Chapter 124: Mercenary Guild’s mission to beat a people

Long Yi seized the pillow of Long Ling’er, suddenly turned over and pushed down her body. And her those assertive soft breasts which were merely separated by an extremely thin layer of bathrobe pressed against his ** chest, this smooth and tender feeling made Long Yi **.

Long Ling’er cried out in alarm, when the things come to head, all her disguise entirely disappeared, and her eyes revealed terrified look. Now her heartbeats were in the utter mess.

Long Yi continuously stared directly into the eyes of Long Ling’er, and slowly lowered his head towards her pink lips. Long Ling’er’s body stiffened and closed her eyes to hide her terrified and disgusted expression.

An inch away from the pink lips of Long Ling’er, Long Yi stopped, then flipped over from her body.

“I want my woman to be most willing to have joyous love with me, not to look like you, like this I can’t go on. So if you really want to seduce me, then you have to trouble yourself to at least act presentable.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Long Ling’er coldly laughed, and sneered: “Most willing? Do you have the face to speak these words? Did you forget what you have done to me before?”

“I have not forgotten, and also do not intend to quibble about it.” Long Yi turned around and said while looking straight at the eyes of Long Ling’er which was filled with hatred.

Two people stared at each other like this for quite a while, then Long Ling’er suddenly retracted the hatred flashing in her eyes, and said indifferently: “Hereafter I will act presentable.”

Eh……, Long Yi suddenly thought whether this little princess had an illness, actually was so bent on becoming his woman, don’t tell me that she wants to stay beside me, and then look for a chance to kill? This was rather hard to guard against, but wanting to kill him was also not that easy too.

“It’s too late now, sleep now.” Long Yi laid down and closed his eyes. After that, he used spirit power to create a powerful barrier around his whole body. Although he was very confident, but he still must take some necessary protection. Caution is the parent of safety.

Long Ling’er firmly bit her lower lip, and the rim of her eyes suddenly became wet. Unknowingly a crystal clear tears slid down and fell to her snow-white little hand.

Originally she believed that she would never shed tears, and believed that her heart had already died long ago, but never thought that just seeing him, her tears fell down, and her heart also ached. And that thick cocoon which had wrapped around her inner heart was mercilessly torn apart by Long Yi. Furthermore, her wounds were still bloody.

Long Ling’er forced herself to calm down and wanted to enter the meditation state, but the inner turmoil made her unable to settle down. The fact was too far away from her prediction. Originally she believed that if she sacrificed her body, then she could easily fascinate and infatuate Ximen Yu, but outside her expectation, he basically didn’t touch her, moreover, he unexpectedly laughed at her saying her acting was too fake.

Long Ling’er ferociously stared at seemingly fast asleep Long Yi, and thought in her heart, why don’t I take advantage of this and take his life while he is sleeping? But recalling how Long Yi was safe and sound even after being within the attack range of fire forbidden magic spell God Burning Magic, she couldn’t help but felt discouraged and became even sadder inwardly.

Sunlight shone through the cracks of the window, leaving behind an indistinct light and shadow in a soft big bed. Long Ling’er awoke from her sleep and felt very unwell in her head. She creased her eyebrows, and used her jade hand to hold up, and felt as if something was wrong. She opened her autumn eyes and awe-inspiringly saw a pair of lustrous as if starry sky black pupils, precisely were watching her with a bit of teasing smile. At this moment, she discovered that the place where her palm had supported was unexpectedly this bastard’s sturdy chest, and her ** was unruly put up at his thigh.

Long Ling’er recoiled in fright, but to her surprise, behind her was empty, and she fell off the big bed.

She felt as if burning pain in her little buttocks, and she couldn’t help but cry aloud in pain. Then raising her head, she discovered that Long Yi was lecherously staring at her chest. She lowered her head, then screaming, her both hands hugged her bosom. Originally she was wearing only a piece of bathrobe without anything inside to take part in a fight, and this fall loosened the belt of this bathrobe, and slipped this bathrobe towards two sides, revealing greater part of snow-white mellow and full **, even two pink cherries also appeared indistinctly, swinging the will of people.

“Why hiding ah, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before.” Long Yi said with a teasing smile. And the lower part of his body had already become a pillar supporting the sky. The early morning was the time for Yang Qi to flourish the most, moreover seeing such a marvelous spring scenery, how could a normal man not have any reaction?

Having heard what was said, Long Ling’er suddenly gritted her teeth and stood up, then she let her jade hands which were hugging her bosom go, and moved her entire bathrobe to sideways. After that, that show-white vigorous ** without any cover emerged before the eyes of Long Yi, and even more fatal was the lower part of her body was also completely bare. That thin pitch-black fine hairs challenged the fragile nerve of Long Yi. His nose was already beginning to give out heat, and the evil fire burned merrily in his dantian. Now he seems to hear the boiling sound of his blood.

The hell, Long Yi inwardly complained of his bitter lot, quickly he was unable to compose himself. A beauty had delivered herself to his doorsteps, this made him very hard to reject ah.

Long Ling’er coldly looked at Long Yi whose gaze was stuck on her body, then slowly lying on the bed, she slightly parted her two legs and revealed a ‘giving free reign to pluck’ appearance.

