Chapter 122: Lewd Punishment

Long Ling’er gritted her teeth, and couldn’t help but got angry with herself. Angry at herself for being so useless, unexpectedly getting her heartbeat accelerated when kissed by this disgusting fellow Long Yi.

Long Yi embraced the waist of Long Ling’er again, then lightly stepping, he slowly flew down. And just like Long Yi had expected, Ximen Wuhen had really not left, presumably worried about Long Ling’er.

Seeing Long Ling’er was in the bosom of Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen was extremely surprised. Don’t tell me that these two people really made up?

“Little sister, you’re still here? You feared I’d eat her, isn’t that so?” Long Yi said to Ximen Wuhen with a smile.

Ximen Wuhen snorted, then pulled Long Ling’er out of the bosom of Long Yi, but who would have thought that Long Ling’er’s body however would weakly lean against her body.

“What did you do to Ling’er?” Perceiving the difference of Long Ling’er, Ximen Wuhen immediately shouted coldly at Long Yi.

“Even though you are my little sister, there are some private matters between me and Ling’er that you shouldn’t ask.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said expressionlessly.

Ximen Wuhen lagged, then looked towards Long Ling’er.

Long Ling’er somewhat apologetically looking at her close sister, and gently said: “Wuhen, this truly is a private matter between me and your second brother.”

Having heard what was told, Ximen Wuhen was stupefied. She suddenly felt as if she was unnecessary, and her heart couldn’t help but felt unwell.

“Ling’er, are you returning with my little sister? Or going with me?” Long Yi asked while calmly looking at Long Ling’er.

“Why would Ling’er want to go with you, she will naturally return to the dormitory with me.” Before Long Ling’er could answer, Ximen Wuhen quickly answered first.

But who would have thought that Long Ling’er would struggle free from Ximen Wuhen and walked to the side of Long Yi. Then holding his hand, she said: “Wuhen, hereafter, call me second sister-in-law, now I am your second brother’s wife, naturally sleep together with him.”

“What? Ling’er. You really……” Ximen Wuhen didn’t know what to do or say. She had also heard the demand Long Ling’er had put forward at that time, merely she had never thought that that would be true. Did she use this move to make Ximen Yu feel death is better than life? Even if you finally achieve your target this way, the price you pay will truly be too big.

“Wuhen, you don’t need to say nothing, I’ve already decided, you can go back to the dormitory.” Long Ling’er indifferently said, her expression was devoid of both sadness and happiness.

Ximen Wuhen looked at two people with a complex expression. From outward appearance, they looked very well matched, but their hearts however didn’t fit together at all. Long Ling’er naturally had her reasons for behaving like this, which was she wanted revenge. And merely with this one reason, she could predict that the result of them two being together will be very bitter and astringent. Even if she was really able to make her second brother Ximen Yu feel death was better than life, Long Ling’er would also certainly not be able to get herself free, and certainly wouldn’t be able to come out from the shadow of Ximen Yu.

Long Yi waved his hand, then one Great Swords Master and one Archmage among Seven Baleful Puppets appeared out of thin air in front of them, startling both Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er.

“Little sister, they will escort you back, you don’t need to worry about encountering into Murong Bi kind of people.” Long Yi laughed. Finished speaking, he pulled Long Ling’er and flew towards the sky.

“Murong Bi? Did something happened to Wuhen?” While flying, Long Ling’er asked.

Long Yi nodded his head, and briefly explained the matter that had happened in the woods.

“Scum.” Long Ling’er hatefully said, but her eyes however were looking towards Long Yi.

Long Yi naturally understood what this meant, she simply meant to say that he and that Murong Bi was jackals of the same tribe that’s all. He made a wry smile inwardly and just when he was about to speak, he suddenly stopped, and turning his hand over, he palm-chopped in the empty sky. Several blazing fire arrows were deflected back by the wind of his palm chop towards the sky where a beautiful young girl wearing fiery red magic robe was standing, but she skillfully dodged all of them.

Long Yi was surprised to see a young girl who was comparable to the matchless beauty of Long Ling’er, but he discovered that right now she was angrily staring at him as if he had done something extremely evil.

“Lin Na!” Long Ling’er in his bosom exclaimed in surprise.

“Don’t fear, Long Ling’er, I will definitely save you from this bastard.” Lin Na said while pointing her magic wand towards Long Yi.

Long Yi was astounded, how come there is such a self-righteous woman here in this world? Don’t she see that Long Ling’er is staying in my bosom without any resistance? Furthermore, her hand is holding my waist.

“Hey, little girl, do you have a problem with your eyes? I am holding my woman in the sky to go for a spin, and you say you came here to save her? Really having only big boobs but no brain.” Long Yi was not polite at all. A beauty is a beauty but he didn’t have that good impression on this kind of extremely self-righteous beauty.

“What did you say, if you have guts then say it again.” Lin Na angrily said. She was a genius young girl but here someone actually said her that she had only big boobs but no brain, she really couldn’t forgive him. Even though she herself also knew that her breasts were really not small, but she was very intelligent, and all the people in the world could confirm it.

