Chapter 123: Seduction Failed

Lin Na was very ashamed. Her underwear which she wore next to her skin was unexpectedly seized by a man, furthermore, that was directly removed from her body, this made her so angry that her blood vessels nearly burst and died.

“Ximen Yu, you…how could you do this?” Long Ling’er somewhat angrily said. This fellow was not attaching much importance to her, unexpectedly he did such shameless thing to another woman right in front of her face.

“Why can’t I do this? I am just giving her a small lesson nothing more. Compared to her that fatal move, this should count as modest.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“But she’s a girl, you shouldn’t have done……”

“Girl? So should I let her kill me just because she is a girl, just who gave her this privilege?” Long Yi interrupted the words of Long Ling’er, then putting away his smile, he coldly said.

Long Ling’er immediately became speechless, indeed, what he had spoken had some truth, and from the beginning, he was always reasonable in this matter, although the method of teaching the lesson was not appropriate.

This moment, Lin Na was firmly staring at that pink cloth in the hand of Long Yi with her complexion getting blue and red simultaneously, her autumn eyes also gradually got bloodshot, and she became somewhat hysterical. It seems she wanted to attack him regardless of anything.

“Little girl, think carefully, the consequence of offending me is very heavy.” Long Yi dangerously narrowed his eyes and emitted chilliness from his head to toe.

Lin Na woke up with a start, and that feeling of desperately attacking regardless of anything suddenly disappeared, because she thought of the consequence. If Ximen Yu’s barbarity came out and sullied her, then wouldn’t that be too fearful? Compared to that, this small amount of grievance seemed nothing.

Long Yi put the pink underwear of Lin Na on his nose and smelled, then revealed intoxicated expression. The fragrance of this Lin Na was different from the other girls he knew. The body fragrance of Lu Xiya, Leng Youyou and Wushuang belongs to a simple but elegant type, but the body fragrance of Lin Na however was very rich and unrestrained. They say one could know about women smelling their fragrance, from a body fragrance of women, one can judge her character to a certain extent.

This extremely shameless and vulgar action of Long Yi immediately made the cheeks of these two women turn red, as they hatefully gritting their teeth inwardly.

“Here take it, but it was very appetizing.” Long Yi waved his hand, and the pink corset lightly drifted towards Lin Na.

After Lin Na caught her corset, she discovered that Long Yi and Long Ling’er had already disappeared.

“Ximen Yu, I will definitely not let you off.” Lin Na resolutely said, while clenching her small fist.


Ximen Wuhen finally reached girls’ dormitory under the escort of two Seven Baleful Puppets. Her complexion however was a little not too well, she was really worried about Long Ling’er, feared she’d do something stupid. Furthermore, although she was a little bit unwilling, but she was actually also somewhat worried for her scoundrel second brother.

“Miss Ximen, how come you complexion is bad like this, are you alright?” That guard aunt of dormitory entrance couldn’t help but asked in concern, seeing a somewhat unusual expression of Ximen Wuhen.

“Aunt Ou, I’m fine.” Ximen Wuhen smiled, then nodding her head, she went upstairs. From the first day she had arrived at Holy Magic Academy, this guard Aunt Ou had always specially cared about and pampered her. Sometimes, she would personally cook a soup and give it to her and Long Ling’er. This made Ximen Wuhen feel particularly warm after being away from the house.

Aunt Ou looked pensive while looking at the back view of Ximen Wuhen, and her eyes flashed with dense affection.


And right now, Long Yi had already arrived at a luxurious inn of Mea Principality with Long Ling’er, then booked a room here.

Entering into a room, Long Ling’er struggled free from the arm of Long Yi. Right now she looked displeased, obviously was extremely discontented with the behavior of Long Yi of just a moment ago. Long Yi also ignored her and directly ran to the bathroom to take a bath.

Long Ling’er sat on the sofa somewhat in a daze while thinking about numerous things, which made her thoughts in a whirl. Was this choice of hers right or wrong, this evening, did she really have to give herself to this sex fiend?

Just when Long Ling’er was feeling fidgety, Long Yi came out from bathroom only in his underpants, revealing his that strong and handsome physique. Each and every muscles line were so perfect and were full of explosive power.

The face of Long Ling’er suddenly became red, and she immediately turned her head away, not daring to look again. But Long Yi didn’t stop for even a bit while walking past by her and went straightly to the bedroom.

Long Ling’er looked at Long Yi who was already lying on the bed and couldn’t help but be at a loss at what to do. Now, what should she do?

“Take a bath, yes, take a bath first.” Long Ling’er mumbled and entered the bathroom, then taking off all her clothing, she revealed her that jade body worthy of pride.

Standing in front of a mirror, Long Ling’er carefully sized up her own reflection in the mirror. That snow-white as if milk skin, that proudly rising assertive, mellow and full **, and two pink cherries adorned on it that were lightly quivering, fascinated even herself.

Isn’t this the perfect body that captivated Ximen Yu? The heart of Long Ling’er contracted. Thinking about how her jade body would be played by him later, she couldn’t help but trembled. With regarding her body, Long Ling’er was very confident, she believed that, in this world, the beauties that could rival her beauty could be counted on one’s finger, so Ximen Yu would most probably be so fascinated that he would go round after round. In those days, didn’t he covert my body and didn’t even hesitated to use despicable means to obtain it?