Gudu, Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then looking towards her that already exposed tip of the iceberg private place of a young girl, his big hand slowly extend forward, and passing through that as if velvet fine hairs, slowly move upwards. And just when his hand reached above those elastic pure **, he suddenly withdrew his hands and said in a hoarse voice: “Very alluring, but I am not very interested in wood.”

Long Ling’er not saying anything further dumbly put on her clothes.

When Long Yi saw Long Ling’er’s that matchlessly beautiful jade body was being covered with clothes, he regrettably sighed, Lu Xiya is not here, now who should I look to vent this fire of lust ah?

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After finished putting on clothes, Long Ling’er indifferently looked at Long Yi and suddenly said: “Aren’t you on the point of dying [1]?”

Long Yi was startled, what did she say? She actually said that I’m on the point of dying? Only a few men could stand woman’s such words. Long Yi suddenly rose, then pushed Long Ling’er over on the bed, and pressed her down. After that, he pressed his hard little brother’s rigid head at the soft place between her legs.

The whole body of Long Ling’er trembled, then pushing away Long Yi with great effort, she said in a trembling voice: “I have to attend the class.” After that, she directly opened the window, then flew away.

“This woman, isn’t she intentionally messing with me?” Long Yi cursed, then went to the bathroom and took a cold shower.

Mea Holy Magic Academy was divided into the magic academy and douqi academy, and the most famous was naturally the magic academy. The teaching scale of this magic academy was second to none in this entire Blue Waves Continent.

Long Ling’er slowly descended inside the academy perimeter. Honestly speaking, with her Master Magician realm strength, there was no need to study in the academy. Generally speaking, the magic academy only had three departments, Beginner Magic Department, Intermediate Magic Department, and Advanced Magic Department, so if one could cast rank 7 advance magic, then generally one could graduate. But she and Ximen Wuhen had come here only to relax and with a purpose of receiving the guidance from the Fire Master Archmage Puxiusi.

Long Ling’er returned to girls’ dormitory, and to her surprise, she discovered Ximen Wuhen also hadn’t gone to attend the class.

“Ling’er, are you alright?” Seeing Long Ling’er returning back in a daze, Ximen Wuhen hastily stood up and asked.

Long Ling’er shook her head, then throwing herself into the bed, she covered her head with a quilt. She didn’t know why she had fled, her purpose was about to be achieved, but she suddenly felt dread, because the matters had left her control from the very beginning.

“Ling’er, he, did he bully you?” Ximen Wuhen sat beside Long Ling’er and said.

Long Ling’er bore out her head from inside the quilt, then she weakly said with tired looks: “Wuhen, don’t ask, let me take a good rest for a bit.”

Ximen Wuhen nodded her head, then she stood up and gently closed the door of the bedroom after leaving.

Long Ling’er softly sighed, thinking of this so-called night, her head started to ache dully. She urgently needs to settle on what she wanted to do. The original objective was simply to use her body as a price to make Ximen Yu fall madly in love with her, becoming completely infatuated with her, and at that time, she would ruthlessly trample him under the sole of her feet. Even with her life as a price, she wanted him to suffer all kinds of pain.

But, Long Ling’er discovered that she was wrong, she overestimated her charm too much. She should have thought beforehand, Ximen Yu was no longer that Ximen Yu of before. His those black eyes which could make the people apprehensive and those mysterious smile seemingly had seen through her thoughts long ago.

Noisy hall of Mea Principality’s Mercenary Guild, Long Yi wearing magnificent clothing was therein, and he was particularly conspicuous. He recalled that after registering in Mercenary Guild a year ago, his mercenary medal was still the lowest grade F-rank white medal. And at that time, he had only accepted the mission of Lost City in Huangmang plain, but he wasn’t able to complete this mission, as he didn’t know who had issued this mission, moreover his intuition was telling him that this was not simple.

Just when Long Yi wanted to take a look at the mission posted on the mission board, he suddenly sensed the gaze of people around him becoming very odd. There were many people pointing towards him, and the majority of them were harboring evil designs and were looking at him as if they were looking at their prey.

Long Yi was unable to make head or tail out of this, and he couldn’t help but get somewhat angry. He found it very annoying when other people looked at him with such gaze.

Just then, more than 10 people dressed in light black colored mercenary dress walked over to Long Yi. All of them were warriors, ought to be a small-sized mercenary group.

The leader was a burly middle-aged man. He took out a paper from his bosom and looked for a while, then turning his head, he asked his teammates, “Brothers, look, isn’t this that boy?”

“Yes, that’s him.” The people behind him affirmatively answered one after another.

The middle-aged man squinted his eyes and coldly looking at Long Yi, he turned around that paper towards Long Yi. Long Yi unexpectedly discovered that that was his portrait.

Long Yi frowned and asked: “May I ask what is this?”

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“Someone issued a B rank mission, said to beat the person of this portrait until even his mother doesn’t recognize him, heh heh, beating the people, we Guardian Dog Mercenary Group is most adept at this kind of matter. Fortunately, you delivered yourself to our doorsteps, else we have to search you everywhere.” That middle-aged man said with a sinister smile.

[1] here ‘the point of dying’ does not mean real dying, it means, he cannot get hard-on

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