Chapter 125: Scheme

Long Yi clapped his hands and left, leaving behind rolling on the ground and groaning in pain ten or so mercenaries of Guardian Dog Mercenary Group. Ideal and reality always had a difference, they wanted to beat Long Yi until even his mother wouldn’t recognize him, but the result was they instead were beaten to pig head.

Long Yi didn’t ask who issue this mission to mess with him, as he could roughly guess who in his heart. Other than Lin Na whom he had a conflict with last night, who else it could be. This girl was truly rich ah, 1000 Amethyst coins reward just to beat him up, moreover, she also set it up as B rank mission, you should know that the mission of Huangmang Plain’s Lost City was just an A-rank mission.

Long Yi knew that this Guardian Dog Mercenary Group of just now was merely a small fry, afterwards, even those large mercenary groups might come over to provoke him. This was merely a mission that would be fulfilled as long as a single person was beaten, which when compared to many mission where they had to risk their life and limb to complete was much easier. Long Yi was never afraid to clash with those cheap mercenary groups, and he was also very willing to let them know that it was not that easy to earn that 1000 Amethyst coins, merely he however didn’t want to play like this with people for no reason.

It seems that little girl still hadn’t got enough lesson. Long Yi thought inwardly while walking straight towards Holy Magic Academy.

As Lin Na was famous beauty, many people naturally paid close attention to her whereabouts, slightly inquiring, Long Yi conveniently learned that that little girl was giving a lesson in Beginner Magic Department at this very moment. This was rather out of expectation of Long Yi, as he had never thought that she assumed a position of teacher.

Long Yi went to the classroom, then he immediately saw Lin Na with fiery red long hair standing on the platform and seriously taking a class. The seats in her classroom were completely full even to the extent that there were many people standing at the back to attend the class. Among them, there was no lack of Advance Magic Department’s students. Naturally, they were not here to listen to the basic theoretical knowledge, rather had come purely for a beauty.

Just then, Lin Na happens to talk about the incantation and principle of Fireball Magic. She said: “Students, Fireball Magic as a most basic fire element magic, although destructive power is limited, but the practicality is very strong. At first, you all can mostly cast only a finger sized flame, but after your spirit power and magical power increase, you all will be capable just like teacher.”

“Teacher Lin Na, can you cast one for us to see?” One of the students asked.

“No problem.” Lin Na agreed.

“O Great God of Fire, please grant strength to your loyal believer. Fireball Magic!” Li Na chanted the incantation, then she snapped her long and slender finger. Afterwards only a wisp of flame came out from her finger, and it instantly died out.

Lin Na lagged, and became embarrassed, but in the blink of an eye, she recovered, then said: “Just now teacher was just showing you all the example of the circumstance of the vast majority students when they cast Fireball Magic for the first time, now teacher will cast the real Fireball Magic.”

“O Great God of Fire, please grant strength to your loyal believer. Fireball Magic!” Lin Na extend her palm, and the result, as before a wisp of a flame came out and died out immediately afterwards.

Instantly, the classroom became absolute silence. Now Lin Na was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to burrow into it. What’s going on, I, as a magician about to reach Mage realm unexpectedly couldn’t cast rank 1 Fireball Magic, someone is definitely playing tricks here. Lin Na looked all around, suddenly saw Long Yi who was looking at her with teasing gaze standing right outside the classroom.

Just now it was indeed Long Yi’s doing, because the might of Fireball Magic was truly too small, using spirit power, he extinguished it. Merely when casting magic there would also be spirit fluctuation, so she was unable to detect Long Yi’s move, and she mistakenly believed that she herself had a problem.

Before the numerous students, Lin Na rushed out, and in the state of anger, she stood in front of Long Yi. And at that time, seeing his shifty eyes were looking towards her breast, she instantly recalled that shameless matter he had done yesterday, so she subconsciously fell back two steps.

“Come with me.” Long Yi indifferently said with a commanding tone.

“Why do I need to go with you, who do you think you are, damned sex fiend.” Lin Na raised her head, and looking at Long Yi with disdain, she said. She believed that Long Yi wouldn’t dare to raise his hand within Holy Magic Academy.

“Not coming? Could it be that you want me to take out your Beauty Workshop’s underwear from your body in front of your students, I think they definitely also want to know what kind of underwear teacher Lin Na wears.” Long Yi mischievously narrowed his eyes, threatening her.

“You dare.” Lin Na said while showing strength while weak inside.

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“Is there anything I don’t dare to do in this world? Whether you believe or not, I will immediately make my move.” Long Yi raised his eyebrows.

Lin Na hatefully glared Long Yi, she didn’t dare to gamble, as she believed that this bastard would definitely do what he said. If he really took out her underwear which she wore next to the skin in front of her student, then she would be so ashamed that she would not be able to stay in Holy Magic Academy anymore. So, Lin Na returned back to the classroom and said something, then followed behind Long Yi, greatly surprising many students. When ‘explosive chilly’ obediently followed behind a man, instantly various kind of rumor spread widely throughout the Holy Magic Academy.

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“What do you want to do?” En route, Lin Na alertly asked.

“Aren’t you very clear about what I want to do? Perhaps, you should go to Mercenary Guild with me to confirm.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Lin Na’s complexion changed, and with evasive eyes, she said: “I…I don’t know what you are talking about, my grandfather is looking for me, I’ll go back first.”

Long Yi’s big hand as fast as lightning grabbed Lin Na’s pure white as if jade wrist, and said with a smile: “Do you really don’t know what I am saying? That mission to beat me to pig head, didn’t you issue it?”

“No.” Lin Na instantly answered.

“Really not?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“I said not then not, quickly let me go, damned sex fiend, otherwise I will cry out for help, furthermore my grandfather is in the academy.” Lin Na tried hard to struggle free.

“Puxiusi!? Oh, I’m very afraid, I will immediately let you go.” Long Yi mischievously laughed and let go of Lin Na’s hand, but when she was still in a daze, he slapped her perk buttocks.

“You……” Lin Na was flustered and exasperated and she wanted to berate, but suddenly thinking of something, she ran away just like a rabbit.

Long Yi looked at the disappearing back view of Lin Na, and he habitually stroke his chin. He turned over and over in his mind, although the grandfather of Lin Na was the dean of Holy Magic Academy, but the fund of academy was taken care of by the Ministry of Finance of Mea Principality, so he didn’t believe that Lin Na could casually take out 1000 amethyst coins to beat a person. Perhaps Puxiushi could take out, but Lin Na herself absolutely couldn’t take out such amount.

Long Yi sinisterly smiled. He suddenly thought of a perfect method to ensure that Lin Na and her grandfather would eat a grievance that they had to keep to themselves.

Long Yi went out of Holy Light Academy and discovered that people were following him, presumably some mercenary group keeping tabs on him. He secretly laughed. This mercenary group had come at just the right time, really understanding his intention ah.

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