Long Ling’er washed herself really clean until a faint pink gloss appeared on her glittering and translucent skin. Now she looked extremely fascinating. After that, she wore a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom. Her originally firm footsteps began to hesitate, should I really enter that room? Long Ling’er halted, and her complexion became complex. Should I really throw away all my dignity and go to accompany this hateful man to sleep, this simply is more painful compared to killing me.

Long Ling’er suddenly laughed at herself, and muttered: “Long Ling’er ah Long Ling’er, do you still have dignity now? Why is this world so unfair?” Long Ling’er knew that in that instant she was **, her dignity was gone. She was clearly a victim but many people look at her with a gaze full of disdain and disgust and said she was a loose woman. All these were bestowed upon her by this sex fiend Ximen Yu.

Thinking this, determination appeared in the eyes of Long Ling’er. This was her choice, she will absolutely not regret it.

Long Ling’er resolutely stepped into the bedroom, and a simple but elegant fragrance spread all over the room. But her calves were trembling due to nervousness.

Long Yi was half lying on the bed while reading a book explaining magic in detail. At that time, he suddenly smelled that light fragrance of woman. He couldn’t help but raise his head, and seeing Long Ling’er in a bathrobe while exposing more than half of her skin, his eyesight instantly became profound, and heartbeat also couldn’t help but accelerated. The beauty of Long Ling’er was soul-stirring, the kind that was most alluring among the girls. In the category of Long Yi, her figure was second, and the hottest and sexy being the figure of Leng Youyou. Moreover, he had seen her and widen his knowledge many times, so his vision was naturally a lot higher. If really want to talk about figure regardless of anything, then not only Long Ling’er, even Yu Feng and Lu Xiya were also a bit inferior.

Seeing Long Ling’er’s that rather pale complexion because of nervousness, he couldn’t help but smile softly. He didn’t know why Long Ling’er was bent on doing this, but he was sure that the aim of Long Ling’er was revenge.

Long Yi moved to the one side of the bed, and patted other side and said with a smile: “Come on up.”

The lovely body of Long Ling’er slightly trembled, now even her lips didn’t have a color. She gritted her teeth and got into the bed, but didn’t dare to get close to Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t pounce on her like she had expected, rather turned around and continued to read his book, as if she was nonexistence.

Waiting for a long time, Long Ling’er saw that Long Yi still didn’t make any movement. Then she relaxed and simultaneously also felt somewhat gloomy. He didn’t take the initiative, could it be that he wanted her to take the initiative.

Long Ling’er took a deep breath, she had already reached this far, so she basically shouldn’t retreat. Practically gnashing his teeth, she made her way to the side of Long Yi and said stiffly: “What book are you reading?”

“Oh, it’s Magic Book.” Long Yi indifferently answered. He didn’t even turn his head towards her.

Long Ling’er flustered but was helpless, in any case, she couldn’t strip herself naked and pounce on him. But Long Yi mentioning magic invoked her curiosity. She had always been confused about why Long Yi was suddenly able to use magic despite having no magic physique, furthermore, his rank seemed not low too.

“Ximen Yu, I want to know why are you suddenly able to suddenly use magic? Wasn’t that magic you used just a moment ago to fly with me Floating Magic?” Long Ling’er couldn’t bear but asked.

“I’m also not very clear, probably thanks to you.” Long Yi put down the book, then suddenly turning around, he smiled ambiguously.

“Me?” Seeing Long Yi suddenly turning around, the heart of Long Ling’er jumped.

“Yes, you, originally I didn’t have the magic physique, but from that night, I suddenly own magic physique, I thought over and over in my mind and felt this ought to be your contribution.” Long Yi mischievously laughed.

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That night? Long Ling’er was unable to figure out which night he was speaking for a short while. Suddenly, she realized that Long Yi was referring to the night when she was raped.

The complexion of Long Ling’er changed, and the hatred subconsciously revealed in her eyes, but very quickly she controlled herself. Then suddenly making herself look charming, and blinking at Long Yi, she charmingly said: “Is that so? Then how about we try it again?”

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The entire body of Long Yi shivered, not because of excitement, rather feeling evilness, and all of his fine hairs involuntarily stood up. This was truly too fake, don’t know where she learned it. After that unable to hold on, he flippantly laughed heartily.

“Ximen Yu, why are you laughing?” Long Ling’er angrily said. She knew that this fellow was definitely laughing at her.

Long Yi stopped laughing, and extended his arm in front of Long Ling’er, then pointing at those tiny goosebumps, he asked: “Do you know what these are?”

Long Ling’er was startled, and she didn’t understand his meaning.

“These are goosebumps, now do you understand?” Long Yi said in dead seriousness.

Long Ling’er was dumbfounded for a little while, then she suddenly realized that Long Yi was making fun of her for her seduction of just now.

“Ximen Yu, go to hell.” Long Ling’er picked up a pillow in utter dissatisfaction, then smashed it in the head of Long Yi.

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