swaying. Now she looked just like a fairy longing to fly, but this fairy was a sad fairy. Her back view appeared sad, beautiful and also lonely shrouded under this silver moonlight.

When Long Yi noiselessly landed on the roof, he saw this back view, then he instantly felt rather distressed inwardly, and felt heart-broken somewhere in his heart. That feeling of heart-broken, this debt, how can he repay it?

As if she sensed his presence, the lovely body of Long Ling’er slightly quivered, then slowly turned around. And seeing the most hated person standing behind her and was looking at her with pity and painful gaze, she hatefully gnashed her teeth.

Pain? Why’d he feel pain? Took pity? Damn pity, she didn’t need it. Long Ling’er’s expression became somewhat agitated, but very quickly, she calmed down, then looking at Long Yi with an ice-cold gaze, she coldly said: “You finally came, I thought you wouldn’t abide your promise.”

Long Yi also revert back to indifferent, and hiding his feeling, he said with a smile: “Why wouldn’t I come?  Didn’t you ask me to marry you? With this kind of wonderful thing, there is no reason to not come.”

“Yes, I want you to marry me, from now on you, Ximen Yu is I, Long Ling’er’s husband.” Long Ling’er expressionlessly looked at Long Yi, and that hatred in the eyes of Long Ling’er made Long Yi somewhat apprehensive.

Long Yi didn’t understand, what on earth does Long Ling’er exactly wanted to do. Since she hated him so much, why on earth was she forcing herself to stay together with him? In the end what kind of sinister scheme did she conjured? Long Yi had been thinking about these questions for a long time. He really couldn’t think of anything that would harm him in any way after Long Ling’er married him, was this count as retaliation or abandoning herself?

“I have no problem, but I have words that I want to say in advance, I am your man, but absolutely not only your man. You are my woman, but you can only be my woman, is that clear?” Long Yi said to Long Ling’er looking face to face. This sentence seemed very unfair, and even he himself felt so, but even if it was unfair, he absolutely won’t permit his woman and another man to have an illicit relationship, even if he didn’t know what the aim of Long Ling’er was.

“You are very unreasonable, did you know that?” Long Ling’er indifferently said without hiding the hatred in her eyes.

“I’ve always been so, aren’t you the clearest?” Long Yi lightly chuckled.

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Long Ling’er nodded her head and indifferently said: “You can rest assured, for a man acting cheaply is sufficient.”

Long Yi’s smile stiffened, then looking at that Long Ling’er’s that placid beautiful face, he suddenly had a kind of impulse. He took a deep breath, and his pair of eyes suddenly looked at Long Ling’er’s that curvy body, then clicking his tongue, he gasped in admiration. This expression of his was simply lewd to the extreme.

Long Ling’er body stiffened, and disgusted looks appeared in her eyes, then coldly snorting she turned away. She truly couldn’t stand that kind of gaze of Long Yi.

Long Yi however laughed, then in a flash, he appeared beside Long Ling’er, and his big hand embraced that small waist of Long Ling’er without any worry. Immediately the body of two people tightly stuck together closely.

“Let me go, you bastard.” The complexion of Long Ling’er changed greatly, then said while trying to struggle free. But as a weak magician, how could she struggle free from the evil hands of Long Yi?

“Don’t forget, now you are my woman, if you are not willing, then I am very willing to rescind the agreement.” Long Yi lightly chuckled.

The body of Long Ling’er stiffened again, then gritting her teeth, she stopped her struggling.

“Well, look the sky is already dark like this, so shouldn’t we go back to sleep? And now that you are my woman, you naturally have to accompany me to sleep, what do you say?” Long Yi continued to force her. He didn’t believe that Long Ling’er would seriously agree to accompany him to sleep.

The complexion of Long Ling’er instantly became deathly pale. She suddenly recalled that as if nightmare night of inside the woods outside Soaring Dragon City, then her body became ice-cold, and began trembling as if she would lose consciousness at any time.

Long Yi instantly got worried, then he hastily cast two Spirit Defend Magic, and inject his warm internal force into her body, which finally let her recover.

“Forget it, I’ll send you back, little sister is still waiting.” Long Yi lost his interest to quarrel with her. He decided to let her do whatever she was scheming.

“I will sleep with you.” Long Ling’er suddenly stepped forward and tightly held the arm of Long Yi, but her body however was stiff like a stone.

Long Yi suddenly got angry, he forcibly shook off Long Ling’er, then facing her, he roared: “What on earth do you want to do? Your expression, your eyes, your body, all clearly shows that you hate me very much. I am not acting cheaply to you, rather you yourself are acting cheaply to yourself.”

“This doesn’t concern you, you should just complete your promise, and what I do is naturally my affair.” Long Ling’er raised her head and unyieldingly looking face to face with Long Yi, she coldly said.

“Good, very good, since it is the case, then you will accompany me to sleep tonight.” Long Yi hugged Long Ling’er, then firmly kissed her with his big mouth.

Four ice-cold lips come into contact with each other, making unprepared Long Ling’er’s brain to blank out. And Long Yi rather hysterically sucked, and his tongue skillfully opened the teeth of Long Ling’er, then stirred inside her mouth.

Long Ling’er gradually awoke, but didn’t push away Long Yi, instead, closed her eyes, hugged the neck of Long Yi and somewhat shakily responded. She had thought that it would be very disgusting, but it seems it was not as bad as she had imagined.

Feeling the reaction of Long Ling’er, Long Yi’s kiss changed freely, and he began to skillfully tease her fragrant tongue.

Pengpeng, pengpeng, the heartbeat of Long Ling’er accelerated, and she felt her charming body becoming limp and numb. This kind of sensation was outside her control. She hastily pushed Long Yi away. And with her beautiful face flushed with redness, she gasped for breathe causing her breast to rise and fall.

“I was merely unable to breathe. But do you play with women like this? Your kissing technique is still so poor, and there was no feeling at all.” Long Ling’er raised her head and looked at Long Yi with mocking smile. But her charming body however was leaning against the railing, right now her heartbeat was still very fast, and her body was also still somewhat limp.

Long Yi didn’t get angry as Long Ling’er was expecting, he merely looked at Long Ling’er in amusement, then said with a smile: “I take back my words of just a moment ago, your body doesn’t seem to repel me.”

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