“I said you, little girl has only big boobs but no brain. Now I said it, do I have guts or not? Of course, if you want me to confirm personally, then I also don’t have any problem.” Long Yi laughed, while ambiguously looking at Lin Na.

“Obscene.” Lin Na gritted her teeth and cursed, and began chanting an incantation. After that a rank 8 attack fire magic, Melting Smelt Flame whistled towards the face of Long Yi. Under that magic, even air itself seemed like burning with that as if magma high temperature.

A killing intent flashed through the eyes of Long Yi. This woman was very ruthless. Although the attack range of this rank 8 fire magic Melting Smelt Flame was not too big, but that temperature however could melt even rocks. So if that attack hits, then this day even if he didn’t die, his face would be destroyed.

The expression of Long Yi became somewhat ferocious, then like a lightning, he raised his hand, and his hand emitted a strange red light. Afterwards, he actually caught that flame with his hand.

After that, only a white smoke came out from the palm of Long Yi, which floated towards the sky. And that face of Long Yi full of anger looked rather abnormal under the hazy moonlight.

Lin Na was dumbfounded while looking at the palm of Long Yi. He actually dared to use his palm catch the Melting Smelt Flame, but he still seemed that was a small matter, which she simply didn’t dare to believe.

“Little girl, now you will pay the price for your foolish action.” Long Yi’s those as if black gem starry eyes stared at Lin Na and coldly said.

“Ximen Yu, this is only a misunderstanding, don’t trouble her okay?” Seeing the expression of Long Yi, Long Ling’er in his bosom couldn’t help but was frightened. She felt that he was really angry.

“Misunderstanding? If I hadn’t caught that magic, then I would have died in this misunderstanding.” Long Yi coldly laughed.

Lin Na awoke from her daze, and hearing Long Ling’er calling Long Yi as Ximen Yu, her eyes suddenly opened wide. He was actually that world-famous sex fiend Ximen Yu, so she even more firmly believed that Long Ling’er was hostage seized by Long Yi in her heart.

“Xi…Ximen Yu, quickly let go of Long Ling’er, I’ve already notified my grandpa Puxiusi, and he will arrive here very soon.” The voice of Lin Na was somewhat trembling. The name Ximen Yu was very lethal for all kind of young girl, moreover just now she had seen his power, so she clearly knew that she was not his opponent. And if by any chance he had a malicious intent, then wouldn’t her innocence…….

“Puxiusi? Even if that old man comes here, it’s useless, you still have to pay for your action of just now.” Long Yi was somewhat surprised. It turned out this girl with big boobs but no brain was the granddaughter of Fire Master Archmage Puxuisi, no wonder she was so skillful in fire magic, moreover in such a small age, she was actually on the verge of breaking through from Master Magician realm to Mage realm.

“Lin Na, quickly leave, you are really misunderstanding, I am willing to go with him, and furthermore he is my husband.” Long Ling’er was somewhat moved, this Lin Na was sincerely worried about her, although her eyesight seemed a little deficient.

Lin Na showed didn’t believe expression, the more Long Ling’er spoke like this, the more she didn’t believe her. But as a matter of fact, she was very afraid inwardly, still with her one-tracked mind coupled with that fiery temperament, regardless of anything, she couldn’t abandon Long Ling’er and run away.

“I will not leave, I will definitely not let you fall into his evil hands.” She stood there with stubbornly. Although she was quaking in fear, but she courageously stared back at the icy gaze of Long Yi.

Evil hands? Long Yi found this somewhat laughable. This little girl thought too highly of herself, but although her behavior was foolish, but an admiration rose inside his heart, as this girl had enough loyalty. However, she still had to pay the price for her indiscriminate attack of just now. Long Yi laughed mischievously, then holding Long Ling’er tightly, he used Great Cosmos Shift to its limit, and his figure suddenly disappeared in the sky.

When Lin Na was at a loss, she suddenly felt chill on her breast, then subconsciously screeching, she tightly held her breast.

Long Yi again appeared at the same place with a lewd smile. As for Long Ling’er, she was in a confused state, didn’t know what had happened just now.

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Lin Na suddenly felt that her body was missing something. So she lowered her head and discovered that her clothes were still in the proper state, but she still felt something was wrong.

“What did you do to her, Ximen Yu?” Long Ling’er somewhat angrily said.

“Nothing, just taught her a lesson, that’s all.” Long Yi innocently said.

Lin Na raised her head and ferociously looked towards Long Yi. Although currently, she hadn’t discovered what he had done to her, but she felt her body was lacking something.

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Suddenly, Lin Na felt her **’s bud scraped with a rough cloth. This should be impossible because the material of her underwear was soft and smooth silk, so her ** will never give rise to this kind of feeling. After that she turned around and touched her breast, then suddenly a loud screech reverberated through the night sky, startling countless affectionate couples.

“You sex fiend, you…you…give it back.” With her face thoroughly red, and her lovely body trembling with anger and embarrassment, right now her expression was very wonderful.

“Perhaps, you are speaking about this?” Long Yi waved a pink cloth with his hand. And above this pink cloth, three words Beauty Workshop (丽人坊) was impressively embroidered on it.

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